Venga! Deep Fat Fryer – Do You Want Salt & Vinegar With Your Chips?

Spot on drier for perfect chips.

I found it very easy to use and cooked everything perfectly very happy with my purchase.

Heats up fast easy to clean and filters your oil really well if you look after your products they will last a lot longer.

So glad to have this so that i can fry chips and nuggets without any issues. It’s easy to use and looks great. I like how easy it is to change the oil and dispense of it. Food comes out looking and tasting great. Easy to clean too and looks great in the kitchen.

Sorry to let you know the fryer has stopped working i changed the fuse but still does not work can you let me know where to send it back to get a replacement thanks maurice coyle.

We love how easy it is to keep clean. The oil drains really well and is a lot easier to store. I would highly recommend this product.

I think the could be in provided.

This was recommended by a close friend and it is perfect for our style of cooking easy to use, easy to store and clean, recycles the fat, can be cleaned in the dishwasher and cooks the food perfectly.

Basket to high up only do 2 chicken small porions disapointed.

Makes great home made chips and easy to use and clean.

I turned the machine on without putting the oil back into the main body. It’s very good and the filtration system is really great. You will get about 8 cooks from each original fill of oil. Very happy to recommend it and delivery was super quick.

Very pleased with this fryer, would recommend it.

In the last ten years or so, deep fat fryers have gone out of fashion. We are living in a more health aware society that is educated enough to know that a diet high in saturated fats and the constant eating of foods that are processed or fried will have a negative impact on your lifestyle and overall health. That being said i still feel that there is a use for the humble oil fryer in the home or commercial kitchen after all they say that nothing is bad in moderation or as an occasional treat (and who doesn’t like homemade chips). To that end let me introduce this ‘venga vg ft 1012’ stainless steel deep fat fryer. It features 2000w element, 3l capacity, an oil filter and filtration system. Let me being by saying that this is not your typical dff and forget about any preconceptions and any experiences you have had in the past using fryers. The oil filtration system is useful and helpful. It keeps the oil cleaner for longer by collecting any debris that would otherwise burn. This not only means that you have to change the oil less frequent thus saving money but any foods you fry are more likely to taste like food and not the oil or what was in the fryer previously. The ‘tray’ at the bottom also makes it easier and safer to change the oil when that day does come. Here are the specifications for the Venga! Deep Fat Fryer:

  • Classic deep fryer with oil filter function and 3 L capacity. Includes oil collection container, removable deep frying pan, removable control element with connection cable
  • Innovative oil filter function allows for multiple uses of the same oil. Cold zone technology ensures perfect results every time
  • Oil storage container catches filtered oil for easy storage — no pouring out necessary. Lid features an inspection window and odour filter. Features removable parts for quick cleaning
  • Includes: Deep fryer with oil pan (non-stick coated), control element (removable), plastic container for oil storage, instruction manual

There is no on/off switch, so i turned the knob from zero to the temperature i wanted and then back to zero when finished using it, in case i forgot to unplug it. There is a cord/plug storage in the back which i like. It was pretty fast to heat up to the temperature i wanted and cooked food well. I haven’t tried the filter out yet as the oil is still new but it does look nice and easy to do. It is a less messy than the way i normally do it. I like that i can store oil in the bottom container and it is easy to pour back into the machine once it is cleaned. It is plastic though so it is best to wait till the oil is totally cold. It is a big machine at the side of my old one but with a smaller basket, not very deep either. (13cm wide, 26cm long, 8cm deep). I also found the inner of the lid to be sharp (tried to show in the rubbish picture) so be careful when wiping this down.

Excellent product reasonable price.

Cooks chips very quickly, always nice and crisp. Not cooked anything else in it. As i only bought it for doing chips.

Ideal for my family great that you can clean after every use love it.

This is a very good version of deep fat fryer it is much cheaper than the one i almost bought i am very happy with it and it is also easy to clean.

This is quite a big deep fat fryer in terms of its external dimensions. However, the frying basket inside is surprisingly small. It heats up quickly and it is not messy to use. The instructions are straightforward. Cleaning is fairly easy and the filter is easy to change. Oil can be stored in the bottom compartment and poured back into the frying compartment when necessary. It fries everything i have tried in it very well – vegetable pakora, potatoes, chips, southern fried chicken etc. You get best results if you partially deep fry then remove the food allowing the oil to reach max temperature again before finishing off the frying process – things will be crispier if you do. Quite bulky to store and not as healthy as an air-fryer but a useful addition to my kitchen accoutrements.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Value for money

  • Be careful to put the filtered oil back into the main body.

  • xxxx