Two Rode Smartlav : Great little mic

Works with android phones with paid for apps, quality very good. Can be used easily with editing software to provide excellent quality recordings. Downloaded recforge ii from google play and the results are as good as any professional recorder. Used in conjunction with a samsung note 4.

Excellent audio quality at an affordable price. It comes with a nice leathery pouch. I bought an sc3 adapter to use it with my canon 80d when filming video:rØde sc3 iphone accessory – black.

I use these (i have 3) for video interviews. I connect them to an older iphone or ipod. On the ios devices i run recorderhq. Drop the device in the persons pocket and get great audio to sync to the videos. Using ios devices i can send the recordings to my imac via airdrop or send them to icloud directly from the app. The mics work great – have great sound, and are less noisy than the original smartlav. For me it works better than a wireless system – and the only limit on how many you can use is the number you have.

Best lav i’ve ever spent money on. I use this was my iphone, for recording in filming. It’s great for weddings also, attaching to the groom it can pick up his voice and the brides perfectly- and i didn’t have to fork out a lot of money for it.

Really neat with a useful carry bag. Used it with my samsung s5 so far , and the native android recorder app. Ideal to carry around for opportunistic interviews.

As we’re new to producing iphone videos, we read up on lots of things, including producing good-quality audio. And time and time again, this microphone was recommended. Seriously, anyone using a smartphone to produce videos (and that’s a lot of people) need to invest in a good-quality mike – probably a lavalier like this one. I’m no mike expert, but i love the sound that this produces. Just plug it into the iphone (or whatever) and enjoy crystal-clear sound. It transforms videos, seems really well made, comes with a carrying pouch and good instructions. If you’re any distance from your subject, you’ll need the sc1 extension cable.

Surprisingly good microphone for the price, i’ve used this filming several corporate conferences and seminars and providing you do some research into the settings before using the results can be great. Being unable to monitor the sound while it’s recording is it’s only downside, you’re putting a lot of faith in your iphone and trusting it dos the job, and at least 95% of the time it has.

Excellent voice pickup and discreet clip. I use it with a zoom h4n (using the rode sc3 adaptor) and am getting excellent results in a variety of scenarios.

  • Records well, but everything else poorly delivered. Not plug&play as you might expect.
  • Great mike, but highly overpriced.
  • Expensive, but good quality.

Two Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphones for Smartphone with SC6 Adaptor

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Provides better sound quality than some of the big mic’s on the market.

It does what it says but i have to be fair and say i’m not that impressed. The volume can be a bit lower than i would like. I need this to help meremember things. If you are outside walking and talking, it’s the best option.

Absolutely brilliant changed my interviews completely.

I was surprised by the clarity of sound from such a tiny mic. I lack any form of volume input control on the video camera i use, but find that this delivers a very strong but not distorted signal – to the point where i was reducing it on editing to balance with the camera’s soundtracks.

Rode quality sound on mobile.

Easy to use & transfer files, great sound quality & surprisingly good at isolating the voice from surrounding noise. Definitely recommend for capturing pro quality sound.

Really helped in getting clear and professional audio. Im a videographer so i can definiteky say this product is worth it.

Was looking for a more cost effective way of using lav mics for my filming, and this product did not disappoint. I now have a killer lav mic set up (broadcast quality) using 3 of these mics with 2 zoom h1’s and a zoom h2nall monitored with a 3 way bluetooth transmitter and headphone set up .

  • Records well, but everything else poorly delivered. Not plug&play as you might expect.
  • Great mike, but highly overpriced.
  • Expensive, but good quality.

Two Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphones for Smartphone with SC6 Adaptor

Perfect, works really well :).

This is my third smart lav & mic which i bought for my zoom h1’s which is incredibly handy when you have to be ultra fast and cant use the sennheiser body packs. Takes a little time getting to understand how it works and the shortcuts for functions but there are many tutorials on youtube that explains it well. Overall an excellent tool for getting the job done right.

The sound is quite good but not amazing. It might be slightly overpriced for what it delivers. Some studio editing will improve the sound even further.

I use this when i run as i often have my best thoughts while out. My voice can be heard clearly above wind and my panting while running. Haven’t had the guts to see how it stands up to the glasgow rain.

Posted with free same day delivery with primenoise floor is. Nothing compared to the old smartlav, it’s perfect for interfiews, or creating online content. Works right out of the box with stock android and iphone. Can’t recommend enough, brilliant.

At the heart of what we do as a business is content creation and i was advised to give this mic a try. I have to say the quality is brilliant and when using alongside their app getting the recordings from the iphone into final cut is super easy.

These work perfectly with the zoom h1 as long as you order the additional rode sc3 cable. I was a little dubious about using these to record a groom’s speech at a wedding. However it worked a treat and the quality is fantastic for the price. I’ve used other lavalier mic that often have extra long cable’s which can be helpful if required. However the cable on the rode smart lav is short but still long enough to run from the speaker’s inside jacket pocket to their lapel. I’ve since bought 3 more of these as i was so impressed with the quality.

The clip for this mic broke after just a couple of uses, the wire that holds the mic separating from the clip. Rode were very quick to replace this foc. I like the mic but it leaves me with some questions about the clip quality. Time will tell if the replacement also gives up.

Great for general use and good sound quality, but too expensive. A boya mike for £15 offers similar quality and has a very long cable (which may or may not be a good thing, but better too long, than too short). Also, a need for an expensive adapter to connect to a 3 connector device (every camera) is ridiculous. £30 for this mike and £5 for the adapter would be quite reasonable. Great build quality and no need for a battery is a big plus. If money is not a concern, i recommend it. Otherwise, buy cheaper – you might even get better quality for much less.

I love this microphone, its very compact, easy to use. I am using it for filming my youtube videos and i have to say, it is worth the price. Sounds are amazing and i love using it. I have seen comments, that the cable isnt long enough, but i dont think thats true, at least for me, i think i could do with shorter one for sure. Anyway, love it and i am happy, that i picked this product. Works great with any free voice recording app, so no issues found.

The microphone windscreen is damaged, it has torn material around the edge. I have tried to find a way to contact the seller to have this item replaced but the only option is to send the whole unit back for a replacement, which is highly frustrating. Other than this, the product is great. Its just a shame that a small, but important part of it is faulty.

A product necessary to convert atrrs lavelier microphone to trs to function on recorders. Quality wise five stars and it helps in stopping any damage to the lavalier microphone.

Used constantly for recording talks in meetings, with the sc3 adaptor works with iphone and android devices to pick up voices. Great clarity for the cost, and you can get half-decent recordings directly from your phone. Haven’t tested against other products, but works brilliantly for my uses.

It works really well, it’s simple to assemble and the sound quality is excellent the pop filter is really good it fits over the tiny mic very tightly it has a rubber connector which means it won’t fall off the mic, the last one i bought cost £24. 99 and caused a high pitched whine through all recordings making it unusable and considering the price i expected it to work well, so that got returned to amazon for a full refund it was the ‘pro lavalier lapel microphone jk mic-j 044’ the pop filter was crap too it fell off if you breathed on it too heavily ;). The big plus for me is amazon dropped the price of this rode mic from £55. 00 drop which made it just £14. 00 more than the previous crap mic and man am i glad i did, so 6 out of 5 stars from me highly recommended.

This is for mobile phone but can work for external recorders like the zoom h1 with an adoptor.

Røde make the very best mic’s the only issue i have is that many of my collegues want to borrow it. It’s sound quality for a intermediary mic is brilliant. It’s a must buy if your wanting to smartphone record in a budget.

The sound quality i am getting from this is very good. (i’m using it with an iphone 5s through the rode record app).

Fantastic sound quality for recording youtube videos.

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  • 2: Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone
  • 1: RØDE SC6 iPhone Accessory – Black
  • With the SC6 users can monitor audio from the smartLav, as well as input two smartLavs into the one mono channel in interview or dual-dialogue scenarios