Vizomax 55 inch TV Screen Protector : Peace of mind

Having had my 1 year old flat screen smashed by the kids this having to buy a new one. It’s ugly but doesn’t effect the picture much and should stop the kids smashing the new tv.

Great product and fits perfectly on the tv. Can’t notice if there’s extra layer on top of the tv. Will recommend parents with young kids.

Very good product easy to install.

Exellant product protects my tv easy to install came in a protected box cover.

I have 14 month old triplet boys who love to throw things at the tv. It’s saved it from flying cars, small plastic people and toys in general. Slightly reflective and the velcro strips can be seen. Expensive for what it is but cheaper than replacing the tv.

My 2 year olds habit of throwing things at the tv meant i had to get some sort of protection for the screen but some of the reviews looked a bit doubtful. However, i had to do something so, as amazon could sell me a protective screen for less than £50 i went ahead and ordered (despite being a little sceptical). Worry over, this screen protector is absolutely brilliant. It was easy to fit and it protects the whole screen with a sheet of perspex. After two weeks it has already saved my tv several times from various flying objects so it gets a total thumbs up from me. Thanks amazon for providing a reasonable alternative to some of the brands which charge as much for a screen protector as you would pay for the tv in the first place.

I am only using it for a couple of weeks but it seems a very good product. I didn’t have any incidents so far – thank god – in order to check its resistance, but it seems to be solid. 4stars because it’s pretty large for my 49′ screen. Of course i was expecting that as i have been informed beforehand, just wanted to let others know that it might not look that amazing on their 49′ screen. I guess it would be excellent fit for a 50′ screen. No issues regarding the quality of the image, you don’t realize there is a screen protector in front.

I got this for work as tv’s often get broken by flying objects. This withstood mugs and shoes and and banging but the tv broke after meeting a fire extinguisher but the screen didn’t.

  • Excellent
  • Brilliant idea to protect tv screen from kids and animals
  • Easy install, easily cleaned, very protective against (ANPM) airbourne nipper projected missiles

55 inch Vizomax TV Screen Protector for LCD, LED or Plasma HDTV

Vizomax TV screen protector is a transparent TV screen cover designed to prevent damage, scratches and fingerprints to the flat screen of a contemporary LED, LCD or Plasma TV. Vizomax is the leading TV screen protector brand in the US. 100% Clear: Proprietary optical-grade material optimized to maintain HDTV picture quality and ensures superior protection. Highest Quality: Just take out of the box for an easy stick-on installation. Optical-grade technology; no material yellowing over time. Manufactured under rigorous quality standards. Polished edges and rounded corners ensure elegant appearance and complete user safety. Material treated to minimize flexing in front of the TV and ensure superior protection. Unbreakable: Heavy Duty! Advanced technology used to manufacture the transparent shield ensures that the high quality plastic is not only 100% clear but is also virtually unbreakable. Invisible: With its elegant proprietary design and unmatched optical clarity stands virtually invisible after installation. Elegant: Vizomax is the best way to keep the look of your TV and have it protected. With its elegant appearance Vizomax TV screen protector will not take away from the look of you gorgeous flat-screen TV. Easy Installation: Few minutes and no tools required. Just unpack and attach your new TV screen protector to your flat-screen TV. Enjoy in complete comfort like thousands across America. Precise Fit: Sized to fit your TV. No covering of speakers and complete elegant appearance Guaranteed! Easy Snap On/Off detachment for Cleaning: Reclosable fasteners allow easy temporary detachment for cleaning. UV Protection: Filters out between 96% and 99% of the potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) waves emitted by the TV screen Screen Ventilation: Vizomax TV screen protectors are designed to allow the screen to be cooled by natural air flow. This is in contrast with other TV screen protectors that can cause substantial screen overheating and TV damage.

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Definately worth the purchase as it has saved our tv from our toddler many many times now. Highly recommend, don’t even notice its there. The velcro holder at the back needed to be longer though.

Bought too late to save my previous tv from a lego attack (big lego), but fits and looks great on the replacement – which is actually a better tv ;o) friends do not notice it, and when pointed out they say it looks like part of the tv. Not tested it’s strength yet though.

This has been brilliant protects from my son fingering the screen all the time, not had too much thrown at yet but will take the brunt as oppose to the 4k screen.

My son found this very useful.

Arrived fast and was well packed. It included all velcro to fit even on my lg tv which has a very wide stand it still matched. I would include a longer velcro for instances like this.

The tv screen cover is great. Easy to set up and you don’t notice it’s there. Dont notice any glare but i live in a dark house.

Screen protection for family home needed. Has been tested and tv screen didn’t break.

Really pleased with this product. It fits perfectly and is easy to install. Well worth the money to protect our tv agains our 4 children.

  • Excellent
  • Brilliant idea to protect tv screen from kids and animals
  • Easy install, easily cleaned, very protective against (ANPM) airbourne nipper projected missiles

55 inch Vizomax TV Screen Protector for LCD, LED or Plasma HDTV

Great cover for protection neat & nice stays on unlike our other one of a different brand,am very happy.

You got kids then you need this. Best thing we bought for the tv still got it and we bought it over 3 years ago. Its super easy to clean too.

Easy to fit on my 49 inch tv. Sturdy so far and doing a good job of protecting the tv screen from my toddlers hands. Only criticism is that it does reflect quite a bit but is tolerable.

Looks very sleek on now it will stop my one year old from damaging the screen of our 55inch tv. So happy i purchased this now i have the reassurance if he tried to push something against the screen my screen won’t get damaged.

Bought to protect my kitchen tv from grease and potential water damage. I used the velcro strips to attach and you’ll soon forget it’s there.

Bought this for my mum who has dementia. As a result she often can’t remember how to turn the telly on, gets frustrated, and throws things at the screen. Before buying this we had to replace the telly about 5 times in one year, but this screen has been absolutely brilliant, and i thoroughly recommend it.

Excellent bit of kit, the photos don’t do this justice. The fit on my tv (samsung 42′) is perfect and the protector is not noticeable when fitted. Delivered promptly and well packaged. I’ve yet to have to test it against the wrath of a toddler but have no concerns that it will do the job. My only issue is that the price seems a little steep for what is essentially a piece of perspex. Knock the price down a little and it would be a 5 star rating.

Excellent for our 43′ lg smart tv. This came in properly packaged and it was easy to assemble (between two people). The velcro strips that are used to stick the screen protector to the tv were too thick, but i was able to reduce their thickness with a craft blade easily. The final result is quite discreet and takes nothing away from the tv set. Very happy with this purchase, as we have two crazy children who like to bang toys on the telly when they get excited with their cartoons.

Perfect for my 5 year old who has asd and likes to bang and tap the tv when there is music or jingles.

5yrs because my 2/3yr old (these were his ages over the 1. 5yr time frame) has smashed the previous 2 with the remote control. No mean feat, as you might be able to see the tv is mounted high on the wall. Hence why i got the protective screen. Easy to fit does not reduce the picture quality and saves me claiming on the insurance and my premiums going up. Would recommend this product works a treat.

Delivery was quick and product was as described and is exactly what i wanted to protect the tv.

A good quality screen which is well made, secure when fitted and easy to attach.

Definatly buy again my son decided to test it out straight away but whacking it tv still in one piece gonna buy again definatly.

Excellent product and exceptional customer service. Only wish i’d known about these sooner and i may have saved a small fortune replacing tvs as result of screens being damaged by youngest child. I would recommend this product to all parents.

Excellent product well packed and very clear no distortion of the image. Very easy to install and remove for cleaning.

We wished we found these earlier as my son has broke 10 televistion and it has cost me thousands of pounders and it looks like these screen protectors are doing the job we are really over the moon with them and these are worth every penny yours malc.

Was despatched quickly and we find with a child with special needs in the house its a very good protection.

Brought for my dad was a bit worried buying such an expensive product but got great trust in amazon never had a problem, the screen was exactly as shown easy to put on and gives great protection on the screen would recomend if young children are about five stars.

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  • Thanks to Vizomax thousands of people enjoy their HDTV’s in complete comfort. Protect your investment today!
  • Product of excellence – 100% Clear maintains High Definition picture. Unique design that keeps the protector unnoticeable
  • Enhanced protection designed with elegance that remains unnoticeable. Keeps the stylish look of your TV!
  • Fits most of the flat-screen TV’s with screen diagonal 55 inch, please check product dimensions carefully before ordering
  • Used by Families with children, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals and other institutions.