ViewSonic M1 WVGA Ultra-Portable 250 LED Lumens Projector – Fabulous real value for money

Picked this up for £200 on the back of previous reviews and, so far, i’m not disappointed. Good throw from a short distance, sharp clear image, with lots of input options. The internal speakers are adequate, but obviously won’t fill a large room. In normal circumstances though, most families will be happy with them. Of course, you can link them up to a sound bar, hi-fi, external speakers etc if required. Well worth the dosh, my mate wendy’s getting one :).

This is dictated excuse typos, it’s important to keep everything in context here, this thing cost 300 quid and that’s cheap for what it does, it can do airplay from apple, it’s got wi-fi and bluetooth built-in, the speakers are stella, the battery life is great, in a dark room or outside the picture is more than acceptable but not full hd, the android system isn’t the best but given you can airplay from your device or put an st card in it or connect via hdmi, are you getting the point?. It’s so specced up for the price it’s stupid. They will no doubt be new products that will be better than this in time but right now for the reasons i’ve listed this is king, i can go in the garden and put the boxing on 100 and scream zero wires good sound good picture happy family, my daughter froze how movies on to my bedroom wall and then put it away when she’s finished with it, she takes it to grandmas and plays movies no wires no need for internet, come on for £300 really. It even connects to my daughters nintendo switch by usbc , i don’t know another device that does that and get this it even charges it. We have laid in bed and projected 75 inch picture on the ceiling even though there is a 50 inch tv in the room just because it’s fun. I think i’ll summarise and say this is not a replacement for a full-time tv, but it will bring hours of fun for kids make sporting events joy and i even use it for work, time will tell how long that will last but viewsonic are no mugs and i don’t think they’ll let me down.

Always money with quality is amazing.

I like most things about this projector. The main thing that lets it down is its inability to play sound with some video formats. Avi that i have tried playing from a memory stick show video only: no sound. The same files play perfectly on a pc or laptop so i could get around this by using screen mirror i suppose, but this rather defeats the object. The other glitch i had was when i connected a linux laptop (ubuntu 14) with an hdmi cable. Instead of screen mirroring (which works beautifully with an iphone) there was some sort of software conflict. Overall, i like the gadget but i won’t be travelling with it. Its good for home use where i can work around the lack of compatability. Bluetooth works well, great audio. Picture quality is good and the controls are intuitive.

For the price we can’t expect more than that, don’t have the same image quality of a television or a big projector also it’s far to be bad have some definition, it’s more than enough to have a good cinema experience, the sound it’s pretty good, the battery when you see movies it’s up to during about 2h hours if you use for show slides may you can enjoy the 6 hours. The remote control it’s a mess, but i need to change the battery of it, to see if that it’s my problem, i’m still using the original pass 7 months. In general it’s a good purchase, has a good design as well, i recommend.

I did a lot of research before this purchase. Really love this device, and i think it offers a lot for those willing to spend a little more than a cheap portable projector. The speakers really pump out great sound, and i love the portability. Screen quality is pretty good, the contrast makes up for the lack of resolution. It isnt bright enough to watch in full daylight, but fine with the curtains drawn or the lights slightly dimmed. Overall very happy with the purchase. The only cons i have encountered so far:- over time, the arm seems to have sagged. My picture is now crooked if i am projecting straight. A bit frustrating, and we always prop it up to get it straight- the fan can be a little loud, sort of like a 10 year old laptop running its fan on full. The speakers are loud enough to cover this though- the dial on the side for the focus occasionally unfocuses after a little bit.

Small bugs but overall great for watching movies etc. Os could be better , bit buggy to use.

The item is definitely a unique design which can persuade many at a glance. Small, light and relatively quiet. The image quality for short distance is satisfactory. There are two shortcomings tho. One is the claimed 120000:1 contrast ratio which is not only untrue but rather unrealistic for this device at this price range. Another is the brightness, especially when projecting on bigger screens or in medium or above light levels. If you are happy with these, you are unlikely returning this item as it comes in very nice packing and definitely does the job to a good extent.

Brilliant quality for price.

Want to use this for projecting a film for my son’s birthday party. However, having bought the wifi version there doesn’t seem to be any way to connect the projector to my wifi because there is no way to enter the password using the remote control. There are also plenty of connections available but i can’t work out how to get any of them to actually play a film. How do i connect to my dvd player, for example – it would be helpful to tell me what kind of hdmi cable i need. Do i need a fire stick/chrome cast?. Can’t connect via bluetooth either. Maybe i am just a luddite but i can normally work these things out. The instructions are terrible.

As others have said, a superb sd projector for the money. Very good picture quality for low light conditions, for example, in the bedroom of an evening with a bedside lamp for illumination; truly amazing sound quality for such a small unit; great connectivity and control options; good battery life. Also, i never have a problem using the remote control from behind the unit: the ir simply bounces back from the surface you’re projecting onto to reach the front mounted ir sensor. A very stylish package overall.

Nicely packed and beautiful picture and great sound. Just too few instructions on accessing the internal memory etc. Also i can’t see any option for rear screen projection but perhaps i’m missing something. Overall a great little machine though the focus wheel is not as easy to maintain a clear image as some other machines.

For the price this projector is amazing. Very portable and the battery life easily lasts 4-5 hours on normal brightness. Projector is usable in daylight, but for best picture quality you’ll want a dark room. Here are the specifications for the ViewSonic M1 WVGA Ultra-Portable 250 LED Lumens Projector:

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  • Portable projector: Ultra-portable & lightweight at only 750g and 14.6 x 12.6 x 4 cm. This LED projector that delivers convenient entertainment in nearly any room with 250 LED Lumens of brightness
  • Short throw: Project 100’’ images from only 2.6 meters away via M1’s short throw ratio – perfect for projecting large images in small spaces
  • Premium audio: Built-in Dual Harman Kardon speakers deliver room-filling audio
  • Projection in every direction: M1’s 360-degree perfection projection that lets you project images onto the ceiling, wall, floor or anywhere you please – with ease
  • Long battery life: A built-in battery provides up to 6 hours of power, and can charge mobile devices via USB Type C when the power adapter is plugged in
  • Flexible connectivity: Supports most media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI, USB, and more
  • Box contains: M1 Projector, USB Type-C Cable, AC Power Cable, AC Power Adapter, Remote Control & Batteries and Soft Carrying Bag

Use it for home cinema and football.

This device is fantastic – just what i need for giving presentations – or even for watching movies. The picture quality and sound quality are good.

Purchased as a gift for a gadget lover. What an amazing little projector. The sound that comes from it is quite amazing, the picture is good, like a pleasing cinema, not ultra hd. Connects with a galaxy s8 but not a p20 lite. Chrome cast and amazon fire both work well with it. The battery is surprisingly long lasting.

Portability, battery life, easy to take on travels, great sound from the speaker and very practical design with the supporting stand. Taken it in the desert, camping and used as an outdoor cinema in the garden.

This unit is up there in my top 3 bargain purchases. The constant fight for the remote control is now a thing of the past for me especially now the world cup is on. I have watched games in places unimaginable. The bathroom ceiling being the best so far. The battery lasted long enough to get through the build up, full match + extra time with life to spare. Decided to put it to the test and connect my ps4 and was blown away. Immaculate sound quality and more than decent picture quality. Family weekends away will be a breeze as i intend to save all the kids favorite cartoons on a memory stick and carry it wherever we go.

 this product is absolutely amazing. The image is so sharp, even when projecting across a room to create a roughly 100 inch image, and the inbuilt speaker is great quality and much louder than the one on our tv. I have used it for wireless video streaming and projected movies from my laptop using the hdmi cable. The visual quality exceeded all expectations and really feels like having a cinema at home, despite just being projected onto a blank white wall. My boyfriend has even used it to play fifa on with his friends and they loved it. One final thing that is a really nice feature is the fact that the projector detects the angle of the wall and adapts the image so the image quality is always at its best, no matter what angle the projector is pointing from. Would absolutely recommend for anyone like me wanting a home cinema room without having to break the bank.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Some compromises but a good all-rounder

  • Dynamite comes in small packages

  • Great value package, with a few caveats

Lovely picture from a short distancegood audiouse it to run my fire tv stick with no issueshighly reccomend.

I bought this then returned it the following day to buy a smaller pico project that has wifi and runs on android 7. – sound quality is super crisp and so incredibly clear, i live near the main road with lots of cars going past and i could hear every single word of a lecture i was listening to on volume level 3 (this goes unto 10) with my windows open, with my current pico projector by yuafey i can barely hear anything on full volume even when my window is shut, my only choice is to use a bluetooth headset/speaker- picture quality is super sharp & bright even on battery saver mode, i really cannot praise this company enough for achieving such great and consistent result in such a small device- i used this device for 5. 5 hours on one charge while on battery saver mode. I watch a few films during daylight with the curtains open and could see the projection just finehere’s what i wish the device had. – wifi connectivity is a must for me (the only real option is to connect chromecast, fire stick etc. To make it a smart system- android os 7. 1 (or latest version) – that would really have made a big differenceagain, i really liked the device, the sound quality is just amazing and i can’t praise viewsonic enough for this.

Very portable and great quality picture for the price.

Build quality and ease of use very good.

Will be so handy if that projector have a wireless connection in addition, everything is good design is great.

Great for holidays and camping – kids love it (so do i), you can mirror your phone to watch tv and play games on a massive screen. Hubby didn’t want a tv in kids room so this is ideal, simply point the projector upto the ceiling and they lie in bed watching and drifting to sleep. Comes with a neat carry pouch which is good, only thing is that the remote doesn’t fit in the case. Overall great and now my cousins want one :-).

Works well, battery lasts ages, picture is good. Tombstone very effective when on its own stand. Only small issue is the bass could be better on the speakers. They’re loud enough, just a little tinny. Overall though, this is a 5-star product.

Great design, very easy to use, works perfectlh with fire tv stick, picture quality is good considering the size of the projector. I tried to find out how big the image can be before i bought but couldn’t really find useful information. I can tell now that it easily covers a large area on wall, much larger than for example 49” tv. I can strongly recommend this item.

I love this projector, didn’t think it would be as good as it is.

I live in a small studio, so i did not want to get a tv taking up all the space. This was the perfect solution. I just plugged in my chrome cast and now i watch netflix like in the movies all the time. The picture and sound are very good. Just in case: you need at least a low light level to get a good picture.

I use this to project on the ceiling, it works great.

Great viewsonic quality as expected, we chose this among many options because of the brand and design. Quality of image is very good with lights off, but it’s not as good with lights. Quality of sound is good for its size. For the compactness and price, this is great solution.

For the price it’s very goodpicture quality us standard quality but still goodsound from them small speakers in really good and they can go loudonly let down is the focus system but you can get used to it after a whileit’s maual focus.

Having owned the m1 and the m1+ i can tell people who don’t know which one to go for to just go for the one that is cheapest at the time. The m1+ has no noticeable extra brightness over the m1 and the ‘streaming’ features and apps are just terrible. You will definitely need to use a chromecast and fire stick device to stream without issues. The little issues that damage the experience are the fan noise and the incredibly annoying focus issue. The fan when the unit is plugged in will cool the bulb down to a safe temp and then wind down, then back up and down up and down up and down driving you nuts if you are close enough to hear it. I find myself turning the brightness down to the lowest level so that the fan ticks along at a much lower level. The other unforgivable issue is the focus. The focus is handled by a little wheel at the side of the unit and it seems to have some tension or pull on it, because you will get the projector in focus get yourself all settled in for your film and then ‘pop’ the view is nothing but blurry smears.

Great product could be better with the remote control.

Get a balanced view of the product. Very few things are perfect. The closer they get to perfection the more they will cost. If it is cheap ask why?my 2 downsides for this projector are resolution and lumens. Once you know and accept this you will be amazed by the value this offering presents. The 2 negatives may seem a deal breaker but this was my approach. Hd is incredible but i feel when the movie is rolling and the action commences there is no time to count pixels. Pixels are really noticeable when movie is paused. You cannot watch during they datime. This projector performs better the darker it is.

The viewsonic m1 dlp projector is amazing. It has all the inputs and outputs you will ever need and automatically detects the surface you want to project to so that you get a straight picture, i have even used it on a dark rain morning and the picture was very watchable not to mention the whole thing is battery powered. All in all this is a great item that works with every hdmi device including your phone for watch media recommended for all.

What a great portable projector. Sound and picture quality is excellent.

 the most perfect projector i’ve ever used. Perfect for in the house, hooking up via hdmi is very busy. And my ps4 works and looks perfect. Can handle a 4k video with no problems. And its battery life is amazing. Have recommended it all my friends.

This is a great piece of kit. The sound quality is amazing. The battery lasts longer than a football match. I use it in conjunction with my iphone.

– great portability and ability to adjust the angles- hard to connect phone and other devices, you need to google chrome cast. – image quality isn’t the best especially when the film is too dark.

Really good portable projector.

Not bad considering the price. Fan noise is very loud though and it does get hot.

This is great product , i am enjoying theatre experience with family at home ,.

Happy with mine, the build quality is amazing. Although it only puts out 480p it’s actually am impressive picture. The audio quality is great too. The fact that it has a built in battery makes it so portable. I purchased a tripod for it to go on which of course makes it extra stable.

Build quality quality;excellent, very nicely made. Sound quality;excellent, nice and loud with decent base. Built in media player;to be honest it is a bit hit or miss, the main issue i had was unsupported audio (mkv, vob files tested). Some files, mainly mkv’s at 1080p didn’t play very smoothly. M2ts files would not play for me. Software, user interface;has lots of settings, can adjust brightness, sound etc. Selecting sources is straight forward. Apps;it comes with aptoide preinstalled. Sadly there is very little choice in terms of apps. I installed bbc iplayer but it would work as the app needs a mouse.

Wonderful design, a top quality portable projector. It beats our home projector too. Working from a mac i had to ask how to use my usb file as the device software creates alias files – duplicating your list. Once deleated makes the scrolling list shorter and plays anything immediately.

Focusing is little bit hard but then i get used to it. User interface is not perfect but it is ok. With a good quality screen you will get better resolution. Feels like coming from screen not device. You can buy without bluetooth and wifi. Because those extra features is ok but you would prefer hdmi.

Keep an eye on this as they do drop the price from time to time (at the time of this review – oct 2018 – price dropped to £248). Absolutely brilliant for home use – bright, sharp images, excellent sound from harman/kardon speakers, compact remote control, rechargeable battery with good battery life, completely portable projector. So glad i purchased this rather than cheaper models – this is simply an excellent product for the price. For apple users, get the official certified lightning to hdmi adapter (see my separate review) – bite the bullet and fork out £50 for it as no other adapter will work. Once you get it, it connects and streams seamlessly from iphone and ipad. As at end of october 2018, i’ve streamed netflix, amazon prime, bt sport, apple tv, bbc iplayer, youtube plus loads of other apps. As another reviewer has said, sky go does not stream due to licensing restrictions. Only slight cons i feel worth mentioning:- there is a bit of light bleed around the edges of the projector- some people may find the fan slightly noisy (although i find that once the audio is playing, it’s not that noticeable)- the stand doesn’t quite stand true so you may need to adjust itnone of the above mentioned cons materially change the experience for me – the overall quality and functionality of the product at this price is amazing.

The viewsonic m1 is a pretty good all-in-one package and it isn’t difficult to list a number of its great features. The picture is generally very good. It is sharp and in good focus across the screen. Image brightness and colour seem to be very uniform across the image. A lot of image adjustments are available, some on-screen (i. The image can be adjusted while watching: colour, hue, sharpness and 3-d functions only). The on-board sound is convincing and loud enough for me. No need for additional speakers. The rotating stand works very well and is quite stable even with cables attached.

Sound quality is great and a very good picture. Battery life is excellent too. Only gave 4 stars and not 5 cause i’ve nothing to compare it too as it’s the first mini projector i’ve bought.

 this is fantasticrealy bright ,can watch 2 episodes of game of thrones and still have half battery leftsound is realy great indoors you only need it to level 3 or 4 and its clear.

I love the sound and portability of this little projector. It’s perfect for a decent-sized room with a good wall for projecting and the sound quality fills a room with no added speakers or subwoofer required. The only problem is that the side-wheel focus is terrible – it’s imprecise, constantly falling out of focus, and never gives you the crispness you desire. If the wheel was tighter and had more precision, this little puppy would be a 5 star.

It’s small loads of connection options , great sound and for the price very good. It’s not the brightest or sharpest picture and you need a darkened room at the least. However for a cinema night or holiday view it’s great. Dont expect hd or daylight watching and you wont be disappointed.