Vacuum Sealer Machine – The vacuum sealer is very easy to use

I wanted a small version of the vacuum machine and this is. I use it with generic bags and they work just fine. I also use the jar sealers and it works well. It keeps my food organized and fresh plus it saves a lot of room in my small apartment.

I bought this for my wife as she has been wanting one of these and i know she’ll use it a lot vacuum sealing all sort of veges and meats we purchased in bulk. We seal everything from vegetables to pork chops and steak and they still taste good after 3-4 days. The water retention and softness/flavour in the meats are still there.

I bought this for preserving meats and homemade jerky. I plan on using this to marinate meats too in the future. I found it really straight forward and easy to use right out of the box. If you’re thinking about a vacuum sealer, i recommend this one.

Really easy to use once you know how to do it. I had some issues start with but it turned out to be my fault. I was putting lots of potato pieces into the vacuum bags and this this stopped me getting a proper vacuum. Because the bag space that can be sealed is too small. If you want a better seal,do not put the food in the bag too full.

This is my first vacuum sealer. It is very compact and doesn’t take up much storage space in my kitchen and it also conserves space in my freezer and fridge. I use this product almost a couple times a day to seal my food. Overall, it works very well and easy to use.

I sous vide at least twice a week and vacuum seal with this sealer. It give me a near perfect vacuum and a very reliable seal. It can keep food fresh up to more time and is a fraction of the cost of a foodsaver.

I received my vacuum sealer and am more than impressed. I had a bunch of beef to seal and freeze and used up all the included bags. The process is easy and fast, and it is very obvious if the seal hadn’t formed. I wanted a sealer primarily for cooking sous vide. This little machine is great. Easy to carry up from the basement storage and easy to set up.

This is exactly what we were looking for,compact, lightweight and easy to use. Put food into the vaccum bag, put the open side of the bag into the vacuum sealer machine, then lock up the bag, then presh the vacuum button, the machine will start vaccum then sealer.

A very useful item for the kitchen. Can be used for many different sealing and preservation tasks. Open it up, lay the bag across the sealer, close the top, flip a lever, push a button – and just wait a moment while it does its thing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Sealer
  • Well designed kitchen machine
  • The vacuum sealer is very easy to use