Vladon TV Unit Cabinet Flow – As good as it looks

Very pleased with the product.

Great amazing product fast delivery. Only problem is parts could of been numbered to help and the instructions are a bit of a maze other than that amazing when set up.

Its great and looks nice too i wish the top was gloss too but its all good.

First things first: this thing is a beast. Make sure you measure accurately (we did, and it’s perfect). Ours arrived exceptionally well-packaged with zero dings or damage. Secondly: the instructions are a hot mess in places, making it challenging even for the flat-pack savvy. They lull you in with a false sense of security for the first couple pages, when the little do and don’t drawings are particularly clear, and then confound you with missing screw sizes, unclear alignment, and lack of drilled holes where they should exist. Not recommended for the faint-hearted or easily-frustrated. You will need a power drill with a hole-making attachment as there are also no pre-drilled holes for cables (how, why) in the backing. Things to be aware of (not all of them are problems):the middle section doesn’t have a glass front panel.

I brought this for my son he really loves it.

Perfect unit for my living room. My only concern is that diy is good but the panel units should be numbered from 1,2,3 etc correspond to manual booklet, so that it will be easy to assemble.

I love it great quality for money it’s stunning thanks and arrived early very happy with it would highly recommend this item.

When this first arrived i had a mini heart attack thinking it would be a nightmare to put together, but no. It was suprisingly easy to do, i managed to do it on my own with no problems as someone with no experience of flatpack furniture. I absolutly love it especially the led lights.

A diy headache, none of the parts labelled, could have really done with that but the unit itself is of a good build quality and the general asthetic is pleasing.

Awesome peice of kit looks fantastic and the quality is top notch. Came quickly and perfectly packaged. Don’t know what the fuss about building this unit is about took around 1. 5 hours to put together would highly recommend.

Great and nice tv table, still in use and looks very new up to now.

Hard to assemble due to not mark the parts. But looks amazing after assembling. Here are the specifications for the Vladon TV Unit Cabinet Flow:

  • TV Unit with 2 doors, 1 drawer and 1 flap
  • Carcass (top and sides) in Black High Gloss
  • Front in Black High Gloss
  • With elegant partial glass displays on the sides and the front
  • Measurements of the TV unit in cm (WxHxD): 177 x 45 x 39

Looks lovely,but takes along time to put together.

Looks superb although i added legs for a bit extra height.

Looks lovely once it’s built nice big unit. But the instructions and fitting was a nightmare to be honust could be better explained and wholes pre drilled to match the actual fittings.

Arrived on time but took ages to put together. Instructions were not as good as they could have been and the pieces, if numbered, would have been easier to put together. We are pleased with the end result but the unit would look better if the middle section had a light in it as well.

This is awesome looks great in the dark with loud music playing.

Amazing tv cabinet, you have to get it yes its a flatpack but was easy to put together and lights are amazing on it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • DIY nightmare but nice end product.
  • I really love this, feels homey on a night with the
  • Looks great.

Its a nightmare to put together, unless you have good flat pack build knowledge and extreme patience i would give it a miss. However if you have the above then its a must buy. The end product is stunning. When i built mine and got the lights set up they were faulty, they just kept flashing red constantly. I emailed the company and they sent me out a new control system with remote and it now works perfectly.

This is a really nice piece of kit, the top piece arrived a bit cracked but it was replaced straight away. It was relatively straightforward to put together and looks great with a tv on top :-).

This is a gorgeous & classy in my livingroom with my tv sitting on topi would say, i just wish the top of the unit was coated too but it’s bit.

Lovely product, really modern and worth every penny. Solid material and delivered quicklycons: the worst instructions i’ve ever seen, really hard to put together. Missing screws, missing lights (annoying as they’re a main feature) and incorrect drawer bits. Would highly recommend this though.

Lots of parts to it to put it together but we managed it and i love it.

This tv unit is charming, everyone that entered my home comments about it. The customer service was exceptional both in telephone and emails. My advice is that every review should be valued e. The manual instructionso should be reviewed because what was in your manual was not numbered on the unit thereby making it difficult for to assemble it. I spent almost £100 to get a professional who spent approximately 3 hours putting them together. Please can you review your manual instructions. However, i am enjoying my tv unit and would but it a 100 times.

I do like this unit and it’s a great base for my 65” lg tv. It took two of us 6 hours to put together. The instructions are fairly clear with my only suggestion being that the screws etc could be put into individual packets marked with the part number. The area in the center is large enough for one or two peripheral devices and the open back makes the cabling easy. The main board was slightly damaged on arrival but i put that down to dpd doing a dump and run on the delivery – luckily it was at the back so not noticeable. A few screws were missing and we did have some bits left over. The lights are great with a great selection of colours and brightness. My kids love the disco mode.

Not easy to build, but worth the effort, looks lovely in our sitting room, would order furniture from this seller again.

Supplied with the wrong instructions. Phoned customer service who e-mailed the correct instructions to us within 10minutes. Very time consuming to put together but the finished unit looks good.

When installed the led lights would not work so i contacted the supplier who quickly sent me a new remote which over comes the issue. My daughter can now play with the remote changing the led lights on the cabinet to various modes. Great support team for an excellent productthank you.

I got it on time, but some of the screw where missing but my husband found a similar one in his toolbox. Took long to fix at least 5/6 hours. And the was a slight damaged to the side. Other than that i would have given in 5 star.

Assembly very difficult because nos not marked on the parts, but nos given in the instruction drawings.

Very difficult to put together. Instructions are not straight forward. The runners didn’t fit properly, and so the draw isn’t completely flush with the unit. Will have to buy the runners separately, and attach them properly. However, the product does look good. Only buy this if you, or someone professional, are used to assembling flat pack furniture.

Looks absolutely awesome but its a nightmare to put together. And there’s a slight dip on the left-hand side that’s why i have given it 4 stars. If the build quality was better and the instructions were made better i’d give it 5 out of 5.

Tv unit when assembled looks good, had no trouble putting it together. Led lights look good for that mood effect. Would have given it five stars if it had come with a black glass top, but pleased with the product :-).

The stand itself is great, but don’t expect much from the lights as they only look nice if the drawers are packed with random things.

Excellent product, looks amazing. Took a couple of hours to put together, easier if you are used to putting together flat packed furniture.

Its the building thats the problem. Every part is numbered in the instructions but the actual parts arent numbered meaning you have around 10 panels all the same size but with holes in different places and can only fit one way. Apart from that its beautifull and well made and was well packaged. Tho it comes from germany and the 2 packages arrived on 2 different days.

Took a while to assemble but the instructions were good.

The product is a beautiful stuff, but manufacturer is not organised because the manual doesn’t help at all, at least place number on each piece so as to make it easy, i have to fix and unscrewed as a result some part got broken and some part couldn’t fit where they supposed to be. The light wasn’t working, but the manufacturer has to send me another one. Nice beautiful product though.

Good looking and wasnt hard to put it all together exactly what i wanted.

Love the tiny remote with the multi functions for the lights excellent that’s why i award 5 stars.

Really nice unit and looks great. Manufacturers could make life a lot easier by attaching some sort of indication, a small sticker maybe, on each part rather than customers having to work out what is what.

Very pleased with the look it has given my lounge ,very happy with purchase.

Tv cabinet excellent product lovely piece of furniture so good to look at. Only downside is sorting out the pieces as there are sometimes upto four that look the same,if the manufacturer was to number the pieces it would make it easier to assemble.

Finally put the unit up and it looks good, took about 4 hours to put up, the instructions are hard to go by because none of the pieces ain’t numberd but other than that good product.

This item arrived within days but the top was broken in transit. Spoke to vlandon who imediately sent 2 more tops, one to strengthen the other which arrived days later. Took some time to put together on my own at 67 being a woman but it was straightforward if u know what yr doin. But it looks absolutely fabulous i’d seen it in someone’s house b4 and fell in love with it.

Only negative was it took 6 hours to build and instructions could be clearer. Would recommend to buy because the final outcome looks stunning.

I really love this, feels homey on a night with the led light on. However, i have to deduct 1 star. 1/2 as the springs for the push – open doors don’t really fit in the right place & the door kept opening. Simple fix was to remove the spring all together & use without the push open action, works fine without it. Then1/2 for the instructions (i would take ikea instructions over these anyday)be prepared to spend a good few hours & have plenty of space around you to build it. I also recommend having a clean rug or sheet to lay the pieces on whilst building.

I’m so so glad i treated myself to this tv unit. Its perfect and the lights are great.I have one in high gloss and i’m glad i made that choice.

Lovely item prety simple to build too.

This product is very strong but very hard to assemble you need a lot of patience to do it very happy with the service requested i needed it sent to me by a certain date and it arrived 2 days b4 that date so very happy with the service and product.

But manufacturer could do with labelling pieces to save time and far clearer instructions are needed.

Read all the reviews, and was doubtful when people described it as being difficult to put together. However took the chance and not regretted it. It did take some time to put together, but if you’ve bought enough flat pack furniture from ikea then this won’t be a problem for you.