TV Ears 11741 5 : First one did not charge, but Amazon without any

Bought for my aunt who is 84.

Well packed works great thanks.

I am extremely satisfied with my tv ears.

Transformed my viewing from using hearing aids and/or sub-titles to complete clarity. Only snag is that i tend to have the sound a bit too low for my wife to hear – any louder and it impinges a bit on the sound via the tv ears.

10 months old and have not been working for the last 3 months impossible to contact the manufacturer. Require a replacement set at least.

This is the second pair i have purchased, this time for my mother. Makes sound much clearer and removes the need to use sub titles.

Really work well,only thing is when wearing them i can’t hear my wife talking.

Makes watching tv a pleasure.

  • Does the job
  • Really helps those with hearing difficulties
  • Five Stars

TV Ears 11741 5.0 Digital Hearing System

Product Description, The 5.0 Digital is our first wireless voice clarifying TV listening device that not only offers digital connectivity, but is also compatible with your Dolby Digital, SRS, and PCM products. As our most popular model, it’s guaranteed to work with any TV and works independently from your television’s speakers. You control your own volume while wearing the headset and everyone else can listen to the TV at their own level. The best part is that you’ll hear every word.
The 5.0 Digital comes with the ultra-light wireless 5.0 Headset that weighs only two ounces. With an adjustable tone control and ergonomically angled foam ear tips that block out distracting background noise, you’ll hear your TV better than ever before. If you want clearer audio, clarified voices, and multiple connection options, the 5.0 Digital is the best valued voice clarifying TV headset on the market.
The TV Ears Digital is specifically designed to give people the added digital clarity, increased power, and durability they require to fully enjoy TV. TV Ears Digital has helped millions of people with hearing loss hear television clearly without turning up the television volume! With TV Ears wireless technology, you set your own TV Ears headset volume while others set the volume of the television or even mute the volume of the TV altogether.
Imagine watching television with your family and hearing every word clearly again. As thousands of our customers have said, “TV Ears has changed our lives!” The TV Ears Digital is equipped with an easy to use on/off volume dial, tone dial, balance dial, patented self molding foam ear tips, rechargeable battery, and headset expansion jacks. It can produce sounds at up to 120 dB of power and is compatible with analog and digital connectivity. It is manufactured and assembled in America and comes with a five year limited warranty.
The wireless headset weighs only 2 oz and is designed to rest under the chin so it won’t mess up your hair, get hot or uncomfortable and will stay on when lying down. The patented TV Ears Tips self-mold with the ear reducing background noise and providing unparalleled comfort and cleanliness.
Expansion jacks on the headset allow you to plug into your favorite electronic devices such as your computer, telephone and iPod.
Voice Clarifying Circuitry. Every TV Ears product contains a proprietary technology called Voice Clarifying Circuitry. Our Voice Clarifying Circuitry automatically manipulates the audio curve to increase the clarity of television dialog and decrease the volume of background sounds such as music and sound effects. The words seem to jump out of the sound track, making even whispers and accents understandable. Features and Benefits Works on any TV including Plasma and LCD televisions Doctor Recommended Infrared signal covers up to 2000 sq ft Works with TV volume at any level, including muted Comes with TV Ears Tips for added clarity and comfort 3 times more powerful than other headsets with 120 decibels of power The transmitter holds and charges two headsets at one time Ultra lightweight wireless headset – 2 oz Additional headsets and transmitters sold separately 5 Year Limited Warranty Now Made in America System Includes TV Ears Digital headset (rechargeable) TV Ears Digital transmitter 6 foot analog audio cord AIK (alternative installation kit) 6 foot optical audio cord AC adapter Owners manual

Box Contains, HeadphoneInstructions

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They do improve clarity but are very uncomfortable to wear and if you try to open up the arms gently they break.

Because my husband is hard of hearing we bought tv ears and now he can now enjoy tv without having volume too loud its a win win as we now can have volume to suit every-one.

First one did not charge, but amazon without any fuss or hassle replaced it within a couple of days, this one works very well could not do without it now.

Works wonderfully, best when connected directly to the tv. When it is connected to the cable tv box -that cuts out other boxes you might use,.

A great set that let’s me hear the tv clearly without annoying my wife. This item would have been better as earpads covering the ears as in normal headphones, well for me anyway, but it does what it says on the box, although, i still think it could be better designed in this day and age, also the lights that are on the front of the charger are really bright, and this is distracting, as you have the have this in front of you to receive a signal. To sum up, great for hearing the tv, but needs the design modified, and it would be a really great item.

Fast delivery at a good price.

  • Does the job
  • Really helps those with hearing difficulties
  • Five Stars

TV Ears 11741 5.0 Digital Hearing System

Features and Spesification

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  • Wireless voice clarifying TV listening device digital connectivity
  • Works on any TV including Plasma and LCD televisions
  • Infrared signal covers up to 2000 sq ft
  • Works with TV volume at any level, including muted
  • Comes with TV Ears Tips for added clarity and comfort