VIDONN Bone Conduction Headphones Titanium Wireless Sport Headset Stereo Sweatproof : Best running accessory ever

I looked hard to get a pair of bone conduction headphones cheaper than the well-known make, as i wasn’t sure how much i would use them. As the user of navigation apps for a smartphone, i wanted value for money rather than hi-fi sound. Actually, the sound is very acceptable. The handsfree facility works well with the phone. Only when using teamtalk was my voice found to be unacceptable – and i haven’t played extensively with the teamtalk settings yet. I bought it for the phone, but i have also successfully connected it to the pc. Pairing was easy: when power is on, pressing one of the buttons on the edge puts it into pairing mode. It speaks, too, when power goes on or off, and if successfully re-paired at power on.

Great headphone, great value for money. Battery life is good, and it’s fit me well as the compact size and light weight. Build quality seems good, i hear ambient sounds on street while wearing it, so much better than in-ear headphones.

Great sound and charge lasts. They are a bit bulky compared to after\shokz but they appear to be stronger. Only negative is that i have a big head (from back to front) and the ear piece fits partly on my ear.

Bought these to replace bluetooth ear buds as was fed up of them falling out my ears. So comfortable and love that i can still hear properly when out running.

Fast paring, stable transmission. More than 3 hours of continuous listening to music still has 55% of battery. The most important is that you can hear the outside world when listening to songs. More safer while running or walking. But if the size can be adjusted it will be more perfect.

My blue2s headphones eventually broke after tons of use so went for these relatively cheap alternatives. They compare well except for fit – i’ve got a big head (60cm ish) so have to fit them in a way they’re not designed for when cycling – but i still use them for cycling (when my wife doesn’t hide them when tidying up). They’re great for running though.

Considering the amount of money i paid for it, i’m not happy that it already has a crack. I’ve only had it a few weeks. Also, i’m not convinced the battery lasts 4 hours, because several times after a full charge, i’m hearing the battery low message when i’ve been listening to music for only a couple of hours. Other than those two negatives, i do like the headset for sound quality and comfort.

Ideal for what i needed, use them when walking and gardening and cannot fault them.

  • Decent sound and good connection
  • Sport is Not the Only Use
  • Don’t sit comfortably over the ear whilst wearing glasses.

VIDONN Bone Conduction Headphones Titanium Wireless Sport Headset Stereo Sweatproof with Mic for Running Cycling Hiking Open Ear Earphone for Andorid iPhone other Bluetooth Devices (Gray)

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Can be difficult to use with upper ear piercings as it can slide down and rub but overall really satisfied with this and use it a lot. None of these products will ever be an ideal fit for everyone but this does the job and is great for the price.

Not what i expected, these were more like bluetooth speakers positioned very close to your ears, people around me could hear everything, not what i expected having tried other more expensive brands.

As a gift for myself, it is a great product and meet my expectation. Nice package, light weight and high sound quality. As a housewife and a runner, it is perfect and comfortable for long time wearing and ensuring my ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds. Also the battery can last many hours after fully charged.

Works well as intended but boy you need a lot of battery power to use this on a marathon.

Love these – being able to run, listen to music and hear what’s going on around you (chatting and listening to friends/bicycle bells etc)- recommended to all my running friends.

I’ve previously owned first-generation wired aftershokz bone conducting headphone, but was put off by the high price of the new ‘branded’ headphones. The vidonn headphone are better value, and have a significantly improved sound quality (but not as good as conventional earphones) whilst still allowing you to hear your surroundings, and are a comfortable and secure fit even with glasses and a bike helmet. Bluetooth connection is secure and hasn’t dropped yet. I can’t comment on the longevity or water resistance yet.

Comfortable fit great sound. Can wear on the ears or just below on the jawbone ( upper.

They do seem to work quite well but i find i have to readjust several times whilst running as i wear glasses and they don’t sit particularly well over the top of my ears. I bought them for an upcoming half marathon which don’t allow the use of in ear headphones so these will suffice. The volume control buttons aren’t particularly easy to access whilst wearing them. That being said, for the price i paid for them, i am pleased with them overall and would recommend them to others.

  • Decent sound and good connection
  • Sport is Not the Only Use
  • Don’t sit comfortably over the ear whilst wearing glasses.

VIDONN Bone Conduction Headphones Titanium Wireless Sport Headset Stereo Sweatproof with Mic for Running Cycling Hiking Open Ear Earphone for Andorid iPhone other Bluetooth Devices (Gray)

These are perfect as i always had problems with one ear with the buds in my ear now these makes it so easy and to still hear around me is bonus.

Wasn’t sure about these after reading some reviews, but they are really good, comfortable with very little sound leakage.

I’m really pleased with these headphones. Just tried them out on a ten mile road race and they were comfortable, excellent sound quality, controls work as described and the battery lasted the duration. I will be recommending them to my running friends as an alternative to trekz.

These are absolutely excellent.

Bone conduction headset, very cool technology. I can hear my friends when i wear the headphones. It transmits sound via cheekbone to the inner ears, protect our hearing.

I only really use these at work, as i have to have ear protection in all the time. These are great as they let me listen to music, and no one can say anything because i have my ear protection in. Now let me make it clear that these are a hell of a lot louder when your ears are blocked off. I sometimes wear them while riding to work, and they need to be turned up full to be able to hear them, and sometimes when loud vehicles pass by i struggle to hear them. Very comfortable though and could easily wear them for hours. The sound quality is reasonable. However, if you go straight from some normal headphones (i have some beats studios) to these, they’re noticeable muffled, like listening through a cloth or something. You’ll get used to it though after a little while.

As a runner i was sceptical but these are amazing have used them not just running but housework & many other activities. Defiantly it if your an active person.

I need to buy wireless headphones after i upgraded my iphone. Been try couple headphones already and i think this is the one. Sounds quality is good and really comfortable to wear as well. Really happy with this purchase.

Really good value for money, if you are a runner they are perfect, really comfortable and great sound quality.

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