Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen : Does what it says on the tin

 summary: lightweight, easy to erect & pack away projection screen with washable rear and front projection screen surface. Perfect for garden parties, small club & pub events, home use etc. Details: 16:9 ratio screen giving 120 inch diagonal image. Screen is made up of 2 tripod stands with corner attachments at the top to take the top bar, a bottom pole that threads through the bottom pocket of the screen and the screen surface itself with velcro attachments. For outdoor use it has 4 ropes and several tent pegs that attach to the top corners of the screen, once taut this will give the screen great stability in windy conditions. The screen surface is a lycra type materiel and therefore not solid so some wind will blow through the screen reducing the chance of it becoming a sail in high winds : )assembly is easy as all rigid parts are held together internally by cord so they simply slot together easily. Once the tripods and top bar are assembled the screen can be attached to the top bar using the supplied velcro straps, the bottom pole slides through the bottom pocket of the screen surface and bolted through the tripod legswhen top and bottom poles are in place, simple attach the screen surface sides using the velcro straps to make the screen taut. If the wind is high use the guy ropes and pegs to give it stability. Pros:front and rear surface for maximum flexibilitylightweighteasy to erecteven clear imagecons: cannot raise the screen heightplease give me a thumbs up if you found this review useful, it take a long time to write, shoot, edit & upload videos & reviews, thank you.

Great for traveling also with compact carry case.

Very happy with this purchase. Well worth the money, very easy to put up. It great having a cinema in your garden.

So easy to put up and take down.

 great screen size however the creases are very frustrating. The screen is big, it’s very big, set up time is about 10 minutes and it is seems very sturdy when erected. The top bar slightly sags in the middle, so picture is not quite square however this is not noticeable when viewing. The only grip i have is the creases which are very distracting in bright scenes. Seller advises ironing on the lowest setting, which i have tried without success. Once i get those creases sorted i will be a much happier customer and 5 stars would then be appropriate. That being said, it is most certainly ideal for outdoor viewing with it’s guide ropes and pegs.

Perfect for the garden, easy installation with only one person. The supplied carry case is superb allowing it to be packed away neatly and should preserve the life of the product. The screen material is good quality almost canvas like, this material allows front and rear projections. Overall very satisfied with the product.

This projector screen came fast with nice package. The quality of screen is very good, is bigger than i imagine. Very easy to set up with all required fittings supplied. It makes a massive difference when you watching films. Would recommend this projector screen to everyone.

God screen packs down very well for storage. Does wha it is meant to very well.

  • Easy to set up and sturdy for outdoor use
  • amazing
  • Big, Sturdy, Practical But

Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch (16:9) Full-Set Bag for Home Theater Camping and Recreational Events

Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen Show

Vamvo Portable Widescreen Foldable Indoor Outdoor Projector Movies Screen

Vamvo offers a wide range of high-quality screens, suitable for almost every situation—perfect for outdoor,home theaters, businesses, and classrooms. It is universally suitable for most LED, LCD, or DLP projectors on the market.Two tripods provide a stable base during use, and then fold up equipped with a carrying bag for easy portability, each screen is cleanable with mild soap and water.

About creases:

Our products are positioned as portable outdoor indoor projector screens, so we use a foldable curtain. But long-term folding can cause serious creases in the curtain. Faced with creases and practicality, we chose practicality.

Warm Tips: Due to fold, the screen out of box might be very serious creases. But, creases can be removed by low temperature ironing.

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It’s the first one we have had and so happy we got it. Easy to assemble , & it wowed our guests. Ace for movie nights in the garden.It comes in a good carry case and is easily transportable. The screen itself is great quality and the picture looked perfect on it. Would highly recommend to anyone.

It is lightweight, easily foldable and easy to set up. Lightweight makes it easy to carry and can be easily used outside. It comes with a bag so don’t have to worry about storage. You might think that you won’t need a screen to project as you can project to a wall, but the experience of watching on the screen is way better.

 if you want a really big screen then here it is. (at this moment in time i have been using this for about 2 weeks)positives- it’s big so check you have the space. – quality and robust components- the screen material is thick and strong- additional grounding plugs and strings for outdoor usenegatives- none so farsetting this up was far more easier than i thought it would be and took me under 10 mins to put up. The simple instructions are on the side of the box which are clear and easy to follow. For indoor uses, it’s also easy to move around providing you have space. Overall i’m really impressed with this implementation of this screen as i now will use it over the summer for many movie nights as it allows the picture quality projected on it to look really good. For the price £119 i would say this would be perfect for indoor or outdoor use as described and it really shows up well with a good projectori’ve taken some detailed pictures/video so you can see what you’re considering buying. I hope this quick review helps, if so please bash that “helpful” buttonenjoy all ;-).

After attending a few outdoor cinema events, we decided to crest our own. Was pretty easy to put together. The stand is connected to an elasticated cord, so minimal effort is required to put it together and take it apart. I was especially happy with how sturdy the stand is even with a slight wind, the screen stayed in place securely. Our film displayed perfectly on the screen, so clear and same quality as watching on the tv. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to create the same thing. Also comes with a handy carry case so stored away easily. Movie nights just got great this summer.

Out of the box it comes with a convient travel/storage bag. The bag feels strong and zips work flawlessly. The instructions are printed on the cardboard box but it is pretty self explanatory and you can easily assemble it. Once you open the travel bag you are presented with a another bag which holds the screen itself and under it is the stand which uses elastic bands to hold it in place. The screen is folded but there were no major creases and after leaving it to hang for a bit it unwrinkled itself. Setting up was easy and can be done fairly quickly. Personally use this for the bedroom for an inmersive gaming and tv show binge watch experience. The stand is very sturdy and does not feel flimsy in any way. I personally do not use this outside as weather in scotland is very unpredictable.

A very well built large project screen, it is huge when set up, almost taking up the entire wall, and it’s very compact when taking away. It fits into a small carry bag that comes with the product. Set up can be achieved by one man. It’s a perfect fit for outdoor, bring it to camping or an electric picnic(you would need somewhere with power supply for the projector, obviously), you will be the star.

I have a projector for home to watch movie, its a good experience to watch it without projector screen, however its really a different feeling, so i start serach around and find some indoor screen and acutally find those indoor and outdoor probably will be useful, specially for the coming up summer and i know im right. I was expected a large package to be deliveried, however its only a small box. I just find how amazing they design it. The installation and uninistalltion is absolutely easy, dont need any instruction and it only takes properly about 3 mins for me to install and installtion it, just to save the space and will be easy to carry for any travelling purpose. The picture quality is obviously will depend on both projecter and the screen, the projector i have is a good quality one plus after few tries with this projector screen, i can tell its perfectly matched, much more better experience to watch moive or tv on this, my neighbour even came to ask me about it when i leave it in the garden. For the price, it is a quite expensense for a projector screen, but for experience i have so far i think it is till acceptable.

Easy to install and great quality. Would recommend anyone to use this product as it delivers high quality with affordable price.

  • Easy to set up and sturdy for outdoor use
  • amazing
  • Big, Sturdy, Practical But

Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch (16:9) Full-Set Bag for Home Theater Camping and Recreational Events

This screen is everything i needed. It is well made, sets up in a couple of minutes without needing instructions. A bungee type rope inside the aluminum tubing keeps the parts that belong together, together. While at the same time snapping the segments into place for easy setup. The takedown is just as fast to disassemble and store the screen back in its box.

As i bought the projector i wanted to get a serious screen to go with it and this is huge. It ispakaged really well and very portable. It didnt take very long to setup and is very sturdy. The projector picture looks great on the screen and you totally get the cinema experience. In 10 minutes, it is all packed up and in the carry case and ready to pack away until next time.

Seems to do what i want it to. Hopefully the creases in the screen will gradually smooth out. All in all a good buy and top quality materials used in construction. Watched many movies using this screen, well worth the purchase. Literally a home cinema experience.

I bought a projector at home before. I have been looking for a useful projector screen. I also bought some other projectorscreen. The quality of is very good and the picture quality very good too. Most importantly, it is equipped with stand holder ,if the weather is good in summer, you can take it to the back garden and watch movies at the same time , really easy set up !and it comes with a bag that you can put away when you’re not using it. With such a large size and such good quality, the price is well worth it.

I needed a screen for displaying projected video for a few summer garden party this year. My external walls all have windows so i needed something to project on to. This screen is very easy to set up and i can set up this in less than 5 minutes on my own. All the rods have elastic string through the middle so there is no messing around to find which part goes where etc. The screen comes folded up and a few minutes with a steam iron got rid of all the creases. I was worried about it when reading other feedback but it was all ok. To secure it onto the floor it comes with 4 long strings and some garden pegs for securing the screen onto soft soil. I had it set up in my garden and so far light breeze did not affect the viewing of video which could be annoying when using screen without frame.

Well made and easy to assemble. Comes with supports but need to be careful on a windy day.

Verry easy to install,picture quality verry good and this item it is waterproof.

This 120 inch screen is awesome. The frame and legs were super to assemble, because it is long, the top bit better require 2 persons to pull the screen all the way smoothly. I love this projector screen come with the stand, i can put it in my conservatory that was best fit, i also recommend it can be use for outdoor, wedding reception etc.

The screen is smooth and it can display very clear and bright view when you using it. The frame is hard,and it can be flexible to adjust height, it is easy to fix outdoor using the tool they given.

Easy to setup and put away, 5 minutes each way. Even if still slightly creased picture was unaffected. The light weight frame is not so good in more than a light breeze, but some weights can be used if not setting up on grass. The frame is a little weak to hang the screen off of as it sags a little in the middle, meaning you can’t quite use the full screen.

 my kit arrived next day delivery and was well packaged. Inside the amazon packaging was a vamvo box, with a nice carry handle, and the kit nicely laid out. The instructions were printed on the actual box. I set the kit up in under 10 minutes single handed. It was simple and the instructions were not really needed, although good for reference. The tripods and frame are very light, which is perfect given the expected use and portability. Everything felt good, sturdy quality and fitted together as expected. You’ll see in my video that i have a wall mounted electronic screen in my garage, so was able to test the performance of this screen in comparison to my existing one. I am pleased to report that there was no noticeable difference in image quality, despite my existing screen costing over double the price. There is a slight sag on the top bar, which i hope will be remedied when i attach the supplied guy/support lines.

Absolutely brilliant – a lot better quality than i expected for the price.

Last year we started watching films in the garden. We made a frame and supports once up it was ok. The only problem was it took aged to assemble, nearly an hour messing about. Not any morei saw the vamvo screen and was impressed with the price and thought i would give it a go. Amazing, things come in small packages. Love the smart carry case, its easy to unpack and the screen can be put up in minutes. The frame is well made and just snaps in to place. I was a little worried that the small creases on the screen would show up and nearly ironed it but glad i didn’t go to the bother as the picture was perfect. If you are using it in the garden i would recommend you use the guy ropes and pegs that are included it make it rock solid.

The screen is well made and with the supports attached the screen is firmly fixed in place if there is any wind around, picture quality is very good and it is easy to assemble.

Very easy to put together, and worked brilliantly for our event. It also comes with a handy little bag to store and carry it in.

Although it isn’t the cheapest one on the market it will certainly last. If you want to watch movies outside do not get the standard tripod types. The slightest breeze and the screen is all over the place. You really need to get one like this with a proper frame. There are also anchor points to keep it upright and still. Whilst the quality of the metal frame may not be up to carbon fibre standards found on expensive tents it does do the job well enough. The whole thing breaks down into a small nylon supplied bag as well. I would definitely recommend this product.

I love that this massive screen is coming with a small bag that fits perfectly. I use it in the garden watching movies and playing games with friends.

I love the concept of this screen, it all goes together fine, waiting for the sun to go down so we can try it tonight. But my only gripe and why only three stars, it says 120 inches, well mine after i have put it together is 108 inches where’s my missing foot.

Features and Spesification

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  • Easy To Set Up– It takes less than 5 minutes to fully set up the entire assembly.
  • Convenient Outdoor Projection Screen– Our screen, with fordable and lightweight stand, makes it to be the most convenient portable outdoor projection screen for its size. Carrying Box Size: 55.9*35.6*10 cm, Weight: 4.1 kg.
  • Upgrade Design– The latest version has bigger screen with even more stability than the previous best-selling version with 120″ in diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Outdoor Projector screen– Ropes on each side of screen, are provided to combat tough windy weather.
  • Professional and Fast Response Customer Service & Risk-Free Warranty — Vamvo provides premium customer service in UK. We offer a 24-month manufacturer warranty for products. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know via email(During business hours, we will respond to your email within five minutes.), we’ll offer you a refund or replacement within the first month. This way, our customers are guaranteed a risk-free buying experience.