V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – / : Five Stars

They are really sharp and very futuristic. The quality is very well-made and quite sturdy. The sound quality for when connected to blutooth is amazing. Better than the bose soundlink i bought. But my personal downside about this headphone is there is way to much muffled bass. So if a lot of bass in your trunk is what you want, get these. However, if you want the clarity and crispness with good bass, this is not for you. Dont get me wrong, these are quality made headphones that many people will be very pleased with, but being a bit of an audiohile, i wanted something with more crispness.

I got these today and giving a true review from my self i have to give 3 stars. How ever i am lover of music and very good headphones that provide the soundi want that plays my music great. Lets go through my pros and conspros:customizablebassy punchvocals sound good and clearmetal plates look coolhighs and mids are goodbluetoothcables look great and coolthey go in on the accessoriescons:smaller than i expected from the picturethe adjustable head band doesn’t stretch long enough to fit my head perfectly :(very priceymy audio-technica ath-m50x cost 85 pounds and nearly have the same sound quality as these just a little less bassmy little summery:cool looking head phones good sound quality just need them tad improvements with comfortability and long adjustments for peoples heads. The cables look good and durable and sleek. However i was going to be surprised when this came today but what mostly effected my star reviewwas play music from my audio-technica ath-m50x (cost 85 pounds) compared with these vmoda wireless (cost 250) was that my audio-technica headphones sounded a little bit louder and was not pricey for good quality headphones that are affordable and the only thing i can think of v-modasof beating the audio-technica ath-m50x is just a little more bassy punch being put into it and the metal plates and when you compare the price from 85 pounds to 250 i can understand the bluetooth function and metal plates but sound quality doesn’t make me that pushed away from my audio-technica ath-m50x as they sound almost the same on the mids and highs the only thing that makes me want to keep them is the bluetooth and the bass.

Very well made, stylish and the sound quality brilliant. The battery life is also very good.

All v-moda give you is quality. Sound is incredible, no loss of quality over bluetooth. These are the best wireless headphones out there at the moment.

I’d hate to admit how many pairs of headphones i’ve had, it’s a bit of a thing with me and i don’t even want to count how many, but these crossfade wireless headphones from v-moda are (i think) the most expensive i’ve ever owned – thankfully they’re also just about the best-sounding i’ve ever owned too. If you get past the shock of the price then when the box arrives you’ll start to see immediately what v-moda are spending your money on – even the packaging is luxed-up, for example the carry-handle on top of the box is made from the same vegan leather (no info on which kind of vegan leather is used) that the headband of the ‘phones is upholstered in and so is the little tag used to keep the box shut, complete with a metal studded popper. Once inside the packaging the headphones emerge encased in a ‘exoskeleton’ style carry-case, which is moulded like a rubber cocoon to fit them perfectly and keep them safe. Once you zip open the case you finally find the headphones themselves, a flat ribbon-style usb cable to recharge them, a braided audio cable to use them in wired mode and a velcro-backed pad with elasticated ribbons to stow the cables in transit. Even after the big build-up of all that luxe packaging the headphones manage to impress, and as soon as you pick them up there’s a sense of quality and attention to detail – in fact there really isn’t a single detail left undesigned on these things. Every visible component looks bespoke and you can’t help but be reminded of italian car design in the use of metals and (vegan) leather and pearl-effect plastics. They aren’t that heavy, especially for bluetooth headphones which need a rechargeable battery onboard, but they feel exceptionally well made. The earpieces are an unusual diamond/shield shape and you’d wonder, looking at them, how comfortable they might be – but these are easily the most comfortable over-ear headphones i’ve ever worn. I wear chunky spectacles most of the time and they can be a real issue with big headphones, usually the legs of my spec’s gets pushed into the side of my head hard enough to leave two ‘go-faster’ stripes embossed into my flesh – not with these headphones, they’re a firm fit but not a painful or uncomfortable one and the cushions around the earpieces are soft enough to accommodate my spec’s making long sessions much more bearable. Of course all of this would be nothing if the headphones didn’t sound good.

For several months, i have been searching for headphones that i could use for djing, and i have tested various brands including bose, pioneer, sony, technics sennheiser, all of which were disappointing for a variety of reasons. They just did not live up to expectations. 2 headphones i could not even hear the music out of. I could not believe my poor luck. Do quality control no longer test products before release for sale?. Finally, i read a review on google for the top 10 dj headphones and after listing the top 10, the reviewer singled out v-moda as his personal favourite, along with a pioneer ones, so, i decided to order these headphones for which i placed an order very late on friday night. The order arrived promptly the next day. Super fast servicei could not wait to open the box i was like a kid in a candy store, bearing in mind the review i had read the night before. The italians know a thing or 2 about style. The packaging lets you know without saying a single word that the contents in the box is a product of pure quality.

V moda the best headphones easy. But what you want from your headphones is objectivev moda wireless are harsh clear and bass and warm with all the the depth you expect from v modas because of the air flow in them. If you are happy to spend the money get these. They last as my 5 year old lp’s are still fine and beat most of my dj’ing friends headphones easy still. But if you want to invest in to the future just but the wirelessbut if your not happy with the money get the lp’s if you want some more base get the cross fadesthese headphones are future proof as aux is about to dye and this is prepared for that with wireless and usb and interchanging cables.

V-moda crossfadei’ve wanted these headphones for some time now and finally decided to treat myself a few months ago. Build quality: these headphones on the whole are well made. The adjustments are all metal and and solid feeling. The headphone wires are exposed to allow them to move freely. No issues so far but it feels like this will likely fail at some point as i often snag them putting them on. A small point but the charge port is backwards. Battery: i am constantly using headphones so battery is very important. These headphones are the worst i own for battery, only lasting 3-6 hours full use and less if left on standby. On the plus side it only takes an hour or so to charge. It does mean i’m using older headphones a lot whilst these charge though.

  • Stylish and sounds amazing
  • Wow, wow, wowsimply amazing
  • As a DJ these headphones just don’t cut it. Only good as a wireless headphone

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – White/Silver

Colour Name:White Silver
Product Description, Crossfade Wireless gives you the best of both worlds: wireless via Bluetooth technology for ultimate freedom, wired if you run out of juice or just want to enjoy pure analog mode with your own headphone amp or DAC. Either way, you still get V-MODA Crossfade’s award-winning signature sound. Unlike other wireless headphones, inserting a cable plug into the headphone jack instantly switches off all electronics to achieve zero latency, which is essential for gamers and DJs.Just pair your Crossfade Wireless to a Bluetooth device and enjoy your headphones up to 33 feet (10 meters). They can also be paired with two sources at the same time such as smartphone+laptop or smartphone+smartwatch (specially tuned antenna to work with all smartwatches on the market).The built-in hidden microphone is specially tuned and optimized for phone calls and voice recognition and a rugged Kevlar-reinforced 1-Button SpeakEasy cable for wired use is included in the box.Crossfade Wireless keeps faith with V-MODA heritage thanks to the luxurious combination of steel and new vegan leather, tested to the strictest V-MODA durability standards. Memory foam ear cushions physically block noise and provide supple ergonomic comfort for extended listening sessions. The cushions and SteelFlex headband adapt to your head and ears to create perfect natural noise isolation, optimal bass and an immersive 3D soundstage.The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous music, entertainment and calls. Recharging is easy thanks to the included elegant V-Micro USB cable.Discover V-MODA world via Crossfade Wireless and enjoy our unrivaled Six-Star customer support, our 50% Immortal Life Replacement Program and 1-Year Premier Warranty.

Box Contains, Crossfade Wireless Exoskeleton carry case Carabiner clip Reinforced 1-Button SpeakEasy Microphone & Mic cable Elegant V-Micro USB cable V-MODA sticker Six-Star Service 1-Year Premier Warranty 50% Immortal Life Program

From the manufacturer

Crossfade Wireless

Crossfade Wireless

Crossfade Wireless

Over-Ear. Wireless. Personalised Headphones

“Best daily driver headphones” -Gizmodo

Crossfade Wireless is the product of years of research and development with the aim of delivering the classic Crossfade M-100 signature sound wirelessly, in a stylish device carrying on the traditions of V-MODA’s iconic shapes and premium materials.

Why Crossfade Wireless?

  • Go Wireless
  • Premium Sound and Comfort
  • Superior Durability
  • Customisable Shields
  • Six-Star Service

Trusted Sound & Comfort

wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones

wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones

wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones

Trusted Sound and Comfort

1) Crossfade M-100 Sound, Wireless Freedom – Our best over-ear sound refined from winning 45+ editors’ choice awards and crowdsourcing audiophiles and musicians

2) Master Crafted Materials – Superior lightweight metal components, Ergosoft foam cushions and 5+ years of comfort R&D

3) 50 millimetre Dual-Diaphragm Driver – Inner and outer rings separate the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs, quality tested at 6 frequencies for stricter consistency than the competition, often by an order of magnitude

4) Micro VAMP –Legendary V-MODA VAMP AMP/DAC technology condensed

5) Analogue Purist Zero Latency – No powered EQ or coloured sound that pollutes the audio and causes unacceptable latency for videos, gaming and DJ/music performance.

Go Wireless

1) Unlimited Hours – Up to 12 hours of wireless listening, 30 minute quick charge for 3 hours, and unlimited hours in analogue wired mode featuring virtually indistinguishable sound

2) Go the Distance – Pair your Bluetooth device and enjoy your headphones up to 33 feet (10 metres).

3) Hybrid Wireless + Wired – Enjoy the best of both worlds: wireless for freedom, cabled when you run out of juice or demand zero latency pure analogue audio for gaming, videos, music/DJ performance or a Hi-Fi DAC/AMP (PS4 + Xbox One controllers).

4) Simultaneous Device Pairing – Multitask and pair the headphones with two sources at a time

5) Optimised Antenna – Fewer music cutouts

Durability: Built To Last

1) Virtually Indestructible Steelflex Headband with vegan leather exterior, user adjustable clamping force and vastly superior strength to plastic headbands

2) Steel Frame

3) Exoskeleton Form-Fitting Case

4) 1+ Million Cable/Plug Bends – Cables and 45-degree plug can bend over 1 million times

5) Ready for the Elements – Resistant to high and low temperatures, humidity, salt spray and UV exposure

Versatility & Style

1) Mind the Gap – Sleek design frames the natural lines of your facial features and minimises unsightly gap

2) Optional Custom Shield Kits – Laser engrave your logo, change your shield material and colour

3) Cable & Cushion Ecosystem – Extend your functionality with the BoomPro Mic for gaming and communication, XL Memory Cushions, CoilPro extended cable and a variety of accessories to enhance your versatility

4) Auto Analogue Switch – Plug a cable in the jack to automatically switch off all battery and electronics, turn your bluetooth headphones into a ‘zero latency’ weapon for the win

V-MODA, The Standard Of Quality

bluetooth headphones, wireless headphones, headphones
Technical Details

Type – Over-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

Frequency Response – 5 – 30,000Hz.

Wired Latency – 0ms.

Battery – Up to 12 hours music playblack (depending on volume/music).

Impedance – 30 Ω.

Weight – 292g (with standard aluminium shields).

Press Accolades

‘Best daily driver’ –Gizmodo

‘Built like a tank and delivers very strong Bluetooth performance’ –CNET

‘My favourite overall sounding headphone’–TheGamingAudiophile

XS LP2 M-100 Crossfade Wireless Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex
XS Crossfade LP2 Crossfade M-100 Crossfade Wireless Crossfade 2 Wireless Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition
Type On-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear Bluetooth Over-Ear Bluetooth Over-Ear Bluetooth
Driver M-Class Dual Diaphragm 40mm LP2 Dual Diaphragm 50mm M-100 Dual Diaphragm 50mm Refined M-100 Dual Diaphragm 50mm Crossfade 2 Dual Diaphragm 50mm ft. CCAW Japanese coil Crossfade 2 Dual Diaphragm 50mm ft. CCAW Japanese coil
Qualcomm aptX Rose Gold Only
Advanced Audio Codec (AAC)
Passive Noise Isolation
Exoskeleton Case
Durability & Reinforced Cables 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic Cable 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic Cable + Extended Audio Cable 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic Cable + SharePlay Audio Cable 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic Cable 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic Cable 1-Button SpeakEasy Mic Cable

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Having mostly had relatively cheap sennheisers, plus a few headphones in the £60-100 range, i wasn’t expecting to hear much difference from these, just some nicer materials and construction. Not only are these the most comfortable headphones i’ve tried, not only do they have the right level of noise isolation, not only do they feel solid and sturdy and come with a decent protective case, but they sound significantly better than any previous headphones i’ve owned. The difference was not just the balance of bass, mid-range and treble, which sounded spot-on to me, but the quality of that sound – hearing the individual plucking of strings which i hadn’t made out listening with other headphones. I was very tempted to drop a star because the price is substantial compared to what i’m used to, but i’d guess these are rather closer to reference headphones and then the price isn’t unreasonable. Not only that, but you get the option of using them as a bluetooth headset. Here is probably the main stumbling block – they’re the best bluetooth headphones i’ve tried, easily, but if you’re wanting to listen to music and want £250 sound quality, bluetooth just seems to lose a little bit – a slightly harsher treble, less rich bass. The audio is then more comparable with headphones costing quite a bit less. A just a set of headphones, it’s hard to fault the construction, feel, sound or anything about these – they really are very good.

As a gift for my husbandloves these sound excellent.

Great, but only passive noise cancelling.

Took me around three months to decide to buy these headphones. Personally if your thinking about it do it because they have blown me away with the sound quality the clarity for wireless is simply amazing. They sound outstanding with all types of music the bass is excellent too. Extremely happy i took the plunge and spent the extra money faultless in my eyes.

These truly are a great pair of headphones. The sound is clear with a very powerful and punchy bass but not too over the top. Best thing is that these headphones handle pretty much any music i’ve listened to. Great vocals, dubstep, classical, electronic, pop, hip hop, what ever. They’re loud but still good sound and bass at lower volumegood noise isolationhigh quality, very comfortable (with xl pads). They don’t fold like the m-100 but don’t let that be a deal breaker, the first thing i noticed when getting them out was that they are surprisingly compact, for 50mm driver headphones they are a similar size to my old 30mm headphones. About half the size of beats beats pro 50mm headphones as a comparison. How does bluetooth effect sound?.Well hardly much at all, have yet to have a extensive session of listening to these wired as i always want to just unplug them.

Over the last few years that have been lots of fashion headphone manufacturers hit the market where the emphasis has been very much on brand and style (i’m looking at you angle & curve etc). Even dre’s beats audio were more about the brand than the sound despite their marketing arguing the opposite. Brands such as bose have tried for a long time to strike a balance between the two – promoting great quality audio kit with brand recognition for quality and understated style. However, as i’ve pointed out in my review of the bose soundlink around-ear wireless headphones ii, bose to me are often just a more established beats in this respect – relying more on sound processing to create a heavier bass than actually delivering better quality audio. As per my review, though, the bose soundlink around-ear wireless headphones are a brilliant, brilliant piece of kit and far surpassed my expectations. Where do these fit in?actually they are a lot closer to the bose soundlink’s than i wanted to admit at first. My pre-conceptions (mis-conceptions?) started when i opened the shipping box from amazon. These headphones are lavishly packed in a shaped box with a ribbon to cut to open it.Once inside the headphones are tightly packed in a soft-touch, hard case that also houses all the cables etc.

My title say’s it all: these headphones are literal pure perfection. I’ll put a fair bit into this so if you want my broken down review see the part towards the end of it. :)okay, so i have been looking for the best part of a year for a truly great pair of headphones, everything from beats, to steelseires, to astro and beyond, but all i’ve tried have fallen short in an important field (sound quality, or comfort, etc. )i had never heard of v-moda until the other day but as soon as i saw them i fell in love, then i read how so many say they are the ‘best headphone’s they’ve ever tried’ and i can see why. I cannot find a single way to critisise them. You don’t realise what you don’t hear until you hear it and yes these headphone’s really are much better than anything you’ve ever tried, i can almost guarantee it and yes it does make that much of a difference. I love how you can customise the shields as well, i love making something my own (i’m putting my v-moda sticker on my ps4 later ha) and i really look forward to treating myself in the near future to some more shields. It is very clear that v-moda have their customers’ experience at the top of their priorities because the after-care and benefits are fantastic (check their website v-moda. Com for a whole list because there’s a fair few haha)in a nutshell:sound quality: 11/10 (yes you read that right)comfort: 10/10durability/build quality: 10/10ease of use: 10/10features: 10/10customisation: 10/10price: 10/10 (i’d value these at more, i’m shocked they’re such amazing value)extras (a carry-case, benefits, after-care, etc. ): 10/10seriously, you need v-moda.

Because once you put them on and load up some tunes you won’t want to take them off. I’ve been debating on getting some v-moda’s for some time now and these were recently offered by amazon at a very attractive price and i had to get them. Even the unboxing felt special, they are extremely well packed and well presented. After a quick charge i paired them to a win 10 laptop and played some favorite test tracks. The sound, wow, very enjoyable. Perhaps not necessarily reference quality but certainly a fun listen. They hit hard in the bass, have a slightly recessed midrange (which i don’t mind) and highs that are smooth and not too fatiguing. The soundstage is a little narrow but nothing that you would worry too much about. I normally use monster jvc sz1000’s which are absolute bass cannons but due to the dual driver design still provide great mids and highs.

  • Stylish and sounds amazing
  • Wow, wow, wowsimply amazing
  • As a DJ these headphones just don’t cut it. Only good as a wireless headphone

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – White/Silver

Based on seeing several youtube reviews and analysis i have done the below comparision.

Sent these back about a month ago. Really wanted to keep them due to the excellent sound quality and super cool aesthetics. After an hour or so they had to be removed due to the extremely dense pain they caused around my ears (ouch, very ouch). It’s not like i have a gargantuan, elephantine minnie driver head, so what gives?. Could only be the clamping force, the thin ear pads or a combination of the two. Whatever, it isn’t on considering the steep price. Yeah they sound amazing, but it’s always on your mind that they’re gonna start digging into your skull and that makes you reluctant to use them. Put them on display cause they look cool?.

I wondered what a pair of headphones that go for £250 would look like and i got my answer when these v-moda’s were delivered. The packaging is excellent and the zip closed clam-shell case they come in is very nice. The headphones come with a plug in audio cable and a flat wire usb charging cable and a little carabiner (i assume it clips on to the clam-shell case and you can attach it to. . Stuff, any way, the headphones themselves are very well made with lots of nice detailing. They are solid in your hands but pretty comfy when you put them on. Sound quality -wise, i tried them with a real mix of musics from vivaldi’s ‘nulla in mundo pax sincera’ sung by emmay kirkby to massive attacks’ ‘teardrop’ to ac-dc’s ‘thunderstruck’ then a bit of rush ‘farewell to kings’ and then finally jean sibelius’ ‘karelia suite op 11’ so a pretty mixed bag really and i felt these headphones handled it all. The bass isn’t like a wall of air hitting your inner ear, it’s solid and very definite but it doesn’t pop your eardrums, mid range and higher frequencies are dealt with in a realistic way and so it doesn’t feel tiring to listen with these haedphones for long periods of time, i think i’d be safe listening to a whole symphony by furtwangler without feeling my ears were going to drop off.

I bought these for my partner for his christmas present. I’d originally bought him some bosé but they weren’t brilliant for their price. The v-moda are fantastic, they’re the best he’s ever had. He’s also has some beats, but these are the best hands down. The sound quality is brilliant especially when your listening to high quality music.

Pros- good battery life (about 10 hours – roughly two work days worth)- can just plug in a 3. 5mm cable if out of battery- bluetooth connection isn’t fiddly like other products- great sound- durable – dropped it a few times on concrete, the earpiece popped out but it just goes back in. Only a few minor scratches- comfortable – can wear them all day. Just need to make the band wider as necessary- voice quality is pretty good, even without the mic attachmentcons- not really noise isolating – though this might just be my misshapen head- kind of awkward to rest on the neck since the earpieces don’t fold away- doesn’t fold up at all, but this is fine since they’re quite durable – can just throw them in a bag- can’t charge and listen via bluetooth at the same time- buttons are a little flimsy, takes getting used to- casing around the 3. 5mm jack port means some cables don’t fit.

Futuristic looking headphones with being blue tooth even better, now when playing your music you can mute and take your call easily and the sound/tone crystal clear. These look good quality, the sound spot on for listening to music and also listening to audio books. Plus the twelve hour use time when wireless is a good amount of time i thought. They come in a box which i suppose for the full retail price makes it a little easier to swallow, expensive yes, but for sound quality these are the best ones i have ever tried out. Carry case for keeping them in which helps as would not want the dog to eat them at the price they are. Would compare them to being better than even bose ones. Just my thoughts, son would love them for gaming but think these with them being so easy to set up and use are staying put. With being a wireless option too even better less wires for tangling up for me. Comfy padded ear muffs and not too tight on head. Yes these are brilliant for using to watch a tv programme and get the super sound quality even when just watching on ipad and other people in room not wanting to watch as they say no sound seems to be heard even when music/sound played quite high.

The first thing i noticed about this was the packaging. First it came in a very snazzy box inside which was a funky kevlar case with the headphones in. The headphones came with all the required equipment to use them either wireless charged or connected. The controls are located on the ear piece but once you figure out the order then they are easy to use by touch. The first thing you notice is the weight of the phones they are very light for the size and the padding is very soft, the ears are covered fully and the band is springy so will suit most head types. Unlike some other brands even after prolonged use it still feels very light and doesn’t cause pain or aching on the ears or across the head. They are apparently still very soft and comfortable when lying down. So i was informed by another user of this pair. The sound is very good clear and crisp the bass and treble well defined. We tried these with all different types of music to give them a good work out and were impressed with sound quality.

Firstly, i cannot fault the headphones. For the last 14 months they have been one of, if not the best headphones i have ever owned. Great sound, comfortable to wear (even after extensive usage) and perfectly convenient being bluetooth. However, after 14 months of use mine have stopped working in the left ear. After hearing great things about their supposed ‘six star service’ i emailed the company explaining the situation hoping i could to get them repaired. To my dismay i was curtly told that as they were out of warranty (by 45 days) there was nothing they could do and i would simply have to buy a replacement pair as they do not offer any sort of repair service (even paid repair). In short, after only 14 months of use i am left with a broken pair of headphones and no option but to buy a new pair. Not what i expected from a £220 product or ‘6 star service’, and will seriously rethink about buying from v-moda again.

I don’t do many reviews but i am that blown away by the crossfade that i felt i had to write this. I’ve tried a heck of a lot of headphones and high end music products over the years. I can say this is the biggest smile i’ve had on my face listening to queen classics via google play music and an iphone (without an amp). Via the cable wow, just wow. Clear bass lines, sharp and vivid entertaining mids and highs. I can’t wait to charge them and try the wireless mode. If you are on the fence don’t be this is easily a great pair for mobile devices. Well done v-moda engineers for knocking it out the park. Oh and the headphones ooze build quality.

These are one of the best headphones i’ve usedbuild======they are beautiful looking. I have to admit they are more masculine looking than some. These are built survive falls, kicks and sitting on. The hinges are metal and are built for military purposes. Ok maybe not but i think they could be. I prefer the build of these. Comfort=========these are so comfortable. They are like little soft clouds. You can wear them for ages without any strain. Love them==========they are a pretty set of headphones which will last for years.

Seriously eye catching and a gorgeous mix of leather and metal. Very well built and durable but best of all, amazing sound. Better than headphones twice their price.

V-moda headphones are pretty decent but are in my opinion too bottom frequency heavy. If you have eq on your system you can address that but if you don’t you’re stumped. My biggest problem is the headbands wear away very quickly, leaving you with a tattered looking headset. I tried v-moda to see if they had replacement headbands but they didn’t.

Over the past few weeks i have tried out quite a few over-ear bluetooth headphones in a mad search for the ‘ultimate’ bluetooth headphone. I have tried the bose qc35’s, v-moda crossfade wireless and now the sennheiser pxc550’s (i wanted to also try the new sony mdr1000x models but they appear to be sold out with a two month waiting list – and i’m the impatient type. My usual wired headphones consist of the following (all of which are used regularly):ultimate ears triple fi 10 – in ear monitor1more hybrid triple driver – in ear monitorsony xba h1 – in ear monitorapple earpods – fall out of ear earbudaudio technica ath50x – full size over-ears (make you look a bit like a cyberman)playback electronics include:samsung galaxy note 2 (an excellent audio player – especially with the inclusion of neutron). 5 – also quite nice sound quality through headphone out – even with stock romagptek h01 – micro sd based lossless player with a very powerful amplifier on-board. My music tastes are beginning to vary in my old age – rush, pink floyd, queen, bach, fleetwood mac, vivaldi, william orbit, hanz zimmer – you get the idea. Most of my music is well-encoded mp3’s (either 320k rips – some of the older stuff ripped using eac/lame (with some cool psycho-acoustical filtering applied) and some downloaded flac files. In other words, perhaps not the best in the world but certainly a significant step up from entry-level. My criteria in order of importance is:sound qualityvolumeability to pair with two phonesreliable bluetooth connectionbattery lifefacility to use wired connectioncomforti can tolerate some discomfort as i am frequently having to remove my headphones when working but they’ve gotta sound good and loud. I normally like a sound signature that’s neutral (with perhaps just a hint of deep bass) normally.

Only had these a couple days and man are these good, the sound quality is worth the price tag 100 percent recommend these for music lovers, its very low profile design so going out in public with these are great not to small or to big, if you are a gamer like me then these are not for you so look for some other pair if you play a lot of games but other than that worth a buy 👍.

I researched various earphones for over one week and looked at bose, beats, sennheiser and all the top brands. I was concerned about build quality after testing some of the earphones in store as they were very plasticy and didnt feel like they were worth the 200/300 pound price tag. I bought these after discovering vmoda on amazon. First let me say that the most important factor, the sound quality, is better than anythign else i tested. A full, balanced sound with nice bass, mids and treble. The volume is great and goes louder than you would need. Also the quality via wireless is great. The wireless functions flawlessly. I have tested with my mobile phone listening to music when out and about as well as with my laptop at home. It pairs with ease and stays connected.

V-moda crossfade wireless over-ear headphonea nod to the packing, upon delivering this to my door the delivery man managed to drop the parcel down the stairwell two floors, the headphones survived no problem. While on the subject of packing it’s also worth noting that the box for these headphones is sturdy and attractive, so if buying as a gift they are going to look good to the gift-receiver. The headphones also come in a very good form-fitting clam-shell zipped exoskeleton carry case, so when out the packing it’s going to take a few knocks when in its case in your bag or suitcase. Long story short – packing is attractive and carry case is sturdy, these pricey headphones are going to arrive in good condition and when not in use will stay safe in their case. Charging was quick, taking a little over an hour and a half to charge to full power and with the cables included, i believe it gives you up to 12 wireless hours of music or you can charge for a quick 30 minutes for 3 hours worth of music. Wireless has controls on the top of the right ear for the normal play/stop and volume controls, and it was quick to pair with all my devices. These have been used exclusively in the apartment, so distance and isolation isn’t a huge concern for me, the fact that they could maintain wireless without too much messing about or cutting out was all i was interested in and these work perfectly for that with a really great sound quality. If you look around at reviews all over the internet you’re going to see that these headphones are a good choice so not sure what else i can tell you to sell these to you, they are a little heavy and uncomfortable but they are really well made and attractive, of course the most important thing is the sound. Wired or unwired they sound good even if a little better weird, you can pick out individual elements of music and you have a very good bass, bass always important for a rocker.

I have been hearing very good things about the v-moda m100 for a while now, i was going to buy them about a year ago, but was put off by what was said about it leaking after doing much research, ready, watching videos on utube etc, a few people talked about the leaking problem witch means when listening to music on public transport or in general others you around would be able to hear what your listening to, this at the time put me off buying them as i travel a lot on public transport. I have a few other head phones that are impressive, to name a few the sennheiser urbanite xl, monster ncredible npuls. But one thing was missing, i didnt have any wireless headphones, i’ve always stayed away from bluetooth because the sound quality is some what compromised, only the higher end bluetooth headphones are close to the mark inregards to the sound quality that wired headphones have, prices from up to £500 and more. While doing my research i came across the v-moda crossfade wireless, i know from hearing so much about the m100 that the wireless would be good also, i was even more exited to know the have even make more improvements and adjustment on the new bluetooth verions. I thought v-moda would never do wireless unless, but they worked very hard on making sure they would sound as good as wired headphones. After dealing with the possibility that they might leak i still took that plunge and waited eagerly for them to be delivered. When they came and i tried them out i was amazed by the sound quality, boy o i’m blown alway, its very difficult to tell that your listening to bluetooth headphones as both sound identical, the base is tight and smooth, you can hear everything, mids highs, lows are on point. It’s now very hard to find words to say how good these cans are, the leaking has not been a problem i’ve tested that area of things a bit since having then, and they don’t leak half as bad as i heared even when the volume is st 50% or even 80%. But don’t keep them on 80% the bass will kill.

Sounds great, pretty indestructible. Dropped them, sat on them, used them for ages every day. Not the easiest to clean, but are fantastic quality.

Features and Spesification

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  • Crossfade’s award-winning signature sound both in wireless mode via Bluetooth technology and wired mode for pure analog and zero latency essential for gamers and DJs
  • Built-in hidden microphone specially tuned and optimized for phone calls and voice recognition. Ergosoft Foam Cushions
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous music, entertainment and calls, recharge it to 100% in 100 minutes thanks to the included elegant V-Micro USB cable; unlimited hours of music in analog wired mode
  • Dual-diaphragm 50mm driver is a refined version of the award-winning Crossfade M-100 that was crowdsourced by hundreds of audiophiles and won 17 editors’ choice awards, unrivaled speaker consistency, perfectly balanced air flow mechanics and materials
  • Luxurious material combination of steel and new vegan leather, meeting military-level standards of the MIL-STD-810G testing guidelines, memory foam cushions and headband provide comfort for extended listening sessions and natural noise isolation