Tower T19005 Meat Grinder : mincer

Very good product a bit noisier than expected though.

Works well but there is a shortage of spares and i am still waiting for another cutter.

A very good buy very impressed.

  • Four Stars
  • Meat Grinder
  • mincer

Tower T19005 Meat Grinder, 500 W, Black/Stainless Steel

Product Description, Grinding meat has never been simpler thanks to the durable, kitchen-top Electric Meat Grinder from Tower. Featuring high quality stainless steel grinding blades and a whisper quiet motor, the meat grinder makes it easy to create juicy homemade burgers, succulent sausages and mouth-watering meatballs in moments. With a robust stainless steel construction and sleek black and chrome effect finish, the grinder isn’t just packed with functionality but it’s also an elegant addition to any kitchen.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Electric meat grinder
  • 1 x 3 mm fine blade
  • 1 x 5 mm medium blade
  • 1 x 7 mm coarse blade
  • 1 x Food pusher
  • 1 x Sausage adapter

  • From the manufacturer

    High Quality Grinding Blades

    Featuring durable stainless steel grinding blades, the Electric Meat Grinder makes quick work of a range of different meats. From rump steak for delicious steak mince to pork loin for gourmet sausages, the grinder makes it simple to create tasty meat based meals for the whole family. With three interchangeable stainless steel blades offering fine, medium and coarse options, you can have full control over the consistency of your meat, allowing you to easily select the appropriate option for your particular recipe.

    Easy to Operate

    A powerful 500 W electric motor lets you do away with laborious hand cranking, letting you grind your ingredients with minimal physical exertion. Simply add your meat to the large, aluminium meat pan and gently guide through the blades with the handy food pusher, ensuring safety by keeping your hands a safe distance away from the blades while in use. Great for families, the generously proportioned meat pan allows you to feed larger quantities of meat through the grinder, perfect for batch cooking or when you’re cooking on a larger scale making it prepare even more of those family favourites. In the event that your ingredients become jammed, the grinder features a reverse function to automatically clear any blockages before continuing.

    Sausage Adaptor

    An included sausage adaptor makes it simple to create homemade sausages filled with all of your favourite flavours. Whether its chunky pork and apple, a meaty Cumberland or a Mediterranean tomato and basil, the sausage adaptor lets you transform your freshly ground meats into flavoursome sausages, perfect for enjoying on the barbeque. Allowing you to make sausages both with and without skins, the sausage adapter feeds the meat through the durable tube, creating sausages from a wide variety of meats in no time at all.

    Healthy Eating Made Easy

    The Tower Electric Meat Grinder makes it easy to create delicious homemade meat products at home. Allowing you to do away with pre-packaged meat based foods, the meat grinder can take on a wide variety of cuts, creating minced meats, great for burgers, meatballs or ragu’s, making it a great tool for creating those family favourites. Not only does the grinder offer convenience by cutting food preparation time but also gives you peace of mind, letting you to keep an eye on the ingredients within your food making it the ideal appliance for the discerning cook.

    From the manufacturer

    Tower’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, kitchenware, cookware and housewares spans both centuries and continents. From humble beginnings in Wolverhampton to a worldwide brand with a product in millions of households in hundreds of countries, Tower is a name synonymous with quality housewares and cookware and is regarded as a name that consumers can trust. The brand’s strength comes from its heritage – something that can’t be forged and something that allows it to continue offering highly desirable housewares products to a wide customer-base with unshakable brand loyalty.

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    • Four Stars
    • Meat Grinder
    • mincer

    Tower T19005 Meat Grinder, 500 W, Black/Stainless Steel

    Features and Spesification

    • Powerful but quiet 500 W motor for a thorough grind
    • Three durable stainless steel grinding blades
    • Choose from fine, medium or coarse consistencies
    • Includes sausage adaptor and food pusher
    • Comes with 3 years guarantee