Tower T18004 Food Processor – Food processing on a budget

If, like me, you dream of packing your children off to university, you may also have some idle concerns about how they’ll ever manage to feed themselves. We’re already planning for this and have been amassing a set of kitchenware for our eldest daughter, so she won’t be reheating beans in the tin over a candle. A food processor/blender hardly seems like an essential but she’s actually fairly health conscious, loving her smoothies. For the money i would be very happy for her to take this food processor/blender combo. The weight alone will tell you this isn’t a heavy duty unit but it covers the bases and actually does a decent job. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it hasn’t struggled. It does get a little warm if you’re using it for a while, say, making nut butter. You get the chopping blade, a kneading blade (use the chopping blade – does a better job in most circumstances) and reversible slicing/grating blade. There’s also a wavy disc thing which may be art, possibly an emulsifier – if you were to nail it to a broom handle and hang it in the garden to confuse bears it will probably get more use. More options are great but you get what you paid for.

This machine is value for money as good as machines twice the price.

This is a nice-looking machine and easy to set up with – hallelujah. – a decent instruction manual. It works perfectly well but, as you would expect at this price, it’s not made of the sturdiest material and there’s quite a lot of vibration when you use it. I suspect that it won’t last for many years if it gets heavy use. A good choice for a student or for someone who only cooks occasionally. Keen cooks will want something heavier and more durable.

Although there are compromises in terms of build quality and utility, you get an incredible amount of food processing capability for a relatively low outlay, as well as a space-saving solution for small kitchens. First up, be careful when unpacking. The food processor blade was at the top of the box without any guards on the sharp edges, which were standing proud of the packaging. Everything else is carefully/adequately packed in cardboard, so it is an odd oversight not to cover the thing that could do the most damage to fingers. Build quality is acceptable given the budget cost. The plastic components feel thin and the blender jar is also plastic rather than glass, so it is not as robust as alternative options and will need to be treated with some care, like ensuring liquids are at room temperature before processing, which means soup will be a longer process. That said, this is both a food processor and blender with one base that will be ideal for use in a small kitchen and anywhere else where space is at a premium. This is not something that will be able to withstand the type of treatment a glass liquidiser or more robust processor can. Treated with care, it is a good option for perhaps student digs or a holiday home where space and budgets are at a premium.

Only fault is that it is very noisy in operation. Otherwise excellent up to now.

Very pleased with this item, i used it a couple of times now.

Not one of the more expensive machines i used, but does what it’s meant to.

Works as advertised, so far. Need to understand the slicer function a little better.

Ordered and arrived promptly. Looks very neat and stylish in black , the chopping blade is excellent, easy to use and take apart for washing, the blender is also very goodi have nothing but praise for the tower food processor,why pay so much more when this one does the job perfectly.

Just unpacked and looks good qualitywise too.

Bought to replace a more expensive product.

I needed a basic food processor to use on smaller tasks when getting the main machine out isn’t worth the effort. This product has proved exceptional and i’m finding i don’t use the heavy-duty machine very much at all now. It has all the necessary attachments for my cooking purposes and operation is straightforward; more importantly, the machine is very controllable so things don’t get ruined by over-processing when that’s not the objective. I would buy this again and certainly recommend it within this category of product.

Bought this a few months ago and made loads of soups and helps with chopping veg etc mainly bought this for soups and can’t really fault it. Here are the specifications for the Tower T18004 Food Processor:

  • Powerful 600 W quickly and efficiently blends, chops, slices, shreds, grinds and purees a variety of ingredients
  • 2 speed settings and pulse function to suit every preference
  • Generous 1.4 litre blending jug and 1.5 litre food processor bowl – ideal for family cooking
  • Easy clean removable blades, ideal for shredding, slicing, chopping or kneading
  • Double safety lock offers added peace of mind when in use
  • Comes with 1 year guarantee, get extended 2 years warranty upon registration

Received with a crack in the lid – however needed to use it (hence the order)works as expected and comes with a selection of blades.

Very good product and easy to use.

Lovely the way it has sucker pads on the bottom to stop it moving around.

Shipping was fast and the product was great. It is easy to use and the price is affordable. For home use, i think this is the best.

Excellent food processor, sturdy and suitable for any kitchen. Very pleased with my purchase.

One word of warning, the blade is very sharp but if your careful you will enjoy using it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The blade is very sharp

  • Not disappointed

  • Sufficient, easy with super speed for RAW food meal preps

Bought to replace kenwood chef as was too big and heavy, this is lovely and light.

I really like the food processor and it has cut down my meal prep time immensely. I can cut my veg in seconds. With a busy lifestyle and a serious illness this has relieved by household. All items in this kit are easy to clean. As for the blending part it is not the best as you have to add water whereas my other blenders you do not have to add water when blending juicy watermelon, juicy pineapples and other splashy fruits.

Now i used it it’s good but i used first time the processor just for breadcrumbs and cracked already so is not very good quality the glasses seems too weak the plastic.

Great product i use it nearly everyday very easy to use and clean and does the job perfectly 😊.

Excellent product and great value.

So far does everything i use it for,only complaint ,the blender takes longer to blend than my other one.

I am finding this such a time saver. Due to pain i cant mix things myself but this does it so fast that i can do twice as much.

This tower food processor is a very handy piece of kitchen equipment. We make a lot of soups and this processor makes short work of chopping or grating vegetables then blending for smooth soups. We also love smoothies and a quick wizz with fruit, yoghurt and or milk is again tackled easily. Easy to use, wash and looks modern on the worktop. I also have the mini chopper from the tower range and have used it a few times a week over a few months and absolutely no complaints. I feel confident in this brand.

Mainly used for smoothies, so far so good.

Works great for slicing, mixing, blending.

Making smoothie s and salad dishes.

Fantastic product just what i was looking for. Great value for money arrived on time would totally recommend this.

Not very solid and it should be little more powerful but for small work is fine.

The best i ever had and i had fewi am more than happy great value for money.

Very happy with this purchase, but just wanted to put this out there. . If you’re thinking of buying one save yourself a tenner and get it from robert dyas at £29. Always worth shopping around.

Once i managed to fit the parts the right way it is easy to use and clean. Great smoothit’sunfortunately the instructions aren’t clear and it took me ages to make it work. Beware that what they say it’s wrong: the handle of the bowl doesn’t go in the back but in the front to then fit and work.

First ive ever purchased,and i’m very pleased with it. Value for money and so easy to use.