Treblab J1 Bluetooth Earbuds : One of the best wireless earbuds i bought in a long time

Very light, and fit well after some experimentation with the good selection of fittings supplied. I am more used to wired earbuds that ‘hang’ in the ears, but soon got used to these ‘in-ear’ ones. Very easy to set up with the clear instructions. Only use them for walking so cannot comment on their use when exercising vigorously. My only small niggle is that the control buttons could be a bit more prominent, as i wear gloves a lot and it’s difficult to feel the buttons, but otherwise excellent earbuds.

Tried all the different buds, love the foam ones. It was advertised as noise cancelling, i couldn’t believe that it works with small headphones. Now i can say that it is truly amazing.No external noise comes through. Battery lasts for a long time and i use the headphones all day long: gym, music during day at work and for hands free phone calls (microphone is excellent). The price and the quality of sound are amazing, very pleased with my purchase. And a very fast delivery (less than 24 hrs to the isle of wight).

This is my review of the treblab j1 wireless earphones after over a month of testing. Shipping- i ordered these on the 26th july 2018 and they arrived 5 days later on the 31st july 2018. This isn’t the fastest shipping product i have ever odered but it’s nothing to complain about and i had no issues with it. Packaging- it arrives in a neat, modern looking box that looks very high quality and matches the design of a more expensive pair of wireless earphones. It is well presented and has the specifications of the earphones neatly laid out on the back of the box. The box itself contains the earphones along with the carrying case, spare earfins and buds (in varying sizes), the charging cable and the user manual along with an apple-like treblab logo sticker. Design- this is personally one of the best looking and ascetically pleasing pairs of earphones on the market. It’s a simple but very modern design with a mostly metal construction. The controls on the earbuds are very easy to use and if you ever get stuck it’s clearly and simply laid out in the user manual. One of the nicest features about the earbuds is the way that they clasp together around your neck when your not listening, they do this by using magnets in each earbuds so that you can wear them when not in use without fear of them falling or getting lost.

I was very happy when i bought this product because was flawless. Sound quality, battery life. And i thought the quality of the product was excellent but its now 3 months on the product and i’m extremely disappointed. One of things i have been aware from the beginning is that they don’t stay in ears always quite easily they come off. But my big disappointment is the right side doesn’t work no longer or to work i have to maintain a certain neck position. Compared with other headphones or similar who have last me at least over a year before the same issue started and they where half price of this ones.

Took a while to choose which product to buy and settled on these treblab earbuds. Only had them for a few days but not disappointed so far. Very good quality, good “ear sealing” keeps external noise out (my wife has to prod me now to get my attention), and leaks no internal sound to the outside. Very good all-rounder, easy to set up and exceptional value for money.

Straight design means they don’t stay in my right ear whatever ear buds i use. Got annoying and even though they are the best sounding bluetooth headphones i have used, i had to return them.

Great product and good quality. Been using them constantly and love them.

I’ll keep this one somewhat simple and short. Great sound isolation, fit very well, sound quality could not be better considering the price range. They don’t stick out too much so you don’t look like you have some sort of growth in your ear. The hd microphone and call management is surprisingly decent. Also, the customer service is fantastic. Overall definitely worth the price.

  • Genuinely Premium Wireless Earphones- FULL REVIEW
  • Super dissatisfied 3 start to don’t give less.
  • Give them a go!

TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds, Best aptX Wireless Headphones For Sports Gym Running. [2019 Upgrade] IPX6 Water Resistant Sweatproof, Magnetic Secure-Fit Headset. Noise Cancelling Earphones w/Microphone

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Better than expected, especially considering the price of the product. Bluetooth connection works smoothly (have tried it with two different phones). Great functional and multipurpose bluetooth ear buds. Only thing i would improve on, is for it to have the capability to connect to more than one device at a time.

Charged them up and tried all the different buds to suit my fit, which is simple enough. The sound is very good with great bass even at high volume. Connection to iphone simple and connects after each use with no fuss.

This j1 bluetooth earbuds gives beautiful sounds and are cute to look at. Just the right amount of base and treble as i like it. The battery life is great and they are very comfortable on and in the ears. It looks and feels well made.

I needed a wireless pair for runs and these are perfect, good fit, amazing sound and the battery really is great, i’ve not had to recharge them yet. Solid pair of headphones, and the magnetic backs mean i can keep them secure on my next when i’ve not got them in as well.

These are cracking earphones. Easy pairing and controls are there too. Would recommend to everyone. Nice price and a great product. Update: 2nd pair bought for my kid. Absolutely over the moon with them.

The product has connectivity issues after 7 months of use. It does not stay connected for more than a few minutes at a time. I will recommend keeping the warranty if you’re getting this product. The battery life however is surprisingly good and the microphone is a very convenient bonus. Update: the one year warranty came in handy. The staff were super quick to dispatch a new set of headphones and it’s working well for now. I’d say if anything, the customer service is commendable.

Ordered the headphone on 29. 17 at 1415pm and they were on my doorstep at 845am 30. 2017, absolutely amazing headphones, deep base, crystal tone and sound, they are honestly better than my wired bose headphones, sometimes you pay for what you get, but this at this price and sound quality i promise you are the real deal, i honestly cannot wait to get to the gym and try these bad boys out. 5+++++ for all round quality sounds, fitted in both ears perfectly, rock on .

I was worried at first buying these. Some comments on here really put me off but the great reviews persuaded me to buy these. I’m very happy with this purchase. Unfortunately, i have the world smallest ears so the ear tip options were not fitting well, so i used my sony ones and its a great fit. The overall sound quality is brilliant( for me). – i have no regrets so far ;).

  • Genuinely Premium Wireless Earphones- FULL REVIEW
  • Super dissatisfied 3 start to don’t give less.
  • Give them a go!

TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds, Best aptX Wireless Headphones For Sports Gym Running. [2019 Upgrade] IPX6 Water Resistant Sweatproof, Magnetic Secure-Fit Headset. Noise Cancelling Earphones w/Microphone

The max volume is good and maintains a clear sound throughout. Spent more money on seemingly ‘better’ earphones and they are not half as good as these. The only fault i would have is that the stick out a little bit from the ears. Other than that excellent value for money.

Nice build quality and really nice sound quality as well. The earphones are a bit heavy because they have magnets to hold them together around the neck when they are not in use. Fast delivery even with free delivery option.

Fit well the little hook is a bit odd at first but actually works really well, doesn’t fall out or move. I use them for running & gym and they are great for both. Really good sound and having the controls on the wire make it really easy to use. And can be used as a hands free too.

These bluetooth earbuds are must have for long walks or exercising. Although, a lot of other different earbuds does fall out during activities, these hold well in my ears, providing great sound quality.

Fantastic for the price, nice crisp bass sound and a solid feel to the build quality. Had more experience with expensive wired ear buds but these trump them all so far. November 18, started to lose connectivity even within 9′ from my phone.

One of the best wireless earbuds i bought in a long time. Wireless connectivity: 5/5sound: 5/5bass: 5/5quality: 5/5accessories: 5/5support of the company: 5/5i love them.

I listen to music for hours every day. The quality of the powerful deep bass is really impressive. When choosing earphones i always go for the best quality that is affordable to me. These shine out by far from my last pair of soundmagic e10’s. They may take a couple of days to get used to, as they are bulkier than wired earphones but i think the freedom of not having that cable connected to my phone is such a bonus. The controls are much better too with skipping tracks and volume control. The magnets keep them safely around my neck when i am not using them.

Very well made product but unfortunately they wouldn’t stay in my awkward shaped ears, the distance between the ear part and the ear hook was too big for me. Sound was very good though and i wish they had fit me. No problem in receiving a refund from amazon.

These wireless earphones are fantastic. I own a variety of earphones from skull candy to denom and these are far superior to those. And the feel of the music is amazing. Perfect for your apple watch, iphone and android phone/ tablet. Received a discount offer from treblab and purchased another pair for my iphone 8+.

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  • PREMIUM HD WIRELESS EARPHONES – Treblab J1 were developed to deliver superior High-Fidelity audio that will make you grin! With cutting-edge components, advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX technology, our Bluetooth headphones deliver flawless, CD-like sound quality with no distortion at high volumes..Really!
  • PERFECT FOR SPORTS – Supercharge your workout with professional fitness audio gear and smash your goals! Running, biking or hitting the gym? We got you! Our top wireless earbuds are rated IPX6 sweatproof & water-resistant and can handle all your fitness moisture. Also the ANTI-DROP security fins make sure your headset stays put even if you’re a yoga master and like walking on your hands.
  • ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY + aptX – It’s so irritating when your connection breaks in the middle of a perfect solo. Even worse if in the middle of an important conversation. We’ve made sure it won’t happen with a strong and consistent Bluetooth connection. Feel free to leave your device up to 38 feet away and still expect a reliable signal. LONGEST BATTERY – Go from activity to activity without a recharge for up to 9 hours.
  • BLOCKS OUT THE NOISE – Advanced passive noise-cancellation with expandable foam ear-tips let you focus on what’s important without distractions by background noise. Hear music in detail without blasting it, thus saving your eardrums. HD MICROPHONE AND CALLS MANAGEMENT – With just the press of a button, you can keep the conversation going on and on. LONGEST BATTERY – Go from activity to activity without a recharge for up to 9 hours.
  • LIFE IMPROVING FEATURES – extra fast pairing, magnetic housing to prevent loss, automatic reconnection, cable clip, carrying case, universal compatibility. Add in a 1-year warranty, 30-day return window, and our A+ customer service, and you have yourself a risk free purchase!