Tower T24015S Manual Solo Microwave – Three Stars

Solid build, works well and very intuitive to use with no faffing about trying to work out how to set the timer. Price is about right for 800 watt and for just under £60 at the time of writing you are getting a machine which will cope with the majority of what is thrown at it. If was reduce by £10 or £15 it would be a total bargain. I like it and it works fine for me.

It is very good cooking is done well.

Great little microwave simple and does the job.

Simple to use, easy to clean.

This is an excellent microwave that despite the retro knobs looks modern, clean and blends well into my kitchen. It’s fairly big inside can easily take a large plate and it is easy to open with the big handle on the front and closes neatly. Cooking – well i only use for reheating food and it did that fine with no issues. I defrosted some chicken which was easy and the adjusted power meant the chicken was defrosted and ready to be cooked. Quite basic, but good value and works fine.

Got this to replace an old warhorse of a micro that has been in the family since the 1980s. It was still working but i felt it couldn’t possibly be safecan’t see this one lasting as long. It is though a perfectly capable little microwave. Glass tray inside which rotates. The timer is a dial which you twist round to the desired length of time and then it begins rotating back. Not a huge problem but it doesn’t respond too well if your fingers are damp from some cooking task. I’ve had to grip it with a towel on some occasions. Aside from that the only problem i have found is that the inside is a bit small. I often heat up pouches of basmati rice that are designed to micro with the top snipped off.

This tower 800w microwave manual oven is a very basic model in well finished but old fashioned style. The instruction booklet is well set out, with pictures of the microwave controls and a good written section on how to use it. The instructions warned that there could be a little smoke or odour on first usage but my appliance was free of these. The power dial has six settings but i have only needed the high and defrost ones. The timer dial is manual and not digital. If cooking something for 40 seconds, you have to set the dial to 2 minutes and then bring it back to where you guess the 40 second position to be. It is not as precise as a digital microwave and it is useful to have a clock or watch with second hand to count the actual seconds required to ensure correct cooking time has been gauged correctly. This is a fairly standard microwave but it does a good job, with the food always heated evenly. However my previous microwaves have all been digital, and i didn’t think i’d miss a digital readout nearly as much as i actually do. But i know that’s a personal thing, so i won’t let it affect the star rating. While the mirrored glass door does look incredibly stylish when the microwave is not in use, i found that there was a trade-off – the view of what’s actually happening inside it is less clear than any other microwave i’ve owned. It’s good, but on the whole, i think it is a bit expensive for what you get.

First, a few of points to watch. It is described as ‘large 20 litrres’ but the turntable plate is only 10′ diameter. Our preferred dinner plates are new-fangled square one’s which are 12′ corner to corner. This means that we can’t put a ready meal container on our normal dinner plates and heat the plate while the ready meal is cooking. Also, if the phone rings after we’ve dished out, we can’t put the whole plate back in the microwave to give it a 30 sec flash reheat. However, if we use our 10′ round plates, then there is no problem. The internal light only comes on while the microwave is cooking, and turns off when cooking is complete. Not a problem for the cooking, but a nuisance when cleaning it, as you can’t easily see the sides to make sure that any splattering has been totally removed – we just have to taker a little more care. The most irritating thing is that there is no start/stop button, so that means that cooking starts as soon as you move the timing dial off the off stop. You therefore cannot set up the timer carefully before pressing the non-existent start button.

Good=====it has five power levels which simple click from low, defrost, medium low, medium, medium high, high. I have to admit i tend to use high and defrost. However, i’ve used the lower to soften butter and chocolate, and reheated food and defrosted veggies on the middle power levels. Dial====the mechanical dial is really easy to use, (and perhaps better for oaps, visually impaired etc) and for me it’s much simplier that the electronic controls found on alternative. There’s something much more rewarding with a click of a dial. )simple=======i rather like the simplicity. There’s no glow from a clock or timer and if you use it in a bedsit, student accom or have a kitchen/living room there’s no distraction or disruption of sleep. (and probably saves a little electricity)in use======i’ve set this up in my parents’ home. My mum has a little difficulty with dexterity and a touch pad is almost impossible.

It seems a bit weird to use a microwave and not have the led display to show how long is left on the timer but i’m getting used to it. We’re using it in our caravan and it seems like the two were made for each other as the caravan is a bit old fashioned too. Very easy to use and everything is manual so it seems like there’s less to go wrong. Our old microwave was brilliant and all singing/all dancing but ended up at the local recycling after less than a year thanks to a faulty digital timer which rendered it unusable. None of that problem with this one with nice solid dial controls that are easy to read and operate. Good size and although the controls and door mechanism may be a bit retro the unit itself looks sleek and modern.

This is a smart looking machine that performs well. No problems that i can identify. A little more expensive than my comparable russell hobbs machine at this time (probably due to the exchange rate), which is why i have not given 5 stars. If the styling grabs you, it is probably worth paying the extra.

As a basic microwave oven, this is perfect. It looks stylish, looks nice, easy to operate and does what it is supposed to do. This is from tower – a russel hobbs company, so its a name that you can trust. There are just 2 turn dials. The top is for the power setting from low at the far left to maximimum on the far right. The lower dial is the timer, just turn the dial and the timer starts. The timer has a maximum countdown of 30 minutes. Top open the door just pull the handle, no buttons to press. This microwave is simplicity in itself to use. I prefer a larger countdown and a clock, but that is just me.

Very pleased up to now,only had a week or so in use, seems good, simplicity itself to use, just what we like,not millions of knobs and dials to mess up. Neat and tidy in the kitchen, we bought two,they even came with extended three year manufacturers warranty if it works if you need it. Here are the specifications for the Tower T24015S Manual Solo Microwave:

  • Create delicious meals with this 800 W manual microwave with a 20 Litre capacity, suitable for a standard dinner plate
  • Five power levels and a defrost setting offers variety for your cooking requirements
  • 30 minutes manual timer and two rotary dials, for easy and convenient operation
  • Removable glass turntables for even heat distribution and easy cleaning
  • Complete with mirrored door and polished chrome knobs for an elegant finish; 3 years guarantee

Good microwave for money also nice mirror finish.

Its easy to use, i like it and it suits my needs.

Just used for warming and defrosting.

Great looking, simple manual microwave for a great price.

Brillant product do,se what says and more.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Three Stars
  • Big plus 3year warranty
  • Five Stars

This is a nice compact microwave & does not have such a large bulky backbit that takes up so much spaceit looks really classy, it has a mirror finish to it that’s slightly dark grey and smoky & the chrome handle is a good contrast to this. Its large enough inside to take a standard size plate and high enough for a large jugthe dials could not be more simpleone dial slides around to the various settings from defrost to highone dial turns around for the minutesi’ve found this cooks evenly & quickly, i found it cooks quicker than my previous microwave even though they were both 800wa really good microwave – i am very happy with it.

A perfectly efficient microwave. The timer is a maximum of 30 minutes and there are a number of heat settings. The glass plate is removable for cleaning and with its mirror front it would also be good in a small kitchen to help with feeling of light and space. The ‘window’ for viewing the dish being microwaved is very small and, if placed on a usual level worktop, it requires the ‘chef’ to bend to look in. It would, therefore, be better sited within a unit at eye-level. Previously we would not have thought of ‘tower’ as a brand for microwaves so this has now created that awareness for us (our pressure cooker was tower over 35 years ago. . an effective, aesthetically pleasing microwave worthy of your consideration, especially for couples and singles.

This powerful microwave has a smart reflective dark grey and chrome appearance so looks good if left on the worktop. The sleek design complements the simple controls which are easy to understand and use. It’s the normal size inside – my test is whether it takes a large loaf of bread for defrosting and that fits fine. It’s a powerful 800 watts which reduces the heating time a little from lesser powered models. It has all the basic features that we need and none of the fancy extras which we never did understand on a previous microwave we used.

It’s nice too look at & it’s ok but takes up a lot of energy & electricity.