Vogel’s WALL 3325 – It allows you to stick a piece of paper on the wall where you intend to install the TV and shows you what it looks like, pretty neat I thought

Although this bracket is somewhat more expensive than a lot of others, it is worth the extra cost. I wanted a white bracket to blend in with the room and that already limits your options. This bracket is very stylish and neat. It also has great manoeuvrability allowing you to swing the tv to other areas for viewing, which is ideal depending on where i am in the kitchen. I am almost a complete novice when it comes to using drills/diy as my husband used to do ‘all that stuff’ but i’ve had to learn fast since he passed away and even i managed to get this on the wall straight and secure in around 30 minutes. So it is very easy to install. I would definitely buy another one of these brackets as and when required.

This review is for the 19-40′ version————————————————we have installed this in our kitchen with a 32′, and it works perfectly. The instructions included in the box were very easy to follow, and it comes with raw plugs and fixings. The reason for wanting one like this that extends out is so we could hide the sky box and power cables behind it, push back the tv then as far as it can, and have the tv only stick out a little bit and have the whole look of it be neat. This plan workedmake sure you’re drilling in to a brick wall though and not a partition, as the mount itself is pretty heavy, so include a tv on that and you need to make sure it’s really secured in. The wallplate is a coated glass, which i like as it matches most black tv edges/tv stands and looks very classy – different to a lot of matt black metal wall plates found on most brackets. If we hadn’t used this in the kitchen, it would also have been good for a computer monitor or a business monitor where you have clients with you, and have to show them stuff on the screen a lot – the swivel is really useful. Vogel are a dutch brand that seem to have taken on their german neighbours’ skill for excellent engineering.

Make sure you have your own screws – those provided are too weak. Fortunately i was able to drill out part of bracket to line up. If you are not handy then hope you get a good one.

Its hard to buy commodity products nowadays like a tv bracket and not just get a cheap far-eastern disappointment. I purposely paid more than the lowest available as i wanted a premium product to hold my tv at 180 degrees. This item is really good quality, is well packaged and had quality fittings. The instructions are also pretty good (obviously i didnt look at them)this is my new go-to-brand for tv brackets etc.

The wall mount is superbly engineered, oozing strength and quality. The instructions are comprehensive, understandable and precise. The mounting app assistant is another quality product and it works.

Excellent quality, well engineered and finished. Fitting requires care on wall placement depending on your tv vesa mount position.

*note* in this multi-product listing i’m reviewing the 180 degree mount for 19 – 40 inch screens. For a long time i’ve liked the idea of attaching my tv to the wall on a bracket, but to be honest i was completely put off by the idea of potential damage to my much treasured panasonic. Perhaps i’ve just slept in one too many hotel rooms with squint tv’s hanging at crazy drooping angles on sad brackets held to the wall by little more than force of habit and a faint dislike of the floor. It left me with little to no trust that they could be made strong enough. So the fact that this vogel screen mount has opened my eyes and completely changed my mind on the subject is quite somethingdesigned and engineered in the netherlands, this mount has the heft and appearance of a piece of german engineering. All the structural parts are made of metal, with a single plastic moulding serving as a neat cover for the steel wall plate. The arms are high quality solid metal (either aluminium extrusion or magnesium alloy casting, it’s hard to tell) and the articulated joints are whacking great 14mm diameter metal pins inside a bearing sleeve. There’s no spare play at all, and it adjusts smoothly and easily. Basically this thing is impressively solid. Provided i had adequate fixings i’m quite confident i could hang myself off it, let alone my telly.

Excellent product used to hang a 55′ samsung tv. Very sturdy with clear instructions for wall mounting. I was looking for a wall mount that would look smart but discreet and this was ideal.

I purchased this to use with my lg 27uk600 monitor. The vogels site, and the installation app, say they are a ‘perfect match’. However, the monitor-attach panel overlaps the hdmi and displayport, so it is not compatible. Still it’s lovely and solid. I contacted the uk vogel distributor and they helped me out by sending a compatible bracket from a discontinued model. Now that’s great customer service.

I’ve always stayed clear of installing tv mounts, concerned that my diy clumsiness will mean i have a tv lying facedown on the floor. However, opportunity arose to try this bracket out so i dared. Box is neatly packaged and comes with a paper instruction booklet but also a quick start guide telling you to download their own app. Annoyingly my samsung 40′ (weights 12kg) was not listed in the models and couldn’t skip that screen so had to pick several models before it would let me passed. It allows you to stick a piece of paper on the wall where you intend to install the tv and shows you what it looks like, pretty neat i thought. Anyway, paper instructions it was and i followed them, falling at the first hurdle. You get a pack of various screws to fasten the plate to the back of your tv. The screws i needed were the largest size but they stood proud of the tv, so the bracket moved. The thin washers didn’t have the right diameter for the screws and the spacers were too thick. I spent half an hour hacksawing the spacers in half to get them to fit.

Another fantastic product from vogels slightly pricey but very posh wall bracket.

No point in skimping when you are putting an expensive tv on the wall. This is extremely well engineered and easy to install. Critical thing is finding the right sort of plug for your type of wall, especially if you are fixing through dot & dab plasterboard. My only complaint is that the arms are very stiff so it requires a lot of force to pivot your tv around.

With some rudimentary diy skills and the right tools fitting this tv bracket shouldn’t prove too challenging. It’s not very big but supports and tilts the flat screen tv excellently and in my opinion is much better than the simple flat against the wall brackets. Here are the specifications for the Vogel’s WALL 3325:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SECURE WALL MOUNT: Sturdy mount safely secures TVs weighing up to 20 Kg and Max VESA 200×200.
  • FIXED MOUNTING BRACKET HOLDS TV CLOSE TO WALL: Mount your TV nearly flush with the wall – only 2.3 cm away.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Fits all flat screen TVs 19-40 inches. Works with LED, OLED, HDTV, 4K, LCD, Plasma, and Smart TVs. Compatible with all brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Grundig, Panasonic, Loewe, Telefunken and Sharp.
  • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION WITH AUGMENTED REALITY APP: Our unique app (Android & iOS) helps you to find the TV mounting height, then shows you the exact spot for the first drilling hole on your wall. Includes all required screws, mounting manual & video
  • HIGHEST QUALITY and LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Vogel’s has over 40 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of mounts for home electronics. Lifetime warranty included.

Good product from vogels as ive come to expect as ive used one of their older brackets and been more than happy, while this feels solid its not as solid as what i had before but this could be down to holding a plasma instead of a more modern led panel. Just use a decent hammer drill/driver to put in the fixings annd you cant go wrong.

A versatile and well made tv mounting bracket. The bracket comes with everything required to mount the item to a suitable surface. A universally compatible so should support all tvs, supporting tvs from 19-40 inches and a weight up to 15kg. The bracket allows you a total tilt of 20 degrees, as well a left / right movement of 180 degrees, the stand can be extended up to 41cm from the wall so all in all offers a lot of positioning freedom. Overall very well made and sturdy, huge amount of flexibility backed by a lifetime warranty (whatever that means in reality).

Excellent product, just need to install slowly and patiently. I would guess it’s worth paying more for this than a cheaper non branded version.

Good quality, relatively easy to put up.

Having downsized to a smaller house our large screen tv tended to obscure a nice view into the back garden. After consideration the solution seemed a swivel wall bracket to swing the tv back against an adjoining wall in the day and return to a more central position for evening viewing and films with our surround system. In fact we have found the day position good for lunchtime viewing (we are retired) still keeping the screen clear of the window just using the tv speakers. The only thing i would change is the colour. Seeing there are two options i went for the white one to match the wall. In fact the tv is so large the bracket is not visible at all in the room, but seen from outside the white stands out against the black back of the tv so i would have been better picking the black option.

This is certainly worth the extra money. Fairly easy to install and the quality is excellent. Although hidden behind my tv it looks very smart indeed.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very solid but smooth action

  • Stylish and great quality

  • Worth the premium price

Thanks to its design this is one of the easiest tv brackets i’ve had the pleasure to mount. It still requires getting very straight on the all but takes no time at all to accomplish. Manual is easy to understand and packaged well / easy to get out. Mounted​ a 32′ tv to this and rotation and movement is effortless. After using vogels the first time i’m happy to have hung a 3rd product made by them.

I’ve had plenty of tv brackets over the years, ones for the older crt type tv’s to the more recent ones for the slim tv’s. The vogel’s is very well made with the joint in the middle allow you to move the tv pretty much to any position, ideal we find for our kitchen tv as we cam move it so it can be seen from the work space to the dinning table. Its a little pricy but i think in the case you do get what you pay for and this is a quality product.