Tribest SW2000 Slow Star Vertical Juicer and Mincer – πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I use this device for green apple juice mostly, it’s great.

It pulps veggies and fruit to death and is fabulous for taking your mind off your woes. Chopping up your plant foods before squeezing the bejeezus out of them, watching the freshly pressed juice flowing out has meditative propertiesi was mesmerised by john kohler on youtube into buying this after watching scores of hours of his videos and he wasn’t wrong at all. Personally, i couldn’t handle the veggie juices and sold this for a fraction of the price on an auction website, if you can purchase a second hand one to try, i’d recommend that. The machine itself is sturdy and not terribly noisy. It’s a bit funky at first when you’re getting used to putting it together and taking it apart for cleaning, but you’ll soon get used to that. Do clean it very shortly after use or you’ll end up with a clogged up sieve. It’s fabulous for the basics like freshly pressed orange juice – and you can keep the pith on – apparently there’s some goodness in there. I used to quarter lemons or limes without peeling too and that worked well in mixed juices. I kinda miss the thing now, however, it does take up quite a bit of space.

Works just as described and makes great juice. Soooo quiet compared to others i’ve seen (heard).

I’ve only recently started juicing but after doing a lot of research and getting advice from friends i chose this juicer. I use it mostly with vegetables (carrots, cucumber, kale, spinach, broccoli, beetroot) and a few fruits (apples, oranges, pomegranate, pineapple, soaked raisins) and it worked well with all of them. It gets a lot of juice out of these ingredients and the waste is mostly dry (orange slices can remain a bit moist). Prepare all the ingredients before starting to juice:- slice apples and cut carrots in half/quarter (just so i’ve got more pieces of carrot to put in after soft items). – cut celery and other stringy items into small pieces so it doesn’t get cause in the auger. Put bits of everything in one by one, softest to hardest, so a slice of cucumber, apple, some leaves, bits of celery, orange and then carrot. The hard bits push the soft items through and i leave orange bits till just before the carrot slice so it doesn’t clogg-up the waste spout. Some items might cause blockages if you don’t do them in the right order but i’ve never has a blockage with this machine.

Don’t listen to anyone moaning about keeping it clean – once you get into a routine and you are used to it you can have it cleaned up in 5 minutes (do it before you drink the juice). If you want life to be super easy then buy sub-standard carton juice. It’s a bit like good cooking – you can make a meal from scratch using quality fresh ingredients, or you can buy ready meals in horrible plastic boxes, fill your body with all sorts of rubbish and take a complete gamble. The things that made me choose this juicer were quality (goes without saying), guarantee (10 years) and customer service – 2 days ago whilst cleaning it, i lost the little silicone bung that sits in the middle, e-mailed tibest uk (found the address on google) and they relpied within 18 hrs. They said that although the bungs weren’t on the website, they’d send me one for – wait for it – Β£1. As requested i payed immediately by paypal (i bought 2) and it arrived the next day (no postage cost). Now that’s what i call customer service.

My wife has a feeding tube and i provide extra nutrition from juicing fresh fruit and vegetables. This juicer handles them all quite well, pulp is very dry and can be reused , juice can contain some fibre but is provided with stainless steel soup strainer for preference. I don’t mind a bit of fibre but for my wife i strain it. A few minutes cleaning this , a wipe with olive oil removes any carrot stains. Very well made and exception strong gearing system , ploughs through everything i put thorough it without ever stopping. Also comes with mincer attachment and sample recipes which i have yet to use. Money well spent considering the cost of food, i use the fibre mixed in with the dogs food so nothing is wasted.


Here are the specifications for the Tribest SW2000 Slow Star Vertical Juicer and Mincer:

  • Powerful 200 watt motor; 80 rpm slow juicing auger
  • Heavy duty juicing screen is long lasting and prevents wear and tear
  • BPA free construction on the housing and casing. Includes parts from super-tough GE Ultem material
  • A convenient hand grip makes it easier to use and move around
  • Safety switch ensures that the unit is only operational when properly assembled

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant, but warranty does not cover most of the parts.
  • Five Stars
  • If you want the best – here it is.