Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset : Great headset

These have good sound and are comfortable enough. Personally i find my ears get a tad hot after a while but it’s nothing terrible. The app works great for adjusting settings and updating the headphones. So easy to just turn on and have them connect like a controller. Noise cancelling is totally unnoticeable, don’t even bother with it, otherwise sound is good. Have a few slightly annoying querks, firstly on bluetooth to phone the volume often gets stuck on 1 level and wont change at all. Second if you disconnect from xbox and use only on phone they have a habbit of turning off after a short time. Finally they do have a rare but very annoying habbit of suddenly losing all sound from the xbox. Has only happened to me when playing forza horizon when also connected to phone discord chat via bluetooth but did it every 10 minutes or so. Hasn’t done it again since and not hard to fix when it does, just quickly power off and on again, takes 10 to 15 seconds but irritating.

I never write reviews but thought i should for these due to the poor feedback. They work great, no drop outs after extensive use, excellent sound, handy app, bluetooth works well with my iphone and connection to my xbox x easy. I would recommend to anyone.

I bought these for my son to go towards his xmas presents and gave them to him early because his old ones (cheaper make) had snapped across the head band,initially they where fantastic but unfortunately they broke down on xmas day of all days and would not switch on at all,i sent turtle beach an email at 21:03 on xmas day but didn’t expect a reply until after the new year, but, they got back to me on boxing day and after giving them the details of the head set and serial number i was amazed to be told that a new headset would be posted the following day and was even more amazed to have received the replacement 2 days after the new year,i have not tried them myself but my son uses them for his xbox one and watching movies and says they sounds fantastic,would i buy them again, definitely, would i recommend them to others, again definitely, although it was annoying with them breaking down, these things happen even with new products, its a fact of life, accept it, but the after service i received was exceptional, probably the best i have ever known, it is for this reason i would have no problems going back to them again and again,.

Like so many electronics today, these headphones are loaded with single-points-of-failure. That is, there are tons of little parts that—if they break—your headphones are headed for the dump. Whether it’s the headband, the wire, the usb plug end, or the mic stalk. Mine took a tumble and the mic boom broke. Since you have to rotate the mic to mute or unmute, i can’t really do that easily. The sound quality is great, but maybe i’m cynical or deaf. It’s not that much better than the £20 wired set that i bought. And it is just one more thing to charge.

My cat bit through the cable on thd old ones. Very impressed with the sound and feel of them. Would recommend thus to any one. I buy the same for second set. I did find when the power gets low. To connect a charger battery and put this in your pocket.

After trying a few other brand headsets i have finally found the one headset which offers everything i wanted. First of all update the firmware which is very easy to do so. The wireless headset is perfect with no annoying short cables etc. Mic monitoring is very good, not perfect, but still more than enough with a group chat and a loud game. I happily use this for watching films when not gaming on the xbox one x. The phone app to control the features is a god send. More headsets should have this feature. It isn’t too heavy and after 2 hours i only noticed it was due to my posture sat on a bed and not a chair so i was leaning forward.

Materials: i’ll start off with a less than good point – the materials on this feels rather cheap, from the finicky plastic cups to the not so soft ear pads. On first use they made my ears hurt after an hour or so of gaming, but in the days that followed my they got used to them. Although, it is still like a breath of fresh air when taking them offsound: the omni-directional sound has helped my gameplay in shooters tremendously. I can hear footsteps and their location from further than ever so that’s a massive plus. There’s a few different sound modes, including a ‘superhuman hearing’ mode which simply just boosts the volume (don’t recommend). The ‘signature sound’ seems to be the best mode, offering a decent punchy base (nothing too special) and clear mids/highs. It makes for immersive gameplay and decent entertainment watching but i wouldn’t use it as my go to for a movie. Mic: crystal clear from (as i’ve been told). Flicks up to the side to mute, with an audible sound ‘mic off’ when in position.

Finally gave in and bought wireless headphones for my ps4 and i think these sound fantastic. Horizon zero dawn sound freakin amazing on these. I would say that the surround sound is a waste of time and that standard sound with bass boost is the way to go. Extremely comfortable for long play sessions and battery lasts long enough for multiple sessions. Microphone quality is impressively clear as well. And the added bonus is that they work on pc as well.

  • Great sound for the money
  • Great quality at an affordable price. Ignore the “critics”
  • Lots of good and lots of bad

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PS4 and PS4 Pro

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I’m now completely wire free while gaming. Not too heavy while on my head and comfortable for long gaming sessions. Once out the box it was setup and connected by pressing 4 buttons. 1 for power on the headset, turning on the xbox and pressing both sync buttons on the xbox and headset. Sound is great and works perfectly in conjunction with dolby atmos ability the xbox one has these days( i purchased dolby code to access seperately). All in all a great price of kit and worth the purchase.

I’ve read professional reviews and i’m glad i ignored them and bought these. I haven’t agreed with any of the negative points the reviewers made. They fit snug on your ears without applying too much pressure (an issue i had with the px5’s), the build is robust, i wear glasses when gaming and have no issues, plenty of room to fit even wide arm glasses. The ear surrounds are fabric and not leather or faux leather meaning they breathe well. Functionality is simple, with just a few bottons and dials to do everything. Being able to mute the mic just by flicking the mouthpiece up is great and easy, much easier than blindly pressing for a button. Connecting was a breeze (i just plugged the usb dongle into my ps4 and they connected automatically). Sound quality is great, but am yet to test them on something like cod to see how good the surround sound really is. Overall for £75 these are great value, i just hope they last ten years like my px5’s did.

My grandson is delighted so far. No problem setting up and they seem to work perfectly for him. The only minor negative point is that they need to be paired each time they’re switched on. Firmware update easily checked via the turtle beach app.

My son previously had a different brand of headset which was a wired product. Although the product wasn’t cheap, it didn’t last long before he had issues with the sound being intermittent or only being able to hear from one side. With the wires also being a minor problem, i decided to search for a wireless headset that had good reviewed without being the most expensive out there. I came across these and i was happy with the reviews so decided to purchase them as an xmas present. He loves them, hasn’t had any problems with the sound and most of all made it easier that they were wireless.

Great so far, don’t forget to do the update before using them. Doesn’t stop our 11 year old shouting though.

Easy to connect, great sound (game and chat are separate volume levels) clear mic and comfortable to wear. Also warns you when battery is getting low if you haven’t been keeping an eye on their status your xbox menu screen. My only criticism is that they don’t give nearly enough feedback of your own voice coming back at you so you end up shouting. Having said that they surpass my expectations for the price this is the only missing feature compared with my xp500s and they were double the price when new. Also doesn’t have bluetooth but this is not an issue if you don’t plan on using them on other devices.

Great headset very comfortable to wear even if you wear glasses. I used astros before i got these and they are just as good if not better and no need for a mix app just download the app and you can adjust the sound via your phonesound is amazing and superhearing setting is awesome for games like call of duty giving you that extra advantage of picking up the other players when they reload or even their footsteps although if you have this option on and in party chat it does make your team mates voices sound abit diffrent but great for those clutch moments in search and destroy or even blackout.

A good quality set of wireless earphones that once set up offer a distinct advantage in gaming, certainly on fps where being able to hear footsteps, weapon reloads can mean the difference between winning and losing, the headset is fairly comfortable even after several hours of use and having no wire’s to get in the way is a definite bonus, through the app which for this model needs to be on a pc/laptop you have a couple of settings that you can alter for personal preference, the only downside to these that i have found is that if you try to charge whilst using the headset other people in a group/party may hear interference but this shouldn’t be a problem if you make sure their fully charged before a gaming session.

  • Great sound for the money
  • Great quality at an affordable price. Ignore the “critics”
  • Lots of good and lots of bad

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PS4 and PS4 Pro

Pros :great signature sound fantastic for gaming (rainbow six siege especially)wireless and comfy, can wear for hours without discomfort. Crisp clear mic quality where you can hear yourself, useful. Flicking the mic up or down to mute is helpful too. Cons :battery life not as great as people are making out. Ok for the casual gamer but for the ones spending a few more hours you will get a little frustrated. Also when it warns “battery low” you’ve got about a minute before it dies completely. Should be a bit earlier i’d you ask me. Like it’s a total joke it basically cranks some sort of internal gain and makes everything sound horrible and distorted, don’t use.

So i got these as a present for my husband. He says it brings a new dimension to the game. I tried them on and wow – the sound is just something else. He plays things like subnautica, red dead redemption, fall out 4. Where sound add a layer to the whole experience, but with these headphones it adds a whole new dimension. You hear sounds that you have not noticed before and it feels like a surround system, so turning your head makes a difference too. He is now recommending it to his mates. I think wifey did well here 🙂 hub was very impressed :).

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