TV Ears 11641 5 : TV ears 5 a huge improvement

Great for watching tv whilst your partners asleep. A great improvement on sound quality from the previous version.

This set of tv ears are more powerful than my previous set. I can listen at a volume that suits me and the tv can be on at a volume that suits other listeners in the room. They are easy to fit and charge when not is use. My previous set , which i had used for a few years broke where one arm meets the base.

Very helpful for anyone with poor hearing.

They work ok but are a little uncomfortable after about an hour ,also the method of adjusting the ear plugs does not help , could be better if ordinary adjustment’s could be built in and larger more comfortable pads.

He previously has tv ears 2. 3 and he was so impressed with the improvement in the new updated tv ears 5.

This is an excellent product and very good value for money. It was very easy to install. It doesn’ just make the tv louder-it filters the sound so speech is clear. I would recommend this product to anyone with hearing problems.

Does the job but very uncomfortable to wear.

Few problems with setting up but the seller was so helpful called and sorted out great seller and great product would recommend.

  • TV ears satisfaction.
  • Excellent product
  • Really Pleased

TV Ears 11641 5.0 Analogue Hearing System

Product Description, Clarify TV dialogue and turn up the volume without disturbing others using the TV Ears 5.0 Analog TV Listening System Kit.Simply connect the transmitter to any television with RCA analogue audio outputs, slip on the headset, and enjoy every word in your movies and TV programming.The TV Ears system amplifies speech while lowering the volume of background noise, helping you keep up with what’s going on throughout your movie or TV program. No need to rewind or ask the person nearby what was just said. You’ll hear everything yourself!The 5.0 Analog is our most affordable voice clarifying headset system. This TV listening system actively clarifies and amplifies speech and dialog while lowering background noise so you can actually hear what’s going on. No more rewinding parts of the movie or asking the person next to you what was just said. You’ll hear every word.The 5.0 Analog also allows you to listen to your television without turning up the volume on the TV. This gives other people in the room the ability to watch TV with you while you listen at your own volume. Simply connect the transmitter to your TV, cable box, or satellite box equipped with analog audio out ports and you’re ready to go. For our most basic wireless TV listening device, the 5.0 Analog makes TV listening enjoyable again.Watch the TV Ears 5.0 Headset adjustment video to learn how to adjust the headset.Voice Clarifying CircuitryWhat makes TV Ears products stand out above all other TV listening systems is a proprietary technology called Voice Clarifying Circuitry. An advanced microchip in the transmitter captures the audio signal and amplifies the human speech frequencies above the background noise so that spoken words are clearly audible. This basically boosts the sound of the dialog. Unlike lesser analog models that merely make all sounds louder, TV Ears’ products amplify voice pitch frequencies above other sounds, so words are easier to discern. The words seem to jump out of the track, making even whispers and accents understandable.

Box Contains, 1 x 5.0 Headset and 1 x Analog Transmitter

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The clarity and quality of the sound is note that good. I had the old version and it sounded much better.

Hubby has insomnia which means he would get up through the night to watch tv. I could never sleep with the noise and now when he does fall asleep he’s in bed not the sofa 😀.

I had tv ears already which had worn out (one of the arms broke) but it was such an excellent aid for me that i decided to buy againi cannot really comment on all the other items as they are gifts.

A little on the uncomfortable side ,but does its job admirably.

Expensive & not so efficient as previous model.

What a difference these have made, no longer have to watch television in another room. We can sit down as a family with them listening to the tv at a level that suits them and me listening through my tv ears at a higher volume without disturbing them.

Up to now, i can’t fault these tv ears. This is the second set that i have had. I am happy to recommend them.

  • TV ears satisfaction.
  • Excellent product
  • Really Pleased

TV Ears 11641 5.0 Analogue Hearing System

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Amplifies TV Audio up to 125dB
  • Clarifies speech over background noise
  • Works with TVs with analogue inputs
  • Ultra Lightweight wireless headset
  • Foam ear tips reduce background noise