Visicook Halogen Oven 2015 : Great product

5 star product microwave and cooker sulking as now used very little steve t oxford.

Arrived very quickly in time for sunday lunch have used straight away so far good results hope it keeps going as it replaced the model i had before was prima super chef had it a long time so i hope this make will come out top as well. So far please in every way so far.

Have only used it a couple of times but it seems to perform very well. I’ve had several halogen ovens over the years and love them, they are ideal for someone living on their own. I like the splatter guard as i have always found it difficult to clean the element cover.

Excellent product from this seller.

Fantastic oven for cooking virtually anything, really versatile just like the ‘visicook airchef’ the only let down being it does not have the hinged lid like the airchef. A bit awkward when using the storage rack so i use the extension ring as a support.

I love this oven, easy to use, works like a dream and a great price.

Like that the extender ring has a rubber surround. Also like the detachable filters.

Although i have been using my halogen oven for some weeks now, almost on a daily basis. It will take months to verify its durability. However with the protective outer casing, unlike many other brands and models, it is safer to have in the kitchen, with small children around. However the top lid can get very hot, so please be very careful that the cooker is out of reach of children’s reach.

  • Great product
  • Oven with a good working height.
  • A good purchase

VisiCook Halogen Oven 2015 with Sleeved Extender Ring and Cool Surround Encasement Bowl, 12.0 Litre, 1400 W – Black

Product Description, The VisiCook Halogen Oven 2015 is unique amongst all other halogen ovens by virtue of its cool surround encasement bowl, helping to keep the heat on the inside and leaving the outside cool. This enhances the heat retention, the VisiCook Halogen Oven cooks more efficiently than all other halogen ovens.
Uniquely, we offer our patented Long Life guard, this fits to the heater shield and helps maintain that sparkling as new look whilst also protecting the heater bulb from food splash, thus prolonging its life. In any case, the heater bulb on ours is – and has been for years, we were the first – user replaceable, so that in the event of heater bulb failure, you can easily replace it for only a modest outlay.
It’s well equipped with standard accessories comprising 2 cooking racks, safety tongs, lid holder, Long-Life guards, money off vouchers for our recipe book Halogen Made Simple and comprehensive instructions including ready reckoner for cooking times and a delicious Sunday lunch menu to get you started.
The accessories and virtually indestructible glass bowl are dishwasher safe and we have a UK located telephone Helpline service as well as email support over the weekends.

Box Contains, 1 x halogen oven 1 x low rack 1 x high rack 2 x patented Long Life guards 1 x tongs 1 x lid holder 1 x instruction booklet ; money off vouchers

From the manufacturer

You can cook and see what you’re cooking in a cool, safe way.

  • UK company
  • Design led in the UK
  • UK telephone and email customer support

VisiCook Halogen Oven

fast and efficient cooking to save you time and money

12L size BPA free borosilicate glass bowl is virtually indestructible and easy to clean (easy to see that it’s clean, too). Cooking is by a combination of halogen heat and the turbo hot air, both from the lift-off head. Heat-up time is fast and cooking times are accelerated over that of a regular fan assisted oven. Typically you could cook a chicken in around 70-minutes, rib-eye steak in around 12-minutes.

  • Economical, typically just 1 unit of electricity per hour to run
  • Versatile – you can roast, bake, defrost, grill
  • Cool-to-the-touch with our unique Cool Surround bowl, nothing else looks like it or is as cool as it
  • BPA free borosilicate glass bowl
  • You can use with the sleeved extender ring in place (as per the picture) or without
  • You can cook with your own ware as long as you use the rack so the hot air can circulate
  • Support from the UK based telephone and email services

Accessories and features

visicook accessories

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cool visicook

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Standard Accessories

Low rack, high rack, extender ring for an extra 15% volume, safety tongs, lid holder and the patented Long Life Heater guard that will serve to prolong the life of your heater bulb and help to keep the heater shield sparkling clean.

VisiCook Halogen Oven is oh so cool

Outside of the glass bowl is another Cool Surround bowl that serves to keep the heat on the inside and helps to keep the outer surfaces cool and comfortable, legal and safe. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t impair your view of the cooking process.

Easy to use

Simply set the temperature and then set the timer to cook. Heat-up time is moments rather than minutes. The vents for the heater are angled to reduce to a minimum any uncomfortable glare for you or your family. The handle nesting at the back constitutes one of the safety devices – lift it and the cooking stops.

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It’s a replacement for my old one where the element and surrounging areas have gone all rusty and horrible. Bits of this rust started ending up in our food so it had to go. This one has a mesh element guard to prevent it being splashed with fat etc, so hope this will prolong its life. So far loving this oven i use it every day, much much better than a conventional oven which takes ages to heat up and uses much more electricity.

This is still working well after a year. Very handy for someone with limited space or time.

I bought this for my mum as her previous halogen hob broke. She loves it and this one came with some additional bits that her previous halogen didn’t. She has found the splatter guard very useful as it stops fat from splashing the bulb. Overall my mum is very happy with this and likes the addition of the splatter guard. Great halogen at a great price.

I needed something to replace a gas cooker that had seen better days. Fits nicely in the corner of my kitchen and easy to use, but i’ve yet to master the art of not burning everything. Basically it works like a grill so you do need to turn food as if you were grilling. I use foil to line the bowl or tray and spray with oil. The only downside is the heaviness of the lid and you need a large area to place the lid when it’s hot, i use the top of my gas cooker.

It’s so i bought onother one i had myfist one for 10 years.

Cuts my cooking time & saves me having to put my full oven on.

Not as good as the old one it replaced it seems very slow to reach temperature.

This model was chosen as it comes with an outer bowl attached to the black stand which protects you from the temperature that the inner, removable, glass bowl reaches plus it has a heat resistant silicon band around the extender ring which makes it easy to handle. It comes with most of the accessories needed, including a metal stand for the lid which works perfectly & a manual with just a few recipes. ( i bought a cook book, 2 round metal trays, 4 metal skewers & an air fryer attachment separately to cover all my needs, all from amazon. ) i have been very pleased with the performance so far and would recommend this model. For info mine sits, complete with extender ring fitted, on my work surface in the corner, just fitting in the space between the lower edge of my wall cupboard trim & worktop, so it slides forward easily when required.

  • Great product
  • Oven with a good working height.
  • A good purchase

VisiCook Halogen Oven 2015 with Sleeved Extender Ring and Cool Surround Encasement Bowl, 12.0 Litre, 1400 W – Black

Our conventional oven packed in and as we don’t cook large items, so we decided to give this a try. We have been pleasantly surprised at how easy and flexible this is to use, and it is quite big enough for our needs. I would hate to be without it now.

Its more than a grill since hot air is circulated around like a fan oven. However its not insulated so thought it uses less electricity for short durations i am doubtful if its cheaper than your normal oven if you use it for say 1 hour.

Quick delivery, good quality, excellent product.

Would be better if it had the easy change tube.

So far very good for cooking chicken as an oven and grilling fish, chops and bacon. You soon get the hang of it and with the timer you cant burn anything just walk away and wait for the ding. Test large foods with a skewer.

Features and Spesification

  • Simple controls of timer and heat settings makes using it so easy.
  • Replaceable heater element bulb means a longer life for your halogen investment
  • Fast, efficient cooking. Typically it will cook in around 40pct the time of a conventional oven for just 1 unit of electricity per hour
  • Accessories comprise two cooking racks, tongs, lid holder, sleeved extender ring enabling a total swept cooking volume of around 17 litres
  • Unique patented accessories of the Long-Life guard, helping to keep the heater shield clean, and prolonging the life of your heater bulb