Trainer by Gibson TH100 Wireless Sport On-Ear Headphones designed : Freedom to move

I got it with almost 70% discount.

These are the first bluetooth headphones i have used and i love the freedom from wires that it gives. The headphones come in a smart sturdy box which incorporates a stand in a perspex cover in which you can store the headphones when not in use. This is really handy and is the first time that i haven’t been stuck with a posh packaging that serves no useful purpose. There is also a small drawstring bag to carry the headphones around in. First thing to note is – read the instructions. The controls are not intuitive but the instructions are straightforward. Pairing was not immediate but once connection has been made for the first time having turned bluetooth on and off a few times there has been no issue with reconnection. I have used these with a laptop and ipad. All the controls are on the headset and can be easily operated without removing the headphones as long as you remember where they are. When i first put them on the grip seemed quite strong but i got used to them really quickly, they are very light and comfortable to wear.

Bought as a christmas present, well packaged.

It has taken me a long time to choose a set of wireless earphones but i know i have chosen well. I took a chance as these earphones are new to the market and there have been no reviews as yet, but the fit and quality are very good and the sound is much more than i could hoped for. I have been using my earphones now for 5 weeks now for cross training and running, it has been fantastic not to catch my elbow on the cable while training, even using for general use with my tablet to watch catch up tv has been really good as well and cannot find any fault with them. They are easy to set up and the controls are also easy to use. You also get 4 different sizes to fit in the inner ear, i use the smallest and they fit perfectly and are also very comfortable. A bonus is the light on the back while running at night, it might not seem much but every little thing helps for other to see you.

Big buttons easy to navigate, good sound and flashing light when running outdoors is good.

This is my first set of over ear headphones so i don’t have a comparison with other brands. I bought them for running and they work well. I never have any issues with them moving or falling off and the sound is very good. When volume is high the external sound is loud which may annoy others in a gym environment but the advantage of the poor noise insulation is it allows you to hear traffic and loud noises while running.

Good quality and ideal for running.

This comes in a slick glass like case, everything about its appearance smacks of class, usain bolt endorses it, it has the gibson logo on there are well and trainer seems to be a revered make also. But how does it function to me, well its easy to set it all up really and then the sound will floor you, it is weird running with no wires for the first time but i love it, had it out last night and its floored me with its class. Now this is a pricey thing, i kid you not but if you love running like i do then i think you already want it,get it.

  • The headphones for running I’ve been looking for.
  • Great sound. Really comfortable.
  • Great for exercise and outdoor use.

Trainer by Gibson TH100 Wireless Sport On-Ear Headphones designed with Usain Bolt (Aeroflex rail, Bluetooth), black

Colour Name:Black  |  Style Name:On-Ear
Product Description, Trainer by Gibson TH100 Wireless Sport On-Ear Headphones designed with Usain Bolt (Aeroflex rail, Bluetooth), black

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

Trainer by Gibson

Music will push you further.

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In the Box

Included Items

  • Trainer sport headphones
  • Soft carrying pouch
  • USB charging cable

Designed with Usain Bolt

The Trainer TH100 wireless headphones are designed to help you attain the highest levels of performance – whether you’re on the track or off it. Developed in partnership with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, Trainer combines maximum freedom of movement with exceptional sound quality, so you can take your music wherever life takes you.

  • AeroFlex rail for secure fit
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for complete freedom of movement.
  • Water-resistant material that withstands any weather.
  • LED illumination to enhance your visibility and keep you safe at night.
  • Instant audio optimisation to boost awareness of your surroundings.
  • Keep a cool head with heat-absorbing Outlast technology.

Aeroflex for Secure Fit

Designed to elevate your performance when you need it the most, the AeroFlex rail locks Trainer into position, instantly giving you enhanced stabilisation when moving across any terrain.

Freemove with Wireless Sound

No cables to hold you back. Bluetooth wireless technology maximises your freedom of movement, while maintaining superior sound quality.

NightNav Enables you to be Visible at Night

DoBe seen, be safe. Only Trainer comes fully equipped with NightNav LED lighting, ensuring you stay visible whatever the time of day and wherever your music takes you.

Safe Sound for Aware and Alert

With the tap of a button, SafeSound instantly optimises audio frequencies and lets more environmental sounds filter through, so you can stay alert without missing a beat.

Weather Seal Protects your Sound

Don’t let the weather dampen your motivation, or your music. WeatherSeal protects your Trainer wireless headphones from rain and sweat, so you can keep moving in all climates.

Cooltouch Cools Down when you Heat Up

Using Outlast technology, originally developed for NASA, Trainer’s ear cushions wick moisture and dynamically respond to the changing temperature of your skin, helping to keep you cool, comfortable and dry.

Trainer by Gibson TI100 Trainer by Gibson TH100
Type Sports headphones Sports headphones
Highlight Two wearing styles: In-ear/ ear hook, reinforced cable for the toughest workouts On-ear, Aeroflex strap for a secure fit, heat-absorbing Outlast technology for ear cushions
Bluetooth + NFC
Playback time 6,5 h 11 h
Music controls Play/Pause, volumen up/down, Song skip forward/backward SafeSound activate/deactivate, Play/Pause, volumen up/down, Song skip forward/backward
Call/ voice controls Pick up calls/hang up, reject incoming calls, switch caller while in a call, mute/unmute the mic while in a call Siri/Goolge Now, pick up calls/hang up, reject incoming calls, switch caller while in a call, microphone mute / unmute
NightNav LED light
Wheatherseal – sweat and moisture proof
Weight 14 g 160 g
Accessories 4 In-ear/ earhook sizes, USB charging cable, magnetic cable clip, storage case Soft carrying pouch, USB charging cable

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I struggle with convention headphones and i am rather accident prone. So i spend half my exercise time fiddling with wires. So i decided to invest in a pair of trainers. Great sound quality, easy music control and more time spent solely on workout. Just remember where you have put your phone.

These come in a rather smart drawer style box with a clear top window. In the box are the earphones, a strong circular zip-up carry-case, a short usb lead, instructions, a magnetic clip and a total of 4 pairs of different ear-tips. The ear-tips are clearly, and indelibly, marked “l” and “r” and clip on to the ear-pieces and rotate to allow a comfortable and secure fit whether it is in-ear or ear-hook style. I had no problem finding a comfortable, secure fit. There is also a magnetic clip, the intention is that this clips to the top rear of your shirt and the bluetooth receiver section is magnetically attached to it, this is the section that can be set to flash bright white for night running; the magnetic clip also has a slot in the rubber to allow it to be threaded onto the earphones so it doesn’t get lost. The earpieces are also magnetic so when they are taken out you can magnetically attach the left earpiece to the right which stops them flying about and means they are secure around your neck. Pairing is straightforward, i used bluetooth, and sound quality is pretty good, good bass and clarity. I leave my phone running on a battery pack in my locker and the earphones work fine in the gym. Controls are easy to use and phone call quality is good. They ran for just over 6 hours.

Bought these for hubby for christmas, he has found them easy and comfortable to use when he’s doing his workout. Battery life seems to be good as well. One downside is that although they say the earpieces are washable there aren’t any intructions on how to detach them?.

The ‘trainer by gibson th100 wireless sport on-ear headphones’ are bluetooth headphones, with special features designed to make them particularly suitable for sportspeople. I am not sporty, just to be clear from the beginning, but these features are of benefit to the ‘normal’ user also. The headphones are compact and lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The earpieces are approximately the size of an ear (as opposed to those to which go over and around ears), measuring 6. 2cm width, and they sit on the ear comfortably without any squashing sensation. One of the special features of this particular model is the second headband which they have dubbed the ‘aeroflex rail’, having two adjustable headbands does help greatly with stability of the set without them having to be uncomfortably tight. Clearly as these are bluetooth only headphones (i don’t know if they make any headphones which work both with a wire and bluetooth, but they should) you need to either have a bluetooth enabled device or to purchase an adaptor to plug into your device to turn it into a bluetooth transmitter – these are available inexpensively from amazon and other retailers, i bought one to enable me to use these headphones with my tv and stereo and am very happy with its performance. Pairing the headphones with your phone/bluetooth-enabled device is a simple process, either using nfc on android devices, or pressing the pairing button on the front edge of the right earpiece. The headphones are charged via a standard micro usb connection, so it is possible to use your mobile phone charger etc to do this. The battery life is good, the manufacturer literature states it as lasting for 11 hours playback and in practice i have found it to be close to this. The headphones have the ability to function as a wireless headset for mobile phone calls, although i have not personally tested this as i never make calls. There are some controls built into the headphones which enable you to play/pause, skip tracks, increase and decrease volume, and also an innovative feature called ‘safesound’, which alters the sound in such a way that although you can still hear the music playing, the amount of environmental sound (traffic etc. ) you can hear is increased. I have found this to be particularly impressive.

There’s no doubt that music helps keep you going when you’re exercising, whether it’s a brisk walk, a run or an intensive gym session. However, if your music is on your smartphone, you have to contend with uncomfortable in-ear or on-ear headphones and a trailing cable. For me, the best solution is wireless, on-ear headphones, but there aren’t many good ones around. Trainer by gibson th100 are relatively small framed, bluetooth wireless, on-ear sports headphones, apparently endorsed by usain bolt, the 100m world record holder. They are clearly designed for runners and gym lovers who love listening to music when they’re working out. Keeping headphones secure when training can be difficult, and the trainer has a solution. Beneath the plastic frame is a rubbery headband, called the “aeroflex” with a separate, reflective portion that can be moved back for additional stability. This is operated by a push button above the left pad, although it is possible to just pull it out. After use, the headphones can be stored in the supplied draw-string bag. The headphones are powered by an in-built battery that can be recharged by the supplied usb cable; a full charge is said to be about 10 hours and that’s about right.

Let’s face it for this price you would be expecting a five star review for the set. But the inclusion of the name of the world’s fastest man usain bolt included you would expect that a chunk of the price would go to mr bolt’s bank account sooner but not as fast as usain’s running. Also bolt has been involved in the design of this set. I like usain but i wonder…. Well i’m glad to report that is is a very good set of headphones. They have been really designed for atheletes and those who like to exercise as they listen. Fabulous for the gym where you can have your sound source withing the 5 metre range of the headphones. Water, sweat and all the other proofs can be gleaned from the blurb and video. The fit is excellent as my fellow reviewers all seem to agree on.

Awesome- sound great, easy to use- even used them for bag work (boxing) initially until i wore them smooth.

These headphones arrive in a very unusual box. Comes with instructions on how to open the box as well. The headphones are on a shaped plastic insert. In a sleek black box there is a drawstring bag for storage, a usb charging cable, quick start guides in 15 different languages and a sheet explaining all the different features. Very lightweight headphones in a black and silver colour scheme. Easily adjustable as both sides are capable of extending. Second moveable grey band- ‘ aeroflex ‘ – to make the headphones sit more securely on your headlittle button on the inside left side to help the band move. All of the controls are on the right side of the headphones. The power button and the bluetooth buttons are at the front, the volume buttons are at the back. By pressing the power button twice the ‘nightnav led light’ comes on which is a bright flashing light for night time runs.

  • The headphones for running I’ve been looking for.
  • Great sound. Really comfortable.
  • Great for exercise and outdoor use.

Trainer by Gibson TH100 Wireless Sport On-Ear Headphones designed with Usain Bolt (Aeroflex rail, Bluetooth), black

These are a really nice pair of headphones. It was great to be able to get rid of the wires and have a set of headphones that didn’t leave me struggling with a cable during exercise. The other great thing was that the distance between the headphones and my mp3 player was quite significant before i ‘lost’ music – so they can be used around the house without having the player with you. I found the sound quality to be very good, with no drop outs whilst in the proximity of my player. The setting up of the bluetooth connection was very easy. Two ‘safety’ functions on these i really liked if you use them out of a gym was the small led light and the safe sound feature that lets you hear external noises. The headphones are weather proof and comfortable to wear. These are fairly expensive, but difficult to fault.

It took me a while to decide what headphones to buy for running, and i’m really glad i decided on the gibson trainer in-ears. My biggest concern with using in ears for running was that the movement would constantly cause them to fall out and i would forever be putting them back in. I have had none of that what-so-ever as they come with a selection of adaptors and they sit in perfectly. The white flashing safety light is a nifty little feature that gives you piece of mind whilst running in the dark but on top of all of this, the sound quality is just amazing.

First of all i feel the packaging on these headphones is very overkill, they come in a perspex box which in my mind is completely unnecessary, then the headphones are attached to a plastic stand, ok gibson have to show off their product but i feel packaging could be reduced significantly, you are buying the headphones, not the fancy box they are displayed in, i also wonder how much this fancy packaging puts onto the final cost of the headphones (design and production of the box). These gibson trainer headphones do look very nice and fit tightly on your head so stay in place as a result ,the headband is also adjustable for a perfect fit, there is also a second head band that gibson call ‘aeroflex’ this is simply released with the touch of a button and is also reflective, it aids against the headphones slipping whist running. The ear piece covers are magnetic so as a result can be removed and washed, a great idea when they get sweaty and smelly. Usain bolt is the inspiration for these headphonespairing these headphones is easy, most smartphones have nfc and these headphones can be paired by simply touching the phone and headphones together (look for the nfc logo) or they can also be paired using bluetooth, pairing was trouble free and the headphones now pair automatically with my phone when switched on. Sound quality is fine for a bluetooth set, bass is ok but not overwhelming, vocals are clear, highs are not over done too, they are very listenable. These headphones have a nice feature called safesound, with the push of a button the headphones are slightly muted to allow for outside noise to become more apparent. The battery life is a claimed 10 hours, this is dependent on volume levels though, they are simply charged via a usb port or any mains usb charger. There is another safety feature on the headphones called ‘nightnav’ this function enables a flashing white led one the back of the left hand headphone, a good idea for walking or running on dark nights, using this feature will reduce battery life though. These gibson trainer headphones look very well made, they are also waterproof so walking/running in wet weather is not a problem. I like these headphone, they are not too heavy and fit very well and they sound fairly good, they come with a bag to keep them safe, a usb lead and instructions, the only thing i really dislike is the amount of packaging that these trainer headphones come wrapped in.

Sound quality for the price is acceptable but nothing special. In every other way these are great. Being an excessively sweaty runner i find i destroy headphones that are not waterproof enough. These are waterproof enough. I don’t like in ear phones as they tend to move about with a neck band and without a neckband they won’t stay in my ears. These stay in place perfectly with no wet ‘slurpy’ noises as i start to sweat. I’ve read reviews saying they look cheap and flimsy plastic, a matter of taste but i don’t think so, and i managed to twang them off under a low branch at about 9 minute mile pace. They survived landing on the tamac path so not too flimsy then. The flashing led which you can switch on is reassuring when road running in the dark and i’ve found them to be very user friendly, i’ve even managed to accept calls and carry on a phone conversation without breaking my stride.

These over the ear headphones are great for running, or just wearing while doing chores around the house. They stay on nice and firm and don’t need to be messed with. Some of the critical reviews say you can get better sounding headphones for the money. I don’t think these people are using them for the right reasons. I have a better sounding set, and if i want to relax in a chair then i will get them out instead of these. But these headphones sound just fine, they have a good tone and depth of base with good clarity. And when i am running or doing other stuff, this is just background music, i’m not listening to every last note. Unlike in ear headphones, there is no messing and the little light and button to let you hear surrounding noise better are nice touches. No glitches and range is really good if you move around the house without the music source in your pocket. I’ve only had them a few days, but love them and wear them loads. Only thing that can go wrong is if they break. If they do i will update the review, but all i can say right now, is if you want a pair of headphones that sound great and don’t fall off your head when jogging or bending over, these are about as good as there is right now.

Bought for my son with autism as he needs headphone for noise reduction and to listen to his music, he loved it at first as he was the one who asked me to get it but lately he said it’s been dropping signal and not working so good. I will test it after the christmas holiday as trying to to stress him out more than necessary, but will be sending them back if find still having problem as i payed good money for it. Lets see if he doesn’t come to me before i make the time to check them out as when he is fix on something he will not change until it sorted.

These headphones are very easy to use, simply follow the easy step-by-step guide and then you’re away. Sound quality is excellent, with clever features such as reducing the volume when crossing the road, flashing light for safety when running on roads in the dark. You can go about 10 metres away from you phone while wearing the headphones, very impressive indeedi would highly recommend these headphones.

Excellent sound and perfect fit in the ear. Does not move during any sort of training: running, cycling, weight lifting. Contrary to what i had read in a review the button in the rear does not bother me when lying on my back on a bench or on the floor.

Bought for the wife at xmas. Used a lot for her gym/fitness classes and she loves them. No problems with them so far :).

Have taken these ‘phones out on a couple of runs so far. They are really comfortable. They do not move around when running but neither do they feel too tight. I used the aeroflex band and it worked really well. It feels sturdy but only time will tell how robust it is. Pairing is straightforward but i would recommend using the enclosed quick guide to locate the buttons as they are rather small. When in use the play/pause and skip buttons are easy to use. The volume up and down are a bit fiddly to find but i soon got used to this. Pressing the safe sound button was also easy but note that there is a slight delay before the sound reduces.

This set of trainer ti100 wireless sport in-ear phones prove that gibson can excel beyond making guitars. In the smart, rigid, presentation box you get the phones, 4 pairs of earbuds (s,m,l), a carry case, usb to micro usb charging cable and a magnetic clip. These are bluetooth cordless headphones designed with the help of usain bolt for use while exercising. In addition, the headset also handles mobile phone calls as well as boasting a number of innovations such as safety led illumination (nightnav) and safesound which, with the tap of a button, optimises audio frequencies and lets environmental sounds filter through enhancing awareness of what is going on around you. The immediate impression these phones give is one of quality. Apart from the metallic headphone drive units, the cord between the clearly marked left and right earphone is flat and covered in a tough material described as “duracord”. (as the phones are bluetooth equipped there is no cable to the host device). The first task is charge the headphones and invest a bit of time in ensuring you fit the right size earbuds – there are two reasons for this, firstly, to ensure that they remain in place and, secondly, sound quality. The seal between the earphone and your ear will be a key determinant of sound quality, especially the bass. A charge of a couple hours should deliver around 6 hours playing timei tested these gibson earphones with an iphone 6 and img iron android phone.

These are designer headphones for the runner/jogger, which have been designed with input from usain bolt, although i doubt he wears them for his short fast runs. The headphones also have the name gibson, famous as a manufacturer of electric guitars so another designer brand. The headphones connect with blue tooth so no need for any trailing wires. Connection to my phone seemed to take a long time first time, but is quick when using them again. The headband has a unique element that is to hold them in place when running. This does seem to work well. Doesn’t feel heavy when wearing the headphones, but the comparison chart on the amazon page indicates it is a bit heavier than average. Sound quality is very good and so will certainly be headphones to wear when listen to music generally and not just when exercising. A very well made and quality product that is certainly worth 5 stars as a product, i have only given 4 here as it is a very expensive product compared with some other good headphones on the market.

Stays securely on my head and has good sound quality for sports headphones. I like the light for running in the dark however it loses one star since the mic for calls is pretty much unusable unless you are in a silent environment and talk very loudly. I don’t bother taking calls on it but aside from that i have really joyed using them.

Everything i need as an avid fitness trainer. Firmly fitted, decent sound, efficient controls on the headset, very easy to use, gibson have got it bang on with this headset.

Earpiece adapters broke in the first week, i’m using them broken – it’s annoying. Music quality is very good, loudness is very good – basically that’s why i’m still using them. The middle part of the cable where the battery probably lives, is very heavy and sometimes stucks in my t-shirt when i’m completely covered in sweat causing the earpieces to drop off my ears.

These are incredibly quick and easy to set up by following the simple instructions – just make sure you check whether you have a flashing white light (indicates insufficient charge), blue and white flashing lights (indicate still in ‘pairing’ mode, i. Linking/connecting your phone to the earphones. Can be done via bluetooth, which we used, or nfc, which we didn’t use and therefore cannot comment on, sorry), blue light that flashes every 8 seconds (confirming the earphones are ‘paired’ and ready for use) or rapid flashing blue light (indicating that the earphones are on, but the connection isn’t present – the earphones will turn themselves off after 5 mins). Once you have the blue light that flashes every 8 seconds, you’re good to go. The earphones charge via a micro usb that can be charged via a usb port on a laptop or pc or as with us, via an accelerated kindle charger, though any similar charger would do. The cord is only about 4-5 inches long. The earbuds seem rather large with the soft ear tips on that are designed for both fit and comfort, and i didn’t think they’d fit me or that they’d stay in when i’m on the treadmill, but they do both very well, and i also tested them by shaking my head rather vigorously, and they still stayed in. After a quick wipe, these were tested by my son who has bigger ears and they fitted him equally well, so it seems as if they’re designed ergonomically. Instead of foam or hard plastic, the ‘basic’ tips are made of a flexible, durable plastic that’s a tiny bit rubbery, and they grip nicely on the naked ear buds, and there are a couple more provided, one that fits comfortably into the top inner curve of your ear – all attachments seem to be ‘one size fits all’ and are comfy and very secure.

First time using wireless earphones and i will never return to the other ones. I used them with an iphone 6s. As described, they are incredible light and they won’t fell of your head if you choose the appropriate earpads and the magnetic ‘thingy’ that comes with them. Battery duration is very good. The sound, as expected due to the price tag, is better than most of the sports earphones i’ve had used. The only complaint i have is, once in a while, the bluetooth signal cuts off for half a second or less at apparently random times. Not really sure if this is a common issue with bluetooth earphones, or my iphone or, the type of fabric my pants have.

I’ve been really impressed with the trainer ear buds, here’s what i’ve found after a couple of weeks with them. *design*the product imagery suggests some sort of rigidity, with the cable curving around your neck and up and over your ears, but they’re loosely flexible and can be worn in a couple of different ways. The flat design of the cable prevents them from tangling up, and as someone who has spent far too much time untangling headphone knots, i can say this style is without doubt the way forward. Losing the wired connection to your phone/mp3 player is a real bonus, especially when running but equally as useful when you’re commuting or just out and about. A nice semi-rigid carry case completes the set. (a word on the box/packaging, if that’s of interest to you then you’ll be happy with these – they come in a hard plastic-fronted box with a fabric pull-cord to open it… a little thing, but really beautiful presentation and perfect for a gift. )*fit and comfort*i’ve not had a great experience in the past with in-ear buds, with my latest purchase philips shs8100 simply refusing to stay in place when i’m moving. So i was intrigued to see how these would work for me. The trainer earbuds, which have a slight snorkel shape reminiscent of apple’s current iphone set, are nicely adaptable with the bundled accessories. You have a choice of curved hooks (two sizes) designed to fit in the ear, a neat little bracket again that also fits in the ear, or you can simply wear them on their own.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year (s)
  • Connection: Bluetooth/3.5 mm Jack