Vektra VEK-1701 Vacuum Insulated Environmentally Eco Friendly Easy Pour Cordless Kettle – Finally a thermal kettle!

I’m very happy with itit is much quieter and no steam due to fully closing lid. Minute piece of plastic inside, no plastic water gage or other parts, just metal bit to show max filling level. It takes about a minute longer to boil (5 minutes compared to 4 minutes for our old kettle – i timed them both)the lid use is straight forward, the kettle pours accurately, no dribbling, to spead up pouring just remove the lid which is easyit is at 1088g 400g heavier than our old kettle, but feels manageable even when full. I looked at many kettles in stores, but none of them convinced me.

Takes about 3-4 minutes to boil 1. The base is light weight enough that the power lead can move it around when the kettle is not on it. Mains socket is not a moulded version- not my favourite when dealing with water and electricity. The biggest problem with this kettle is the pouring. Due to the way the sealed valve works with the lid and release lever, the kettle has to be tilted 90 degree or more to allow the water out as the outlet starts in the centre of the lid. The hot water trickles out so that it takes a goo 10 – 15 seconds to fill a mug. During this time steam is also coming out (as you would expect) but as the kettle has to be at such a high angle, the steam travels over the lid and lever and your thumb or finger thus trying to scald you.

Doesn’t stay as hot as expected.

Pleased with this purchase as we wanted a smaller kettle and the fact that water stays hot for a long time is a bonus. The lever on the lid that you have to depress to let the water out is a bit odd at first, but ok when you get used to it. The only thing i would have liked is to be able to fill from the spout instead taking the lid off and no sight guage, but this would be difficult as it’s double skinned to keep the heat in.

Seems good, but two of the little rubber feet literally jumped off the bottom of the base as i took it out the wrapping. It appears they weren’t correctly pressed into the base unit during assembly.

Excellent product, keeps the water hot for longer so reducing the cost of re-heating, well worth the money.

Lovely and quiet, keeps water hot for hours all the while the outer skin of the kettle stays cool to touch.

I’ve been looking for a thermally insulated kettle for years, finally there is one. My work boils the kettle every 30 mins so hopefully this will be more environmentally friendly & save us money.

Only improvement would be having an outside water measurement so you can see without opening it. Otherwise, highly recommended and does what is says – keeps the water hot. Update: after 18 months, the tab on the lid broke. I could still use it but had to twist the lid each time to open. Contacted vektra and they have provided a new lid free – thank-you. My only wish now was that it was much bigger, because it holds the heat so well but i use it all too fast. Boil once a day for all your water for tea & coffee.

Great kettle, uses much less power than a normal kettle and therefore takes a little longer to boil. The water does stay hot in the kettle for some time, so good if you forget what you were doing. Only downside is that there is no visible gauge to check how much water is in the kettle so you have yo get used to how much you need to fill/the weight of it.

Kettle initially worked well and kept water hot for a long time. After 1 month the unit developed a fault in which the power button would light up, but the kettle refused to boil. Currently in the process of replacement. Unlike sales through amazon directly, no replacement is sent out by the vendor until the faulty unit has been received.

Works brilliantly – you can make a drinkably hot drink 4 hours after boiling. The only downside is that the lid has to be removed to pour. It’s simple enough – if you depress the lever on the lid with your thumb whilst holding the handle and twist slightly anticlockwise it pops off but my teenage daughter has scalded herself getting to grips with it.

This kettle is truly awesome. To test it out we kept water in it for 2 hours and it was pretty much still hot enough to make a cup of tea. Only design flaw is the open/close writing on top has worn away really quickly as you have to twist the lid to get it off constantly rubbing over the writing. This is purely cosmetic though and has no bearing on how well the kettle works. Here are the specifications for the Vektra VEK-1701 Vacuum Insulated Environmentally Eco Friendly Easy Pour Cordless Kettle:

  • Keep your boiled water hot for up to 4 hours with this innovative vacuum design. By reducing the number of times you need to re-boil, this kettle saves energy making it the most efficient and environmentally friendly provider of hot drinks all day.
  • Use this kettle as a carafe / flask in your home.  With an insulated base, cool-touch body, and a leak-proof button system that avoids accidents if the jug is knocked over, this kettle is particularly safe – ideal for elderly.
  • Stylish, elegant and practical – both the outer and inner shell are made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel. It has a comfortable and secure handle, a non-drip pouring spout and built in thermostat which deactivates the kettle once the water reaches boiling point.
  • Further features include: 360 degrees base rotation for left and right handed use, illuminating on/off switch, quiet operation.
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

Does all it says and keeps the water hot, if a second boil is required it is very quick.

I love this kettle and the water stays hot a couple of hours after boiling. What i love the most is that you can pick it up with both hands and not get burnt. Brilliant for a sensory loss customer.

We have a solar system so we like to have a low wattage kettle that is not over indulgent with the power it uses. Our routine is we fill the kettle in the morning for coffee – because the kettle is well insulated when we want another drink say in a couple of hours the water is still very hot – we switch the kettle on to give the water is given a boost and it is re-boiled in within a minute – about the time it takes to put the coffee into the cups. The general build quality of the product is good and the design is comfortable on the eye. Due to the thermal qualities of the product, pouring the water takes a bit of getting used to. I feel confident that over an annual cycle the product will be very energy efficient when compared to the super fast boil kettles.

Been looking for an insulated kettle for some time as one further small step to reducing my electricity bills and carbon emissions. This does the job well, if not perfectly – the outside is still palpably very slightly warm, so insulation isn’t perfect. I reheat it when i need a hot water bolus rather than relying on the heat conserved, but as the water inside is still close to boiling it doesn’t use much power. It’s also a very solidly built and nice looking product. One slight niggle is that the flow from the spout can be a bit slow and irregular but you soon get used to it. One other feature that’s missing is the ability to read on the side how much water is in the kettle so avoiding overfilling. Perhaps someone will merge the features of the eco-kettle with this product to produce a truly green kettle. Overall another very useful tool to reduce your consumption of the uk’s unfortunately fossil heavy electricity.

Don’t need always boiling water.

Much quieter than previous kettles. Be aware, the kettle has to tilt a lot when pouring which makes it quite heavy to handle on the wrist.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Dissaponting after two years
  • Great kettle and insulator
  • Great Eco kettle

Lovely looking kettle though quite heavy when using.

Keeps water hot enough for tea for about 2 hrs.

Excellent product just as i expected very happy with my purchase.

A great kettle flaskkeeps the water much hotter. One needs to get used to it, but when you do its great.

The idea of an insulated kettle which keeps the water hot is really good, not only that but i liked the appearance of this vektra kettle. When we first got it back in oct 2015 it was perfect, it kept the water very hot for many hours, unfortunately it only did that for the first 10 months and we noticed it was slowly starting to go cold much quicker like an ordinary kettle, now after two years it starting to leak. We bought it as an environmentally eco friendly kettle however if it only lasts a couple of years before it needs replacing it’s perhaps not that good for the environment.

Keeps water hot for hours so far less reheating needed throughout the day :).

I didn’t think you could get excited about a kettle but this one is great. Had it 2 days, so review so far. . Its not a rapid boil, but then it doesn’t need to be. It really does keep the water hot enough to make tea / coffee for a good few hours (i’ve not timed it properly) so as soon as i fancy a cup i can make one instantly. Its perfect for me as i tend to put the kettle on, go back to the laptop and do some work then forget i was making a hot drink and have to start the cycle again, but no more, as soon as i remember i was making a coffee the kettle is still hot enough and for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th. . (i drink too much coffee) cup there’s no waiting for the kettle to boil. All the interior is stainless steel (except the underside of the lid) and no plastic water gauge. When the water is poured it does go through a plastic spout but that is the only time the water is in contact with plastic. I saw another review mention a slow pour, but i’ve not found that to be the case. I was concerned i may not be able to pour and press the release lever as i’ve only got small hands but actually its not a problem at all.

Three months in and this is going strong, really like it and it seems to keep the water hot for a long time.

I love this kettle, and i never thought i would hear myself say that about a kettle. It really does keep the water hot after boiling for a good few hours and because you have to hold the tab down to pour the water it can’t be spilled, which is great with a toddler in the home. My husband liked it so much he wanted to buy one for all his family for christmas.

Excellent value,does what it says on the box.

Only complaint is that it pours rather slowly.

Arrived quickly and on time. This is the second vecktra kettle we have purchased – the first lasted 4 years and took a real hammering. We could not recommend this product more highly, it is outstanding.

Its weird that a person could get hyped over a kettle but this lives up to it. The trigger to pour works really well though it was a little annoying at first, but the whole item feels solid and well built. 5 hours after boiling and it was still steaming when the water came out. Its been useful to not have to reboil the kettle every time i boil it and forget. The only downside i could think of is that it does take a while to boil, longer than some others, but other than that its really amazing.

Great kettle, which was purchased to avoid plastic manufactured kettles of today. Water boils very fast, stays hot as it says in the description. It is sturdy and a bit heavier to maneuver with, but the advantage of not having plastic lining inside outweighs this slight negative – great work out for your arms then. (-: it is most likely the material it is made from, so you don’t burn yourself on the touch of the outside of the kettle. I recommend it to the health conscious who are attempting to minimize the use of the plastic material.

Water stays hot for over two hours but the outside remains room temperature even after its just boiled. It is rather heavy when filled so my husband needs to make the tea as i have fibromyalgia but that’s ok with me 😉. Pricey but worth it and it looks good too.

I had to replace my old one, which was identical.

Bought this from nec bbc food show on a special price after reading the info my wife likes it as it boils quicker and stays hotter longer meaning less electric. For those who say it pours slow or you have to take the lid off to pour . Read the instructions or visit the website as you just press down on the lid handle with thumb and pour otherwise this would be a flaw and heat would escape allowing cooler air to bring temp down, obviously i found the more the water is near the bottom the more of a tilt is needed. Overall a decent kettle water hot enough for tea 1-2 hours after boil coffee up to 3 hrs.

Does what it says on the tin. Have used water for tea hours after initial boil. Only thing i would change is that i would feel more secure with a better handle on the lid to twist it off (it has to be quite tight to maintain the vacuum).