My Travel Essentials for Hand Luggage

We all know travelling can be stressful at times; ensuring you’re at the airport (or other means of transport) on time, making sure you have all your confirmation details for a smooth check-in/check-out experience, but also hoping you packed all the essentials to avoid crying over the fact that you left that new eyebrow pencil at home. Obviously not a priority, but you did spend good money on it!

I tend to always forget something, even if just a minor thing, but it does grate on you when you come to the realisation that you didn’t stick to that extremely organised ‘To Pack’ list. Oh darn. Nevertheless, I figured I’d share with you my go-to travel essentials for hand luggage to ensure you’ll have everything you need at all times when you next travel.Travel Essentials

Passport Cover & Luggage Tag Set.

I highly recommend buying passport cover & luggage tag sets like so! I always have a luggage tag on all my bags and cases as it lets me easily identify which is mine as it comes around. I specifically bought a funky, brightly coloured aztec patten cabin case by IT Luggage thinking ‘That’s easy, I’ll be the only one’. But no, I spotted it three times on my trip to Crete last year! There’s nothing more awkward, yet suspicious, than picking up what you believe is your bag off the the coveyer belt, and discreetly putting it back when you realise it’s not yours…

Sonic Chic Urban Electric Toothbrush.
I currently use the Oral-B Pro 6000 toothbrush, which is the fancy-pants brush with bluetooth connectivity, but it’s a little too bulky to be travelling with. I don’t like to swap to your regular manual brush when travelling, as I much prefer electric at all times, but no one wants to carry around a case that’s just as big as your clutch bag. The Sonic Chic Urban electric toothbrush* is compact, stylish, and is essentially like a slightly chunkier pen which can slot anywhere in your bag! As it is battery-operated, you don’t need to worry about needing to bring an additional charger with you either. Better yet, they are available in so many different patterns to suit your style.

When I’m travelling, makeup isn’t a priority to me and I know the moment I get to my final destination, I won’t give two monkeys about exploring a new location without putting ‘my face’ on. However, I do like to take a couple bits and pieces for if you happen to go for a nice meal out or to an unexpected event that’s on. The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is my absolute favourite, but the BB cream equivalent is even better. As for the eyes, the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil is the best, teamed with the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara.

Accessorize Clutch Bag.
When travelling, I find it difficult to take everything you think¬†you might need, because long story short, you probably won’t need it in the end and it’s wasted space. One little trick I like to use is to store my makeup in a clutch bag. That way, I don’t have my cosmetic bag and an additional bag. Due to the little amount of my makeup I bring with me anyway, I’m never in need of much storage space.

Freshen up with Deodorant.
I always carry a little travel-size deodorant with me in my hand luggage, just to freshen up with. You can also take a small pack of face wipes to help too. Travelling always makes me tired, no matter how long or short the journey is, so using these products just helps to freshen me up and make me feel more awake! always have everything you need when it comes to travel-size toiletries!


What are your travel essentials?