Unknown Braun automatic coffee maker Aromaster KF 47 plus : Not really automatic

The only drawback is as previously stated the two pin plug which you have to changei switch it on when i raise and switch [t off wen i retire many other machines automatically switch off after a prescribed timeexactly what i needed as the automatic switch is not there.

Worked straight from the box. Nothing fancy but just makes good filter coffee. Good purchase which replaced our previous braun machine.

Great machine, very neat works quickly and keeps coffee warm. If buying in the uk you will need an adapter but it can easily be bought from anywhere at very little cost. Shipping was prompt with some damaging to the packaging but the product was fine. Overal a pleasant experience from start to finish.

We have been threw so many coffeemakers. This is one i used to buy when i lived in the states. Now you can get it from germany. Mine came with a uk plug already installed. Makes the most fabulous coffee.

I bought this model to replace a braun traditional coffee maker, which although still functioning satisfactorily after 25+ years of use, was looking somewhat battered. This was the nearest thing to a direct replacement, but with a smaller 10 cup jug size. It works as well as the previous one, produces just as pleasurable coffee and has some minor but useful design changes that make it easier to monitor the water level, that improve access for cleaning and that stop water dripping onto the hot plate when the jug is removed. There are cheaper drip coffee makers, and ones with impressive digital displays and arrays of buttons – but i expect this one to produce enjoyable coffee for 25+ years like the previous one.

This hasn’t really changed in over 20 years. Our old one lasted 19 years, let’s hope this does too. Comes with a continental plug on it. Snipped it off, put the plug from our old one on, bingo. Faster (and a little bit noisier) than our old model.

It has got an on/off switch, no programming, no clocks, no timers, no adjustments. And, of course, it makes great coffee. European plug, but came with a uk adapter.

Brillianty simply coffee maker, had the last one for 20 years or so before it gave up, so i bought another one.

  • An uncomplicated machine that works well
  • Makes an excellent cup of coffee if filter coffee is your thing,
  • Despite the description, it does have the Euro-timer

Braun automatic coffee maker Aromaster KF 47 plus for 10 cups – white

Type Coffee – Filter MachineFunctionsCapacity (cups) 10Swing-Out Filter YesAnti-Drip YesAroma Switch NoWater Level Window YesTimer Function NoWater Filter NoMilk Foamer NoMugThermos Flask NoMaterial (Mug) GlassPerformanceNominal Consumption (Watt) 1.000GeneralColour White

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Just like my old one rejuvenated.

I bought mine when it first came out (a million years ago it seems). It came with a mesh filter then, but i’ve never used it. Cleaning the other bits is enough work. It’s moved house with me (3 times) and never broken down though the glass carafe has been replaced (twice). Now i’ve retired it’s gone into use on a daily basis and i’m enjoying working my way through every flavoured coffee i can find and anything with a strength of 3 or less. I can’t compare it with other machines as i’ve never been tempted to experiment. Whatever coffee i make comes out of this machine just perfectly and, since the strength is the same(ish), i always use the same amount of coffee and fill the reservoir until the water level is just above the 10 mark. The coffee keeps hot all day without the flavour being ruined. I bulk-buy the paper filters so that’s not expensive and if you make sure they’re fully pushed down and the side seams are completely flattened out, no water will escape down the outside of the filter. I’ve never de-scaled mine as our water is soft, so can’t say how often that would need to be done.

I have used a braun coffee maker almost daily for 18 years until it finally died on me last week. I thought i had found a similar machine and ordered the braun kf 47. It is not similar, it is identical. It is very basic – no timer or fixed filter – so i look forward to another 18 years of excellent coffee. I saved 15% by buying from amazon. De and it arrived in three days. Braun automatic coffee maker aromaster kf 47 plus for 10 cups – white.

Due to a very long wait and even a day late. But we realised it is dhl being late. In the end i still give five stars. I had this coffee maker before we love it. Today we finally received it.

We don’t have issues with the coffee being kept warm as doesn’t stay in the pot long enough. Had other machines, ones that use pods, but didn’t use much as either took too long or produced an egg cup amount. This machine you control quantity and strength, great.

Excellent coffee, simple machine to operate and clean. I use it everyday and sometimes several times a day. My last one lasted over 25yrs and i was glad to find an identical replacement.

I love the braun automatic coffie maker, from the design to the end purpose, the coffie. I have had this style before so i know it makes a great pot of coffie and it never lets me down. My hope is that braun continue to produce this particular product, alongside their continual new designs concepts.

The coffee machine came in perfect condition and on time. This braun coffee maker is a classic. However, this model is not automatic. So the description kaffeeautomat is misleading. A basic model for this price is not reasonable in my opinion. The shop should have put a proper description on the web site.

  • An uncomplicated machine that works well
  • Makes an excellent cup of coffee if filter coffee is your thing,
  • Despite the description, it does have the Euro-timer

Braun automatic coffee maker Aromaster KF 47 plus for 10 cups – white

Makes good coffee and keeps it hot. However, it does not have a separate plastic filter lining so, if the paper filter is curls over when the door is closed or otherwise misplaced, not all the hot water travels through the grounds and you will get weak coffee. It needs half a measure of coffee more than our previous manufacturer to make a similar strength on 6 cups. The purpose of the +4 and -3 switch is not explained. The german plug was a surprise but a sturdy uk connector is supplied.

The old machine lasted at least 20 years, let’s hope this one will be equally good. Nice to see an item of classic design still available and virtually unchanged.

This is one excellent coffee maker.

We bought this coffee maker as a replacement for our old krups machine, which had become a bit creaky after 6 years of good service. We have been using it for about a month now and so far we are pleased with it. It is faster than the krups, although the downside of this is that you have to use slightly more coffee to achieve the same strength. In the looks department it beats the krups hands down, being sleeker and more compact and, most important for us, white.

Preferred the look of this machine rather than more contemporary models with their vacuous styling. Owned one a few years ago and welcomed the chance to own one again.

I have been using the same brand of coffee maker for the last 10 years and it was great. Recently i need to buy a larger one for ten cups of coffee so i bought this one and it turns out to be even better than my old small one. It is efficient and not much water would be evaporated when brewing. It keeps warm efficiently and it looks great too. A product i would definitely recommend to my friends.

It was what i wanted although the need for the plug adapter is a pain. It’s a pity that a british version wasn’t on offer.

This product was fine, but the water level indicator soon malfunctioned and now does’nt work so i have to guess the amount.

I bought this because i was fed up with cheap coffee machines with which the water takes forever to trickle through to the filter so that the coffee is cold by the time it’s finished and the machine splutters and bubbles for ages. This one is quite the opposite – fast and quiet. I have had a braun at home for about 15 years which is still working perfectly, and so opted for this one for the office and have not been disappointed. Nb – it does not come with a permanent filter, so you would either have to use paper filters or puchase a permanent separately.

An old one of these was the best coffee maker i ever had. Used 3 or 4 times a day every day for, i think, over 15 years. Subsequent different coffee makers have lasted about a year (3 machines) and just over 3 years (the latest) and none made such good coffee. When my old braun aromaster died (leakage from metal area, not a plastic connector or tube) i could not get another at the time. Now looking for a new coffee maker, searching amazon for white ones, i come across this. Is almost identical to the old one, which i kept for its hotplate function if making large amounts and also kept the jug and permanent filter. Stayed brilliant white with no hint of yellowing – why are most white plastic products made of plastic that yellows?. (maybe i can guess) the new one does not come with a permanent filter. As this item comes from germany it has a schuko plug but comes with a good quality uk adapter.

This replaced the previous model, which to be honest i picked up in almost mint condition for a fiver in a charity shop many years ago (so it didn’t owe me anything when it packed up). I was astounded to find it was still in production but would point out the following: the size overall is just a little wider than the previous model and the colour is more of a bright white than the original cream. The size markings on the jug are very slightly different too: the amount of water i used to oput in for 6 cups makes more than the opld model made – and i’m using the same cups. It makes a really good hot cup of coffee – who needs to spend vast sums when this does the job so well?.

When i read the description, it did not say that it had the euro-timer fitted. I was looking for a coffee machine without this ‘feature’. Still, it is reminiscent of an earlier style of machine without a basket. I bought this to replace a russell hobbs machine which i have had for many years. I found that although the machine was quick to brew the coffee, it makes a somewhat weak coffee. To remedy this i use two paper filters, one 4×4 and one 4×2. This slows the coffee flow and makes a much nicer tasting coffee. I have given this machine three stars because of the euro-timer and the weak coffee.

Our previous machine lastest twelve years this one hit the dust after 3 years used daily for morning coffee. Have now bought a melitta 1011-16 look iv therm timer coffee filter machine – so far very pleased with it and the coffee comes out hotter. The braun machine was very good but i expected it to last a lot longer – just packed up one morning therefore lower rating.

Features and Spesification

  • Cup Capacity:10
  • Form Factor:Freestanding
  • Product Type:Coffee maker
  • Colour:White
  • Coffee Makers Features:Removable filter holder, water level indicator, cord storage, dishwasher safe removable parts, drip stop system, pivoting filter basket with overflow protection