VizoBlueX 55 inch Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector : Great product, perfect fit, sleep has improved!

This product is easy to install, it definitely protects the screen my son through a toy car at the tv and this product has saved my tv from any damage well worth the money saves buying a new tv.

Protects tele vision really well. I am a foster carer so i get a lot of children with destructive behaviours. I would definitely recommend this product.

I use a tv for an artificial fire, unfortunately it got broken but now it’s mended and protected. I would recommend this screen protector. Wish i’d bought it sooner.

I don’t notice that it’s on the tv, protects the screen from all sorts of toys being hurled at it by toddlers.

I do recommend this product. It is sturdy and appears to do its function. It came quite quickly,very good.

Bought this to reduce the so called harmful lights that they say affect the eyes. I don’t know why a glass should cost £120, on a video on youtube someone used acrylic sheet and some velcro stickers to cover his tv and it did the job. I only bought this because my tv has no side panels and would not want to put stickers on the lcd, this screen protector costs is 1/3rd the price i bought my 55 inch tv (second hand). With £120, i think one can get a second hand normal 4k tv. Lastly, there are flaws in the design. For a screen without panels, you can’t stick the velcro stickers on the screen for damage reasons. Secondly, my lg tv stand doesn’t have a middle stand, the stand are on the sides so the strap is not long enough to make a triangler strapping on the back. Pros – the fitting was exactly on the end of the lcd on the sides, but about 2cm excess underneath the lcd, luckily my stand is high enough.

These filters are a bit like the king and his new clothes really, you pay £50 or £60 and get a nice piece of acrylic to hang over the screen and protect your eyes. Does it stop blue light damage?. Now that’s a more interesting question – i sure hope so.

Practically needed in every house with kids. Dont have to worry about the tv screen getting hit by something or the other with kids playing around or just being kids. Really happy with it but is a bit pricey though.

  • Best thing since sliced bread!!!
  • Fits over screen and works, looks like a piece of Acetate, let’s hope theres more to it!
  • Five stars

55 inch VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector. Damage Protection Panel (48.4 x 28.9 inch) Filter Blocking UV & Blue Light from 380 to 495nm. Fits LCD, LED, 4K OLED & QLED HDTV Displays

The VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector (1) Protects the viewer from harmful Blue Light and (2) Protects the TV/Monitor display from accidental damage, scratches and fingerprints. It has been developed for people who spend long time in front of their TV / Monitor screens. The product has several coatings’ layers. Each of these layers has its special function such as blue light reduction, anti-flicker, scratch and crack resistance. The VizoBlueX Protector maintains the crystal clear picture of your display as it doesn’t distort or change any colors of the picture. Advanced technology used to manufacture the transparent shield ensures that the high quality plastic is not only 100% clear but is also virtually unbreakable. There is also an easy snap on/off detachment thanks to the re-closable fasteners that allow easy detachment for cleaning. The TV screen shield allows the screen to be cooled by natural air flow. Blue light is found in all products which use LED light such as TVs, PCs, Cell Phones, Tablets and Game machines. Prolonged exposure to blue light leads to dry eyes, eye strain and fatigue. It can even cause serious eye diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration and myopia. This anti-blue light protector is tested to eliminate 100% of the UV light; up to 99.6% of the most harmful High Energy Blue light (380 to 420nm) and 60% from the entire HRV spectrum between 380nm~480nm. This spectrum is the one causing retina damage and cell death. DOES NOT work with touchscreens. Dry erase markers can be used on the TV protector. Protector covers the frame and is larger than the screen. Please measure the diagonal of your screen (without the frame) or look at your screen manufacture diagonal size in inches. Although, 100% transparent and clear, due to the filters in the lens the protector may be tinted and requires that the user increases the screen brightness by up to 15%.

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Our son is severely disabled and has a habit of throwing things. He cracked the screen on his tv so we had to get another tv and someone suggested that we also buy one of your screen protectors and we are so glad we did.

Too large for modern day slim bezel 49 inch samsung as overhangs on all sides by an inch. Had to buy new legs for my tv as it hit the bottom of the legs and tapered out from the screen. Also when fitted you get terrible reflection due to the gloss of the plastic. Have kept it as needed the protection but if i didn’t i would’ve returned as it is very expensive. I just hope it protects the screen.

Having brought the vizomax brand before, i’ve found this brand to be better in terms of the fit and its function (blue light filter). This sits on the tv perfectly and does not have any overhang compared to the vizomax version. I would definitely purchase this again.

It’s fantastic ,solid well fitted and good packaging. L would recommend it to everyone , great service to and nothing is to much trouble if you have a problem.

  • Best thing since sliced bread!!!
  • Fits over screen and works, looks like a piece of Acetate, let’s hope theres more to it!
  • Five stars

55 inch VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector. Damage Protection Panel (48.4 x 28.9 inch) Filter Blocking UV & Blue Light from 380 to 495nm. Fits LCD, LED, 4K OLED & QLED HDTV Displays

Features and Spesification

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  • Best Blue-Light optical grade protection. Prevents Damage, Scratches and finger prints. A must have for families with children
  • Heavy Duty – Protects your TV / Display investment from Damage and improves sleeping patterns
  • Blocks harmful Blue light between 380nm~495nm and provides 100% UV protection
  • Prevents eye strain, CVS, chronic injuries to the eyes, eye fatigue, soreness and more serious eye related conditions
  • 100% Multi-Layer protection – Elimination of Hazardous UV spectrum and Blocking Harmful HEV light