Ultimax 32 inch TV Screen Protector – Damage and UV Protection – Buy now

I had to replace my tv after my toddler smashed it and i didn’t want to take any chances this time. I bought this thinking it was likely to distort the picture but so long as my tv didn’t get smashed i was happy with the compromise. However, there is no distortion, the picture is still great with this on. I do find it’s a bit shiny so if you’ve got a bright window you’ll get some reflection, but i think it’s worth it for the protection. This protector is super lightweight and easy to put on and take off. I’ve just rested it on the top of the tv rather than installing the straps, so that i can take it off if i choose to even though i haven’t need to. My toddler has no idea it’s even there.

Product does what is says on the tin. Covers the tv and protects it. The only gripe i have with it is a toddler can still ‘figure’ out how to put their finger between the tv/screen and attempt to pull it off. If there was a way of securing it fully without velcro it would be perfect.

Helps your tv to be secure and so the screen dont crack. Very handy specially if you have kids that are touching the tv or throwing things avoids any damages to your tv screen or just in general very handy and good to buy to prevent any damages to your tv.

Very good product, price is a bit high but it protects the tv in a very good way.

Ordered another one for the tv in the kitchen.

This was easy to assemble and so far so good. Doesn’t change the picture quality and don’t even notice that the tv has a protector on, gives peace of mind.

Easy to install, can’t see any affection on your screen colour or hd. Better investment than tv service or warranties. Child touches all the timeand easy to clean.

Good product, fits well and easily.

I have 2 autistic children who love to bash the tv screen, this protector adds a little bit of protection for the tv.

As described good price easy to fit.

It fitted well no change in picture was easy to fit gives peace of mind.

My autistic son has broken numerous tvs by throwing things at the screen, thought i would give this a go before spending £600 on a tv cabinet. This screen protector is amazing, we’ve had balls/cars and action figures thrown at it and it’s survived. I’ve just ordered another one for our tv upstairs. Was easy to fit (a few stickers and a velcro strap) but is sturdy.

Came very quickly and extremely easy to set up. Cannot really tell it’s there. I bought this because the last tv took a blow to the screen from my youngest child.

Protect my tv from my three year old grandson.

Expensive for what it is (basically a piece of perspex) but definitely cheaper than breaking another tv screen. Delivered quickly and packaged well. Only negative is that it attracts quite a lot of dust.

I just bought two screen protectors (43 ‘and 65’). Very efficient sales department to answer my questions. I would have liked the velcro is a little thicker so that the window is further away from the tv, but it’s ok. Very little glare when the tv is off, but turned on many people did not even see the screen.

We sourced this as one of the lads we support at his supported living bungalow was developing a nasty habit of punching the tv. We are delighted with how this has not only protected the tv but the picture quality has not been affected at all. If anything the incidents of tv punching have as good as stopped now. I think he decided that it was pointless as the cover made it less likely he would get a reaction of smashing the screen.

Really happy with the screen cover. Perfect for protecting the screen from thrown toddler toys.

Excellent product when the tv is on you don t know its there.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 5* just ordered another one
  • Looks good invisible
  • So easy to install and great for peace of mind

Notice a difference immediately. Sleep improves and headaches stopped.

It fits perfectly and does the job. I can leave these toddlers in the room without worry. Can see their finger prints on it at times and then reaffirm my warning. Can act as a mirror too, though reflections can interrupt if the blinds are open. Delivery was prompt and packaging very good.