Urbanears Plattan 2 Headphones – Dark Grey : I love these headphones

Good for price and have made my train journeys so much better. They are comfortable and durable (well 1 month old so far).

Bought as xmas gift for my teenage daughter, she loves them, sound quality excellent.

Item arrived quickly is stylish and sound quality is very good.

I’m very disappointed with these. Just got them and the sound quality is excellent but the colour has nothing to do with the one you see online. They are a barely there greyish pastel closer to white. Far from the gorgeous shade on the photo. Considering urbanears advertise themselves with their shade choice it’s very disappointing to not receive what you picked. I’ve read people saying a lot of the shades are even brighter in person – this is not the case here and once i choose a better one i shall be returning these.

I got these for use with my laptop and they are great. I’ve had numerous other urbanears headphones, and besides durability issues and slightly higher price i cannot complain. So let me break this down:pros:* clean look, huge choice of colors, and practical design* they are foldable* cable is detachable, and can be plug into either the right or the left side* standard length cable with l jack and in-line mic + play/pause button* just the right amount of pressure on the ear when you put them on, may be slightly uncomfortable if you wear glasses* sound quality is ok* feature set is unmatched at the price compared to other headphonescons:* durability, i’ve had them for a while and so far i haven no problems, but other urbanears usually develop issues after 6-12 months. I feel that if i put them on heavy use, think traveling around and folding them constantly, they will not last very long. They are very light, and feel like they could break/bend easily. * in-line remote has no volume controli think this great choice of headphones, for specific uses. For heavy users, they may not last very long.

These headphones are probably the best i have ever had. They are affordable, sound awesome, even better than the first urbanear i had. Has great bass, good paddings etc. , great value for money & awesome listening.

I purchased these at a reduced price as a warehouse deal. The colour of these is intense and just as pictured and the minimal branding looks good. The foldable aspect is incredibly convenient, these take up a lot less space than other pairs, though the folding itself can be a little tricky the first couple of times. These are a definite improvement on the original plattan headphones, which i purchased but had to return. The original ones felt somewhat akin to putting your head in a vice which was made worse by wearing glasses. These are much better – they have enough tension to stay on comfortably, but it’s nowhere near as hard now. I can wear these comfortably with glasses for several hours. The replaceable cable is a huge bonus as this is usually what gets damaged and ruins headphones. The convenience of being able to switch sides for the cable and/or connect a second pair to share audio with a friend is useful. Spare cables can be bought directly from urbanears but i’ve been unable to find them on amazon.

  • At last, a subtle, well made pair of over-ear headphones.
  • A big improvement over the original (particularly if you wear glasses)
  • Great headphones

Urbanears Plattan 2 Headphones – Dark Grey

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I’ve always been a die-hard user of in-ear headphones. Something like 20 years of having little things stuck in my ears pumping out varying qualities of music to my ears. Pair after pair – they have all broken. Whether they cost £2 or £80, i’ve been lucky to get more than 8 months out of any of them. I’ve been toying with the idea of trying over-ear headphones for a long time. A few years ago it was odd to see anyone wearing them on the commute. Then overnight everyone was wearing them. So i’ve hunted and deliberated for a long time, and these urbanears have ticked lots of boxes. + they are subtle, refined, classy looking. Not massive logos, no bling.

I have purchased these recently after weeks of deliberating whether i wanted their more expensive, but cordless, wireless ones. Got them for £33 and i think i picked well. I have bought their bagis before and liked them a lot (lost them, too bad), so i thought i’ll give ue another chance. The colour was definitely more washed pale red, which surprised me, since bagis in tomato were a bit more reddish. Still, that is a very minor, a non issue really, since the audio quality has been fantastic and they have great noise isolation, which is what i was primarily looking for. I can see the snap clips are a bit more loose now that i have used them a bit more, but they still snap on. I definitely recommend a carry case for them. I’ve got a wee women’s head so it fits rather snuggly. Easy to clean, but i’d be careful with the cord, since it’s braided. I just swipe it with a wet tissue every now and then.

They are really comfortable, look great, excellent sound quality. The features on these are also great – you can plug another pair of earphones/headphones into one side so they double as a headphone splitter. There is also a button on the wire that allows you to pause/skip songs, which is very handy.

So happy to get another pair of these. Not too snug and they travel well.

I love my urbanear plattan headphones. Great sound and very comfy :).

Super happy with my new urbanears headphones. I owned a pair previously but wanted an upgrade and these are great. Design and sound is perfect and they fold easily. The microphone is a great add on to the upgrade.

Look good, sound good, feel comfortable, and don’t break the bank.

I bought these headphones to try them out. I always had in ear buds before so i wanted to give it a try and i didn’t want to spend a fortune. They are very comfortable to wear, without earrings though. If you have them, take them off to enjoy the sound without pain. Headphones are loud enough for me. I don’t like listening to loud music while walking out and about. Green color is one of my favorites so i love that. Headband is wide enough to sit comfortably on your head. All in all i will recommend them to all my friends who want a nice pair of headphones without breaking the bank.

  • At last, a subtle, well made pair of over-ear headphones.
  • A big improvement over the original (particularly if you wear glasses)
  • Great headphones

Urbanears Plattan 2 Headphones – Dark Grey

Brighter colour red than i had expected but only makes me love them even more. Liking the design tweak to headphone jack that means it fits snuggly into my ipad. I’m a diehard urbanears fan (this is my 3rd pair). I feel like the hippest 55 year old on the block.

Looks good without looking like a weird alien with massive bug ears. Sound is great too and enough to keep most of the background noise out when on the tube.

Great headphones for the price , very comfy.

My headphones arrived promptly in powder pink and i am seriously impressed considering the price point especially. Think this is at par with pretty top of the line headphones. Sound quality is crisp and clear with lovely bass and treble, design is comfortable and super stylish to boot. No bluetooth feature but i don’t really like using this anyway as it drains my battery. If they made a rose gold or tan version i’d totally buy another pair.

Had the back ones for years and changed it up a bit, lovely mat green perfect for daily use and quality is not too bad either.

Bought as a gift for the mrs. Really tempted to buy myself a pair. Great comfort feel to them too. I have lots of headsets, bluetooth and wired, these are no doubt one of the best out there for the price. Like how the aux is removable and can be plugged into any side.

I simply cannot believe this kind of sound quality and comfort exist on that price level. They are amazing, juicy, soft, deep, clear, balanced, they take all my favourite tracks and turn them into pure joy.

Great sound, comfy and folds up nicely.

Great sound and awesome colour with cute metallic accents.

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