Van Damme 2 x 6 – Perfect Hi Fi sound cable! Recommended!!!

Made a great sounding interconnect well worth a try.

This speaker cable is better than some expensive speaker cable.

Very suitable for regular construction of amplifier. Those with non-zobel filter (naim or exposure), look elsewhere (chord or atlas).

Quality speaker cable,with a balanced and detailed sound.

Used with my home-cinema (marantz avr + aria speakers ) and and a hi-fi set up ( smsl fda , yamaha cd player and tannoy revolution xt) , it provides enhanced clarity and deep and tight bassvery satisfied.

Thought i would need to wait for several days before i can enjoy my new hifi system. Was so surprised when the cables arrived two days earlier than expected.

Having recently changed my listening enviroment around i found that the cables i had were too short so started to look around for some good quality replacements. I have been playing around with hi-fi for over 30 years and in that time have owned many different brands and types of speaker cable but have never tried van damme , spotted these at a reasonable price and decided to give it a try. As another reviewer stated the cable is quite brittle and hard to strip without damage. I found using a stanley blade best rather than wire strippers. To be honest the fragile nature of the wire did not give me a very positive first impression as its generally a sign of poor quality low grade copper. However van damme gets very good reviews so i went ahead and hooked it up to my system. As with a lot of things appearances can be deceptive sound quality is excellent. It gives a nice warm freeflowing and detailed balance with no harshess and simply allows the music through. If i had to pick holes compared to the cable i had used before there was a slight lack of dynamic attack but that cable cost 3 times the price and was silver coated so not really fair to criticise. In isolation the van damme performs admirably and in fact after extensive listening i will be buying this brand again for future cabling needs.

I was after for good audio cables without breaking the bank, and these fit the bill. You can see the quality just by looking. Hdcentral were on point with customer service and delivery.

Very happy with the speaker cable for a car subwoofer. Nice amount of options for gauge/length.

In the last year i have discovered that cables in hifi systems really do make a difference. This year i have had chord c-series cable (£10 a meter) and van damme’s studio quality speaker cable. This however, is not only great value for money nut an excellent cable. It out-performs all other cables i have tried so far and i am getting quite adept at this. The chord cable has great detail but is a bit big bright. The van damme studio is smooth and deep but lacked mid range on my system. This cable however is lovely and neutral-sounding. It also has a great ‘attack’ – especially bass. Separation of instruments is top-notch. Sounstage just opened up a bit more too.

Good product nd price if i need another thing to my computer i decided to buy it from that.

Put 2x 3m lengths of 2x4mm van damme speaker cable with nakamichi plugs on for my front speakers in a 7. As people have said they strands are brittle and had a few attempts to get it right i cut at angle with knife warmed plastic with lighter to soften it. But straight away i could tell different alot more open sound tried with different music bluray audio everything sounds better even surround sound sounds much better hearing things i didnt before even just off tv broadcast. Cable i had was deceny ixos stuff. Dont waste more money on anything else 4mm front cetre and 2. 5mm rears unless youve got balanced sacd system. But my rears not good enough. Not alot of money well spent. Starting to replace all my cables to van damme best brand in my opinion.

Nice quality – almost too many strands to squeeze into my centre speaker.

Quality speaker cable for an extreemly good price highly recomended.

Good price ,i changed from studio blue 4mm van damme cable to this shotgun range , bad move lost bottom end and seem to loose the life out of my music, it just wasn’t there ,am not an audiophile guy but i could tell the difference, soz guys.

My third cable i bought from this seller to my surround system and the quality is super.

One of hifi all time bargains.

Opened clear sound, good balance.

Recommended by my speaker manufacturer pmc. I ‘downgraded’ from chord rumour 4, which worked really well with many speakers from monitor audio, but the not the pmc’s. The van damme have taken the edge off the high frequencies and in turn given a more balanced sound from my cyrus, arcam, pmc setup. Pretty inexpensive cable too. I have since added a length to my pmc centre speaker with the same positive results. I will do the same to my surrounds and heights once i feel motivated enough to strip out all the old cable. If you have speakers from pmc you may as well order a pair to try it, this cable really is peanuts.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • PMC voice their speakers with this cable.
  • Very good product/reliable seller
  • Really good value

Packaged well – evenly coiled, not tightly, and delivered quickly. Hi fi quality is significantly improved compared to using wire system (technics) was originally supplied with.

Had no problems trimming down the cable ends, excellent sound and very quick delivery. No more reading reviews for cables at exorbitant prices when stuff this cheap sounds this good.

I wanted (and got) some good cable to go with a new amp and speakers. The problem is the cable, it’s made up of what seem to be hundreds of very thin and brittle strands. Even though i have some very sharp and new wire strippers, whenever i removed the outer sheathe i always ended up removing god knows how many strands of copper. I lost around a foot trying not to but ended up just connecting the cable to my banana plugs anyway. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds great, it’s just frustrating to connect.

Much more flexible and great sound.

This is a very good quality product. 5mm2 but you can feel the quality. Thick outer layer protects from damages and it is sufficiently flexible to fit behind cabinets. I have ordered 9m and received 11m. Highly recommended seller and product.

Why aren’t the leads colour coded?.

Excellent product with excellent quality.