Tower T27020 3-in-1 Grill – Toastie Heaven

The best “toastie maker ever”a bit industrial looking, however very good product.

Works perfectly fine but i can’t find a sliced bread big enough to fit the plates and totally seal the sandwich. Am resigned to always having some filling leaking out which is a real shame. You would have thought tower would have researched the average sized loaf and made the plates accordingly.

Its really non sticky (not those fake ones that can’t handle more than 2 uses), easy to swap the plates and clean them and works just perfect for everything thing so far (i tougth not having temperature control would be a bad thing but so far i didnt miss it, even for waffles).

Very happy yes you do need a good size bread but i would recommend.

And, unlike other sandwich toasters i’ve had, this one is actually non-stick. I also was able to wipe it clean in a couple of minutes. Hardly any leaking of the filling.

Used this for a good while now and it works well. Makes some nice toasties and easy to use. It takes a good few bread sizes but the larger bread you do need to cut the crust off.

Really good toasty machine, son loves it.

I love how this sandwich maker does the job.

Great item, love it, very handy for kids doing their own tea/snacks.

Previously had expensive competitors brand cuisenart which broke just outside warranty. This is as good and half the cost. Great for proper sliced bread and deep pans for a good filling.

This is a great sandwich toaster. Although my bread always looks too small in it- the toastier are always perfect.

Especially as my wife has recently died.

Decent product at a decent price. Here are the specifications for the Tower T27020 3-in-1 Grill:

  • 900 W output with waffle plate, grill plate and sandwich maker plate
  • Non-stick plates provide sufficient space for your fillings
  • Easy to clean, non-stick cooking plates
  • Cool touch housing safety feature
  • Automatic temperature control function
  • Comes with 1 year guarantee, get extended 2 years warranty upon registration

Arrived before expected time. Heats up quicker than my previous one slice toaster too.

Very easy to clean, and had been used a great deal already. I love how eady it is to use, to clean.

That’s the best sandwich maker i ever had, despite i had many. Is sturdy and powerful, makes sandwich ready and delicious very fast. Also i can put inside big and thick sandwiches as this machine is deep and bigger than others.

A good size,no problem with bread size to fit,no leakage of filling and toasts well,not used often but handy for a quick snack when needed.

Love the fact the plates are interchangeable and really non stick. The plates are easy to change. Toasties are really good this cold weather.

Used the same day we purchased it. Loved by everyone and at a great price too. Excited to try new exciting fillings.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Tower Toastie Heaven
  • Good quality
  • Buy with confidence that someone else tried it before you.

Taking time out of my day to review stuff on amazon isn’t all that common for me, but the tower t27021 has saved me so much time and money, and delivered so many good toasties, that i had to share my thoughts. Over this frosty winter period, sustenance plays a key factor in staying energised and powering through the cold. I thought a toastie maker would be a good addition to our otherwise appliance-less workplace. Without gas in our building, it appeared to be the best and easiest option to make some half decent grub. The microwave just doesn’t cut it anymore. This has since proved to be one of the best value purchases i’ve ever made on amazon. As advertised, the t27021 is a four-stack toastie machine that will essentially make 8 piping hot toastie halves, and it does the business so well. This rig has survived cheese, beans, hot dogs, chocolate, and most other things that you could wack into a toasted sandwich. They also describe it as easy clean, which i think is an understatement. A couple of quick wipes with some tissue paper when still warm, will remove most of the gubbins.

Overall i the machine is great and makes good toasties and really easy to use. My only small gripe is standard bread loafs are slightly smaller than the plates which means they don’t always seal properly but after a couple of uses you get used to it.

Does the job, 4 stars only because it takes so long to warm up, it says 5 mins to pre-heat, when the light turns green it is ready to use but it’s more like 10 mins, quicker to just make cheese toast under the grill, so not had as much use as i had hoped. An indicator to show how long toasted for would be better, been keeping an egg timer next to it to time the toasties.

Great non-stick and easy to clean. Seals sandwiches well and makes perfect toasties.

Probably the best sandwich toaster out there as it really does take fill size bread slices. An improvement would be to add a 4 minute count down timer built it with a buzzer. Once up to temperature that is all it takes.

Very simple and easy to use. It does not have a switch button though.

I forgot how useful a sandwich maker is. It is simple to use, easy to clean and is super fast.

Teenage nephew assures me this is brilliant. Granted he is not a chef – but uses this regularly for a variety of toasties. Apparently it’s easy to clean.

I have made waffles, using two different recipe’s and they have been fantastic every time. It takes about 13 minutes per waffle so need to be made in batches but was easy to prepare and cook. The trays come off easily so they can be cleaned. I am looking forward to trying the sandwich maker.

I bought this tower sandwich toaster / filling thingummyjig to make filled grilled sandwiches and it hasn’t let me down ( it will at some stage when it conks out from wear obviously ). The waffle plates included as well as the other two types of teflon coated plates are almost spoiling me for choice of sandwiches / waffles to make. There’s the triangular sandwich cutting plates which are brilliant for lightly filled grilled / toasted sandwiches, then there’s the ‘long’ grill plates for heavier filled sandwiches / bread sticks grilled / toasted bread snacks / meals, and then finally there’s the waffle plates that make square waffles with the holes. And great for the price with all the teflon coated plates included for various snacks etc.

Bought as a gift and well received. The sandwiches are sealed when removed from the toaster and what can beat a nice toastie on a cold day?.

Needs larger slices of bread, i use hovis half and half. Getting the right amount of filling is a bit fiddly the first few times. Takes more like 8mins to make crisp sandwiches.

Makes waffles, sandwiches whatever you want. Works fine, no mess just use it every day. Heat up could be quicker but is not bad anyway.

This sandwich maker is very versatile and easy to use and has additional plates, very happy with my purchase.

I have spent years trying to find a decent toastie like the old ones. This is fabulous plenty of room for fillings and so easy to use it am very impressed would definitely recommend.

Easy and simple but works well. Daughter loves it and i do too.

This is a really good machine. Cooks the product excellently and in very good time. Delicious very happy with this item.

Larger than most on the market – this takes a large ‘bloomer’ size loaf slice which is great and makes lovely toasties.

Very sturdy design and makes a great toastie.

Outstanding toastie maker perfect for a quick and easy snack. Bought this as previous toastie maker bought from sainsbury’s worked for 3 or 4 times and then the bread would stick to the plates. This 1 does not stick and is easily cleaned. This machine is the best i have used and i have bought 1 for mum and sister. For less than £20 this is a great purchase.

Brilliant, reliable product, we made lots of tasty sandwiches in it, it’s good quality, great size for toasted bread, no issues at all, recommend this product.

Good product fits larger size slices of bread only problem food sticks to the coating, so removable plates are better.

Brilliant option for a tasty snack or light meal.

Works as stated ,quick easy too use.

I’ve had this for a year now, i don’t want to reveal the true scale of my toastie habit, but this has had a lot of use. The product has performed impeccably, plates have retained their non-stick nature despite some fairly rough treatment. The toaster warms up quickly and the large size of the plates helps avoid spills and overflow.

Absolutely brilliant product.

Love the waffle plates, takes about 6 minutes to make cheesy chaffles. The unit does however take more than 10 minutes to heat up, although the manual says about 5 minutes. The lights are a tad confusing as well, both lights come on when heating for the first 5 minutes then the green light goes off and it really does take a further 7 minutes for the red one to go off and the green one to light up, hence only 4 stars. It also states that you only need to oil the plates the first time, not in my experience as the waffles stuck to the plates when i didn’t oil it after washing the plates, that said it’s no big deal to lightly oil them each time. How long it will last is not known, however it does have a 3 year guarantee.

Absolutely brilliant tostie maker. At least two loaves of bread. Don’t know how we managed without it 👍🙂.

Like others have said, the plates are slightly larger than slices of bread. Other toasters i’ve had were too small and cut off the crusts; i find this one preferable.

Great for toasted sandwiches, heats up quickly, cooks evenly,well worth the money.

Toasted sandwiches are really tasty and very retro takes me back to the nineties.

I’m really pleased i have bought this sandwich toaster i had forgotten how good the toasted sandwiches tasted i love the deep fill too a very good but thanks a lot for finding this one amazon.

Durability needs to be seen 3 year guarantee.