True Wireless Earbuds : Useful features make these more unique than most.

I bought it as agift to my husband since he uses the earbuds alot and he liked it because it is really lightweight and stay charged for a long time. Easy to carry with its own power bank.

I like these earbuds because they are very discreet. Earbuds and power bank/case is lightweight and great looking, sleek and elegant. Very clear sound quality and really good noise cancellation. The whole product is great quality.

So, here goes my extensive review on this product. I have been using the earbuds for over 3 weeks now and am overall pleased with it. Initial thoughts were that they were the bees knees and in the grand scheme of things for the price they are an absolute brilliant bit of kit. The sound quality is very well done and the battery life if awesome (especially as the charger is the case). I have used these running in the rain, i’ve used them in the shower and swimming (although the water cuts the bluetooth signal out so maybe work needs to be done on that, and if you’re wearing a hood they go a little funny when too far from the source). The volume does need to be louder in my opinion however they are extremely good at noise cancelling so very good for noisy environments. The buttons aren’t too hard to press so that you end up pushing them into you’re eardrums. The microphone is very clear (so i have been told), however the things that let these earphones down is they do have a tendency to escape out youre ear while doing activities and they do ache you’re ear’s while wearing them. The “running” attachment i could not even get to sit in my ear let alone use it for the running itself. The power pack as a usb charger i didnt think was brilliant (my galaxy s8 was streaming spotify plus connected with bluetooth to the buds with all the gadgets turned on at the times of charging, so maybe they would be brilliant if it was off) and they do have a tendency to fall out the charger if you tip them up, maybe the magnet could be a little stronger.

These brand new true wireless earbuds are the best choice if you want to working out using small comfortable earbuds. I used them while working out and they never fall. They got noise cancellation so they gym’s music can not be heard which is something very nicethe battery can last for more that 3 hours without charging and the charging case is so practical. It is small so i can charge my earbuds on the go.

These are really quick and simple to set up. They sound good, are loud enough for use in a busy gym with music playing, and they block out external noise very well. I use these during my workouts and they stay in well and are comfortable too. The case is a good size to travel with and makes charging easy.

Sound quality is better than my current wired earphones. Pairs automatically – so easy to use. Also tells you how much battery is left on your phone if you press the bluetooth symbol. Love the convenient magnetic charger and carry bag. I’ve worn them to the gym and to sleep at night – in both cases you hardly notice they are in. Also has a handy button that can scroll through tracks or turn them on/off.

~in the box:when you first open the box you see the earphones in their charging box, below a separator you will find the included accessories, consisting of:free one year warranty card,user manual,15cm (6′) micro usb cable,carrying pouch,hooked ear tips for sport or wet environments (these are the same size as the medium ear tips) and three standard pairs of ear tips in small, medium and large. ~size:the length of the charging case is 10. 13′) with a width of 22mm (0. 87′) and a hight of 27mm (1. 07′)the earphones themself have a width of 17mm (0. 51′) from the front to the charging pads or 25mm (0. 98′) from the front to the end of the ear tip.

So i received my new yineme wireless headphones today and first impressions are good, the packaging is of high quality and makes you feel that you have actually received a quality product unlike some where they look good in the photo but you receive it in a giffy bag. On opening the box i could tell that this was a well built item, from the metal casing of the charger to the nice design of the earphone housings, i like the dual functionality of the charger case to, i have not tried it yet but plan to see how it deals with charging my phone, there are no charge timings when using this function in the instructions however it does say it is for emergency use so i’m not expecting a fully charge in half an hour or even a full charge, perhaps enough to make a phone call on a completely dead phone, nice touch none the less. I was expecting to have a challenge when first paring the earbuds to my phone but it was surprisingly easy to do. The fact that the buds turn themselves on as soon as you remove them from the charger is a great feature, once in the earbuds paired with each other without any need for me to continuously press one or both earbud buttons. It was easy to find the the earbuds on my phone and it was a straight connect with no drop off. The sound is excellent and what i would expect from a quality made product such as this, i like a heavy beat to my music and my tracks sounded crisp with no distortion no matter how high the volume was, but beware of how high you do have the volume, these fit extremely well in the ear with no sound escape. Overall i can’t fault this product, they are perfect when i’m riding my bike or in the gym, they are very comfortable and great value for money.

  • Love the design
  • Very high quality and excellent value for money
  • Useful features make these more unique than most.

True Wireless Earbuds, JENTXON Bluetooth 5.0 in Ear Mini Dual Headphones 5H Play Time Stereo Noise Cancelling Headsets IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earphones with Mic and Charging Case – Blue

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Comes with charger and different size earbuds to find the right fit. Battery seems to be good use them for 1-2 hours at a time and never come close to dying. I can go a couple of week then put the unit back on charge. Turn off and on by themselves, plus easy one button controls on earpods. Volume is good and very good bluetooth range.

Really easy to use as they auto turn on when you remove them from their charger case and turn off when you put them back in – much quicker than other sets where you have to power them up separately. The sound quality is very good too. Plenty of full and rich base with good mids and treble too. I had no need to tinker with the eq settings on my phone whilst i’m listening to them. They really do sound goodbattery life is good and they’re comfortable in your ears. I’m not sure they’d stay in them during a workout, but no problem sitting at a desk and walking around with them in at all. There’s just a perceptible amount of audio lag when watching movies, but nowhere near enough to worry about. They really are great value for money.

These ear buds are brilliant for the price. I use them at the gym they are very comfortable to wear and stay very secure. They paired up with my phone really fast and the sound quality is crystal clear.

These are amazing, i bought these for a christmas present and didn’t expect them to be half as loud as they are, i also didn’t think you could talk on the phone through them, but you can. They’re completely hands free, no wires and the battery has never died while i’ve been using them. They’re really good and worth every penny. Thank you for delivering so quickly.

The earbuds are small, easier to carry. You won’t feel the weight on your ear. The whole power bank + earbuds unit is also light weight. I charged the earbuds 4 times so far using the power bank. I think there is still juice in it. Once charged, the earbud’s battery lasted around four and half hours or so. Came with multiple ear cushions. A pair to use while running or jogging. Then the normal ear cushions of different size. From the moment i saw the b&0 wireless earbuds, i want such a pair. As i couldn’t afford it, i had to look for an alternative. I would say, these ones are amazing.

Literally did as it states on the description. Ordered yesterday and i’ve already been using them for 2 hours. Quick no fuss supply and delivery. Setting up just couldn’t be simpler. Unpack, remove battery pack n buds. Set phone to discover new by device. Buds turn on and off when placed into battery pack. Only negative i’ve found so far is that with the ear hooks attached the buds don’t fit into the charger. So stick to using the normal war tips.

I really wanted to love these earbuds, i almost do but there is one small problem, they aren’t long enough for my ears so don’t grip my ear channels well and tend to fall out. They are a really stylish design, i got the black and red pair. They are very easy to sync and use, and the sound quality is pretty good. The charging station is genius, doubling as a portable power pack for my phone. But i can’t jog/run in them as they fall out. I’ve tried all the different earbud options and none help. I do use them, but not when exercising. When exercising i use leiyer true wireless earbuds, which are perfect 🙂 the photo is of these 2 next to each other and i think you can see the ear bit is longer on the red pair, so penetrates further, gripping better. These i can run in, the jentxons i can’t :(.

Being an absolute novice with any wireless gadgets i ordered these ear buds on the recommendation of the good reviews. I am a cleaner and love to work listening to either music, the radio or audio books. The wire from my headphones was a nightmare. So i have used the ear buds for the first time today. A fabulous looking product, love the magnets holding the buds into the charger, very secure. Very eady to set up, instruction clear. Sound was tinny to start with but i changed the ear pieces to the larger ones and the sound improved, good bass. All in all really happy with this product. The best bit was the price £35 i paid because there was a discount at checkout. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Love the design
  • Very high quality and excellent value for money
  • Useful features make these more unique than most.

True Wireless Earbuds, JENTXON Bluetooth 5.0 in Ear Mini Dual Headphones 5H Play Time Stereo Noise Cancelling Headsets IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earphones with Mic and Charging Case – Blue

Good quality sound and noise cancelling features. Only used in the shower, however worked perfectly during and after. Charging stick robust and easy to store in pocket when out and about. I like to use additional ear fitments when in the gym for a more secure fit, however these have to be removed before placing ear buds back on charging stick which is a bit fiddley. Overall good quality well priced product.

Excellent value for money wireless earbuds,waterproof which can be used while taking a shower without even taking them off and still have the music on. 0 provides more stable and flawless connection,enables devices up to connect long distanceexcellent battery life,which can be used as powerbank to charge phone in case of emergency,very easy pairing with devices.

After looking around and doing the usual research i was drawn to this devise, i decided to order one (colour blue) and three days later it drops through the letterbox. The unit came charged and was ready to use out of the box. I took off the protective wrap that was on the unit and i was glad i picked the colour blue, it looks great. After reading the instructions i was ready to connect it to my pc, with pc already on and bluetooth in search mode i took out both ear buds, on doing so both buds paired to each other within seconds. My pc found the devise almost as quick as the buds paired with each other,i signed into youtube and yey i could hear sound coming from both buds. I was impressed with the clarity of the sound and how high the volume is. After a week of using the devise i can say that i’m glad i bought it, i personally only use one bud at a time when on the pc and have found the battery lasts four hours or so. Soon as the battery dies i just pop it in the charger and take another out, that way you’re not having to wait for both to charge. As long as you pair up both buds first then connect to you’re devise you shouldn’t have any issues with connection, then if you’re like me you can just put one back in the charger. I just love the way they automatically connect to my pc soon as i take them out of the charger and pair each ear bud to each other.

For such a small device, they have suprisingly good sound. Reasonable base, slightly muddled highs. It is bluetooth so they are only going to be as good as the sound source. Anyone degrading these as ‘not audiophile’ shouldn’t be going bluetooth in the first place: most devices sending bluetooth have a crappy source to start with and going wireless only makes it worse. I’m so far going 5 days on a single case charge so i’d say outstanding battery life. They fit nicely in my ear and i can even sleep on my side with a soft pillow. Case is little but easily carried and looks good. Pairing initially is a little finicky but works as described, even pairing each earbud to a seperate device.

Great for walking and everyday use, but unreliable when running or rowing. Lots of neat design features including the recharging bar and simple pairing execution, but it’s a shame that, like so many other bt earbuds, it’s appear impossible to build a pair that a light enough to stay in the ear.

Really good quality for that price, i was surprised by the stereo quality and how loud they are. They’re perfect for gym, and fits well in my ear, way better than the wired ones.

Having purchased a similar pair from the same supplier for my nephews christmas i decided to treat myself to a pair of these yineme s2 earbuds as i was fed up getting into a tangle whilst listening to music on my bicycle. The earbuds came well packaged and as you can see come in a very sleek and very sturdy charging case which also has a usb port allowing it to be used as a powerbank to charge other devices. This set also came with really handy sports hooks which when attache help to hold the earbuds in place more securely during sports. The earbuds were easy to pair to my huawei pro 20 with the volume and track selection simply controlled by a series of clicks by pressing the side of either earbud. In the terms of sound quality there is a distinct lack of bass. Whilst the sound is clear it lacks depth and dare i say it is on the tinny side. Sound quality does improve slightly when using the sports hooks which provide a better seal against the ear. The earbuds are by no means noise cancelling despite what promotional material may have you believe. In terms of how well the fit and remain in your ears we’ll. I’ve already nearly lost an earbud during a leisurely stroll when the right earbud just dropped out of my ear.

Pairing was relatively easy and connected immediately. I tried to see how long the distance goes and it was a very decent distance from one end to another without cutting off. The audio quality was crisp clear. The best thing however is that you can charge the dock station and take it with you to charge the buds on the go, which is great if you are on travelling long distances. Included were also different skins to fit your ear.

I received these yesterday and must say they are a fantastic little set of headphones perfect for my gym use. I have used the running machine this morning with them in and they stayed in place. Very easy and quick to set up plus they have a little holder which contains extra battery life which you can also use to give your phone a little extra boostyou can ship songs with a little touch of the button on the buds. For the price a think they are a great little steal.

Just received – worked straight out of the box – and for a non tech that was great – immediatly paired with iphone and off we went. Comfy in ears and stayed there with smallest ear piece because i am a small person so great to have the choice of ear buds. Can’t comment on battery as only came yesterday. Neat and discreet little earphones. Very happy with my purchase.

I bought these for my mum for christmas so that she could listen to her music while my dad watched tv and she loves them she originally had airpods which didn’t fit in her ears these are great as they come with different sizes my dad likes them as well as he cannot hear any of the music coming out of them.

For the price these ear buds are great value so far. They have proven to have good sound quality and have a long time for use between charges.

This product is lovely, it works really well. Has the added option to add bits that go over the ear so if you are running they don’t fall out. Love the docking charger, goes for many charges between needing to be recharged.

These headphones are amazing compared with more expensive ones i have owned in the past, very loud, good base and easily pared.

I like how the product comes in a light and portable size so you can take it anywhere hassle-free. I really like the sound quality and volume. The wireless earphones are comfortable and fit in ears. Very easy to use and manual is very easyto read. I love the colour blue, so was happy that this product was available in blue. I wish it came in more varieties of colours. Overall, great value for money.

Bought as a gift but jealous i didn’t get them for myself. And fits better than previous ear buds bought on amazon.

These ear buds are really good for the budget. I bought them specifically because of the ipx7 waterproof rating, since i’m near water quite a bit. I haven’t submerged them or anything, and i wouldn’t because you can always drop them, but they’re amazing at staying splash proof even with heavy splashes. The sound quality is slightly more bass orientated, and doesn’t sound like it’s got great dynamic range, but i realise this is still a challenge with bluetooth earbuds, as technology improves. Battery life seems good as well. I don’t use mine consistently enough throughout the day to really gauge how well the batteries and charger hold up; instead i use them over the course of a few days while working out (i different headphones during the day), so over a few days it’s hard to keep track of battery performance but it seems to do well. Noise isolation seems no different from any other buds in your ears, so i wouldn’t call it a feature. For around £40, this isn’t bad at all.

These headphones are great for the price. They pair with my phone very fast and have great sound quality too. I would defiantly recommend them for sure.

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