Tower T24009BN Elements Manual Solo Microwave : This is a great item and highly recommended

Dual wave technology is pretty impressive tbh quite a small unit but packs a punch. Twist and go controls nice and easy to operate. Bright light inside the oven you can clearly observe the food and the finish when off sits very stylish retro looking on the worktop very happy.

This is a fantastic microwave. Controls are so simple to use and good capacity for overall outer size.

Easy to use and cheerful in the corner of the kitchen.

The microwave works fine, and looks ok. But does look more yellow than i expected so does not match my cream appliances like i hoped it would (not the manufacturer’s fault). Knobs are a bit on the cheap side. But, like i said, it’s fine. Take note that the vents are at the top so you can’t store items on top of your microwave.

Thrilled with this kettle, good size, good price just wish it was a little less yellow and a little more ivory.

Haven’t used this toaster much but only after 3 months from ordering i need to hold down the bar in order to toast the bread which is a bit annoying.

This is what i wanted a microwave that is easy to use.

Love it great oven easy to operate and works well.

  • Great replacement!
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect and cooks well

Tower T24009BN Elements Manual Solo Microwave with Mirror Door, 800 W, 20 liters, Black

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Great colour, nice and compact.

Just what i want for my new kitchen. I love the fact that it’s not digital simple to use. No annoying beeping buttons.

Excess cord stow under base.

I am very pleased with the toaster and it is a lovely colour.

I think that because this micro was ‘red’ it was a slow seller. Which mean’t we got a better price on itit does the job, spacious and precise.

Its technology is practical easy usage while delivering all requirements. I bought a second one two weeks on to send to my extended family abroad.

I am very pleased with this microwave it looks smart and is basic and easy to use i have had tower brands for many years and have found them to be reliable.

I was looking for a simple to operate microwave, non-digital, no buttons, just simple dials, but i wanted something that would look good as well. I have searched for a white microwave with dials for about 3 months. At last i have found the perfect one. Easy to use, 800w, cooks beautifully, and sitting on my kitchen unit with its mirrored door looks gorgeous.

  • Great replacement!
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect and cooks well

Tower T24009BN Elements Manual Solo Microwave with Mirror Door, 800 W, 20 liters, Black

You time it cook it and eat it. No complicated buttons and dials.

The microwave is easy to use with only 2 knobs.

This is a great basic microwave, well made and sturdy. It is easy enough for even my husband to use, and looks good on the worktop. I was a bit perturbed by the ‘wobbly’ turntable, but once you place your dish on top it is fine, and, unlike my last machine, the glass turntable stays put, and does not roam all over the inside of the machine.

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