The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide – have I hyped it up? I don’t think so! This is by far the biggest gift guide I’ve ever done, but also the one with the most variety and also a few new brands you may have never heard of before! I’m not going to ramble, but here’s my Mother’s Day gift guide to give you a little inspirational for your Mum’s big day. Now remember, the day is about her, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a thing or two from this gift guide. Let’s get stuck into the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide, shall we?The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Guide - Coffee & Blogging

Great British Bake Off Colouring Book | Colouring is not just for kids and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If your Mum is anything like mine, then she’ll love anything related to GBBO. My Mum was too excited when she got the official recipe book from my brother last year. This colouring book features drawings of some of the best recipes we’ve seen created in the tent, as well as the tent itself!

Soigne Nail Polish | Nail polish isn’t for everyone, but for the Mum’s out there who love to get a little glam, the range of nail polishes by Soigne are perfect. They’re more affordable than your high-end brands such as Nails Inc or Essie, but are far better in terms of formula and the packaging is on point. We’re talking Chanel style packaging here guys! You can read my full review of the Soigne nail polishes for more information.

Clinique Moisture Surge | Skincare never sounds glam when it comes to gift ideas, so you may be wondering why I’ve bothered putting it in my Mother’s Day gift guide. Albeit, luxury skincare such as Clinique is far better than a bouquet of flowers – let’s be honest! Pretty in pink and highly moisturising, consider putting your Mum a little skin saviour bundle together.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Haircare | My Mum loves switching up her hair; she dyes it as her main ‘switch up’, but I swear every time she goes to the hair salon, she comes back with a brand new look. If you’re Mum is remotely like that, then the new Sea Salt range by Lee Stafford Haircare* may be one to consider. Featured is a crystal shampoo, foam conditioner and a styling mist – all smell fresh like the ocean and the shampoo provides some serious volume.

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide - Coffee & Blogging

My. Infuse Colour Shampoos | Sticking with the topic of haircare, My. is a bespoke brand which recently launched their new Infuse Colour* range of shampoos to help you enhance your own hair colour at home. There are 5 tones available to suit most hair colours, with Cobalt being for medium browns like myself, or Ruby being for those with reddish brown hairs, or for a pop of colour, use Ruby on bleached blonde hair for pink tones. That’s the kind of fun you can have with these shampoos, which is why these are going in the basket for my Mum!
FIND HERE.The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Guide - Coffee & Blogging Lifestyle Blog ‘But First, Coffee’ Thermal Travel Mug | This is my latest obsession, as I have one for myself, but is also the kind of travel mug my Mum would love for her long walks with the dog, but also to have with her at work. Travel mugs are great for enjoying a hot drink on the go, but the design as a whole isn’t always practical – the lid doesn’t stick fully so it leaks as you sip, or the mug is too hot to hold at first. The range however, has a screw on lid which prevents those pesky leaks, has a latch to open or close the mouthpiece to keep it warmer for longer, and it’s got a thick casing so it simply feels warm to hold to keep your hands toasty! This is available in pink or gold at Rooi, plus if you sign up to their newsletter, you get 10% off!The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Guide - Coffee & Blogging UK Lifestyle Blog

Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Plus Set & Hand-Care Set | Pores. Who wants them? No one, that’s right. This skincare set by Mary Kay* is the ultimate gift for any skin-conscious Mum out there, which is why it’s a showstopper in this Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Included in a luxurious gift box is a pore minimising moisturiser which applies like silk, and an extremely gentle exfoliator which acts as the microdermabraision – this is an expensive treatment you can get done at skin clinic, but instead is made easy in the comfort of your own home. In addition, treat your Mum to some handbag-friendly treats to take care of her hands. My Mum works day and night serving customers, lifting heavy boxes, as well as working in the bakery, so it’s fair to say her hands need a little TLC, and that’s what this kit provides.

Jurlique Immersive Rituals Body Care | Jurlique is a skincare brand that I’ve loved ever since I first started blogging. Their Rosewater Balancing Mist is one of my all time favourites, but I’m also a huge fan of their Sunless Tanner because if you’re a pale girl like me, this is the tan you need! Anyhow, this body care set is filled with the essentials for a luxury shower and pamper session, all in their gorgeous Rose scent; Rose Hand Cream, Rose Shower Gel and Rose Body Care Lotion* – both the shower gel and lotion come in 300ml bottles with pumps which makes using these during and after your shower an absolute doddle!
FIND HERE.The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Guide - Coffee & Blogging Blog

Avon Viva la Vita Eau de Parfum | Perfume is going to take over the last segment of this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and all for good reason. Avon’s perfumes are my all-time favourite – Little Black Dress is a perfume I have purchased time and again since goodness knows how long ago, but their entire range is so good. Viva la Vita* is their newest arrival, launching just like week on 2nd March! If you’re Mum is into her subtle fruit scents with warm sandalwood, then this perfume is perfect. The smell lasts just as long as a high-end perfume, plus the bottle is perfect for sitting on your bathroom or bedroom shelf.

Mary Kay Enchanted Wish Eau de Toilette | Mary Kay is a new brand to me, which is why I wanted to share so much of their range in this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for you. Although this is an eau de toilette* which can often be weaker in scent or the longevity of the product isn’t as long-lasting as a perfume, you’ll be surprised at what this one offers. If you’re Mum loves her sweet scents – and I mean really sweet scents, then this perfume is perfect. The bottle is gorgeous, but the smell is simply amazing!

The Perfume Studio ‘The Natural Collection’ | Lastly, but most certainly not least, is this Design Your Own Fragrance set by The Perfume Studio*. Again, a new brand to me, but their concept is why I want to feature this. If you want to treat your Mum to a perfume for Mother’d Day, but you’re unsure what scent she may like, then these sets by The Perfume Studio are great. Included is a 30ml empty glass perfume bottle, six miniature perfumes, pipettes and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your own perfume. These are available in a variety of collections to suit your Mum’s type of scents; natural, floral and so on. Better yet, treat your Mum to a full day out that’s not a typical day at the spa or salon. The Perfume Studio run their own Perfume Masterclass where you can meet with an expert, learn all about perfume and make and take away your very own personalised perfume at the end of the day.


There you have it, the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to sink your teeth into.

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