Vladon TV Stand Unit Leon V3 – Rectangular insert perfect for a sound bar

Look of the unit is very good. Difficult to build but if you take your time you should be okay. Took me about 6 hours to build. A few missing parts but after contacting manufacturer they were sent to me immediately so good customer service on that part.

At the time when we ordered this no-one had posted a review so we were hopeful it would be ok. I’m glad to say the quality is very good and the unit looks lovely in our living room. The unit is complex to put together but we identified the pieces and followed the pictures in the instructions and had no problems. It does need 2 people and some of the screws need a strong pair of hands. We bought the lights for the unit and these were very easy to install. The drawers are not deep enough to stand cds up so they are in a stack but its all ok. We put a little bracket at the front of the low small shelf on the right to give it extra support but this may not have been needed. All in all we are very pleased with our choice and would buy it again.

As others have said, labelling the parts would be super helpful. So we did it our selves, made building it tons easier. We had 3 cracked pieces but they are replacing them without any quibbles. Took about 4 hours to build, give yourself a lot of room as spread out it takes up a lot of room. The leds aren’t a strip like i expected, just a 2′ sq block, they do a fair job but if you have a black piece of kit under them you lose the full effect. It is very solid, everything lined up and it does look good. Not recommended for a small room as it’ll swamp the space.

Very good looking unit my only gripe was matching the pieces to the assembly picture on the instructions, would be made a lot better if they also numbered the flat pack pieces to the numbers on the assembly instructions. It would make it an easier task of putting it together.

Great product, sturdy and seems durable. My only fault is that it’s difficult to put together as the flat packs aren’t labelled so you kind of have to guess until you get it right.

Beautiful piece of furniture. Looks amazing and is very modern. Took a while to build but worth the effort.

Amazon tracking said it’d arrive on tues 09/04. Checked dpd tracking on tues 02/04 and it was due to arrive wed 03/04 so delivery was very quick once dispatched considering it was coming from ‘abroad’. Re-arranged delivery with dpd, delivered today 08/04. I’d read a few reviews of furniture from vladon and a few people were mentioning damaged sections of the flat pack pieces. I was hoping mine wouldn’t be damaged. Thinking that was the case, i got to the very last piece (the base of the unit) in the box and there was a large chunk/dent. And, it was at the front of the piece so i was worried this would be visible once built. However, the bottom drawer covered it over so luckily the dent can’t be seen.

Mix of white and grey looks fab. Rectangular insert perfect for a sound bar. Enough space for my virgin box, dvd player, speakers and wi-fi box.

Was looking for something a little different and this ticks all the boxes. Not difficulty to assemble but is time consuming due to the amount of pieces in comes in but it is good quality and looks fab, the led lights are great too, lots of different colours to chose from.

High mdf quality, have a film foil protection, an awesome unit and arrive in very good condition.

Awesome looking tv stand that’s very easy to put up. The instructions are very simple and make sense.

Lovely looking tv unit, it did take a while to put together. The slow closers on the draws could be better quality but over all vert pleased.

Here are the specifications for the Vladon TV Stand Unit Leon V3:

  • TV Unit with 2 doors, 2 drawers and a raised stand
  • Carcass (tops and sides) and raised stand in White High Gloss
  • Front in White High Gloss made of MDF, Frame in Avola-Anthracite made of MDF
  • Doors and drawers open with push to open elements
  • Measurements of the TV stand in cm (WxHxD): 227 x 52 x 35

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Beautifully made
  • Nice unit. Good customer service.
  • Very good looking unit my only gripe was matching the pieces