TOZO T10 TWS Bluetooth 5 : Great noise cancellation

Iam really impressed with these wireless ear buds the sound quality is pretty good the bass is deep better than most headphones ive owned. It cancels noise really well if i have it on max volume i dont hear anything outside. They sit really well in the ear and i have really small ears so iam very happy theyre not falling out every second. The battery wont even drain on these ear buds becuase after each use i put them back in their case and they automatically recharge. The fact that they are water resistant is mind blowing ive taken them to the shower to the swimming pool and they still work. If youre looking for cheap earbuds this is the way to go.

Ladies and gents, perhaps it was just my pair but if they weren’t cutting out almost every time i turn my head i would have given this product a 5 out of 5 for sound quality. The bass is full on and just offers so much more then other cheaper alternatives, perfect for dance, or hip hop ect. After a while using them my ear canals would be hurting. I thought to myself for the sound quality, i can kinda bear with it but my pair would cut out almost every time i would turn my head, or at times just decide to cut out randomly, which was the reason why i decided to send them back. Perhaps mine were just faulty but if it wasn’t for the cutting out/ interrupted music i would have kept them even if they did hurt my hear canals after a extended period of use. Oh by the way theres no tapping to skip track, turn up the volume etc. Because it’s a button that you have to press i found it almost impossible to get any features to work, but because of the sound quality along “base and rich sound” i found it no issue reaching into my pocket to pull out my phone just to adjust the volume or skip track, its something i could of happily lived with. If you receive a pair that doesn’t cut out, you dont mind reaching for your device to adjust things, oh and if you dont mind a bit of pressure in your ear canals because the buds are wedged in your ear holes for an extended period of time *like a coatch trip etc. Then this is worth every bit of the £35.

Bought this for my partner 1 month ago, the charging case stopped charging tried different cables etc but nothing. When i contacted the company gave them my order details etc they said i didn’t order it from them & they couldn’t help me now i’m left with headphones that are not working. Don’t wast your money buying these, put it towards a decent pair. Update: since writing this review i received an email from tozo confirming they would replace the old earphones, which they have done so with no queries, my only concern is if i hadn’t have written this review have replaced them remembering from my first email to them they did want to know. New product received quickly & seems to be working.

I purchased this product as i also had other products made by tozo and i was satisfied with the quality of their products. This is my first time trying out bluetooth earphones and it did not disappoint. It’s compact and really easy to pair unlike other earphones so this was a plus for me as listening to music should be without any hassle. Both earbuds automatically connect and would connect to the device that it was last connected to. I also wore this on the tube and noise reduction was quite good. The case also provides charge for the device up to 4x so it means longer listening periods. I like how there’s a wide selection of ear pieces in order for better fit and quality listening. It’s good quality for a reasonable price.

I am very pleased with these earbudsit is worth taking your time getting the right size buds for your ears, but once that is sorted, they are a pleasure to use. I use them when out walking as they are very comfortable and discreeti also you them when exercising on my elliptical which is very vigorous and they are secure and not affected by my sweatingupdatei looked for some time for a pair of waterproof headphones, and have purchased three other makes. Having used these now for several months i can say they are the best set i have ever had. Comfortable, good sound, unobtrusive and secure. Still highly recommendedfurther updatei read people are saying thppthese earbuds are not a good fit. In my experience the secret to a good fit is to fit into the ear as instructed, and then rotate to secureit is described in the instructions, but not very clearly.

I’ve only had these earbuds a week or so but so far i’ve been very impressed with them – as i’ve been away on holiday i’ve used them a lot and can’t fault them so far. Easy to pair with my iphone and ipad, very good sound quality and pretty good noise cancellation – just about right in my opinion. Fitting them in your ears does take a little practice but there are diagrams showing the correct way. I haven’t tested the waterproof qualities so far but the earbuds seem very robust. Charging them is simple too – charge them up in the case so all the blue indicators are showing on the case so they can be disconnected from the power supply – the red lights on the actual earbuds show through the case too and will go out when charged. Once you’ve used the earbuds and pop them back in the case to re-charge each time until the case eventually runs out of charge, then charge the case up again. I’ve had several earbud re-charges from one case charge, and they play for several hours without going flat. Can’t fault the quality so far and price-wise they are very reasonable compared to some other brands – i managed to get them on an ‘offer-day’ so even better. Based on my experience so far i’d recommend these t10 earbuds.

These have had major connection problems and i’m sending them back but when they did work the sound quality was not on par with the enacfire e18 or e19 so i’ve ordered a new set of e19’s and with memory foam buds like inairs they are another level clear and better. Pros:-loudwireless charging casebig battery in charging casecons:-sound quality not as good and clear as enacfire e18’s and e19’sconnection kept dropping on mine so often i’m returning them.

So i bought these headphones for a single purpose – use in the hot tub (i already use airpods for running/exercise and some noise-cancelling bose headphones for when i’m at work). I have to admit they were a bit of a shot-in-the-dark and i honestly wasn’t expecting much from them, especially as i used to have some cheaper headphones for running that were terrible, and really put me off the ‘budget’ price point. Now these are clearly not airpod or bose standard, but frankly for the price they sound excellent. Crystal clear treble and more than enough low-end for me. Using my go to track (wilderness from clannad’s anam) they have good definition and far exceeded my expectations. They are much larger than airpods, and you must ensure they are correctly positioned (with the right-sized rubber ends on) or the sound quality drops dramatically – but after a few minutes of getting this right (as a one off) they more than meet the requirements. The size isn’t really a hinderance to them, because it lets them sit in the ears quite comfortably – but your mileage might vary (with ear size). I haven’t had them long enough to gauge battery life, but the wireless charging feature of the case works fine from my standard charging mat. Really good value for money and surprisingly high sound quality – recommend(for full disclosure they cost £29.

  • Great Sound, Listening Range and Price. Overall I’m very impressed with the TOZO T10
  • Very comfortable in earbuds at an attractive price – incredible sound quality for their size
  • Perfect for the hot tub 🙂

TOZO T10 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 【True Wireless Stereo Earphones】 Headphones IPX8 Waterproof in-Ear Wireless Charging Case Built-in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Running Sport







Ergonomical Design

Use the ergonomically designed with gel-flexible silicone earcaps to ensure your In-Ear Headphones fit comfortably to the ears.

The Most Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP. Provides in-call stereo sound.

Also own fast and stable transmission without tangling.

The Drive Area is 1.77 times than the Normal Drive Area.

Offers a Truly Natural, Authentic Sound and Powerful Bass Performance




The Waterproof Function of Earbuds and Charging Case both Reach IPX8

IPX8 Waterproof Nano-coating efficiently protects the earbuds and charging case from sweat or water, perfect for running,skiing, etc. (not for swimming)

One Step Pairing

Pick up 2 Headsets from Charging Box They will Connect Each Other Automatically, then Only one step easily enter mobile phone bluetooth setting choose “TOZO-T10-R” to pair the earbuds.

Note: If you accidentally get only one earbud paired with phone, please try “Reset” options. (Pls refer “Reset” details in manual)

Charging Case Supports Wireless Charging

The case which is compatible with wireless charger (Not included) offers you a more convenient charging method and get you rid of wire.

a a a a
Balance High Performance Smart Size Portable Cost-effective Scure Wear for Sport Compact High Performance
Sound HD Stereo with Powerful Bass HD Stereo with Bass HD Stereo with Super Bass HD Stereo with Powerful Bass
Built-in Microphone
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
IPX8 Waterproof
Charging Wireless Charging Case & USB USB Wireless Charging Case & USB

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Got these just to potter around the house. I didn’t want bulky headphones so choose these really on good faith of the previous reviewers. They are small, comfortable and the sound is amazing. Really clear treble and perfect amount of bass. Haven’t had them long enough to quote on battery life. The whole package is very nice. The charging box, the usb cable, extra pods.

This is the second pair of earphones that i have bought from tozo, my previous earphones the t8 after a year and half of use needed to be replaced and i am impressed by the improvements in design for the earphones and the charging case. One of the cons from the t8 was for me that it cut out constantly alongside the bluetooth distance being short but tozo has improved on both issues as previously it was annoying in the gym for the sound to cut out but after a few days use that does not happen at all. Another improvement is the case being twice the size of the t8 charging case which provides longer charging life and better protection for the earphones. Sound has improved as well since i can notice the bass being deeper than the t8 with greater sound quality. Overall, i am impressed by the changes from t8 which tozo has done and will definitely buy more earphones later on in the future.

The buds come in a neat little box. The packaging is nice, and makes you feel like you’ve got a premium product. Make sure you use the right rubber earpiece for best sound quality. After unboxing, the headphones drop neatly into the charging box. A set of blue led’s tells you how charged the box is. The box charges quickly over usb and as a bonus, you can chuck it onto a wireless charger with the headphones in the box. Sound quality is important, and ensuring you use the correct ear bud fitting is very important to make sure outside noise is reduced. A single click of the button on either bud pauses or resumes. Tested with spotify, netflix and amazon prime video. They paired flawlessly with my blackberry key 2.

So straight out of the box first impressions the sound quality wasn’t the best but after tweeking my power amp music player on android a plethora of settings in that player a true must for phones now back to the buds after said tweeks all i can say is wow i tried very early wireless headsets and to say they was poor is an understatement so i was put off the idea of wireless but must say these are great the volume i’m getting from them wow loud very loud i will be replacing the rubber earbuds to some memory foam ones as they just triple any noise cancelling effect so even better love the idea of popping in the case to charge can’t fault them 5 stars gave 4 on battery life as not used em long enough yet i’d recommend to anyone bug thumbs up.

I didn’t expect too much from these, taking them out of the box these feel good quality. The function on bluetooth works reliable, noise cancellation (and just blocking) works. Deep clean bass and detailed higher frequencies on my android (6) phone and macbook pro, they sound amazing. Bearing in mind my middle aged disco ears. Headset functionality is fine too, people i’ve spoken to say the sound of my voice is clear. As you take the earbuds from their case they wake up and connect to your paired device. I’ve only had them 5 days so far so no feedback on longer term reliability.

I bought these to take on holiday to spain, i intended lots of beach and poolside music listening and didn’t fancy the wires or bulkiness of my existing headphones. In ear and wire free was a must and having compared many of the headphones on amazon i ended up choosing these. I wasn’t expecting much for the price paid, but first impressions were very positive. The packaging is excellent and suggests premium quality. The charging case is much sturdier than i imagined and the earbuds themselves smaller than i imagined (in a good way). I used the earbuds and charging case daily whilst on holiday for anything from 1-5 hours at a time without any issue. The sound quality is surprisingly very good, a much better bass than i was expecting. Everything seemed nice and clear. I never intended to keep using them daily on my return from holiday, but i have. They are fine when walking too, i expected them to fall out but they don’t.

This is a surprisingly well made product for its price. The case and the headphones feel robust and well made. The box they come in looks really good and feels more expensive than it really is. The sound quality is phenomenal for something this small. It also comes with attachments of four different sizes, which is more than the others, so you can fit it securely into any kind of ear. The range is very good, no interruptions whatsoever. Recommended even if your budget is larger than their price.

Although there were several reviews with great comments, like a few others i was sceptical but for less than £30 it was worth a punt. Instantly i was impressed with the sound quality, didn’t expect it to be so good. I have so far been for a 5k run in these and they were fine, they felt a little loose but every time i touched them they were solid in my ear – so i think this is more me getting used to it. They aren’t perfect as if you try and use only the right, it will beep for a while looking for the left, but then (in my experience) you have to put them both back in the box to reset them. There have been a couple of times, where i have had to replace them in the box as they haven’t connected but only twice out of 20/30 times. Battery life wise, i wore them on a train for 3 hours, then back in the same day, they charged perfectly in the box and didn’t have any issues with them either way. They were used for music and movies. They aren’t as polished as some of the really expensive ones (no siri/assistant) although you can launch from your phone and speak into the buds, but for £30 they are unbelievable.

  • Great Sound, Listening Range and Price. Overall I’m very impressed with the TOZO T10
  • Very comfortable in earbuds at an attractive price – incredible sound quality for their size
  • Perfect for the hot tub 🙂

TOZO T10 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 【True Wireless Stereo Earphones】 Headphones IPX8 Waterproof in-Ear Wireless Charging Case Built-in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Running Sport

I was looking for some bluetooth bud style headphones, having tried ankers bluetooth headphones and even borrowed a pair of apple pods i settled on these as they are much cheaper than apple (and better than the anker ones). The sound is good quality, it comes with a range of in ear size rubbers and more importantly the case which has a battery to enable them to be charged on the go. I’m a busy guy, i walk a lot in my job and go running in the morning, the earphones have more than enough charge to last the day and are comfortable for long periods of time. There have been some comments regarding these not staying in your ears, they do stay in your ears but you need the right rubber ends and there is a technique to putting them in where you put them in and twist slightly which makes them stay put even during a 6 mile daily run. In summary they are great earphones, good value and love the case which charges the earbuds. A few of my work colleagues are ordering some too.

Like the size of these headphones, just right and not too big. The sound quality is very good. The battery last a long time and easy to carry with its charging case. Useful when traveling as it keeps it safe. Pairing is easy via bluetooth.

I bought this as an alternative to my day to day use wired headphones which always upsets me because when i’m in the tube or anywhere noisy i can’t barely hear anything. Besides the benefit of no having wires. My expectations were satisfied, the sound quality is great. The only issue i had was with the fitting in my ears, it comes with 4 sizes rubbers to ensure good fitting, the first one i tried made it fall all the time, i am still testing the others, one didn’t fall that much but i still need to try the others. Overall, great cost benefit.

This earphones is my first wireless earphones ever. I chose this product carefully after intensive research. My priority was to find something that can be charged wirelessly. And not just earphones, but charging box too. I hate to have different chargers for different products. With this product i can have all in onecharging box is very small, it can fit easily everywhere. It allows you to charge earphones few times. But what is most important for me, i can charge that box wirelessly using the same charger that i use to charge my few different mobilesthis is so amazingnow little about sound. I am not a music expert, but for me sound is also amazing. And also what was very important for me, when receiving phone calls, it is stereo sound in both ears. So i can recommend this products to everyone, especially wireless freaks like myself .

I’ve had these earphones for about 4 days. They are loud and have prominent bass output without clouding the rest of the instruments or voices. Every instrument has it’s own feel to it. I’ve used yineme bluetooth earphones before this. They are pretty good too, but these earphones are louder, punchier and more fun to listen to. I find myself listening to songs that i’d normally skip over just to hear how they will sound with them. I’ve not really had any significant problems with these headphones. There is a possibility of interference from outside sources at times becasue the headphones have randomly sounded a bit quiet, but then they will suddenly go back to normal again. I suggest buying some silicone ear tips with the flange on them (don’t get more than one flange) for a better fit in your ear canal and to really get the full effect of the bass and soundstage. 5mm tips will fit on these earphones. The charging case works fine. The pairing speed to my bluetooth device is quick. I highly recommend these earphones to everyone, especially to people who like pronounced bass but still care about the other things going on in the music. Definitely buy a pair of silicone ear tips with a flange on themthe downside of these headphones is they don’t have a volume, skip, or previous song function.

I have never written a review on anything i have purchased in the past, but had to write one for these earbuds. . Ordered these as i was after a pair of wireless earbuds. A little nervous at first but when they arrived i was not disappointed. Great design and look and feel very sturdy. Connection was a little tricky the first time i used them but you soon get used to it and it is indeed very easy to pair. I use these with my iphone xr and have had no problem in connecting. They come with a really cool and solid recharging carry case which protects the airbuses really well and the battery on the case lasts ages (has for me anyway). The true test was when the sound was tested. . Absolutely brilliant sound quality in these. Probably the best i’ve heard.

This is is my first dabble with bluetooth headphones and what a revelation . First impressions are of a really thought through design of the packaging and storage case which doubles up as a charging dock. It took mys on to point out to me that the box is itself a battery storage and so the buds will charge in your pocket without needing to plug in until the indicators on the box advise the need for recharging. Maybe i was fortunate but the buds (supplied with a range of optional ear socket sizes was already set up correctly for my ears and i was up and running in seconds – the sound quality from both my phone and laptop is fabulous and the buds feel totally secure – i have cycled and jogged with them as well as using around the house. The bluetooth reception distance does require you to be carrying your bluetooth device or to be sitting at your desk – there is not the range to walk into a neighbouring room in the house and maintain connection. I can understand why some reviewers have mentioned using just one earbud – i am impressed at the noise cancelling effect with external noises when wearing these buds. I have not allowed the storage box to fully discharge power so cannot comment about battery life – for my usage, which is maybe an hour at a time, a couple of times a day – the product is ideal .

There are a plethora of budget headphones, and after watching many youtube videos i decided to buy these tozo t10’s. I needed headphones for running that wouldn’t drop out of my ear, had a good sound quality and were easy to carry around without losing them in the corner of a bag. When i received the tozo t10’s the wireless charging was a big plus, and after fitting the small ear cups, they fitted perfectly and did not fall out whilst running. Sound quality is very good and certainly loud enough for my needs, pairing with my phone was extremely simple and i love the fact that these earbuds switch on and connect to themselves as soon as you remove them from the case. The case itself has a terrific flip lid and recharges the earbuds as soon as they’re placed inside making it simple to put them away throw it into my bag and making it easy to locate. All in all fantastic earbuds that i would recommend.

I had a couple of other mid range earbuds but ended up returning them after 1 week as they were not very satisfying in terms of quality. I decided to give a try to these tozo. After having used these for almost 3 months everyday during my tube commute or while working i am very satisfied with the quality of these earbuds. They are not noise cancelling but if you mange to fit them properly in your ear it can block some of the background noise. The sound quality is very clear and a plus for me is that both ear buds work during a phone call. (it does pick a lot of background noise when in a call but the other person can still hear you clearly). I was also very impressed with the battery life, it does last for long and charge quickly to 100%. I totally recommend these earbuds.

Sometimes there are some connection problems with one earphone cutting out intermittently while listening and walking. I am not sure why this happens but it gets annoying. Battery also doesn’t last long – you have to remember to switch off the earphones if you don’t put them back in the holder otherwise they drain. The holder is handy for storage and charging and seems to hold its battery well. They keep falling out of my ears and i’ve dropped them several times (on london streets – gross lol) i think i need to change the ear bud but still quite annoying as anything bigger would be uncomfortable. Otherwise sound quality is good and it has good noise cancellation. It’s a bit on the pricey side though.

Was surprised at the quality for the price paid, it comes in a handy box to store and recharge, several different sizes of earbuds. Quality of sound was great and also the noise cancellation. As i travel on trains and flights often i find that the noise always still comes in, this one cancels most of the outer sound. Have already mentioned it to a friend and she was also impressed. Completed the registration for the warranty,thaks.

Sunday morning and happen to be reading on old london metro newspaper that recommended the tozo t10 with an image that had a retail price of £35. At a glance i thought, surely these will be pointless with real tinny sound but the price to simply try them out was a no brainer. I’ve been using the jabra 65t elite for the past 8 months and managed to lose my charging box, to replace currently costs £60 so i thought why not a cheap option for now. Followed the reviews on amazon and they all seem to be 100% positive so thought why not give them a try. Ordered and delivered same day through prime, they arrived in the evening and took less than 5 minutes for me to set up with iphone. The sound quality is absolutely amazing, the levels of bass, treble and midrange has plenty depth. I listen to spotify with its own eq and even on flat the sound will not disappoint, lots and i mean lots of bass and treble and i have to say it puts my jabras to complete shame, considering they are close to a fifth of the price. Don’t get me wrong, these ar very basic, put them in your ear and hit play on your music device but thats what it all boils down to. No fancy sound app or controls on the headphone, just great sound.

My partner got me these for valentines day and i have to say they are the best headphones i’ve had i have used them everyday to listen to music and watch films and programmes. They are so simple to use from opening to using them for first time it was literally minutes the facility to make and receive calls is really good and simple to use too. They fit really well with different size buds provided to suit any ear size which provides comfort. I have to say once i’m wearing them you forget you have them in they are so comfortable. I have to be honest i didn’t expect the sound to be as good as it is the sound quality is crisp and clear with the right amount of base to make listening to music really enjoyable. To sum things up i would recommend these ear buds to anyone and i don’t think it will be the last product i buy from tozo.

This is the 2nd pair of earpods i’ve owned. Really quite impressed with these. If like me you figure it’s a minefield weighing up all the different alternatives on amazon, then you have my sympathy. None seemed to stand out as clear winners so in the end i guess you just take a chance. These ones seem extremely well made. Sound quality is really good (in my humble opinion). One of my main requirements was sweatproof so i could wear them whilst training. I cycle indoors on rollers and the sweat just drips off. These are working just a treat.

I purchased these for listening to music whilst lying in the bath and they have proved ideal for the purpose. They pair immediately and have never missed a beat with the signal. Once you have determined your best fit then they are comfortable and fit firmly in the ear. I can’t comment on how they would be with vigorous exercise but that was not what i needed them for. Build quality leaves nothing to be desired but, most importantly, the sound quality is excellent when you consider the cost. It’s always difficult to take the plunge without hearing headphones but these are everything i hoped for and then some.

 i upgraded from tozo t8 to the t10 and also own a pair of wireless earbuds from a well known brand associated with fruit, and have to say i am very impressed with the tozo t10 in comparison to the other that i own. First of all, they are great value. The set up was very straight forward and connected to my devices bluetooth in a few seconds. When you pick the earbuds up out of the case they automatically attach to each other and have useful light indicators. The case also has light indicators to show the charge level which is very helpful. The waterproof feature is very useful as i’m often worried about headphones if it is raining etc. They fit in my ear nicely and don’t fall out as there is a selection of attachment earpiece sizes to best fit the size of your ear. Nice presentation in the box and good clear instructions. The sound is really nice, i have listened to a selection of songs and audiobooks etc and the sound is up there with some of the best sounding earbuds i’ve used, very clear with good sound range / overall levels and i’d definitely recommend themthe sound range distance is good, i walked downstairs in my home and continued to listen to the headphones no problem (under 10 metres). The case and earbuds feel very premium, there is even a lanyard included for carrying around your neck or hanging on a hook etc.

For the price these are a great little set of earbuds. They the case is wireless charging compatible, theyre ipx8 water resistant to 1. 5 metres (do so at your own risk), the case is small and sleek enough, and it comes with 4 different sized silicone tips. The sound out of the box is very bass heavy, i like a lot of bass but this was a bit much for me. On iphone and android you can change the eq of music to suit your preference so i changed mine from no eq to the spoken word preset which was a happy medium of bass and high end without sacrificing volume. This is all personal preference so just play with the eq on your phone and you’ll find a great match, i’m now really happy with the sound. I use the smallest size earbuds and they stay very well in my ears, i’m still getting used to what angle is best to place them but they’re still comfy. Going to the gym and doing a brisk walk, jog then some weights was no problem and they stayed true the whole time. Overall i’m really happy with them, it’s always a gamble buying relatively cheap headphones online without being able to try them. I wanted something like apple airpods but they just aren’t comfortable to me at all.

I bought these as i needed some new gym earphones and they are very reasonably priced and ipx8. On arrival, i was impressed with the design. The earbuds are a little larger than other brands such as jabras wireless bluetooth version, and consequently do stick out of your eae, but these are a fraction of the price. Sound quality is very good for the price. The charging box is a great design, and i love that it is wireless charging. If i’m out and about i always take the charging box with me so there’s always battery, and also so there’s less there’s less chance of losing the earbuds :)after a few days, the left earbud starting cutting out intermittently, so i contacted the support team. They are very helpful, and provided some advice and instructions to reset the earbuds. Unfortunately, the issue remained so they offered a replacement pair. Fingers crossed they work as expected once received. I was intrigued by the swimming compatibility, but am yet to try them in the pool yet.

Features and Spesification

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  • [TWS & BLUETOOTH 5.0] – Adopt the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology. TOZO T10 Support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP. Provides in-call stereo sound. Also own fast and stable transmission without tangling
  • [Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality] – TOZO T10 Offers a Truly Natural, Authentic Sound and Powerful Bass Performance with 8mm Large Size Speaker Driver – The Drive Area is 1.77 times than the Normal Drive Area
  • [ONE STEP PAIRING] – Pick up 2 Headsets from Charging Box They will Connect Each Other Automatically, then Only one step easily enter mobile phone bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds
  • [IPX8 WATERPROOF] – Earbuds and charging case inner nano-coating makes it possible to immerse in water of 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. High-level water-resistant makes it suitable for sports to prevent water ingress. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym or singing in the rain. Even wash the earbuds and base with soak
  • [CHARGE ON-THE-GO] – TOZO T10 wireless earbuds can last for over 3.5 hours’ playtime from a single charge and 9 extra hours in the compact charging case. Charging case even support wireless charging. Committed to providing more flexible and convenient charging methods with No Strings Attached