Tower T16015 Three Pot Slow Cooker – Three pot slow cooker, those are not pot handles

Tis the season that slow cookers across the land are pulled out of cupboards, dusted off and plenty a root vegetable and cheap cuts of meat thrown in to enjoy after the winter walk. This tower is a new neat idea with three separate pots when traditionally slow cookers have been one large stock pot. The only real bonus here is for dishes like curries where different recipes add to the meal or say a meat eater and a vegetation when it comes to cooking casserole. If you have a fussy family then again its a decent option to cook different meals. Many are raving over the warm function when slow cookers for a while now have offered this but it’s best used sparingly as sometimes can be too hot and continue to cook food, depending on the dish. No timer which is a serious omission for convenience and as again many slow cookers will have a timer that when finished moves to warm mode and is perfect if cooking overnight to heat later or for a work day lunch. The tower does its job perfectly well and evenly cooked across all three pots. As with all cooker there is some trial and error in timing but doesn’t take long. The lid stands are neat and pots wash easily when almost with just a quick wipe. Footprint being long does mean its not that easy to store as most will only come out once a week or so but it looks good enough to sit on a work top if you have space.

These are good for keeping things warm but i found they don’t really seem to get hot enough to cook food as well as my full size slow cooker. After around eight hours, the veg in my veg curry was barely softened. Worked well with a dhal though as it didn’t need so much softening.

I love this although the pots are small there ok for us 2 no good for a big family.

I’d been after a three pot slow cooker for a long time and was on the brink of purchasing one when low and behold i was offered one to review so i was ecstatic. So it’s a shame i can only give this 3 stars especially when i was so excited to open it up and get using it. I found a nice spot on my worktop for it and had it plugged in ready to go. I wasn’t particularly fussed about the lid holders but i used them for the purpose of the review. I’ve been using slow cookers for a number of years so decided to play it safe and use existing recipes so that i knew how long they should take and how they would turn out. The right hand pot seemed fine but needed an extra hour on low to what i would normally do (i did a bolognese) but i’m fine with that. The left hand pot was the other way and cooked a little faster on high (chicken curry) but again that’s fine and it doesn’t really matter. They both worked well on low and high and i tried the warm function and again that was fine. The middle pot however was butternut squash soup which i’d normally do for 3 on high and after 8 on high my veg was still rock hard and barely warm. I could touch the lid and leave my hand there.

Am making my first rice pudding. Will keep me going for days.

I never even knew this type existed amd have only ever had a large slow cooker. All i can say is where have you been all my life i broke this out first thing to try it and slow cooked three different curries as my family all prefer different ones. They were able to come home and help themselves from their own pot easy to clean and love how the lids work, any drips go straigh back in to the pot what i loved even more was the keep warm function. Kind of like a mini hostess trolley. It looks fabulous, well made and works well.

Great for partys and for the family who like to have other meal s.

I do a lot of cooking with slow cookers. I like the depth of flavour slow cooking gives, especially for homemade soups and jams. For me, this three pot set-up was a wonderful idea, but the cookers just aren’t big enough to cook in. Given that you don’t want your food bubbling over, you need to knock that down to around 1 litre (about 1. That’s far too small for a casserole or stock, so you’re looking at using this set-up more for keeping smaller dinner party portions warm than for cooking. It’s a shame as the individual temperature settings are brilliant. There’s no need to whack them all up to maximum just to get a flicker of warmth. The downside is the pots take a long time to reach the set heat, much longer than my standard size slow cookers. The lids and lid stands are brilliant, but beware the inevitable steam drip that falls off them whilst they’re held upright. The absence of an ‘on’ indicator is a small irritation, as are the plastic feet that try to slide around the table top. I put small pieces of moleskin on the feet to give them some grip. It’s a nice piece of kit, but more suited to serving than cooking.

We’ve been using this tower three pot slow cooker for a few weeks and it has proven to be much more useful than we first expected. Each of the three pots has a 1. 5l capacity so you can cook a fair amount at a time – this could be three individual recipes or a lot of just one thing. The design makes the cooker extremely flexible as each separate pot has an individual temperature control to allow different timings for each dish should that be required. As well as cooking meals this model also features a keep-warm function so it can be used very much like a buffet-server for keeping meals cooked elsewhere at temperature for a longer period. The three cooker-pots are ceramic, with tempered glass lids, and the design incorporates detachable lid-holders for convenience when serving. After use the base heating unit just needs wiping over and the pots can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. We cook for a mix of vegetarians and meat-eaters so this model is perfect for cooking a variety of curries, chillies and casseroles suitable for everyone – great for easy meals in the autumn and winter. Whether you are looking for a flexible slow cooker or for a handy buffet-server this model does both for you in one unit – the only slight downside is it does take up a chunk of your counter-top when in use, or cupboard space when storing; otherwise recommended and very useful.

The tower three pot slow cooker has a base unit with three heating chambers, three oval pottery dishes each with a glass lid, three plastic serving spoons, three wire lid holders that need to be slotted into place on the base unit and an a5 instruction booklet that covers how to use the slow cooker and includes two recipes. The base unit has a 70cm powerflex with a fitted 3-pin, uk plug. There are small, non-slip feet on the base. The unit i received did not have level feet and i have needed to put some non-slip pads under one side to stop the unit rocking. I have not had any other problems with the unit. Each pottery dish can be removed from the base. Each dish has its own heating control so you can use one, two or all three dishes at the same time to cook. The dishes have a notch in the rim to allow the serving spoon to be in the bowl whilst the lid is on. The bowl lids have a looped handle which hook over the individual wire lid supports. The lid can be place on the support to drip into the bowl or to face away from the bowl so that the bowl can be lifted from the base unit.

I have mixed feelings about this three pot slow cooker. It doesn’t have that most basic of features, an on/off indicator light. I had to wait for the sides to warm before i could tell that it was working. Also, the feet are not made of rubber, so until you place food in the pots, it had a tendency to slide on the countertop. Another detail i didn’t like were the handles on either side that are recessed beneath the unit. This is probably to save space, but i didn’t find them comfortable when holding what is a heavy cooker. I much prefer protruding grip handles. Finally, the cooker comes with 3 lid rests which were difficult to set into the holes at the back of each pot, and nearly impossible to remove once in. I found the holders gimmicky – it was quicker and easier to place the lids on a flat surface, because they were actually a hindrance when placed on the holders. On the plus side, the three separate pots are a good idea for cooking a batch of different recipes to freeze, or for making a selection of dishes for a gathering.

Not going to lie, i saw this product and thought ‘xmas’. But it has a warm function, right?yes, this is the 21st century hostess trolley. Having used it for a while i’ve gathered a bunch of positives, but also some negatives. In essence this are three slow cooker, teased into a bar control unit. A traditional slow cooker has bulk – this is actually important. The three pots of this multi-cooker are, obviously, much lighter and therefore hold less heat. If you’re cooking less food does it matter if the pot is smaller?.

Over the years, i’ve had a number of slow cookers, but never a multi-pot one and never one with a ‘warm’ function. I love the lid holders built in and they’re designed to ensure any drips go into the relevant pot and not the table top. The ability to have three separate dishes on the go at once is not only very useful but reminds me of the old trolly heaters of yesteryear for parties and the like. I will be using this for, not only every day use, but also when we have dinner parties for ‘keep warm’ foods. Here are the specifications for the Tower T16015 Three Pot Slow Cooker:

  • Three slow cooker pots each with a large 1.5 Litre capacity, ideal for family cooking and entertaining friends
  • Slow cook three separate pots of delicious ingredients with individual temperature controls and three settings
  • Each pot includes a tempered glass lid
  • Includes lid rests for super easy serving
  • Cool touch handles provide optimum safety

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just my size
  • Not quite what I’d expected
  • slow handy