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I bought a cheap nasty set of headphones with my xbox, which i returned, then set about looking for a decent alternative. Although an avid collector of consoles over the years, i’ve never really played and chatted online, so this aspect of gaming was quite new to me. I was quite surprised that i could easily spend more money on headphones than the console itself, so i set about finding what i thought, based on price, would be something mid-range (in hindsight though i don’t think these count as such; they’re better than that). Without any substantial research and a desire to want them the same day, impatient as i am, i settled on these. After updating the firmware and fully charging them, i was pleasantly surprised that i didn’t really need to do much else. Even turning them on fires up my xbox if it’s not switched on. The only cable you need is for charging; chat is wireless. The sound quality is superb, the chat is isolated and its volume can be controlled separately. The mic can be twisted upwards and out of the way, which in turn switches off chat with an affirmative yet warm beep. They’re robust and comfortable too.

Battery lasts forever, no buzzing that i’ve read about and never drops out, also good range if you need to leave the room.

I’m now completely wire free while gaming. Not too heavy while on my head and comfortable for long gaming sessions. Once out the box it was setup and connected by pressing 4 buttons. 1 for power on the headset, turning on the xbox and pressing both sync buttons on the xbox and headset. Sound is great and works perfectly in conjunction with dolby atmos ability the xbox one has these days( i purchased dolby code to access seperately). All in all a great price of kit and worth the purchase.

My cat bit through the cable on thd old ones. Very impressed with the sound and feel of them. Would recommend thus to any one. I buy the same for second set. I did find when the power gets low. To connect a charger battery and put this in your pocket.

Fantastic headset that connects directly to my xbox and phone at the same time. The mic is so easy to mute by folding it and the headset has really good sound. A couple of things i don’t like when you first turn the headset on other people complain i am quiet and sometimes i sound like a robot. This doesn’t happen often and turning it on and off fixes it. Hopefully there is a update out soon to fix these issues.

I bought these as my old little ‘in the box’ headset broke, and had some amazon vouchers to be used. And i’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The sound quality is fantastic, they’re easy to install, and i’ve had none of the connectivity issues that have been mentioned (which i believe has been fully fixed thanks to the latest firmware update). The clarity is excellent, the mic doesn’t pick up unwanted background noise, and the controls on the headset are very easy to use. Gaming has literally never been as good as with this headset, i’m now hearing a sheer depth and quality of sound design that i didn’t even know existed in the games i’m playing right now (destiny 2 and resident evil 7). Only concerns – i couldn’t find any info on whether you can plug these into a mains socket for faster charging. This would be good to know, just for clarity. And although the latest firmware update shows when i connected them to a pc (before installing on my xbox), for some reason the xbox shows the last firmware version before that. That said – neither have caused any sort of issue, and so i’m happy to give these a solid 5/5.

Bought or my son who plays a lot of online games on xbox. This was as a replacement for a cheaper but very good turtle beach headset is still working but upgraded as a present. I was a bit unsure at 1st because of the price after purchasing and speaking to my son he advised that they are very good and the sound quality, wireless, comfyness of the ear phones, also auto updates via bluetooth is really good, also easy to set up and get going and he can tell the difference straight away. Pleaseed with the purchase and if we get the same amount of gaming time from these headphones like the last turtle beach ones it will be money well spent.

After trying a few other brand headsets i have finally found the one headset which offers everything i wanted. First of all update the firmware which is very easy to do so. The wireless headset is perfect with no annoying short cables etc. Mic monitoring is very good, not perfect, but still more than enough with a group chat and a loud game. I happily use this for watching films when not gaming on the xbox one x. The phone app to control the features is a god send. More headsets should have this feature. It isn’t too heavy and after 2 hours i only noticed it was due to my posture sat on a bed and not a chair so i was leaning forward.

  • Awesome Good Quality Headphones for PS4 Gaming.
  • Awesome headset, you’ll be fully immersed in your own world
  • Stealth 600

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified Gaming Headset – PS4

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These have good sound and are comfortable enough. Personally i find my ears get a tad hot after a while but it’s nothing terrible. The app works great for adjusting settings and updating the headphones. So easy to just turn on and have them connect like a controller. Noise cancelling is totally unnoticeable, don’t even bother with it, otherwise sound is good. Have a few slightly annoying querks, firstly on bluetooth to phone the volume often gets stuck on 1 level and wont change at all. Second if you disconnect from xbox and use only on phone they have a habbit of turning off after a short time. Finally they do have a rare but very annoying habbit of suddenly losing all sound from the xbox. Has only happened to me when playing forza horizon when also connected to phone discord chat via bluetooth but did it every 10 minutes or so. Hasn’t done it again since and not hard to fix when it does, just quickly power off and on again, takes 10 to 15 seconds but irritating.

Tooth6/10 for plastic design3/10 super hearing modeoverall sound quality and ease of use, solid. Must update on pc before use was a pain also =(.

Great headset very comfortable to wear even if you wear glasses. I used astros before i got these and they are just as good if not better and no need for a mix app just download the app and you can adjust the sound via your phonesound is amazing and superhearing setting is awesome for games like call of duty giving you that extra advantage of picking up the other players when they reload or even their footsteps although if you have this option on and in party chat it does make your team mates voices sound abit diffrent but great for those clutch moments in search and destroy or even blackout.

When i first got it out i was excited and i put it on charge thinking that it will take like an hour but it takes 3 hours to fully charge then u gottta down load the software on ur pc and update the headset. Once that was done i connected it to my xbox and played bf4 and the sound quality was so good that it was like being in the actual car. Used no problem but the super human hearing is a little odd and makes the people sound like robots (i haven’t played with the app yet), when u turn ur xbox off it also turns the headset off.

I have used far cheaper turtle beach headphones in the past for use on my ps4 pro, and they have always been good enough. However, i wanted to get something a bit more special, particularly as i do sometimes spend long periods of time using the ps4. My current tb headphones were only about £25 and whilst they were okay, i found that the sound quality wasn’t that great. So i decided to treat myself to a premium pair of headphones, and i opted for these, as my friend’s teenage son uses them and loves them. My first impressions when i took them out of the box were vary good. The headphones were quite weighty for their size but i guessed that was due to the internal battery and electronics. These not only look neat but they are also vary comfortable. They fit over the ears rather than on them, which is, in my opinion, a lot more comfortable. A lot of thick padding on the ears and on the underside of the headstrap.

Awesome headset easy to set up and a long range. One annoying thing though, there is a constant buzzing in the left cup. It could be interference from something in the room and it’s not too loud so when playing you don’t hear it, but from a £90 headset i’d expect better. Will contact turtle beach to see if there’s a way to fix it and then update the review.

Worked perfectly out of the box. Connected to the xbox quickly and fits my big old head fine. Battery life is great and there is a long period of warning time for when they are running low so you shouldn’t be left without. I had the px5 before this, there is a drop in quality and features but it’s not a like for like product. However, the connection on the 600 never drops out and there’s no cable or external unit. It just works and that’s good enough for me. The mic picks me up clearly and i like how it mutes when in the up position.

I ordered this as a replacement for my stealth 600 headset and i must say that i was pleasantly surprised by its build quality and overall feel. The stealth 600 is a great headset which i had no problems with until the master volume controller kept getting stuck and it became really difficult to adjust the volume, so i had to talk to amazon and they were gracious enough to give me a refund and i added some money and decided on the stealth 700, and i do not regret my decision at all. I was debating between this headset and the astro a20, but i decided on this one since the astro was on backorder for a while and i needed a headset quickly. Pros:+ build quality is actually very good compared to the stealth 600, although still lacks the ‘premium’ feel of the astro a10 and a20+ great mic+ bluetooth connectivity+ surround sound is excellent and very immersive+ superhuman hearing mode (or w. E it’s called) is actually good on this one whereas it made things worse on the stealth 600cons:- battery life on the stealth 600 was much, much better. I believe i was able to use it for over 12 hours without having to charge it, whereas the stealth 700 doesn’t last nearly as long, but i am sure that’s because i am usually connected to both the ps4 and my pc via bluetooth- there is a noticeable delay when powering it on, off, or using any of the buttons on the headset. It’s only a couple of seconds but it felt much faster and more responsive on the stealth 600- although the material is quite nice, the headset feels a bit tighter than the stealth 600 on the head, and therefore wearing it for long hours doesn’t seem to be as comfortable, but i am sure it will loosen up with timeoverall this was a great purchase and i’m glad i went for it. I just hope it lasts longer than the stealth 600 did. I just wanted to add that go2games is an absolutely fantastic seller because i emailed them requesting fast delivery as i was traveling for spring break and they were able to do it for me and free of charge. I really appreciate their professionalism.

  • Awesome Good Quality Headphones for PS4 Gaming.
  • Awesome headset, you’ll be fully immersed in your own world
  • Stealth 600

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Amplified Gaming Headset – PS4

Best xbox headphones i’ve ever had. No longer do i have to take them off when i go to make coffee or use the rest room, anyone who is a frequent xbox party user knows the difficulty of holding your controller in one hand or sticking it in your pocket while trying to do every day tasks while talking to your xbox girlfriend. Now she can hear me pee in all its glory, the mic picks up all the noises. People have even told my cat to stfu cos he’s so loud.

Does exactly what you want from a wireless headset. Charge time is small which is great but they could supply a longer charge cable for in game charging. Comfy and don’t get you ears/head hot like some.

My son previously had a different brand of headset which was a wired product. Although the product wasn’t cheap, it didn’t last long before he had issues with the sound being intermittent or only being able to hear from one side. With the wires also being a minor problem, i decided to search for a wireless headset that had good reviewed without being the most expensive out there. I came across these and i was happy with the reviews so decided to purchase them as an xmas present. He loves them, hasn’t had any problems with the sound and most of all made it easier that they were wireless.

Easy to connect, great sound (game and chat are separate volume levels) clear mic and comfortable to wear. Also warns you when battery is getting low if you haven’t been keeping an eye on their status your xbox menu screen. My only criticism is that they don’t give nearly enough feedback of your own voice coming back at you so you end up shouting. Having said that they surpass my expectations for the price this is the only missing feature compared with my xp500s and they were double the price when new. Also doesn’t have bluetooth but this is not an issue if you don’t plan on using them on other devices.

I have had many headsets over the years gaming but always seem to come back to turtle beach. This is an upgrade from my current budget set. Instantly you can tell they are a much more premium set, chunkier but really light at the same time. The headband adjustment has an integrated metal reinforcement so there is zero chance that the ear cups will break away. Polymer plastic finished in mat black and extra padding alround. The sound is good, three modes for all different types of entertainment, gaming, movies or music. Havent used the integrated mic yet but im sure it will do the job.

Thought i would write a review for this gaming headset. I was going to get these when they first come out but people did have problems. But i wanted to try them and see. So i received mine today and updated the lastest software on the headset and they have been brilliant. I’ve got mine connected to my xbox x with the dolby atmos app and they sound excellent. You don’t feel that you have them on. Plus they are wireless which is great. Ive had headsets like astros and steelseries, and this headset sounds good at half the price of them.

I recently got these for my ps4, mainly as an upgrade from my bog standard turtle beach headphones and for playing rainbow six siege. Like most reviews, i can say that they’re extremely comfy to wear and that’s even wearing glasses. The sound quality is amazing: there are a few different settings (superhuman hearing, bass boost, treble boost, etc) so you can tailor your own preferences to get the sound you want. Personally, i think these are a vast improvement on your gameplay: i can hear footsteps/movement much clearer than on my regular headphones, and this is make or break on fps games. So if you’re thinking about investing it’s well worth paying the extra money. The mic is really well designed too and tucks away neatly against the left ear cup. When extended it’s short enough not to get in the way and it’s clear and crisp as should be. Battery life is good too and last a good few hours.

I was reading reviews prior to ordering these and i was nearly out of as people were saying that the sound was to low. But this is simple people not knowing what there doing all’s you do is when the headset is powered on press the power button once (not holding down) just a quick press and it will activate superhuman hearing which makes them well loud enough. Only slight dislike sis when you have your mic on i could hear my breathing slightly but when your playing and there is game volume you can’t hear it at all. Overall decent headset for a reasonable price.

I’ve only had this a day so will give a short review and update in a few weeks time hence the 4 stars due to the lack of play timeso far so good the packaging was excellent and didn’t need an update straight out the box as some of the reviews say the batteries were fully charged also. The sound quality is very good and has 4 different pre sets depending on what you prefer also the super human hearing is excellent the only down side is that to activate it you have to press the power button and if you hold down to much it turns them off. All in all it’s an excellent headset tand a massive step up from the ones i was using before which were from the tier down you can definitely tell that this a premium product.

These are high quality earphones, my boy loves them. They look good and perform good. My boy says its the best earphones he has ever had and hes had a few.

Arrived well packaged and fairly quickly. Set up easily to my xbox one s. Very comfortable to wear and sound excellent. Only downside being need to reset to console each time of use. No big deal after doing once or twice however. Also my wife says she can hear conversation from my contacts. Doesn’t bother my gaming though. Overall an improvement to my previous corded headset and battery life of controller much improved.

Connects seamlessly to console. Can control in-game and chat volumes separately, although at the lower end the volume increase isn’t that smooth. Lift to mute is a good function. Haven’t used the bluetooth but it is there. I personally find the headband uncomfortable after a while so have to adjust its placement.

Work well and easy to set up on the ps4, however they were too bassy and the mid range (chat) was overpowered by the game bass. Also they clamp very tight to your head which hurts after an hour or so. ******don’t buy from go2games as you will struggle if you need a refund and they haven’t answered any emails.

Best gaming headset i’ve bought so far, great features and sound quality. Comfortable fit for hours of gameplay and movie watching.

Got these for pubg and the new blackout on black ops – i’ve had a fair few headsets over the years including hyper x’s and the old school wired turtle beaches for xbox 360 and the useless xbox one microsoft official headset – these are easily the best headset i’ve ever used, brilliant sound quality the mic muting when lifting up is sweet and they are super comfortable, setting up literally takes 30 seconds – would highly recommend.

Even after reading some of the negative reviews i took the plunge to buy a truly wireless headset for the xbox one. There is no dongle, syncs directly with the xbox and you can even connect a bluetooth device at the same time. The sound quality is amazing, you get a nice deep bass and they work perfectly with dolby atmos and windows sonic. The volume and chat volume is controlled by a dial so is a little more precise than using buttons and when at full volume the headset is loud, way more than needed. There is also a superhuman hearing function, when switched on the mid-range audio is given a boost making it easier to hear enemy movement. This is a dream for anyone playing call of duty of playunknown’s battlegrounds, you will be able to pinpoint the location of your enemy. You can also adjust the pre-set for the headset via the turtle beach audio hub app, it’s limited but still nice to have the option. The headset also has active noise cancellation, minimising the amount of background noise you will hear. When turned up you won’t hear anything, coupled with dolby atmos you truly get immersed into which ever game you are playing. Not just games though, watching movies through the headset is more immersive than a home surround sound system.

A plastic ring broke after 3 months, which resulted in the left headphone hanging off by a piece of wire. Sent an email a week ago with no reply, so 1 star because i can’t give zero. Edit: they have agreed to replace them after many many emails.

My grandson is delighted so far. No problem setting up and they seem to work perfectly for him. The only minor negative point is that they need to be paired each time they’re switched on. Firmware update easily checked via the turtle beach app.

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