UNBREAKcable Soundison True Wireless Earbuds 5 : Sleek and Good Sounding

Lovely set of wireless bluetooth earphones. Connected straight out of the box with my iphone. You can connect each ear individually also. For example if you connect the left ear it will appear on your phone as “soundison leap (l)” is very useful info when wanting to connect one ear only. Sound is also very clear and crisp and bass is good also. Feels very comfortable in the ear and is very light. I thought that they might fall out when i saw this style but once tried they are very very stable in the ear and i used them in the gym and didn’t have to push them in once. I love the solid case and the replacement ear rubbers. The only criticism i have is not the inclusion of a plug for the charger cable, not a biggie. Overall excellent value and sound.

 very easy to use wireless earbud headphones, removed from case, turned bluetooth on and automatically connected – simple and quick compared to several others i have tried in the past. The fit in the ear was just right for me but if you need to improve the fit there are several spare tips to do so. Sound quality was really good, plenty of bass and no tinny sound at all – perhaps helped by the good fit in my ears. I used these for two days commuting and they stayed in the ear really well, not falling out of the ear and importantly no cut out of music as i walked with my phone in the pocket. I’ve taken a video for you to see how they work out of the box and how they easily slip back with the box stating firmly shut – again unlike some other models i have tried which have fallen out. There is also a very comprehensive instruction booklet included to help with set up and also trouble shooting should you ever need it along with a warranty card – although i’ve not had to use it, it is reassuring to have it should a problem develop in the future. All in these are the most comfortable fit and best sounding wireless earbuds i have bought to date – and we have several different pairs in the family. The price is slightly more than some i have bought, but for a little more price i think the improvement in quality feels justified.

I’d been looking for some wireless earbuds and since i’ve liked unbreakcable products in the past i thought i’d give them a try. These are really great since i use them whilst working out, jumping rope and even playing tennis 😉 they don’t fall out and i haven’t got any faults, the fact they are black is a big bonus. The charger case is great for someone notorious for losing things as well. I’ve tried the earbuds of another famous brand and do not see how these are inferior. I must also say that customer service is great, spoke via facebook and i got a quick response and patient feedback from an employee who helped me set my earbuds up.

These are surprisingly good and feel very comfortable to wear. The setup is straightforward using my iphone 8. The touch sensitive outer part works well to pause tracks and is available on both ear pods. While the sound quality is reasonably good it does lack a certain depth for bass frequencies but overall these are a neat pair of ear pods and well made.

These look very premium and quite comfortable to wear. Very well ergonomically designed. Setup was simple to do with my samsung s10 and connection was quite quick. Features include touch sensitive outer button to pause playing music and this is available on both left and right ear pods and sound quality is good with bass and not tinny at all. Mine fitted very well into my ears but they do come with extra ear jellies just in case you need to adjust them to your ears. I have used mine for the last one and half days travelling to and from work and they still have some charge left. Comes complete with charger cable, different sized ear jellies, a user manual, warranty card for 36 months – please do remember to register. I have been in contact with customer services and they are very good and very responsive.

Being in my 50’s i was a little self conscious about wearing my bluetooth headphones in public so wanted something a little more discrete. Easy to pair/connect, sound quality is great, handy case for charging and carrying them in and very discrete. You can plenty of use from a single charge and they charge quickly. The ear tips it came fitted with are fine for me, but it comes with 2 other different sizes so should fit everyone.

Well what can i say i did not expect anything less from unbreakcable all of the products i have bought are off hi-quality and these are no different really like the shape looks nice in the ear and come fit both connected out of the box easy all function work as expected phone calls with just great. Now the sound is a lovely round ⚪ bass sound nice deep base with nice treble also much like over-ear cans so surprising for buds the sound level is spot on for volume. But as far as i can see so far not sure how you turn it down apart from on your phone. Not that it’s a deal-breaker i never have any off by budds lower than top volume. So i guess there set to top volume buy your phone. And if you need them lower just turn down volume on your device. Price wise 45 good price with sounds this good connection wise can have my phone in other room no problem. But again it’s one of those things it’s great to have but let’s face it if you have earbuds in your phone is most likely in you bag or pocket. Battery life get also up to 5 hours never had them past 2 as never ware any headphones longer but they were still ready to after next day. But they tick my boxes sound great volume and how they look and fit.

I purchased these headphones the other day as a spare set to my apple air pods, they fit in my ears a lot more comfortably than my airpods which i was pleasantly surprised about. I have used them on both my iphone and macbook and the sound quality is really impressive given the budget price. They come with their own charging case that is lightweight and yet sturdy. It comes with different size ear buds to fit different size ears. Battery life seems good so far :-)overall a great buy :-).

  • Snazzy wireless earphones
  • Ear buds that fit and sound great
  • Best Ear product

UNBREAKcable Soundison True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones TWS in-Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Built-in Mic Binaural Calls Noise Reduction IPX5 Waterproof Earphones for Sports with Charging Case

Frequently Q&A 1. How do I know how much power my Bluetooth earphones have? When your Bluetooth device is connected to our Bluetooth earbuds, its power will be reflected in real time on the top of your Bluetooth device screen. (The displayed battery is the power of the right earbud) 2. Can I wear it while swimming? Although our Bluetooth earbuds are IPX5 rated, they are only resistant to sweat and rain. They are not recommended for swimming and bathing. 3. Is it suitable for my XXX phone? The earbuds are universal Bluetooth earbuds widely used in Bluetooth devices on the market. 4. Can the earbuds on the left and right sides connect different devices at the same time? The wireless Bluetooth earbuds can connect two different Bluetooth devices at the same time. Please refer to the instruction manual. 5. Can I reduce noise when I wear it on an airplane? The earbuds have superior physical noise reduction function. Wearing it while flying will slightly reduce the noise of high-altitude flight but not completely eliminate the noise. 6. Do the earbuds have microphone? Bluetooth earbuds have built-in microphone for hands-free calling and voice. 7. How can I connect successfully? Take out the Bluetooth earbuds from the charging box. After pairing automatically, click the Bluetooth earbuds name “soundison leap”. When the Bluetooth earphones emit a “connected” prompt, the connection is successful.

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Was really looking forward to these arriving. They come in a really neat little box and on opening all the parts have there own little space to fit it. The earphones came pre charged which was great meaning i could try they out straight away. They come with different ear bud sizes but the ones on the ear buds fitted me fine. The bluetooth connection to my i phone was immediate. On placing them in your ears they fit tight and reduce any other external noise coming into your ear. The functionality of the earbuds is easy just requiring a tap on mfb button on the side of the earpiece. Really pleased i got these as the wired ones i already have are on their way out. A great little compact case to both re charge the ear buds and safely transport them.

As usual, great service with this company but the quality of sound isn’t so good. The earphones are easy to connect and work really well with iphone but they are quite tinny in quality. I also didn’t find them comfortable to wear and when out walking, they made a strange sound due to the noise cancelling. I tried to move the position on my ear so it didn’t do this but it made them feel like they were going to fall out.

Great sound and build quality. Nice looking case and feels very robust.

Such a brilliant top quality product at such a cheap price. You need to buy this product if you are looking for wireless headphones.

 excellent build and sound quality, on par with my bose wired headphones. Three different sizes of earbuds, medium was a perfect fit for wearing for work and running.

These are the best earbuds i have tried. Great build quality and excellent sound. The connection to your devices stays strong throughout use and they are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I have enjoyed many hours of use with these. You get everything it says in the box.

 one of the best earbuds i ever used in my life. Battry life, sound quality, product quality and look of this earbuds is impressive. Now, this earbuds becomes one of my best ear gadget. Strongly recommended to everyone and one of the best thing it come up with free 36 months of warranty which makes it more satisfy.

These wireless earphones are easy to set-up using bluetooth and my iphone. The sound quality is great when compared to branded earphones, and it’s a good price. It comes with 3 different earpiece sizes so finding a fit for me was easy. I can walk into around my flat and still listen to music.

  • Snazzy wireless earphones
  • Ear buds that fit and sound great
  • Best Ear product

UNBREAKcable Soundison True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones TWS in-Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Built-in Mic Binaural Calls Noise Reduction IPX5 Waterproof Earphones for Sports with Charging Case

I purchased these headphones as they are in-ear based headphones. I previously used airpods but on noisy central line trains even at full volume i struggle to hear my music. I also hates the fact the airpods leak sound so people stare at you. These headphones have an amazing fit as you can see from my video they fit into the ear canal snugly and are less likely to fall out than airpods. The earbuds work simular to the airpods in that they are automatically on when taken out of the case and they auto connect to ur phone. They have a touch sensitive side which allows play /pause functions to work too. The case itself isn’t much bigger than the airpods case either. One little mistake i made when i got the earbuds. There is small plastic on the earbuds which block the sensor turning them on.

Gave them as a give to my audiophile cousin and he’s pretty impressed with them. They’re sleek, light and sounds good. Plus it’s by unbreakcable who do solid products, so i trust them with durability.

I wanted to get some new ear buds as my old ones got damaged and i really like the way these ones fit. The way that they are ergonomically designed fit well into my ear and the simple charging case is sleek an does the job great. There is a charging light to let you know how much the unit is charged and when it comes to the sound they are great with a nice deep sound.

Features and Spesification

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  • ⭐【Bluetooth 5.0 & TWS】The earbuds have new generation of Bluetooth V5.0 chip, providing more stable connection and double transmission speed; support (SBC/AAC) high audio coding and noise reduction technology, output high quality Hi-fi sound with low latency and low distortion. Built-in 8mm dynamic drive unit, excellent stereo and bass surround, so you can clearly hear the sound of Bluetooth earbuds even in a noisy environment, enjoy the perfect sound experience.
  • ⭐【IPX5 Waterproof & Hands-Free Function】The Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are IPX5 waterproof and resistant to sweat and rain, making them ideal for use in the gym or during exercise. Built-in mic, earbuds can be realized monaural or binaural call hands-free and voice functions through touch control technology. (Do not wear it when swimming or taking a bath to avoid damage)
  • ⭐【Automatically Pairing & Touch Control】①Take the earbuds out of the charging case and they will automatically pair with each other; ② When your smartphone display “soundison leap”, please click it to get connection. ★★Bluetooth earbuds allow for precise and stable connections over a range of 33 feet (10 meters). With powerful touch control technology, you can achieve cutting songs, pausing/playing, answering/hanging calls through touching the earbud’s touch panel.
  • ⭐【Rechargeable Case & Extra Long Life】Wireless Bluetooth earbuds can last more than 5 hours of using after a single charge. The earbuds are equipped with a Charging case that not only protects the earbuds, but also charges your earbuds. After 2 hours of full charge of Charging case, the earbuds can be provided with 20 hours of continuous battery life or 180 hours of standby time. The power consumption of the Bluetooth earbuds will be displayed on the Bluetooth device you are connected to.
  • ⭐【Comfort Fit & Hassle-free Service】UNBREAKcable Bluetooth earbuds offer 3 different sizes silicone ear tips to suit different customer needs, with ergonomically designed, which are comfortable to wear and not easy to drop. The package includes 2 X Wireless Blutooth earbuds, 3 X Replaceable ear tips, 1 X Charging case, 1 X 0.2m Micro USB cable. The product comes with a 36-month worry-free warranty. Feel free to contact us if you have any Problem with your Bluetooth earbuds or your order.