True Wireless Earbuds : Not for women with smaller ears

This is the third pair of this type of earphone i have tried, and i ended up returning the other two pairs (different make) because they quality was rubbish. These ones are brilliant for the price. Easy to connect, charge quickly and last ages. I have used them almost constantly since they arrived, they are comfortable to wear and don’t cut out or anything. They come with a little pouch to keep the case in which is really handy, and the display in the case shoes you how much charge is left. I definitely recommend these, and plan to buy my sister a par for xmas.

Very fast dispatch and deliveryhas a compact battery pack which is quick to charge and the handy screen lets u see what percentage its on while charging. Pairing was very quick and easy to do, it connected to my samsung then to my partners sony no problem. The sound quality is excellent for such a small device and has a long distance range. I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my ear but it comes with different sizes ear buds so suited both me and my partner and they are very comfortable to wearone of the main reasons i bought this particular kind was that you can adjust the volume by touching the device which i struggled to find in other brands. Overall very happy with this product and would highly recommend. Also a great price for the quality you get.

I have not seen headphones like these before. The sound quality is so good even at max volume. I use them while running and they are comfortable. Also, i like so much the fact that i have not to care about the battery life. The portable case battery last too much and you can see how much percent of battery is left.

I like this prduct and feel the charger helps you know how much life is left. They should ‘fire-up’ as soon as you take them out of the charger but they do not. You need to power up each earbud. I have asked 3 women to try these and they all said; “they keep falling out of my ears. ” if you are purchasing these for a women who is on the smaller side, or if you are a woman – be aware these are too large for the women in my life.

I ordered these earbuds for working out and running. And fits perfectly in my ear. It doesn’t fall off fr my ears and stays put. The quality is the sound is good and clear. Talk time is really good as well. I could use it all day without even charging.

Love this product, i always used to buy bluetooth earphones with a wire, but decided to go for these cordless ones and i am not disappointed. :)the design of the product is very good, the earbuds are magnetic and they click in the charger really smoothly. The charger has a small led display which tells you how many % of the battery is left in the charger itself , which is really useful. They are very well designed in terms of functionality and style : you can forward tracks ( or go back to the previous one), turn the volume up and down, answer and reject phone calls,which i do every day now and it works perfectly. The sound quality is good , i was pleasantly surprised when i turned them on:) they paired up with my iphone instantly which i was pleased about as i struggled with other headphones in the past. The single battery charge lasts about 4 hrs , after which the earphones need to go back on their charger, which is perfectly fine as the size and design of the battery dock makes it very portable. Also, it is possible to switch on and use just one earbud instead of two, which is a good function when i need one of my ears available to the rest of the world. The product comes with a wire to charge the battery dock, a leather look pouch and a set of different rubber ear buds, so i chose the one that fit in my ear the best. I used these for workout and they were holding to my ear pretty well, so thumbs up there too. Overall i would recommend the product to anyone who is looking for a good pair of earbuds with a good sound quality, nice design and good functions.

Like it feel so far fits and stays in my ears which was surprising as i have quite small ear openings. I put the small buds on and they hang in there even if one jumps about. As for battery life i don’t know as yet as have not had them for a week yet. Sound from my phone is good for me can increase and decrease volume by tapping the earbud as its called. The price seams to be very good for the quality of the product.

Love this stylish accessory. Love shiny red colour and small case. Ear buds hold well in my ears. There are hooks available for additional security. Battery lasts long as the case works as a spare power bank. Easy to connect and information/ connection instruction is send by email too.

  • Excellent for all the family
  • Best purchase of 2018
  • Fantastic product and brilliant value

True Wireless Earbuds, 20H Playtime, Volume Control, Bluetooth Headphones 5.0 Mini Stereo Headset with Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Hi-Fi Sound, In Ear Sport Earphones with Portable Charging Case/Box

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Excellent sound both for music and calls. The battery dock seems to have a mind of it’s own if you have it out on the move but i like it so much i’m not deducting stars for that. The additional softer ear cushions are great to use if you’re travelling and have them in for a long time. They do not fit in the charger bit are quite easy to put on or remove. Impressive sound for something so small. Nice to be completely without wires. I used to have in ears wireless but with a lead between the l and r. They always get stuck in stuff.

I was already impressed with the sound and battery life, but today while working in a brook my left earbud fell onto the water. I retrieved it, gave it a blow and put it in my pocket. The right one never missed a beat, and an hour later when i had the chance i dried the left one and put in in my ear again – it is unharmed. The dugital charge indicator is really usefull.

I have had these for about 4 days and have been using these daily at the gym. The sound quality is great, and super easy to pair to my phone. I got so fed up of the getting the cable caught at the gym and decided to invest in a wireless pair of earbuds and i honestly could not be more happy. They are super comfy and don’t move at all when working out at the gym. These have plenty of charge for me ask they will be used for about 2 hours at the gym and then all the time throughout the rest of the day. There is a good amount of base and there can get quite load, perfect for blocking out noises.

They were quite easy to connect. Just read the instructions and it happens really quick. I also thought they will get out of my ears but they are holding really well.

When i bought them didn’t expected much but was pleasantly surprised. You can say the audio quality is the same as my wired iphone headphones. The max volume is slightly lower than the wired but that’s probably because the bluetooth. Compared to other wireless earbuds they – haven’t really tried others but samsung’s battery life is said to be around 6h which is close enough for than half the price. I like that when you stop listening music you can just put them back in the case and they will turn off automatically. What probably i would prefer is if the case was showing the earbuds charge rather than the case battery charge , for the case would prefer second display or led indicator but still a lot better than not having it at all. So at the end – they feel secure, perfect sound quality at least for me although i’m not musician, very good battery compared to others way more expensive earbuds. They are definitely worth the money and would recommend them to anyone.

I can only rave about this product which is in every way perfect. I have been looking for ages at various ear bud types nd settled on trying this one and i have made the best choice by far. They feel amazing in the ear, look cool and connect with no problems what so ever. The case is great too and charging was rapid and i would give them 11 out of 10 easily. A must buy item in my view and i would recommend them totally.

I used them for around 6 hours yesterday an the batteries are still going strong. Connectivity is extremely easy, i have connected this to several devices and have never had any issues. My phone connects automatically as soon as i turn my bluetooth on. Sound quality is very good for the money paid, with plenty of base and clear sound. It charges quite fast and holds charge for a long period. The box for the earphones also holds a charge, so they can be charged on the go. The buttons are quite well placed and easily accessible.

Pairing was relatively easy and connected immediately. I tried to see how long the distance goes and it was a very decent distance from one end to another without cutting off. The audio quality was crisp clear. The best thing however is that you can charge the dock station and take it with you to charge the buds on the go, which is great if you are on travelling long distances. Included were also different skins to fit your ear.

  • Excellent for all the family
  • Best purchase of 2018
  • Fantastic product and brilliant value

True Wireless Earbuds, 20H Playtime, Volume Control, Bluetooth Headphones 5.0 Mini Stereo Headset with Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof, Hi-Fi Sound, In Ear Sport Earphones with Portable Charging Case/Box

I was positively surprised on how easy it was to connect these earbuds with my phone. I have another pair of wireless earbuds, with a wire between the earbuds themselves, and it has always been a hassle to get them connected to phone by bluetooth. These ones, straight out of the box, switched them on and told my phone to pair and voila, connected in second. Really happy with thatit took me a bit of trying to get the earbuds to fit well into ears but once i got the hold of it, even wild movements (mad dancing etc. ) didn’t budge them, definitely a plus from here. Sound was a little less rich than my wired earphones could produce but that was expected. The idea of having a separate battery in the charging case is a very useful one, even if the earbuds run out of juice during a longer journey you can charge them fast on the go. It was also a factor for me over other products to have that charge indicator on the charging case, takes that guessing out of the equation of how much is left. Hearing the sound of the earbuds snapping into place magnetically is very satisfying. Overall, i’m very happy with the purchase, gives me the wireless freedom i longed for.

So i changed job and now have a bit more time to actually listen to my music collection (well amazons music collection as i use their service). Reason being is that i have a 30 minute train journey each morning and evening. Whilst i don’t mind the wired earpods that come with my iphone, i was sick of trying to untangle them each time i took them out my bag. Then i thought, why not get some wireless earpods?.I’d looked at the apple ones and didn’t quite fancy paying the extortionate price of their own brand nor did i like the look of them. Whilst scanning through amazon, i saw good reviews for these true wireless earbuds and thought i’d take the chance as the design looked pretty cool and the price was great too. They do look great and they fit really snug in my ears. Sound quality is fantastic, with crisp, clean tones on voices and you can really hear the instrumentation in each song. Use of the earbuds is pretty straightforward too, with everything being controlled with either the left or right bud.

I am extremely impressed with these earbuds. I previously used ‘wireless’ headphones that were connected with a cable but they proved frustrating over time and so i shopped around for some truly wireless earbuds and came across these. When they arrived the unboxing experience was similar to that of a new iphone or something, very high quality. They are robust, fit great and sound much better than i was expecting.I did experience a couple of issues with them at first, so i contacted their customer service team and they sent me out a replacement right away, even expediting it so i received it on a sunday. Honestly they were so helpful, quick to respond and the replacement pair they sent out are perfect. I highly recommend this product and the brand. Also the charging case is robust, functions/looks great and holds its charge nicely. In my experience the earbuds hold their charge for over 4+ hours which is better than expected. You will not find better wireless earbuds on amazon for this price.

 these ear phone are less than half the price of the iphone comparison but i believe 100 times better. They are very easy to set up and install. They are a good fit in both adult and old child ears and so stable no worry of them falling out. The sound quality has been excellent o both my phone and tablet even on low battery again making them better than others i have tried. Even charged in car and still quite quick.

The sound quality is decent, compared to any other headphones of the same price point, it’s just as good. The wireless communication works perfectly on my phone and it’s easy to sync to any device. Although the battery isn’t all too long, i never use them for more than two hours at a time, and they charge in the case very quickly. I like them very much and i reccomend these if you don’t want to spend upwards of £150 for something similar from other brands.

I’ve only had these for a couple of days but so far i’m really impressed. They come in a lovely white box, with everything really well packaged inside. The pods case itself in so nice, a fantastic red colour and really nice to hold, with a translucent lid so you can see you buds inside. The display is clear, showing exactly how much power is left in the case. The buds will not fall out, even if tipped upside and tapped. I actually struggle to get the buds out because i have quite long fingernails, but i’d rather they were securely held. The pods are very sleek in design, and super easy to pair with your phone. They last for 4-5 hours, which is perfect for me. I wear them when out jogging, and when i’m doing household chores. It’s so liberating not having a cable, and i can be charging my phone but still be free to move around (within reason).

I purchased the headphones as my more expensive ones had broken. The build of the headphones feels of premium quality with a magnetic snap in feature of the headphones to the main dock. The charging time is quick and you can easily see when they are fully charged. Pairing with an iphone was really easy. Sound quality is good and comparable to more premium headphones but can jump out a little bit, the mic is also a bit quiet when talking on the phone. If you want a cheap good quality wireless workout headphone you can’t really go wrong with this.

The product is exactly as described. Easy to connect to phone via bluetooth. Fits in ear comfortably and securely. It comes with different sizes rubber ear buds, my ears are tiny and they have found one to fit my ear well. Excellent sound quality and easy to pause, increase volume and answer calls. It has an excellent distance range from the device before it disconnects, and will automatically reconnect when you are back in range. Considering no wires or speech device near the mouth others can hear you clearly when in conversation on the phone as well. The price is more than reasonable. Happy to go against any of the big name brands that costs £100’s of pounds.

I been using the wireless earbuds about a week now. First of all, its sound quality is very good as the earbuds. Small and fit my ear very comfortable. Overall a great purchase and product.

These earbuds are well amazing. The sound quality are second to none and the independent charger charged the buds up 6 times. The buds last about 4 hours each time and take less than an hour to charge. Shall buy more for pressies.

These wireless earbuds are fantastic value for money. The sound is good for listening to music and for taking calls, not spectacular but on par with other earphones in this price bracket. I particularly love the magnetic carry case which doubles as a charger. The form factor is appealing if you want discreet ear yes that don’t protrude.

Ive got some bose soundsport at £170, then having to pay £40 extra for the charging case so £210 total. Bought these as they look more compact in the picture. Was not in the slighest disappointed. Comfort better and price is amazing for what you get. Like my named brands but these have blew my bose out the water.

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