Van Damme 2 x 6 : Super fast delivery

One of hifi all time bargains.

This speaker cable is better than some expensive speaker cable.

Recommended by my speaker manufacturer pmc. I ‘downgraded’ from chord rumour 4, which worked really well with many speakers from monitor audio, but the not the pmc’s. The van damme have taken the edge off the high frequencies and in turn given a more balanced sound from my cyrus, arcam, pmc setup. Pretty inexpensive cable too. I have since added a length to my pmc centre speaker with the same positive results. I will do the same to my surrounds and heights once i feel motivated enough to strip out all the old cable. If you have speakers from pmc you may as well order a pair to try it, this cable really is peanuts.

Much more flexible and great sound.

Nice quality – almost too many strands to squeeze into my centre speaker.

Good product nd price if i need another thing to my computer i decided to buy it from that.

Good price ,i changed from studio blue 4mm van damme cable to this shotgun range , bad move lost bottom end and seem to loose the life out of my music, it just wasn’t there ,am not an audiophile guy but i could tell the difference, soz guys.

Why aren’t the leads colour coded?.

  • PMC voice their speakers with this cable.
  • Very good product/reliable seller
  • Really good value

Van Damme 2 x 6.0mm Audio Twin Interconnect Speaker Cable (Total Definition Directional Hi-Fi) 268-506-000 75 Metre / 75M

Size Name:75M  |  Colour Name:2 x 6mm The Van Damme Shotgun Style Twin Interconnect Speaker Cable.This range comprises a shotgun style twin interconnect cable and 5 conductor sizes of shotgun speaker cable. These cables can be found in many professional environments; in particular the 4mm and 6mm speaker cables are used for critical near field monitoring in many world class recording and mastering studios as well as being the speaker cable of choice for more than one world class hi-fi equipment manufacturer.The Ultra-Pure copper conductors, cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic use focused construction provide accurate signal transmission, toughness and flexibility.Van Damme Shotgun Style Twin Interconnect Speaker Cable 2 x 6mm.High end domestic hi-fi cablesProfessional studio near field monitoringShotgun construction for easy conductor separation & identification

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Had no problems trimming down the cable ends, excellent sound and very quick delivery. No more reading reviews for cables at exorbitant prices when stuff this cheap sounds this good.

Opened clear sound, good balance.

My third cable i bought from this seller to my surround system and the quality is super.

This is a very good quality product. 5mm2 but you can feel the quality. Thick outer layer protects from damages and it is sufficiently flexible to fit behind cabinets. I have ordered 9m and received 11m. Highly recommended seller and product.

Used with my home-cinema (marantz avr + aria speakers ) and and a hi-fi set up ( smsl fda , yamaha cd player and tannoy revolution xt) , it provides enhanced clarity and deep and tight bassvery satisfied.

I was after for good audio cables without breaking the bank, and these fit the bill. You can see the quality just by looking. Hdcentral were on point with customer service and delivery.

Quality speaker cable for an extreemly good price highly recomended.

Thought i would need to wait for several days before i can enjoy my new hifi system. Was so surprised when the cables arrived two days earlier than expected.

  • PMC voice their speakers with this cable.
  • Very good product/reliable seller
  • Really good value

Van Damme 2 x 6.0mm Audio Twin Interconnect Speaker Cable (Total Definition Directional Hi-Fi) 268-506-000 75 Metre / 75M

Very happy with the speaker cable for a car subwoofer. Nice amount of options for gauge/length.

Quality speaker cable,with a balanced and detailed sound.

Features and Spesification

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  • Van Damme UP-LCOFC Hi-Fi Speaker Cable 2 x 6.00mm twin-axial type, overall cable diameter: 16.00×6.00mm. Conductor Resistance 3.30 Ohm/Km, conductor stranding 7 x (3x37x0.10mm), weight 200 kg/km. Part number: 268-506-000.
  • Applications: high end domestic Hi-Fi, professional studio near field monitoring.
  • Bare ultra pure linear crystal oxygen free copper (UP-LCOFC) conductors for high efficiency signal transmission and outstanding sonic integrity, PVC insulation and special flexible PVC composite jacket.
  • Shotgun construction for easy conductor separation and identification and polarity marker for easier installation.
  • Recommended connectors: Speakon Neutrik, Banana plug, Spade connector.