V-MODA RRMT-E-NERO Remix Remote – : Its The Sound!

Very good headphones, sounds great, but i wish i newn when i brought these headphones, they were only for use with apple products. If you have a i productthey are very good.

Bought these recently for my samsung galaxy s2 as the ear phones that come with it are pretty rubbish. The sound quality is quite well rounded, with rich base, but lacking slightly in the high notes. The sound isolation is the highlight, even on busy public transport. They are comfortable and fit snug in the ear, especially with the 5 ear bud sizes that come with it as spares also. The clip and optional round-ear supports make it good wearing whilst exercising and moving around as the lead is better supported. They also come well presented with a little string bag to hold them in and protect when not using. Overall a good product that i’d recommend if you’re willing to spend a bit more on decent earphones.

1) the usual great delivery and packaging you can expect from amazon. 2) head phones are built to very high standard. 3) the remote does not work with my 80gb ipod but i knew this from the on set and is not a prob for me as i use an fiio e1. They do how ever work with my latest generation nano. 4) noise isolation matches if not beats that of the great klipsch s3’s that they replace. I use the underground every day so need something block the horrendous noise of the underground without having to pump the volume to dangerous levels. 5) the earphones come in great packaging and as others have mentioned come with an insane amount of spare earpads and a great set of over ear hooks. I always wear mine over the ears to avoid the dreaded cable noise. 6) the sound quality from the off is rather quite lovely but bass can be just a little muddy. They still need to burn in properly and when they do, i imagine they will be spot on. 7) i got these from amazon / powermall for a bargaintastic £32 and a bit pence. . They have now gone up to £60. I have the black and silver ones.

Good quality headphones, as far as earbuds go this are on the large and heavy side – may have a problem getting a good fit with small ears. Very bass heavy wich some may prefer – which gets better overtime. The mic and volume controls are chunky, but also easy to use.

I had read a couple of reviews on these earphones (and they came out as good). So having purchased them, knew they would’nt be too bad. Wow they outstripped any of my expectations, they sound fantastic and as a plus i can fully control my ipod from the inline controls. It just leaves me wondering, why when ipods are so expensive do they supply them with such poor earphones, they should supply these, far superior ones. A ‘must have’ for anyone with an apple mp3 player/phone or probably any mp3 player.

I won’t bother going into details as others’ have already done so in their reviews, but i can tell you that the sound quality is superb, the build quality is amazing, and the controls are in a great position and work better than the official iphone headphone controls. They come with running clips, which i have tested and found to work very well. Also a plethora of ear-bud choices come in the box. I am considering getting a second pair as back-up.

After returning some sennheiser sport earphones because they were uncomfortable and too open (poor sound), these really were really impressive. The fit is superb, which makes for a complete closed, full and rich sound. Plenty good enough for sports, and indeed the price – although i’m sure the discerning audiophile would find fault (why would they buy earbuds anyway?). Of particular note is the sport ear-hooks, which perform the job of discretely keeping the ear buds in place when running and jolting about. They should be advertised more prominently as a feature, in my opinion. Remote works really well with my iphone – only a minor gripe is that without clipping the remote to something it can bounce and knock the buttons without interventiondefinitely recommended for the price, no doubt.

Best headphone i even brought, only problem i have is they’re not very comfortable in the ear – sometimes pop out when on the move.

  • Worth the investment
  • Eartastic
  • Just the trick

V-MODA RRMT-E-NERO Remix Remote – Black (Inline Volume Control)

Don’t just hear the music, feel it. With the Remix Remote, you get unparalleled sound clarity and vibrant bass putting you in every song. Plus, you get control at your fingertips with the integrated three-button remote and high fidelity microphone. Combining all-metal craftsmanship with fashion-forward design, the Remix Remote is lightweight and durable, perfect for the mobile lifestyle.A three-button remote and high fidelity, omni-directional microphone let you control the music playback, volume, Voice Control and phone calls with ease. A newly tuned 9mm V-MASQUE high definition dynamic driver creates the absolute in clarity alongside the perfect balance of vibrant bass built in collaboration with pro musicians and DJs. The BEATPORT air flow system delivers a high-definition sound stage, invoking the sense of a live music or club experience. V-MODA’s revered BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) noise-isolating technology further reduces outside noise and enables deep punchy bass for the ultimate audio experience.At the gym, heading to the venue, or walking down the street, the Remix Remote is designed for your mobile lifestyle. Weighing only 17 grams, they are lightweight. Featuring all-metal construction, the Remix Remote combines sleek design and durability. Our newly developed medical-grade, soft silicone ear tips give you a comfortable and secure fit while the detachable sport earhooks insure you don’t miss a beat when you’re on the go, running or at the gym. With the Remix Remote, the pinnacle experience of music is interwoven with supreme style in these premium fashion-phones that sound as amazing as they look.Features: Colour : Black. Three-button remote and discrete microphone. Newly tuned 9mm V-MASQU

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First, let’s get to the sound. The highs are crisp and the lows are precise and totally solid. The bass is as good as my sony mdr-nc60 noise canceling headphone and i’ve never heard that kind of quality from any other earbuds. In fact, throw out your old earbudsthe hands-free microphone is very small and clips to your shirt. Your voice is clear to the other party and the call/music function is great, as when you make a call the music quickly fades away. However, i have the `iphone 3g’ and the remix call/music control and `3 button remote’ only work on the `iphone 3gs’. It is odd talking to someone through ear-buds instead of a bluetooth, but it’s safe. The kit comes with a pair of sport ear-hooks which are great in keeping your ear buds solidly in your ear with no interruption from the cords when you are walking, jogging or exercising. You also get a choice of four earbud cushion sizes, which is great. It does work with any model of ipod or mp3 players that have a 3.

A long time i was sceptic to replace my creative ep-630 with other headphones. I had been using them for many years. They were the best in-ear headphones, i thought. Then i decided to invest in new pair of in-ears when my 630 died. I went for remix because they had very good reviews, volume buttons, were bass-boosted and good looking. The reduced price of 35 gbp was unbelievable. And i am extremely happy that i dared to choose something different.

This review would have more stars, but i did have to splash out about 15 quid more to get some ‘comply tx-400 foam replacement eartips’ for them to truly work in my ears. I prefer foam tips anyway, for fit, and sound over all, so now they are greati have always had problems getting the ‘rubber’ earphones to stay in my ears (maybe i’m strange?) but they just gradually slide out. Now that i got the foam ear tips, i love these, they sound great, and i use the remote control with my iphone when commuting, for track navigation, volume, play pause, and also (i’m not sure if everyone knows this) for voice command. I can call anyone i want, without removing the phone from inside my jacket. (you hold down the middle button for a few seconds, then clearly say ‘call (name)’ and voila, 2 beeps and you’re off :)you’re welcome 🙂 hahaha.

This is the first time i’ve ever bothered to write a review, but for any other audiophiles out there or even in the market for a new set, these are the best ones i’ve ever owned (and there’s been many). Super clear highs and lows and good mids, sturdy enough construction and more earbud sizes than i’ve ever seen. So glad i bought them, well better than the last 2 ‘premium brands’ i went with, you won’t be disappointed.

1) choosingi am a commuter who spends about 3 hours a day on trains every week day and use my iphone 4 for audio throughout. I have used many in ear headphones with the sennheiser cx300ii’s being my favourite compromise between quality and cost. Over the last few months though i have switched to a much busier train route meaning i spend the majority of my travelling time, shoulder to shoulder with other commuters. This makes the process of extracting my phone out of my pocket to change volume/track a very awkward, uncomfortable and frustrating one. I therefore wanted a set of headphones that offered great quality (sound and build) whilst not further emptying my wallet too much. I had seen some shure’s and sennheisers that looked great, but both are around the £150 mark which for headphones is simply too expensive for me. I therefore thought i would give the v-moda’s a go. They looked good in the photos and as i have not heard of them before i figured that if i didn’t like them then i would simply return to amazon for a refund. 2) first impressionson receiving them i was immediately impressed by the efficient and luxurious appearance of the packaging. Unfortunately the only way to get to the headphones is to open the heat sealed plastic, taking away my contingency plan of being able to return themthe headphones come with a decent pouch with several different sizes of ear buds and sports clips for attaching to the wires and then to your ears.

As always when you spend your hard earned money with v-moda, you know that they will deliver the sound quality you should expect. Rich sounds without the interference from the noise of your surrounding. Extras which includes plenty of ear buds of all sizes and a pouch to keep them in. The build quality and style to last for years to come. The two drawbacks to these headphones is that the edges of the cuts made at the rear of the headphone are sharp, which can make your ears sore after a long period of use. The other is the feature of playback controls, that can be a problem with devices that don’t support the feature; meaning you have to have the headphones partially out of the jack to get the full sound quality. Overall v-moda hasn’t disappointed me, but with the down sides its 1 star short of the full 5.

I have had earphones from £20 to £200 and certain ones (etymotic, ultimate ears, bose, shure, other v-moda models) all had good bits but essentially no bass or if plenty of bass, everything else was poor. The most neutral were the etymotic hf2’s but the bass was too light for my music and taste, plus to get a good fit they had to be inserted so far into the ear it was uncomfortable. I also had the v-moda vibe ii’s which had good bass, but the mid was recessed and vocals suffered as a result, plus after 6 months the left channel went dead with a cable problem. But back to the remix remote – other reviews suggested that v-moda had addressed both the sound balance and the cable reliability issues. So i decided to go for the remix and i have not been disappointed:bass:bass you can almost feel on some tracks (sounds daft from earphones but its true). The bass is not overblown, but it is really dependent on the track mix. Coldplays’ latest album mylo xyloto – when played with a high bit rate (320), has some great bass lines – check out the start of paradise. Other tracks are not so ‘bass obvious’ so i conclude that the remix’s are doing a good job on the lower registers. Mid:vocals are clear, not recessed, maybe a bit forward when you first try them, but with a proper ‘burn-in’ period this reduces to make vocals just right. Bass forward earphones tend to miss out on mids but the remix is fine.

This is by far one of the best earphones i have utilized. Amazing sound quality and quality of construction. Costing less then £40 i honestly do not believe there is anything even similar. Would be 5 start even if paying the full announced £90 price.

  • Worth the investment
  • Eartastic
  • Just the trick

V-MODA RRMT-E-NERO Remix Remote – Black (Inline Volume Control)

Bought 3 of these for the family and used mine whilst our cycling – excellent.

Ordered on monday night, arrived on wednesday. Opened the box, over 9 different silicon cushions to choose from. Found ones that actually fit my ears without falling out all of the time and plugged into my i-phone. Without a doubt these are the best in ear headphones i’ve used. Blow my akg ones into last week.

As i’m sure many people are, i’m quite fussy about my headphones. I like them to be a good quality with good sound, but at the same time not too expensive. It doesn’t help then that i seem to go through a set every 6 months. I stumbled across these after several failed attempts with other earphones. What drew me to them was the good reviews, and very competitive price. I can’t say that i was disappointed. 6 months in, and they still sound great. The remote works fine, and i love the fact that it has volume control buttons in addition to start/stop button. When used in conjunction with your smartphone, you barely need to take it out of your pocket at all. The fit could be slightly more comfortable and secure, but that it my only niggle.

This are the best phones i have ever had, and i had plenty o them. This headphones are the ‘balance’ between durability and sound quality. And everything works with my iphone 4. If you are always breaching your phones like i did, and love great sound quality, go for v-moda.

I am really impressed with these head phones which are excellent quality and in my view extremely good value for money – at this price they should be the top of your list if you are looking for some top quality head phones which are a bit out of the ordinary.

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