VonShef 3 Tray Food Warmer Buffet Server – 3 x 2 : At last I can eat an hot meal

It certainly eased the pressure for a big family get together.

Bought as had quite a large party for christmas lunch.

A budget product compared to many more expensive equivalents. This is just the job for family buffet entertaining; our food stayed piping hot and the food trays and lids are very easy to clean.

This arrived very promptly in time to get some good use over christmas. It’s a good big size with plenty of space in it, which i love. It warms up quickly and there is variable temperature control. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee. The electric lead is ludicrously short, so an extension lead will be needed every time it is used, which is a bit irritating. Also, when using it as a hotplate without the top on, it does seem to heat quite a lot better in the middle than towards the sides, which are quite cool in comparison. I guess i’ll get used to this when i’ve used it a bit more. I haven’t yet used the lids enough to know how well they’ll last, which always seems to be an issue with buffet servers. It’s a useful bit of kit, especially when catering for large numbers, but i’m not yet blown away by it in the way i’d expected.

I bought this in the run up for the christmas new year period simply to make things easier, i used it to allow me to spread out the cooking of the large meals as i could cook the roasts and a couple of the sides and pop them in this as i cleaned up the used dishes and could then finish of the rest of the side dishes later – far less juggling of things at the last minute as everything comes ready. I have also used it a few times since just for simple things like keeping a stack of pancakes hot as i finish cooking the batch of batter. The only criticism would be that the tray are made of fairly thin metal but at this price that is to be expected.

Great product, i got two, one for either end of table for a family lunch, keeps food warm whilst preparing the rest of your meal. Great for parties as well for small snacks and finger food.

Bought 2 of these and used for family roasts and barbecues. Just need to add water to cover the bottom of the tray for foods you want to keep moist. Would have given 5 stars but had to deduct 1 as the lids have cracked after only 3 or 4 uses and can’t find out where to get replacements.

  • Makes Christmas lunch a bit easier
  • for a hostess with the mostest
  • At last I can eat an hot meal

VonShef 3 Tray Food Warmer Buffet Server – 3 x 2.5L Large Pans Keep Food & Plates Hot for Longer – More Compact Than A Hostess Trolley – 300W Electric Adjustable Temperature Control

VonShef 300W 3 Pan Buffet Server Entertain family and friends with ease with the VonShef 300W 3 Pan Buffet Server. Keeping food warmer for longer, this handy kitchen aid comes into its own at family gatherings such as Christmas dinner and other religious festivals such as Eid.Temperature Control Keep food hot and tasty – and host dinner parties without hassle with the adjustable thermostat. Perfect for vegetables, side dishes and other accompaniments, simply set the adjustable thermostat to your desired temperature, wait for the indicator light to show when the pan is hot and place your food into the warming pans until it’s ready to be dished up. Food can be kept between 65 – 70° with a maximum heat of 70 – 80° over extended periods of time.3 Warming Pans Featuring three separate pans – each with 2.5L capacity (7.5L total) and with its own lid, this useful kitchen aid can accommodate a generous quantity of food – and keep it at its optimum temperature. If anybody wants second helpings there’s no problem – they can simply help themselves.  

Versatile Design Transform the buffet warmer into a large hot plate by removing the warming pans and using the base as a hot plate. Simply place casserole or oven dishes straight from the oven onto the metal base. The tray metal is food contract safety certified safety food contact certificated so you can also place food directly onto the tray. The buffet warmer features cool touch handles so you can easily move the tray from place to place whilst the 1m power cord means you won’t be tripping over long cables when in use.Buffet Warmer Measures: L65 X W38 X D15.4cm

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Works perfect roll on christmas day.

Not used it yet but we’ve turned it on and seems to heat up well. Think it will be great for when we have visitors. Going to order an indian selection takeaway and put it in to keep warm for when we come back from trip out. A lot easier to do dinner and not worry about times etc.

Excellent product- very pleased with it. Kept food warm for whole evening.

Arrived prompt and well packaged. Never had one before but need it for christmas. I thought it looked rather tinny and cheap. The hotplate is slightly buckled in the centre,but i need the containers. It does not stand level but a wedge will level it as i do not want to risk returning it and not get a replacement in time. I have switched it on and it does warm up so hopefully will be a good buy. If i needed to use it more than 3 times a year i think i would pay a little more and get one that looks less flimsy.

As photographed and described.

Kept food for christmas nice and hot while other things were prepared. I can never get a whole meal to coordinate perfectly on time, to serve it all hot – so this takes the pressure off. I also found it can be neatly stored on the top of kitchen cupboards, in the plastic bags to cover the lids that it arrived in, to keep it all dust-free. I particularly like the choice you have of either 3 deep hot containers, or the one hot plate (without borders) to put your own dish onto. For those times i need it in the year it’s invaluable – and a really good price too.

This product fulfilled all the needs required for us to provide a buffet breakfast. It kept the food very hot for about an hour which meant that all customers were satisfied with the food supplied. Excellent value for the price.

Love this buffet server, i keep dinner warm as long as we are at the table, or moving around if we have company,i don’t regret buying this, i might get one more,recommend to have during the holidays too.

  • Makes Christmas lunch a bit easier
  • for a hostess with the mostest
  • At last I can eat an hot meal

VonShef 3 Tray Food Warmer Buffet Server – 3 x 2.5L Large Pans Keep Food & Plates Hot for Longer – More Compact Than A Hostess Trolley – 300W Electric Adjustable Temperature Control

At last, i can eat a meal that stays hot. In the past, whenever i’ve gone to a restaurant with chums, the guys i’m with have always insisted that i start my meal first because i’m such a slow eater that if i don’t, they’ll be waiting for me to finish so that they can begin their desert. I turn the 360° dial a quarter of the way for five minutes while i’m eating from the plate i’ve rested on the device and then turn the device off. The warmer is large enough to easily act as a place-setting for an individual eater and it works so tremendously well that i intend buying more, so everyone i entertain can eat off them. I suppose the bonus could be the compartments that come with this device but as i never intended using these and i’ve already packed them away in the box the product arrived in, i can’t say how productive these might be, i have to turn off my device after 5 minutes because if i don’t, the food becomes so hot that i can’t put it in my mouth so i’d assume the holders are going to do their job most effectively.

Features and Spesification

  • Large capacity buffet warmer – features three 2.5L warming pans with lids to – keeps food at its optimum temperature without overcooking or burning
  • Ideal for hosting dinner parties, Sunday lunches and social gatherings – remove the warming pans and transform the buffet server into a large hotplate
  • Adjustable temperature thermostat allows you to easily control the temperature of the food – maximum temperature of 70 – 80°
  • Cool touch handles either side of the tray for easy manoeuvre and transportation
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty