VIBE FLI Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones : Dads seal of approval!

You know how it is in the world of technology; everything is getting smaller. I have swapped the hefty case of a desk top pc for the convenience of a laptop. My printer is no longer a box the size of a small freezer, but a compact cube that connects via bluetooth and sits in a corner minding its own business. So, all should be well but, the sound quality from the laptop’s built-in speakers is, to say the least, somewhat short of high fidelity so headphones were an obvious solution. I it upon a problem in that, either i could buy those in ear, or skinny metal headphones or, a pair of real headphones that would take more space than my laptop to store. Fortunately, i found these vibe headphones. They are a mature sized pair of headphones delivering a sound quality that i did not realise that my computer possessed – they even have a built in microphone so, one more piece of clutter off the work surface – but, when i have finished and wish to store them, they fold into an ergonomically pleasing little shape. Now, you are probably thinking that that sounds fine, but we all know what happens with these clever things that fold away; the delicate little plastic hinge breaks within a couple of days and you end up with full size headphones and a beautiful bit of sticky tape strapping to boot. The hinges are of metal, strong enough to withstand many years of use, but not thick, heavy chunks of iron.

These headphones came a day early and there is nothing more to say than they are perfect, the headphones live up to their extreme bass feature and delivered punchy, smooth, low bass, the 50mm drivers produce a frequency response of 20hz to 20000hz the only problem i had with these headphones were that to get them to fold completely flat, you need to fully extend one of the earcups, however, this does not hinder the listening experience one bit, therefore, 5 stars, they definitely deserve it.

Great headphones with awsome bass.

These were a gift for my dad. He wanted some overhead earphones to use at home on long calls to clients. He said these are hasome a good sound quality and are comfy.

Great product, very good quality sound , arrived in two working days ,my daughter will love them. Amazon isfast and accurate as usual.

Sound quality, style and comfort were most important when i selected these headphones. There are so many similar products on the market with a vast range of price tags that choice can be overwhelming and difficult to ensure substance as well as style. Comfort and style:the vibe fli-overs have large speakers allowing them to sit comfortably over the ears without squashing them flat. They feel quite weighty, but secure as they hug the head, this is not a negative point as they are hardly designed to be discrete and this adds an immersive feel. The white gloss finish is stylish and bold. The ribbon lead is around a meter and a half long and plugs in to my iphone with its air cushion case. The folding action is smooth and quick. I would have probably preferred the bluetooth version and a case would have been useful too. Sound:the sound quality is the selling point for me. A rich, clear sound with good balance and detail.

As described and very prompt delivery.

These over the ear headphones are not subtle. How you view the stying is a matter of personal choice. They are chunky and very white. I like the styling but those who are after less of an “i’m wearing headphones” look, will perhaps feel less enthused. Part of the reason for this is that they are well cushioned. At first, i found them very comfortable to wear but after an hour or so, they started to feel less comfortable – mainly due to the weight but also due to the fact that your ears do get quite warm. In all other respects, these are a good choice. The sound is nice and rounded and, although they emphasise the bass of the product, they are not too bass heavy. For me, this is a big plus as a lot of modern headphones can be too bass heavy and this can lead to sound distortion. If you are into bass heavy music though, you might find these a bit light on the bass notes.

  • but I have found them to a) be great as ear defenders on the train when you want
  • Got them for £24, on sale and used a £15 Amazon gift voucher. Doubt that I would buy them again.
  • Perfect as expected

Vibe FLI Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with In-Line Microphone – Black

Style Name:Bluetooth  |  Colour Name:Black
Product Description, VIBE – Fli Over-Ear Bluetooth NFC Headphones, Comfortable, sharp, unique styling with high performance to match. The futuristic design looks elegant, where the pivoting over-ear cups offer unparalleled comfort featuring a fold-up design for easy storage and protection when not in use.
Comfortable, sharp, unique styling with high performance to matchView larger VIBE products deliver smooth, punchy bass with a rich and accurate full-range soundView larger All VIBE headphones feature our classic Extreme Bass tuning. This is your guarantee that the driver, housing, wiring and connectors have been tuned to our exacting standards. From ‘Hard Rock’ to ‘Hip-Hop’ all VIBE products deliver smooth, punchy bass with a rich and accurate full-range sound for which we’re famous for. The clean look of the Fli Over-Ear BT Headphones make a statement, with a unique high end design that really stands out from the crowd. British audio brand VIBE has over 20 years of sound engineering.

What is it and what makes it sound great?, A visionary over-ear headphone with Bluetooth NFC for hands-free calling and 50mm speakers tuned for all types of music. Wireless listening with compatible Bluetooth devices.

It’s perfect for. .., The Fli Over is ideal for longer listening periods with excellent noise isolation. The foldable design also makes the Fli Overs great for travelling. Practical, foldable with amazing looks and style, combine this with VIBE tuning – perfection.

Bass without frontiers, Bass is the heartbeat of all music – VIBE Audio’s renowned British R&D experts tune the critical sub-bass frequencies to hit low and hard without distortion and fatigue. Works with Android and iOS devices. Change tracks and volume; the controls are conveniently positioned on the headphone. Activate Siri (iOS 6, iPhone 4S or later) and dictate messages and text using built-in voice services from Apple and Google.
Featuring a fold-up design for easy storage and protection when not in useView larger

About VIBE, VIBE Audio’s global success in the audio market has allowed us to leverage on our experience and expand into new segments including home cinema, marine and personal audio. With everything from surround sound home audio packages to headphones, VIBE has a product for almost every audio application however our core focus will always remain on bass enhancement as without bass much of the emotion, the excitement and the energy in music.


  • Construction: ABS with neodymium magnets
  • Driver: 50mm
  • Bluetooth / NFC (tap to pair with compatible devices)
  • Includes cable: Detachable TPU flat cable
  • Cable length: 1.0m
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm gold plated TRS jack
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Available in black only
  • Box Contains,

    – VIBE FLI-Over Fashion Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone- Headphone Cable – USB charging cable- Instructions

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    Was really happy with the speed of delivery, got them within 3 days of ordering them using the free delivery option. However i don’t really like the design of the audio cable connecting the headphones to the music device. They remind me of that really thin spaghetti you get. The actual audio-jack part is just as weird. The audio is alright, not mind-blowing. The headphones look a bit more well. Plastic-y in real life, almost as if they used filters in their photos. The headphones are a tight fit, not uncomfortable, but you are reminded that they are there. My old £12 gaming headset was better that these and these are sold at £80. They definitely don’t look as professional as some beats headphones.

    I was kindly supplied this item free of charge to test and evaluate. In exchange, i agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts:being fairly new to bluetooth devices i was happy to try my hand at a pair of bluetooth headphones. As i’ve always loved the concept of wireless headphones but have turned my head away from the chunky price tags that often come with it i was glad to see a fairly affordable pair of wireless headphones on the market. Fresh from the packet these headphones gave a premium feel. They have a rubberised coating on them and have a stand out design. They come with a small manual, an aux lead for a bluetooth alternative (or if your battery goes flat), as well as a charge cable. I was quite impressed with the charge cable, because it’s a usb to 3. I never thought you could get power through an aux lead but here is the first time i’ve seen it been done, not to mention this saves an extra hole in your headphones. Once charged i managed to get well over 12 hours of use with them.

    These seemed heavy at first, and as the owner of quite a small head they only *just* fit (but they do fit) at the smallest setting. But i guess that they must be stuffed with batteries, because 9 albums in they haven’t gone flat yet. The flat cables are so thin that it’s hard to believe there are wires inside, and i am not 100% sure about their durability, time will tell on that front. Plus, the hold they plug into doesn’t accept other cables with slightly wider shoulders. The only downside is that when first starting to play music, you do get a reasonable loud “pop” noise as they spring into life, which sounds irritating. Also, the sound quality if you use them while charging is abominable in the ear that the cable plugs into, but i suppose that isn’t really fair to criticise. I’m no audio nerd, but i have found them to a) be great as ear defenders on the train when you want to shut people out without listening to anything, and b) on some tracks i have noticed things i had never heard before, so they are clearly way better than any in-ear pieces i have ever had before.

    I usually use ear-bud headphones as they’re generally unobtrusive and easy to transport, however, they can cause the odd problem and as a result, when i can, i usually revert back to over ear headphones. These vibe fli headphones are eyecatching and feel high quality in terms of the materials and construction. The sound quality on these headphones is amazing across the whole range; but in particular the bass, which is exceptional for this price range. I plugged them into my ipad to listen to bbc radio on iplayer and i was amazed just how different, how rich the sound was compared to in-ear or just listening through the ipad speakers – no longer tinny, same with my ipod and stereo (when compared to in-ear), so i’m mightly impressed. The cushioning around the ear piece is soft and the headphones will adjust to fit quite big heads – mine included, just. They connect via a ribbon connection with a jack at each end which also means they’re almost impossible to tangle and the jack into the headphones is a particularly snug tamper proof fit: i. They also fold up for storage/transportation but the bugbear for me is that for commuting they still take up a lot of space and unlike the in-ear variety you can’t just stick ’em in your top pocket. That said they’re still impressive in use and would heartily recommend them, had they been £20 or so cheaper i’d have given 5 stars.

    The vibe fli over-ear headphones have ‘british design’ all over the packaging, which i find highly amusing given the extremely japanese fonts and typefaces used in the design, and the overall look. Nevertheless, they do look very stylish, and are very comfortable to wear. External noise is kept to a minumum thanks to the large pads and over ear design, and they fold up fairly well too. The supplied cable is a flat cable which plugs in to the rear of the left headphone, and the only problem i had was i didn’t realise that you have to push it in quite firmly for it to locate properly, but once it’s in it’ rock solid. Sound is favourable, good seperation between instruments and good frequency response across the board, no weak spots. The bass is particularly well rounded, which is a relief as i was half expecting it to drown out everything else given how much the marketing hype goes on about extreme bass. I tested with a range of music styles, from some thumping psytrance to get an idea of the low end, to some epic metal to see how well they handle lots of noisy sounds. They handled everything i threw at them extremely well, and will now be my headphones of choice, replacing my trusty porta-pros. They’re not the greatest i’ve used but they do stack up extremely well for the price tag.

    As i’m old fashioned, i liked the fact that this was produced in the uk – plus point for that. The packaging is simple, but well done. An opening flap lets you see the product and gives details about them. The actual headphones are really nice, the white gloss plastic is solid and the leather pads surrounding the actual speakers are lush. The speakers are physically larger than normal and totally cover the ears – the pads make them comfortable to wear for several hours. There is a hinge on each side of the headphones that allow you to collapse it a bit for storage and transport – i’m not a huge fan of this idea, but it’s well implemented with solid metal hinges. Very little background noise enters when wearing these – it may be due to the noise isolation feature or the fact that i tend to have things at maximum volume. They did tend to leak sound out, prompting me to get a jab in the ribs from those near me if something was very loud. I used these on a macbook air with movies, you tube and a couple of games and the sound was excellent on everything i tried. However, on an iphone 5 they sounded unusually quiet on music and movies, but this was an issue with the cable, and when sorted the sound levels jumped back up.

    These are, in the final analysis, good headphones – solid bass, decent balance, pleasant to wear. First impressions are a bit middling; the box they come in is fairly hefty, and has a front opening ‘flap’ that opens onto a transparent window where the headphones are visible. The whole box is rather busy, with images of the headphones inside, and some rather aggressive branding. Unboxing provides the headphones on a startlingly orange bed of moulded foam, along with the various required leads and jacks. The headphones are done in a very distinctive style – the colour on mine is quite strident, and was very much noticed around the office. The headphone band is quite wide, and the ear cups have a moulded plastic irregular exterior – an odd, but not unpleasant aesthetic. The ear cups are also foldable, making them smaller for transport and storage, which is helpful. The interior of the headphone band has a sort of flexible soft plastic to part of the underside, making the headphones sit comfortably on the top of the head; i compared these to the more traditional padding on a pair of sennheiser’s, and found it provided around the same level of comfort during longer audio sessions. The headphone band is also expandable, in order to fit all head sizes. I did find it could be a bit tight horizontally though – there doesn’t seem to be much ‘give’ in the plastic.

    • but I have found them to a) be great as ear defenders on the train when you want
    • Got them for £24, on sale and used a £15 Amazon gift voucher. Doubt that I would buy them again.
    • Perfect as expected

    Vibe FLI Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with In-Line Microphone – Black

    Tested a lot of headphones for under 200€. These ones are worth 99£ easily. Very good sound and comfortable.

    Son uses them happily with his ipad, good battery life and comfortable to wear.

    Top quality, highly recommended.

    Very comfortable and does as advertised.

    I have to agree with other reviewers that the styling of these is awfully similar to some quite well known ‘brands’, but they definitely are not a cheap and cheerful imitation. The look and feel is of a quality product, with attention to detail and smart ‘look’. In use i was seriously surprised by how good the noise cancelling is. I’ve had some cheaper and some a little more expensive, but none of them were as good as these vibe phones. When my wife and kids were calling to me, i could just about hear them in the same room. The sound quality is good too. I’ve tried pop, rock, classical etc and all had clear tones with good range and – to be honest – not too much base. I was quite worried from the description that these were going to be the type of headset that gives everyone else in the tube train full benefit of your music, but they’re not. I guess the white version maybe makes a fashion statement, and probably doesn’t look so cool on an older geezer like me, but i actually rather like them. They fold too – quite a neat little bundle, and you get the feeling that the hinges won’t break too easily nor will the cable snap or stretch.

    I don’t usually go for over the ear headphones, tending to prefer the more discrete in-ear ones instead. These however are causing me to rethink. If you aren’t looking for headphones with clear branding for a fashion statement, that are fantastic value for money, producing a great sound, look and feel good, then i would look no further than these. Well packaged, the headphones look great straight out of the box. I have the version with the cable. I was a little disappointed as i didn’t realise the bluetooth/nfc was optional, but charging via the headphone jack is very cleaver, didn’t know you could to that, and saves extra cables being required. Most importantly then, the sound. From the description of ‘extreme bass tuning’ i was worried about it being a bit heavy, but overall the sound is very well balanced. It feels smooth, while still being crisp enough to pick out subtle details in the music, some which might be missed in other headphones i have used before. The sound isolation is also great, not quite as good as bose, which i also have, but for this price it is a great 2nd place.

    These headphones offer really amazing sound quality, and i must accept that their claims about ‘extreme bass’ are well foundedi received these through the vine programme. I would probably have been put off by the styling if i was purchasing, but that’s just personal preference. White shiny plastic is a bit too much of an 80s reminder for me. That said, they’re very well put together and very comfortablethey come nicely packaged. The box contains the headphones and a ‘flat’ jack lead. 5mm jacks which always adds a quality feel for me (nothing worse than decent headphones with cheap leads). My only issue with the lead is that the jack plugs themselves are at a 90 degree angle to the lead. This makes the plug sit satisfyingly flat to the back of the headphone where they connect, but as there’s a recess for the plug, it’s actually quite fiddly to unplug again. The headphones fold up (which doesn’t make them much smaller if i’m honest)there’s an inline microphone and remote, however there’s no instructions on how many clicks for what function.

    I’m not sure why but i had a feeling these headphones would be outstanding. Good bass sounds but without losing out on the higher frequencies, with a style and portability to be okay for commuting. Unfortunately though, everything about these headphones is good but not outstanding – i’ll explain why that’s an issue at the end. The version i reviewed are wired connection only (not bluetooth although i believe there may be a variant offering that) with a flat tape-like cable of a reasonable length with the input end having the extra pin for the microphone supported as part of these headphones. I have no issue with this as my main use for this is commuting and i find it a pain having to recharge headphones (unavoidable with wireless headphones). These have no batteries, and just connect to the sound source. They are surprisingly comfortable – as someone with a larger than average head i often find the middle bit at the top gets uncomfortable on my head after a while, but no problems here. They fold down reasonably enough to fit in a work bag, but it was disappointing not to include a travel case with them. Although not uncomfortable after wearing for an hour or so, my ears did get a bit sweaty under the ear cups. The key thing though with any headphones is the sound – there was not as much bass as i expected, and for audio books it seems fine.

    These headphones, nattily named fli-overs, are surprisingly good quality for the price tag. They have a great look, and there’s lots of high-quality touches and attention to detail in their design. The circum-aural, cushioned earcups mean they’re comfy, and they’re lightweight yet robust-feeling. They’re also foldable and have an in-line microphone/remote, making them highly suitable for portable use. They’re described as ‘extreme bass stereo headphones’, and the bass is heavier than with other headphones i’ve tried. This is great for use with a source device that isn’t typically too bass-heavy, such as many mp3 players and smartphones. But the fli-overs aren’t just capable when it comes to bass; the entire sound stage is clear, broad, well-balanced, and pretty impressive given the price range they fall into. Vibe isn’t a brand i’m familiar with – this is the first vibe item i’ve ever used – but on the evidence of this product it’s a company that knows what it’s doing.

    I wanted a cheap pair of headphones that folded up and went over my ears. I can wear them for hours at a time and not have any pain or irritation. If you’re looking for something cheap to chuck in your bag and bring with you to work or school, these worked well for me.

    This is review for the wired vine headphones, not the bluetooth version which is also described in the amazon product description. So no nfc and a cable instead to link the headphones to audio source. These, i guess, might be considered to be ‘designer’ headphones – they are pretty hefty, appear in a range of bright colours, and come in rather snazzy packaging. I find them a little to heavy for my liking and although the headphones are adjustable i find they clamp on to my ears a bit too firmly. Of course this all helps to exclude external noise. It’s a bit like wearing a set of ear muffs. Large over ear cups with big cushioned surrounds – entirely suitable for cold weather. Indeed, as the headphones don’t have noise cancelling technology, the headphones need a system to exclude external sound. Another approach is to emphasise the bass of any music source. The vibe headphones make a lot of this.

    Delivery to canada was excellent, package was protected from the elements and arrived in new condition. Headphones are a solid purchase for their cost, the headphone cable will be the first thing that breaks.

    Perhaps the best sound from any headphones i have ever heard. I have owned approximately 15 pairs of headphones and tried 100s more, few of which were cheap. These headphones produced a true, rich and exact, precise sound dynamic, each sound is not over or under celebrated. Update 8/9/15 – one of the ear pieces tends to become detached from the headband which is annoying so soon in their life but they have a lot of use. No effect on the sound though. The fit is that of bose, the only manufacturer, in my opinion, which has ever been able to manufacture a contour and cushion as well as these headphones. The headphones achieve noise cancelling. I would not call these headphones ‘basey’. This is not an insult since i enjoy speakers which are not basey, such as those of the new macbook pro retina display, more than most. These speakers perfectly capture any wandering tinny treble or booming base and emit only the perfect recording pitch, as it was meant to be heard.

    I’ll start with the cons because these deserve to end on a high. Cons:-box came in pretty bad condition, the glue used was crumbling and not holding it together-the glue had turned into some kind of dust which has covered the headphones-the forward and back buttons are really indented (although still work)-the headphones don’t have a head pad which is really unusual, first time i’ve seen that. -the cables are a bit flimsypros:-very comfy even for someone with big ears-apart from the glue dust(which comes off easy enough), they look great-pretty solid build and feel sturdy enough-the ambient inclusion is really good-for wireless headphones the audio is pretty good-they only cost £20(when i got them), so it’s not much of a let down if they don’t compare to sanheisersoverall for the price they cost i’d say they’re worth it, although plenty of other peoples reviews are pretty bad and i don’t claim to speak for everyone so if you do get these, take it with a grain of salt because for £10 – £15 more you can get a lot better quality.

    Putting these headphones on is like settling your ears into big, snug armchairs. They are extraordinarily comfortable. They are quite heavy too, which is to be expected with 50mm drivers. The cord is completely removable which is good for headphones this expensive. It means it can be replaced. The shear heft of this headphones means that sound isolation is better than average. In fact the best i’ve ever experienced from none cancelling headphones. The sounds is as advertised. Its very base heavy and you won’t need any of the enhancements you tend to get on portable devices these days. You need the volume turned slightly higher than with smaller headphones, but the base is worth the extra juice that gets used.

    My granddaughter says they are amazing and will be very difficult to break. She means accidentally (i hope). Looks great and arrived promptly.

    Product was for my husband who says the sound is very good and it blocks out other noise really well. Loves the fact that they are wireless.

    First impressions of the headphones are positive, they feel nicely robust and are a comfortable fit. Not too tight, not too loose as there is nothing worse than aching and sweaty ears while listening to music, and i have tried on a number that do this. They are comfortable, i didn’t feel any particular pressure points on the top of my head from the head band and they can also be folded to aid storage. I also like the flat ribbon style removable cable. I’m normally a fan of in ear headphones so this is a bit of a departure for me and i have to say i am pleasantly surprised. I like the way they fit over the ears rather than sit on top of them, it helps to isolate your ears from outside noise. An added benefit is that my wife doesn’t complain as much when i was wearing them listening to spiderbait while she was watching the television, they appear not to leak sound as much as a pair on ear sennheiser headphones i usually use. Some might say they are not the most conservative looking headphones, they are not dressed to blend into the background, they are i fact large and make a statement, they are about as discrete as a banker spending a bonus. If you commute by train they would probably be ideal, though you may get a few looks, but don’t be wearing them riding a bike, you might not hear the car behind you. The bottom line however, is how they perform.

    Features and Spesification

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      by entering your model number.
    • Bluetooth with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology
    • In-line microphone and remote for hands free calls
    • Fold-up design for easy storage
    • High quality construction that’s built to last, won’t let you down
    • Detachable TPU flat cable