Tower T24012 Digital Solo Microwave – Pretty good

I’m really chuffed with this microwave – it comes in sleek black, is pretty heavy all things considered and is very easy to plug and play. It has a digital screen that counts down the time, and a twirly thing to change the temp of how the food is cooked – once you get all the cardboard packaging out and wash the plate that comes with it, it’s easy to get it started. I found it was really easy to use and the food came out lovely and hot. Thank goodness it’s 800w too, which means it doesn’t take long to use. It also looks great in the kitchen too.

A good microwave, but not great. Most importantly, i have seen better microwaves for the same price or less, so i can’t be too enthusiastic about this particular one.

This microwave, being made by the tower group, promised a lot but, unfortunately, didn’t deliver. Ok so it’s a basic microwave oven; no grill or anything else too fancy. But its controls are certainly not inherently obvious when in use. It’s a fairly standard, lowish powered machine at 800w but is let down by the limited space internally for the food to rotate during cooking. If you don’t get the item correctly position i found that it will bang into the door glass. Consequently i compared the internal dimensions with my old microwave from a high street discount chain and it is around 20mm or more smaller in every dimension. As with many machines the glass food support plate rotates on a very flimsy looking ‘spider’ on wheels. I found that in this machine it had a tendency to try to move about under the rotating glass plate until it settled itself into a rhythm of wobble and then finally stabilised. The front panel controls are very simple in as far as there are 6 buttons where 4 are in control of the oven’s functions. The control buttons are microwave power, defrost, clock set, start, express and stop.

This is one of the easiest microwaves i have used. First setting the time easy, no flashing lights for me. Granted i only really use my microwave to heat up and defrost. Which again has its own buttons to do so. Size wise the microwave is compact. 5 cm, small enough to put in a cupboard if needs be.

The tower t24012 digital microwave is an 800w compact machine with 5 adjustable power levels and a defrost function. It is well built and the glass turntable takes a standard sized dinner plate and is easy to clean. Reading the instructions is a must for this machine as the settings are not particularly intuitive. Having said that, it looks smart and is suitable for a smaller household or those who have a basic heat /reheat requirement without all the other bells and whistles available now in microwaves. Supplied with a standard 1-year manufacturer guarantee which can be upgraded to a 3- year guarantee if the product is registered.

Honestly, i don’t use microwaves a lot. That said, this one is fairly good and reasonable, given the price. The unit i received had a small issue with one of the numbers not showing properly. That aside, it does the job i expect; put something in and it quickly reheats or defrosts it. The settings are very simple and what i use it for most – reheating soup – is dead simple with the express/go and 30 second increment buttons. If i needed to buy a microwave, i think this would be a good choice.

However a couple of things stood out negatively1. The controls are non-intuitive. Maybe its a case of old dogs and new microwaves but i didn’t warm to the operational style. There are at least three ways to start the microwave. None of them starts with inputting time. – you can choose your power, and then set the time. – you can hit the express button and it will go up in stages of 30 secs up to 2 minutes. – you can hit instant and it will start at 2 minutes, and you can use the dial to increase/decrease the time while it runs.

Very sleek and smart in black. Pretty heavy which i didn’t expect for the price. Once i got it all un packed it was simple and easy to set up and use. I think for the price its excellent value.

With a power rating of 800 watts and a capacity of 20 litres this tower model t24012 microwave oven fits into the compact class and is designed for the smaller kitchen where space is limited. Although a compact model this oven is reassuringly weighty and seems to be well constructed and quite sturdy – it looks pretty good too. The push-button controls and rotary knob are simple and logical offering all the basic features that most users will need without anything too fancy or over-complicated; you can defrost, reheat and cook and the clear digital display lets you keep an eye on progress. This oven features an easy-to-clean 270mm glass turntable which is large enough to fit a standard size dinner plate or most common ready-meal packs. Currently around seventy pounds from amazon the tower t24012 microwave oven offers decent value for the build quality at the price. However, it faces very stiff competition at this size range and price level from the major brands, such as panasonic, but it is still well worth considering if you like the look of the sleek style and easy-to-use features.

Here are the specifications for the Tower T24012 Digital Solo Microwave:

  • Create delicious meals with this 800 W digital microwave with a 20 Litre capacity, suitable for a standard dinner plate
  • Five power levels including a defrost setting offers variety for your cooking requirements
  • 60 minutes digital timer and control panel with one rotary dial, for easy and convenient operation
  • Removable glass turntables for even heat distribution and easy cleaning
  • Practical and ideal everyday microwave with pull handle door for easy access; 3 years guarantee

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Basic, but non-intuitive
  • Didn’t quite make 5 stars due to a couple of niggles I had with it.
  • A solid performer from a long-established brand