Urbanears Humlan On Ear – Cobalt : Cable came out of the fabric covering it

I bought these as a change from in ear headphones-they are amazingthe sound quality and finish is brilliant plus the cord doesn’t tangle.

A good-looking pair with decent-to-good sound quality and clever details, like the detachable padding and sharing audio jack. I use these regularly, even for running, and they fit firmly enough to withstand different conditions. The snug fit is a potential problem as well: i can see how someone else would think that these are too tight, but for me, the fit just about works. The only real gripe is that they don’t arrive in a case and finding one is actually quite challenging – there aren’t even third-party manufactured official cases available. I ended up getting a random case from amazon, which is okay if bulky – not designed for this model in particular.

Very good sound comfortable to wear with the added advantage of being washable.

The sound is pretty good for the price. However, the right can stopped functioning after only two weeks of moderate use. I have reached out to the seller asking for a replacement (as stated on their website) and await their reply. Edit (20/08/2014)i got my replacement cans a while back, and these seem to be working perfectly fine.:d pretty happy with themmind you, if you have a wide head, these *will* press down on your noggin a lot after a while. I find i cant wear my glasses and the headphones at the same time for prolonged periods of time (2+ hours) without discomfort. Edit [25/08/2014]an update to the uncomfortably tight band issue. I stretched it out slowly and it fits really comfortably now. I can barely feel the headphones now :d.

I wouldnt leave home without putting these on. Sound quality is excellent for the price.

Good for running with (since i don’t like in-ear headphones; and apparently the fabric parts can be washed). Rather snug – fine for a half hour jog but probably wouldn’t want to wear them for much more than an hour. Good sound with a decent balance between bass and treble.

Great product and fast delivery.

Bought these for my daughter for christmas, she loves them. They are a lovely size, just right.

  • Nice, but broke after two weeks of use
  • A great piece of kit at a great price.
  • Solid, good-quality pair

Urbanears Humlan On Ear – Cobalt

Product Description, Humlan is another brand new concept in headphones from Urbanears. Just like your favorite T-shirt, Humlan’s headband and ear cushions can be removed and thrown in with the wash.p Your listening experience is guaranteed to be fresh and clean, even if the music you listen to is not. Because Humlan belongs to the Urbanears family, it also comes with some handy features like the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing and a microphone and remote for picking up calls and hands-free talking.

Box Contains, 1 pair of “Humlan” on-ear headphones; 1 sticker; Operating instructions

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Bought for my girlfriend and they are much much better than the price tag suggests.

16 year old daughter seems pleased with her purchase.

Never heard of the brand but my 19 year old had heard about them on some v-blog on youtube. He was very happy with them when they arrived. They are washable too apparently.

Cable came out of the fabric that is covering it. I am hoping it wont die soon. Sound is good so far so lets see. But very disappointed as it looks lovely : (update: second one they sent is still working.

Very good product and arrived quickly.

They’re lovely, i’ve been using them ever since i got them and they haven’t broke or anything.

Best headphones i have owned.

I saw these in an electrical/hi-fi store in stockholm and tried them out. The sound was amazing but there they were about €60 so i didnt buy. I saw these in the amazon site for £24 (only in tomato colour) and snapped them up. Obviously they stand out when you are wearing them as they are a vivid red. The sound is great especially the bass tones and you will really notice a difference in sound from using apple in-ear phones. I use these with my iphone 5c and ipad air 2 and the sounds are great. If you can get them at a good price go for it. You can take some parts off to wash them when they become soiled and they come with a little washbag for when you put them in the machine.

  • Nice, but broke after two weeks of use
  • A great piece of kit at a great price.
  • Solid, good-quality pair

Urbanears Humlan On Ear – Cobalt

Good quality sound at a great price.

A present for my daughter and she loves them. Love that the covers are washable :).

Lovely colour that looks really original i got loads of complements for them. Good soundquality, even my gadget-geek-dad agreed. The only problem is that them made my ears ache a bit after about 30 minutes of listening but it’s not a major issue. Unfortunately got stolen so i replaced them with the purple ones.

Warning: does get a little stained ad dirty around the edged of the actual plastic part after a while.

Great quality ‘cheap’ headphones. Good all rounders and ill be buying them again.

Excellent – ordered as a christmas present – arrived on time and in great condition as described – loved by the recipient.

They are awesome, even after 12 months.

Bought it as a gift for my sister and she loves it. Really nice that they come in so many different colours (hard to chose) and the sound quality is better than she expected so we’re happy.

A bit smaller than conventional over ear headphones and slightly tight to start with. Nevertheless, good sound quality and pretty durable.

Urbanears offer high quality headphones which also bring with them, a great deal of highly-positive aesthetics. Their headphones come in a wide range of colours and offer features that many other companies had not even thought of. The humlan headphones, certainly do not stray away from this. Perhaps the most important and notable feature of the humlan headphones is the ability to wash the removable ear cushions and headband. Using headphones for any period of time can result in warming up your ears and your head. Unfortunately this causes you to sweat and sweat and fabric do not mix. Well, unless you are perfectly happy with your headphones releasing a horrible odour for the rest of their days. All you have to do is remove the washable parts, place them inside the included wash bag and put it in the wash. It is simply as simple as that.

Features and Spesification

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  • Headphones with washable elements. 1.20 m tangle resistant fabric cord and TPE cord with Kevlar inside
  • Machine washable: removable ear cushions and headband for easy wash and wear
  • ZoundPlug: instant music sharing, plug in a friend and share your music
  • Microphone and remote compatible with most devices using the unprotected 3.5 mm standard
  • 3.5 mm stereo plug compatible with music players using this dimension