Urbanears – Stadion Bluetooth Sports Earbuds – Rush : Best Sports headphone I’ve ever bought!

First tried these in an airport and thought they were very unique. I don’t like the inner ear buds as they hurt, so these seemed perfect. They fit perfectly for my ears, and i like that they don’t have that dangly cord around the neck, as i find that they tug over time. The battery life is great, and the controls mean i don’t need to touch my iphone. They’re great, except for one major problem; the bluetooth reception is pants. I can’t carry my phone in my pocket, because my body actually gets in the way. I’ve resorted to using a 7th gen nano in my bra, just so it’s close enough, and even then if i turn my head too much, it cuts out intermittently. Urbanears were no help at all when i raised this with them, they just fobbed me off with a rubbish excuse of the bluetooth module needing to be small, so won’t be as powerful.

Very good design and easy to wear. Can’t get volume really high.

Best sports headphones i’ve ever bought. They do not budge once you put them in. I have small ears and struggle to find earphones that fit, but the multiple buds with this are great. Sound is very good and keeps you aware of your surroundings. I got the blue set and the colour is lovely, buttons on the back super easy to use and paired / charged in seconds.

The wait for these blue tooth headphones was worth while. Comfy fit in the ear, good sound quality and stayed snug while i jogged.

Great, firmly held on ears, sounds good, never moves. In a busy street, get some breaking up when phone is in hip pocket, but fine when phone is in breast pocket or on arm.

You honestly wouldn’t know you are wearing them. As advertised don’t block out surrounding noise totally for safety but quality of found still great.

******** update*********i’m reducing this to a 3 star due to some annoying performance/quality issues. – firstly, as others have noticed, the bluetooth connection is not very strong and dropouts are common. – second, there is no feedback on battery level on the device or the phone. You can get the led to display whether it is over or under 40% with a special button press but even the cheap £10 pair i had beforehand had the battery % displayed on the phone so i’m not that impressed given the price. – finally there is no physical power button which backfired for me this week as the squidgy button became stuck and now i can no longer switch them on or off. I have contacted customer services but as the warranty went out a month ago i’m not holding my breath. I stand by my praise regarding the form and main functions but if i don’t get the power button fixed under warranty then i may be forced to look elsewhere which is a shame. ********* original review **********i can safely say that these are the best set of workout headphones that i have owned. Very lightweight and the coiled band sits snug and stable against the back of the head with little to no movement while running. I’ve used another cheap pair of bluetooth headphones but got so much noise from the cable bouncing on my neck while running.

Got these as an alternative to my urbanears plattan adv wireless now in the summer. I often find that over-the-ear headphones become too hot in the heat and i feel like i’m wearing too much if i also put on sunglasses. These headphones are greatsuper comfortable and really easy to put on/take off. I have done everything in these, yoga (upside down poses), laundry, running, shopping, cooking, and commuting. They do not fall off, and sit securely around the neck. I have long hair and they stay in place under it whether i got it up in a bun or out free. Excellent to wear when running, or navigating traffic as you can still hear what’s going on around you. On the other hand though, obviously not ideal for a loud, noisy commute, where all you want is to shut out noise. Stick to over the ears for that. Battery time is decent for such a light device; easy to charge and handle.

  • Very comfy, but poor Bluetooth reception.
  • Four Stars
  • Great, firmly held on ears

Urbanears – Stadion Bluetooth Sports Earbuds – Rush

Product Description, Stadion is the performance headset, that fits your head as seamlessly as a leotard.
With its lightweight, flexibly stretchable housing, the wireless Stadion adapts to any situation – from your unique head shape to your most intense workouts.
Now nothing can stop you from going to the famous “”tunnel”” for your workout.

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About Us

Urbanears strives to create magic where people and technology meet–a task the Stockholm-based company tackles passionately with human-centered design and innovation. Choose from a range of headphone models that complement your everyday life, whether you’re spinning vinyl, training at the gym or sitting on the bus for your daily commute.

For at home listening, Urbanears offers a collection of multiroom speakers that bring generous sound and endless audio possibilities to every room.

Stadion: Free to move

Stadion is the performance-ready headset designed to fit as seamlessly as a faithful aerobics leotard.

With its light and stretchy body, and no cords attached, Stadion adapts to everything, from the unique shape of your head to your most intense workouts.

With one less distraction in your headspace, there’s nothing stopping you from taking your workout into the zone.

  • Stretchy coils and EarClick technology
  • 3-button control
  • Bluetooth-ready
  • Up to 7 hours of playback time
  • Built-in mic and remote
  • USB power source

On-Target Fit

Meet your perfect fit team—Stretchy coils adapt to the shape of your head, and EarClick technology ensures your earbuds stay firmly in place inside your ears.

Head Controls

With all the buttons you need around back, there’s no reason to slow down. Use the 3-button control to click through your playlist, adjust volume, and pick up calls.


Bluetooth ready for cord-free listening and hands-free calls. A single charge gives up to 7 hours of playback time. Use the hidden micro USB port to recharge like a pro.

Reflective Details

Sweat bravely in the dark. Built-in reflectors keep you extra visible during late night runs and 3am walks with the dog.

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  • Very comfy, but poor Bluetooth reception.
  • Four Stars
  • Great, firmly held on ears

Urbanears – Stadion Bluetooth Sports Earbuds – Rush

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stretchy coils and EarClick technology. Maximum SPL 115 dB
  • 3-button control to click through your playlist
  • Bluetooth-ready
  • Up to 7 hours of playback time
  • Built-in mic and remote