Vitinni Air Fryer : Very pleased

I had to buy a replacement for my tower air fryer that packed up after just one year,i chose this as it was 4 litre and a square basket and although there was only one review who gave it 5 stars i went for this,what a great machine,the basket and collected pan are covered in a great non stick coating,easy to use and cooks much better than my old tower model although it is bigger as it’s 4 litre and my old one was 3 litre,it’s great quality and easy to use,before putting your food in warm it up first for about 3 minutes,i cooked cod in batter and thin fries which took approx 10 minutes,i use a small indoor water sprayer with cooking oil in and a couple of quick small squirts is all you need,i recommend highly.

Bought this to replace my sadly broken phillips (i melted it on the hob 😬). I would say this one is almost as good and for less than half the price. It’s as quick as the phillips and slightly larger capacity, maybe slightly less even heat distribution though. Excellent build quality overall a great value product.

Had this a year now, used on a regular basis couldn’t do without one.

Had different makes but this one is cheaper & just as good. Anything you can put in conventional oven is cooked quicker & doesn’t dry up. The timer reminds you cooking is finished & it switches off.

You can cook virtually anything in this. Makes your food nice & crispy, no more soggy chips. No oil needed, we use it everyday from making our own chips to cooking chicken breasts in it. We have had it for over a year & still going strong.

Brilliant holds lots of chips etc, the best air fryer out there.

Brilliant, easy to use looks good, exceptional value for money.

Cooks healthier food and very easy to use.

  • Fantastic
  • Very pleased
  • Good piece of kitchen kit

Vitinni Air Fryer

With its spacious 4L capacity, 1500W power, removable basket and adjustable temperature control, our sleek Air Fryer is ideal for making fried and baked foods with less oil and fat.

80% Less Fat for Healthier Meals

This clever kitchen gadget gives food a delicious crispy finish with 80% less fat than traditional fryers. With a 4L capacity removable basket, there’s plenty of room to make food for family meals or social gatherings. This versatile cooker can prepare a wide range of snacks as shown in the instruction manual provided, and is sure to make your mealtime healthier and more productive.

It’s quick to heat up and once your food is ready, the fryer can be used again straight away – perfect for cooking batches of fries or snacks for parties and events.  

Adjustable Temperature for the Perfect Crispy Finish

Featuring an adjustable temperature control up to 200 degrees Celsius, ensuring the best results every time, and an automatic shut-off timer up to 60 minutes for safe, precise cooking. It can also be used for reheating ingredients and baking savoury or sweet treats.

Sleek Compact Design

This attractive, compact fryer boasts high quality design as well as high powered features. The body is rendered in sleek, glossy black, with a non-stick aluminium basket and steel heating element. 

When the cooking is finished, the basket can be popped into the dishwasher or rinsed in hot soapy water for quick, easy cleaning.  

Serve Straight from the Basket

The handle has a push-button to release the inner basket, allowing you to easily lift your fried food out of the fryer and serve.  

The casing keeps the heat in so that the fryer and buttons don’t get hot, but it will become warm during use. A 1m power cable enables you to position it conveniently around the kitchen.


Weight: 5kg

Power: 1500W

Capacity: 4 litres


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I purchased this with an open mind i couldn’t see how it could work it’s amazing quick easy to use no steam or smells easy to clean a great purchase.

Only negitive is that the basket is too low to the bottom of the fryer. So if you cook something fatty and don’t clean it straight away it can kind of be sat in the fat. Once cleaned after every use it’s really.

  • Fantastic
  • Very pleased
  • Good piece of kitchen kit

Vitinni Air Fryer

Features and Spesification

  • Powerful 1500W air fryer that makes delicious, crispy fries with up to 80% less fat and requiring little to no oil – a perfect alternative healthy snack for all the family!
  • Rapid air circulation ensures fast cooking, with a 60 minute timer for simple, convenient use across a wide range of tasty ingredients
  • Large 4L capacity basket makes enough for up to 6 servings, with an adjustable temperature control between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius for great results every time
  • Removable inner basket with a push-release button, so you can pop the basket into the dishwasher for easy cleaning!
  • Capacity: 4 litres; Weight: 5kg; Power: 1500W