Vamvo Projector : mini projector

 a 1080p portable and futuristic looking projector that has most of the functions you need to project onto a wall or screen. This is boxed with a practical stand, remote, power supply and instructions. The design of the projector is compact and lightweight for what it is and features touch controls. The build quality is good and it has all the ports you would require. The features and functions are quite interestingit can hold about 2 hours of battery life which is good if you just want to play a quick movie with no power supply. It’s able to connect to andriod and apple devices by using a mirror cast app once wired. The remote is responsive and takes a couple of aa batteries. You are able to cycle through the same options with the touch control situated on the top of the projector. There’s no keystone correction so you have to ensure you place it right before watching anything. I like the fact you could just charge this up and have a movie on a sd card to watch which is usually not possible.

We used this to watch films whilst on holiday very successfully. The picture and sound quality was surprisingly good. The picture’s sharp even if kept at a distance. I have this projecting on to a blank wall, really surprised with the quality even without a viewing screen. It was even better than i thought. The image is as good as my sony tv and the sound is brilliant. Small in size so it’s super portable. If you connect directly to your pc using hdmi input the image quality is much brighter and clearer.

Very beautiful mini projector. Only the size of the palm of your hand, you can put it in your pocket for easy carrying. Easy to use, can be connected to the mobile phone to use. Put the picture in the mobile phone, very magical.

More features over some other brands and simple to use. Used for presentations whilst i’m travelling to customers rather than squinting at the ipad or having to show everyone.

You have to be realistic that this projector is not going to replace a big name home theatre projector but if you’re looking for something that you can carry in your pocket and have a good size screen wherever you go then this should tick most boxes. The included stand is also a simple but effective piece of kit that can have you setup in no time. The built in battery is really useful when on the move or projecting somewhere without a power source. The interface is really simple and straightforward and i was able to connect my smartphone as simply as connecting to a tv. With the ports on the projector being on the side you are able to stand the projector upright and project onto the ceiling which is great when you’re in bed. The only real trick that vamvo missed with this projector is that the charging lead could have done with being micro usb so the projector could be charged from a power bank, you can however get a usb lead for this made up for around £6.

 projector is just what i expected. It’s the perfect size for me to toss into one of my bags to take on the go, and i can easily set it up anywhere i go to. Whether i’m displaying it on the ceiling while laying in bed, or right up against the wall when i’m at my desk. Also, not just using it for movies/cinema, but if i connect my laptop to it, i can also use it as a monitor/screen. Again, a huge plus is that i can take it anywhere i was absolutely in love. It looks great, picture is very clear. I had to connect a speaker to it, so the sound quality can sound better. But other than that, i love the product.

Was speechless when watched the video projected on the wall, without any cables attached, always wanted a portable projector badly for many years but never got around to doing it and to have a proper setup would have great value, has multiple connection to the back of the projector including the usb to play any video or image though the interface, its got some basic navigation loaded inside, although there is only 1 usb port you can plug in a usb hub for more connectivity, can plug in speakers or headphones via the 3. 5mm plug, setup into a darkened room is pretty sharp and vivid colours and certainly looks great, didn’t think it would cut it, the projector works best in a darkened room and need to remember to focus the side wheel to make it sharp depending on the distance, the built in speaker does the job if there is no large external speakers around, overall the build quality is solid and this really makes watching movies and videos worth the effort, projector last long time on single charge, for its size and portability factor it does well job.

 this vamvo mini dlp projector is a surprise, adopts the latest multi-screen technology. It supports airplay, such a good quality picture comes from a small unit. It’s really user friendly and fast to setup. Integrated apps allowed me to install netflix and pluto tv without attachments. Bought this for kids room and the occasional camping trip. Has bluetooth, wifi, usb, hdmi and audio out. The built-in stereo speaker ,with srs and crystal-clear image with a max resolution of 1080p. Hooked up a 1tb flash drive and it played the vid files perfectly. This is an amazing purchase for the money.

  • Ultra Portable, bright, easy to use, well happy.
  • Great mini DLP projector multi-screen technology
  • Suprisingly small and light

Projector, Vamvo Mini Projector 1080p Supported, HD DLP LED Rechargeable Portable Projector Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, USB, TF Supports iPhone, Android, Laptop PC etc.

Basic Specification

  • Imaging Technology: DLP
  • Support: AirPlay DLNA Miracast
  • Projection Size:15 ~ 130 inches
  • Projection Distance:0.5-3m
  • Battery: 5200mAh
  • Projection Ratio: 1.4 : 1
  • Aspect Ratio: 16 : 10
  • Native Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels, support: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Provides you a portable solution in an easy setup.

Smart TV carried along in your pocket.

  • Enjoy HD videos and images in the palm of your hand.
  • Mini Pocket-size, a great gift for your family and friends!
  • The latest technologies to lengthen the life span to 20,000 hours.
  • It’s extremely portable and easy to set up.
  • Size: a tiny frame of 14.5 * 8.2 * 2.1 cm
  • Weight: 0.78 kg
  • Package Included:
  • 1 x Vamvo S1 DLP projector
  • 1 x mini tripod
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 1 x Remote Control ( Battery not included )
  • 1x User Manual

Content and Project

Touch keys

  • The S1 projector adopts body and touch keys integration design.
  • The surface touch-keys,which respond quickly , and are conveniently to be operated.

Switch Design

  • Design of humanized slide cover switch.
  • Lens baffle, 180 degree on and off.
  • When you push it, and machine is being activated.

Multimedia Connection

  • This projector connects iPhone/ iPad/ Android devices via USB port; Fire TV Stick/ROKU Streaming Stick/ ChromeCast/ Laptop/DVD/PS3/Xbox/TV box via HDMI port

Battery Capacity

  • 5200mah battery capacity allows it to play a movie for more than 2 hours without a charge.
  • Fast charging: It will be charged quickly by AC adapter.

Content and Project

Connect Directly

  • The S1 projector directly connects to your smartphone
  • Supports iOS 9, Android 5.0 or above;
  • NOTE: An EZCast APP must be installed and supported on your Android devices.

DLP Technology

  • DLP Projector has the advantages of reflection, excellent in contrast and uniformity,and high image clarity. Accurate digital images can be reproduced.

Brighter Images

  • Equipped with 1800 Lumens LED lamp to project a clear image.
  • Supports up to 1080p resolution.
  • You will get an outstanding visual experience.

Stereo Speaker

  • The built-in stereo speaker ,with SRS, the best sound technology, brings a clear and well-balanced sound, which will give you a shock experience.

Projector S1 Projector L4200 Projector screen 120 inch Outdoor projector screen
Brightness 100 ANSI/1500 Lux 4000 Lux
Native Resolution 800*480 1280*720
Contrast 1000:1 2000:1
Display Technique DLP LCD
Connectity HDMI, USB, SD Card, Audio Port HDMI, VGA, USB*2, AV
Item Dimensions 14.5 * 8.2 * 2.1 cm 24.4 * 16.5 * 8.1 cm 56 * 31 * 12 cm 45 * 17 * 9 cm
Item Weight 0.78 kg 1.95 kg 3.95 kg 2.75 kg

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I’ve been looking for this for ages. I’ve now been using it for a few days and here is what i know. Honestly i’m absolutely impressed considering the size of the projector is slightly bigger than my phone. It is true though that it needs to be fairly dark in the room so keep that in mind. It does to for 2 hours on a single charge but if you have access to the mains you can extend that greatly by plugging it in. There’s another trick you can use as well. It needs to be done manually or ordered from somewhere – a charger with the same plug but to usb instead of mains. It can only be used with a power bank capable of supplying 12v and 1. There are quite a few on amazon. Download the app, usb to your phone and that’s it.

This ultra slim projector is powerful with a 5200mah battery that provides atleast more than 6hours of usage time per full charge. It switches on when the lens cover is twisted open. Its lightweight and the resolution of this projector is excellent. Built in speaker provides good surround sound system. This also takes hdmi, micro sd and usb port. Comes with a mini tripod stand and remote and mains plug.

I bought this portable projector few days ago and so far no issues. I would say for t size it has a good picture quality. It works fine with my mac air. It is light and small as i expected, i can take it anywhere. The sound is very low on the projector and it unable the my mac air sound as soon as i connect although i use my wireless speakers. The battery life is very short no more than 2 hours. Overall i would recommend this projector to kanyone who is looking to portable projector.

So let me start that i bought this one for one great picture and handy dlp projector. For simplifying the dlp it small comes with battery and work brilliant. Thought i will mention few things about what’s good and probably not so good. This is probably one one of the smallest handy projector and with sleek design with handy stand as well2. The battery on this considerably good as i could run this for over 2 hours and good enough for watching a full movie3. Operating the projector is way to simple and easy with menu options clear about connection and using memory4. Flip the cover of projector and it’s turns on that’s brilliant. No buttons to press to start5. All touch to operate the menu options6.

The portability of this projector is absolutely second to none. Extremely lightweight, you could put this in your backpack and not notice it. The picture quality is very good for the size, specs and price, but i’ve only used it in very dark conditions indoors. If you’re looking for a mid range projector with the best portability, look no further. I haven’t tested the battery life in its entirety, but it lasted in excess of an hour for my first test. If you found this helpful, please click ‘helpful’ underneath this review to help others be able to see it.

 portable pocket size,easy to carry and operate,look like same size with my iphone 8 plus,great for use it at home or going holiday using in hotel. Support up to 1080p hd vidio,easy to connecting it to the wifi and we can enjoy online videos via built in youtube. Lightweight and compact design,i can put it in my pocket or handbag with me going anywhere. The battery can use about 2-3hours, it can also can be charge by power bank,makes a mobile theater that i can watch anywhere possible.

Difficult to operate with ios and airplay2 bluetooth speakers once connected very good results.

The stuff of nightmares – you turn up to deliver a workshop, having checked by phone that the venue has a powerpoint projector and find that there isn’t one in the building. This very portable but powerful projector is a godsend and gives reassurance that should the worst occur, you have a powerful backup. Or, use it as your main projection equipment. Works very effectively with other hardware and great if you need to take it with you on a train for instance, you can take it in your pocket. We are very pleased with its performance and portability.

  • Ultra Portable, bright, easy to use, well happy.
  • Great mini DLP projector multi-screen technology
  • Suprisingly small and light

Projector, Vamvo Mini Projector 1080p Supported, HD DLP LED Rechargeable Portable Projector Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, USB, TF Supports iPhone, Android, Laptop PC etc.

Easy set up plugged hdmi into laptop for streaming and then xboxone. Had to play with focus and keystone but got image nice and clear and sharp. Was worried at first as there was a grid if pixel squares spread accross the screen but they seem to have dissipated and the picture looks great at 2. 5 meters with a 75 inch picture on a painted wall. Very happy so far and look forward to showing it off to my mates tonight. The xbox pic was even taken with the light on and the vids were blinds closed and a blanket thrown up.

Recently ran a training course at a hotel and their equipment was ‘steampunk’. I will use this as a back up that can easily be slipped into a briefcase and used at a moments notice. Some projectors cost over £1000 and this once doesn’t. It has limitations but it’s good at what it needs to do.

 makers make some strange statements when they use a photo of their so called quality projector versus a photo of “others” thus showing how much more superior their projector is compared to others. My question would be, which others are you comparing with so a buyer can make a genuine informed decision. Here’s my review of this vamvo 1800 lumens model. Nicely packaged box with a beautiful projector that is light to hold get quite solid in build. Now its important to know this has replaced a 3600 lumens projector bought for £149 that had a loud fan that was annoying when playing, i was recommended this by a friend who has had the same for a while. Given that this projector is a fraction of the size of outgoing projector how does it compare?i don’t know how sellers or lumens are really compared but how can this hand sized 1800 lumens projector produce a picture far far far better than 3600 lumens?. What is without doubt, this is on a different planet for picture quality, the fan noise is non existent when anything is playing in the screen with the slightest background noise. The battery life is more than good enough for a whole long movie too. Some design features i like too;the lens is protected by a silver coloured plate that rotates to uncover the lens when in use and closes again to protect it. Hdmi and power socket are hidden nicely behind a cover that clips into the side to protect them when not in use.

Early days but so far so good. Very easy to link to iphone and ipad. Also easy to link using hdmi to tv. It seems fairly durable and has a pretty good picture quality. The sound is reasonably good, it’s not why i bought it. To use on a portable screen with my laptop, it is perfect.

Very good kit so far, and the price is excellent (just go and check the price of each component separately). It has everything you could possibly need. We bought this projector since it works great in our small movie room as well we needed something to take with us when we go camping. We like to be able to set up at camp and do movie nights outside.

I’ve always wanted a portable projector. Years ago something this tiny was unimaginable. With that being said, i think everyone should set their expectations when buying one of these. I am using this in my room on my white walls, and will be taking this with me on road trips and vacations. Yes it is plenty bright with the lights off. Yes it is bright enough with the lights on. But don’t expect this to compete with a full size projector. Batterythe battery life so far has been 1. 75-2 full hours each charge. Connectionsthere’s a usb port for connecting up my iphone. Verified to work with iphone 7 and the new iphone xs. There’s an audio output to hookup a portable speaker. There’s also an hdmi input. Appif want to use airplay on ios or maybe android (i don’t have one), you need to download the free miracast application.

This s1 mini projector has surpassed my expectations with its performance. I’m using it with my android phone and nintendo switch console to watch movies and play video games. Set-up is very easy and straight forward. To connect the projector to my phone i have two choices. I can either use the usb charging cable and the free app or i can use a mhl cable (and no app), which literally mirrors whatever is on my screen (this is my preferred option). To connect the mini projector to a gaming console, i simply use a standard hdmi cable. The performance has really impressed me for such a small, discreet device. Despite its diminutive size, the projector manages to produce a massive, sharp, vibrant 1080 image, which dominates the huge wall in my living room. Watching movies and playing video games through this projector is so much fun. Amazingly, the projector manages to produce this image with virtually no noise.

This small projector is very nice. In the set we have a remote control, power supply, folding tripod. The big plus is the size, fits into your pocket. Can be connected to usb, hdmi and sd card. Personally, i connect it with iphone using airplay and a laptop with the hdmi cable, everything works well. Configuration is very simple. The quality of the picture has made a big impression on me for such small equipment. Can be controlled from the remote control. The projector is very quiet which gives you great viewing comforta nice solution is the ability to connect an external speaker. In the evening, i can go out to the garden and watch a match on the big screen.

 firstly bought this for its portable compact size. The size is lot smaller than the standard projects you come across, which is great making easier to store and transport. The focus is amazing, you don’t have to mess about with it and consistent for the full screen. For such a small device it also has a very decent sound output. However i connect a separate speaker to the projector directly to give that fill cinema experience. I was very happy it came with a very study tripod which makes set up so much easier as oppose the standard projectors, which i struggled to get it perfectly centred on the wall. We use it to watch tv series as well as video gaming.

Our audio/visual co wanted to sell us an outside tv for £10k.

The projector comes supplied with an infra-red remote control, mains power supply and a folding tripod standmenu selections are made using the on projector touch sensitive buttons or the supplied ir remote control, i fine the on-projector buttons to be adequate for most operations. It is switched on and off by rotating the silver lens cover 180 degrees which makes it really easy to use.

This mini projector is really light and compact, as the same as its product instruction, it is very convenient to carry around. Simply spin the lid to turn on it, and follow the on-screen instructions to install it easily. I like to use remote control to operate it. During the play, i found that not many wires were mixed together because it is a rechargeable lithium battery that lasted more than two hours, which is my favorite. This mini project can be connected to multiple devices – mobile phone, usb, pad, etc. Its color effects come in a variety of options – cool, warm, standard and user adjustable. I bought a mobile screen and used it to watch movies while eating fruit in my garden at dust, very comfortable. Of course, it can also be used indoors. Saving electricity is another big advantage. I definitely don’t have to worry about my electricity bill, so it is suitable for home use. Like most other projectors, the color is not very good when used during the day. So if you want to use it during the day, you need to close the curtains, in other words, i have to darken my room to get the desired results. Overall, this projector is still very good.

First mini projector which comes with a very nice travel case to pack everything part in the case, so its easy to store and take to travel. Its dlp one, there is no doubt about the image quality, its very clear with great color qualtiy and bright. I think there is main advantage and the main reason i think the mini one is i can l lying on the bed to watch the large screen movie. There are other reasons why i would rate it for 5 stars:1. Light weight and compact to travel. Integrated battery for about 2 hour of play time that is enough to watch a movie. Can be charge within the power bank4. Very quiet operation, virtually no fan noise. Reasonably low price for a dlp projector. Has the control buttom on the projector, so dont need to find the remote control.

First, i was amazed by the size of this piece of kit. I work a lot on the road, which doesn’t always mean driving, so if i take the train, i need a something small otherwise i can’t bring anything at all. I bought this as i was interested in what it could do, and i was super surprised at the quality and the fact it didn’t actually need to be plugged into the mains the whole time as it had a battery of its own. So going back to my sceneario, i had this in my bag whilst travelling to a client, the client had booked a room with a big screen for this presentation, but the room was double booked so we where pushed into another room with no projector or screen. Step up the vamvo projector, i mentioned i had a projector in my bag and we could use this, the clients where in disbelief that i would carry a project, until they saw the size of it. I plugged it into their laptop via the hdmi cable and we were away, otherwise the meeting would have either had to be re-arranged or not fully explained, so this was perfect. This has a few modes, from directly connecting to your phone to connecting via hdmi. This means you can take it to the meeting and use the hdmi and then after the days work take it back to the hotel room and watch a film, projecting straight onto the ceiling whilst relaxing in bed. The tripod system also makes it super easy to adjust the angle of the screen, and there is a focus function on the side of the projector to make sure you can use it at different systems. Finally if you are worried about accidently leaving it on draining battery, you can easily turn the switch on the front to ensure all if powered off instantly.

I like this projector so much i ordered a second one to give as a gift. The build quality is excellent and it looks and feels high quality. The size of this thing is about the size of a smart phone and the picture quality is amazing at 80 inches. I streamed a movie from my phone to it via the screen mirror function and it worked flawlessly. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this item.

Love the size of it it’s about 6 inches long comes with a remote and a trip pod. Sound quality was better once i changed the setting on it. The picture quality is good. Right now i’ve got it on my bedroom wall image is good can also read subtitles clearly on it. I’ve plugged it into my laptop, switch,and fire stick they all worked great with it. Just need a room without too much light coming in.

 i brought this projector to allow for connection to my gaming consoles and the casual connection to my fire stick. The portably was a must for me and this had everything going for it. I was a little reluctant but im very glad i decided to purchase it. The output picture is crisp and full of vibrant colours , it can be fiddly sometimes to get the projected image in focus , but with the side dial it can be achieved. The tripod is a life saver, its very high quality and every part of it is practically adjustable. From swivelling to rotating it doesn’t take much to get a good image position. The menu system is very simple to use, this is where you have access to all your storage files either through the usb or micro sd slot. You can playback pictures, videos and text files. So if you are after something which will be able to be used in a board room or for training events this will certainly allow you to do that. That battery life is a little disappointing but some may think 2 hours isn’t that bad.

After a long period of searching and analysis, i chose this for its portability and lumen brightness. I’ll keep my review short and to the point:picture quality (3/5)not bad. Actually for a small unit with big throw it’s decent. Don’t expect crisp hd though. Sound (3/5):the in built speak is ‘ok’. It doesn’t connect with anything bluetooth and only has a mini jack output. And remains strong even at large distances. Works well with ambient light too. Connectivity (5/5):quite surprising that usb and hmdi are really effective and easy, and micro usb.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE, VERSATILE —- This projector’s compact and lightweight design, with a tiny frame of 14.5 * 8.2 * 2.1cm and a weight of just 272g, allows you to take it wherever you go. It’s extremely portable and easy to set up. It is as if you have a Smart TV carried along in your pocket. Ideal for use in small meetings/gatherings, classroom, or business environments.
  • MULTI-SCREEN SHARING —- Vamvo mini projector adopts the latest Multi-screen technology. It supports AirPlay, DLNA, and Miracast technologies. You are able to project the screens of your iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones onto a 130″large screen (maximum) with a lightning cable, USB cable, or Type-C cable. This projector allows you to instantly project your mobile screen content onto the wall for your colleagues, friends, and family to watch.
  • VIBRANT DISPLAY —- Make it your personal sports game projector. Enjoy our projector’s vibrant color and crystal-clear image with a max resolution of 1080p. An ideal screen size of 80 inches can be achieved with a projection distance of 5 ft. 5200mAh long battery life allows it to play a movie for more than 2 hours without a charge.
  • MULTIMEDIA VIDEO PROJECTOR —- This mini projector is compatible with: iPhones, iPads, Android devices, laptops, PCs, MacBook, XBOX, PS3/PS4, and more. Rich ports such as HDMI, USB, TF and Micro SD ports are available.
  • RISK-FREE WARRANTY & LOCAL CUSTOMER SERVICE —- Vamvo provides an 24-month manufacturer warranty for this product. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know via email, and we’ll offer a refund or replacement within the first 3 months. This way, our customers are guaranteed a risk-free buying experience.