Venga! VG CCG 3006 Coffee Maker : Great value, great coffee

We haven’t had a coffee machine for a couple of years, and used cafitieres after our last coffee machine wore out. ‘proper’ coffee (not instant) was a a rare weekend thing when we had guests to stay. For a similar price to what we paid for our last coffee machine, this has a grinder so we can choose between grinding our own beans or coffee grounds, you just pop them in the. Top, select how fine they need to be ground with the knob in the picture an away you gothe machine is simple to use, easy to clean and makes up to 8 cups of coffee. It’s quite compact so it doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen side either. I can put it on in the morning first thing, and the pot keeps the coffee warm for just over half hour. The only thing that’s difficult is choosing what coffee to use.

Love this coffeemaker – great tasting coffee and all the features of much more expensive machines. Fits nicely on the worktop and is already in constant use.

In 1980 i was living and working in osnabruck in germany and filter coffee machines were all the rage and rightly so; offering a decent cup of coffee, which was far better than instant coffee. Coffee has moved on a lot from then, with espresso type machines now widely available, for use in the home and which produce a plethora of coffees, ranging from espresso, through americano and onwards to cappuccino and beyond. Personally, for convenience, i have been using a capsule based machine for some time, however, i do buy coffee freshly ground on a regular basis and brew it in a cafetiere. The arrival of this machine is a welcome addition to our kitchen, not only can we brew fresh coffee, we can also grind the beans too, all in one compact unit with a quite small footprint. All of my family drink black coffee and therefore this item is ideal for family breakfasts and the like at weekends. So far we have taken our coffee very coarsely ground, as that is the way we tend to buy it when asked in coffee shops as we don’t like the gritty coffee arising out of bean being too finely ground. Coarsely ground coffee allows the flavours to be extracted more slowly, however, as you cannot adjust the flow of water over the grounds, you have to experiment a bit until you get it right. It is a very neat machine and make around 4 cups of coffee.

There are lots of coffee machines on the market but we had been put off from buying one because most of them have quite a large footprint. However, most of those other machines with the large footprint tended to be espresso machines and/or have a steam wand for heating up milk. This venga machine has a relatively small footprint because it is a filter coffee machine and does not steam milk. Given that i usually drink americano (also called “long black” coffee in some independent places), this venga machine suits me fine. I have uploaded a photo of the venga machine next to a 1. 7l kettle and you can see that the venga machine’s footprint is only slightly larger than that of our kettle (which is really important to us as we have fairly cluttered kitchen surfaces and not very much room); the machine is tall rather than wide, which suits our small kitchen well. Operation of the machine is fairly straightforward. However, i do recommend reading the instructions. New televisions, phones and bluetooth speakers), i don’t usually bother reading the instructions. However, there are a few steps with the venga machine to take that will enhance your enjoyment of it. For example, the instructions recommended taking the various parts (such as the nylon filter) out and washing them. Also, the instructions recommended running the machine three times with just water in order to clean the machine out – i suppose no one wants any tiny particles from the factory still inside the coffee maker. The grinder allows good control over the taste of the coffee.

Brilliant coffee machine, especially pleased with the bean to cup feature. Will recommend this amazing machine to all my friends and family.

I never had the pleasure of a full beans to cup coffee machine and when the chance presented itself of reviewing this coffee machine, i took it right away to see whether i could brew the same coffee one gets at costa, starbucks, nero, insert your own favourite coffee shop here, etc. Admittedly, it is a bulky item and can make up to 6 cups of coffee, but it comes in sleek black plastic and is relatively quiet. It does take some getting used to, especially working out your preference of how coarse or fine you want your coffee to be grounded to so you can enjoy your coffee. I’ve also used the filter only mode and its equally decent. The pot is kept warm for another 30-35 minutes from the time the coffee is brewed. One is informed of the latter with three beeps at the end of the brewing coffeeoverall, i’d summarise it as a ‘poor man’s’ beans-to-cup coffee machine.

Fab bean to cup machine where you can adjust the grind to your taste. Love the beep to tell you it’s ready.

  • Lovely little machine
  • Great value, great coffee
  • Great bean to cup machine

Venga! VG CCG 3006 Coffee Maker with Grinder – 750 W, Glass, Plastic, Stainless Steel, 850 ml, Black

Product Description, Enjoy freshly brewed coffee pleasure as you wish with the VG CCG 3006 combi coffee machine by Venga. This innovative device can be used with both ground coffee and whole beans. You can adjust the grinding power of the horizontal grinding system individually in five stages. In addition, the device also has a flavour selector switch for individualized coffee enjoyment. By means of a drip brewing system – which reduces coffee powder residues and soiling – the aromatic hot beverage finally reaches the practical and high-quality glass jug with folding brew lid and scale. If you can not enjoy the coffee right away, it will still be kept at a comfortable drinking temperature thanks to the hot plate. In addition to a practical measuring spoon, the package also includes a nylon permanent filter – so you no longer need to buy filter bags, which protects the environment and your wallet equally. And visually, your new coffee maker will fit perfectly into the kitchen thanks to the timelessly simple elegance. Design coffee machine for up to 6 cups with integrated coffee bean mill Horizontal grinding system for easy assembly and long life Innovative drip brewing system ensures less coffee powder residue and dirt Removable water tank for easy filling Perfect coffee enjoyment thanks to the setting of the grinding strength Aroma selection switch for optimal, individual coffee enjoyment Including nylon permanent filter – good for the environment and your wallet Hot coffee at the touch of a button with optimal drinking temperature (about 80 ° C) Timeless design with high quality stainless steel applications High quality glass jug with scale for 6 cups (750 ml) Water tank capacity: 0.85 l XL bean hopper: 90 g Compact design: 310 mm x 160 mm x 388 mm

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Calling Coffee Lovers

This versatile tool is ideal for coffee-lovers of all sorts. It can be used with both ground coffee and whole beans, and has an adjustable strength setting with 5 stages. It even includes an aroma selector switch so you can enjoy your coffee your way.


Your Favourite Cuppa

This machine uses a drip brewing system, which reduces the coffee powder residue and dirt. It also features a hot plate to keep your coffee at perfect drinking temperature, even if you get called away from a well-deserved cup. And, you can really relax and enjoy, as the permanent nylon filter eliminates the need to buy filter bags—saving the environment and your wallet.

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  • Lovely little machine
  • Great value, great coffee
  • Great bean to cup machine

Venga! VG CCG 3006 Coffee Maker with Grinder – 750 W, Glass, Plastic, Stainless Steel, 850 ml, Black

Features and Spesification

  • Coffee maker with integrated grinder and filter option for up to 6 cups of fresh coffee. Includes coffee measuring spoon and high-quality glass jug
  • Integrated, adjustable grinder for freshly ground beans (tank volume: 90 g), aroma selector switch and adjustable coffee strength for that perfect cuppa
  • Swivel filter with removable permanent filter for coffee powder. Simple to refill thanks to removable water tank (0.85 L). Delivers cup after cup of 80 °C coffee for easy drinking
  • Quick-to-clean plate with non-stick coating. Manual cleaning of glass jug and filter unit recommended, using warm water and mild detergent
  • Includes: Coffee maker with integrated grinder, permanent filter, coffee measuring spoon, operating instructions. Dimensions: 38.8 x 16 x 31 cm