Ultimax 49-50 inch TV Screen Protector – Damage and UV Protection : So easy to install and great for peace of mind

I have 2 autistic children who love to bash the tv screen, this protector adds a little bit of protection for the tv.

Came very quickly and extremely easy to set up. Cannot really tell it’s there. I bought this because the last tv took a blow to the screen from my youngest child.

Helps your tv to be secure and so the screen dont crack. Very handy specially if you have kids that are touching the tv or throwing things avoids any damages to your tv screen or just in general very handy and good to buy to prevent any damages to your tv.

Product does what is says on the tin. Covers the tv and protects it. The only gripe i have with it is a toddler can still “figure” out how to put their finger between the tv/screen and attempt to pull it off. If there was a way of securing it fully without velcro it would be perfect.

I just bought two screen protectors (43 ‘and 65’). Very efficient sales department to answer my questions. I would have liked the velcro is a little thicker so that the window is further away from the tv, but it’s ok. Very little glare when the tv is off, but turned on many people did not even see the screen.

I had to replace my tv after my toddler smashed it and i didn’t want to take any chances this time. I bought this thinking it was likely to distort the picture but so long as my tv didn’t get smashed i was happy with the compromise. However, there is no distortion, the picture is still great with this on. I do find it’s a bit shiny so if you’ve got a bright window you’ll get some reflection, but i think it’s worth it for the protection. This protector is super lightweight and easy to put on and take off. I’ve just rested it on the top of the tv rather than installing the straps, so that i can take it off if i choose to even though i haven’t need to. My toddler has no idea it’s even there.

My autistic son has broken numerous tvs by throwing things at the screen, thought i would give this a go before spending £600 on a tv cabinet. This screen protector is amazing, we’ve had balls/cars and action figures thrown at it and it’s survived. I’ve just ordered another one for our tv upstairs. Was easy to fit (a few stickers and a velcro strap) but is sturdy.

It fits perfectly and does the job. I can leave these toddlers in the room without worry. Can see their finger prints on it at times and then reaffirm my warning. Can act as a mirror too, though reflections can interrupt if the blinds are open. Delivery was prompt and packaging very good.

  • 5* just ordered another one
  • Looks good invisible
  • So easy to install and great for peace of mind

49-50 inch Ultimax TV Screen Protector – Damage and UV Protection for LCD, OLED & Plasma HDTV

Size Name:49-50 inch Ultimax is a transparent TV protector which protects your expensive TV screen from damages, scratches and fingerprints. Thanks to it, you can have a peace of mind and enjoy watching your TV without worrying about it remaining intact! Thousands of families have chosen Ultimax to protect their TVs from their toddlers, autistic children, people with dementia and pets. The TV protector is made of the highest quality optical-grade acrylic plastic which is 100% clear. This guarantees you will still enjoy your full HD TV picture and there will be no yellowing of the material in time. The material is very sturdy – it is 10 times stronger than a ¼ inch thick glass. It can only be broken when something extremely heavy is thrown at the TV protector like a hammer, a brick or a piece of furniture. There is a ¼ inch gap between the screen and the TV protector which provides for natural ventilation and prevents overheating. What’s more, the TV screen protector stops between 96% and 99% of the harmful UV emissions of your TV. The TV protector is hardly noticeable as it has a sophisticated design which won’t take away from the fantastic look of your TV. The installation is very easy and takes only 5 minutes. All you should do is attach the TV screen Protector by the Velcro strips to the TV frame and you’re all set! You can easily detach the TV cover by the re-closable fasteners to clean the TV. When your children get older, you can remove the Velcro strips. For indoor use only. DOES NOT work with touchscreens. Dry erase markers can be used on the TV protector. Protector covers the frame and is larger than the screen. Please measure the diagonal of your screen (without the frame) or look at your screen manufacture diagonal size in inches. Although, 100% transparent and clear, due to the filters in the lens the protector may be tinted and requires that the user increases the screen brightness by up to 15%.

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  • 5* just ordered another one
  • Looks good invisible
  • So easy to install and great for peace of mind

49-50 inch Ultimax TV Screen Protector – Damage and UV Protection for LCD, OLED & Plasma HDTV

Features and Spesification

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  • Protects your fragile TV screen from damages, scratches and finger prints. Extremely useful for families with children and public displays
  • Made of a sturdy material which protects the TV from a flying remote control or a game controller
  • Works when the TV is on a stand mounted on a wall or ceiling. Easy installation and easy detachment for cleaning
  • Preserves the HD picture of your LCD, OLED or Plasma TV. Filters out between 96% and 99% of UV light
  • The preferred method of TV protection by families with children, schools, hospitals, hotels and other facilities