VonShef 6 : Great product, good value for money. Would recommend to anyone.

I used to own an aga so had no need of a slow cooker. I have only had this for a couple of weeks and already i think it’s great, i am finding so many recipes on line it doesn’t matter that the cooker comes without a recipe book.

I use everyday and my life is more easy now. I will be able put dinner morning and it is ready when i come back with baby grupe or from work.

Very useful pot, sturdy and very big capacity, feed up to 8 people at least.

There is simply nothing to fault on this cooker. Perfect size, no hot spots – it just does what it’s meant to do and exceedingly well. If you’ve ummed and ahhed about a slow cooker, then look no further.

Really impressed with this slow cooker. The first one arrived with the lid smashed. I emailed the company and they resent another one straight away. It has a large capacity so have used it to cater for parties and large groups of people.

This replaced one that did not ‘bounce’.

I havent owned a slow cooker for years and didnt rate them much however due to long hours and everybody coming and going at different times i decided to try this one it does what it says on the box and although i have only had it a week or two would already be lost without it ,coming home to beautifully cooked food after a long day is fantastic and it also leaves me some down time what more could i ask for, the amount of different types of food that can be cooked is amazing next to try is a whole roasted chicken cooked without any liquid watch this space.

I like slow-cooked joints and poultry of meat crisped in a final oven-roasting. This slow cooker can accommodate sizable meat and poultry items including small turkey. A full leg of lamb needs to be cut but half to two thirds fits easily. The ceramic container is easily removed for cleaning. Tougher cuts of meat in stews and casseroles come out with a tender texture,the digital timer is easy to set and the keep-warm function is very useful. The only drawback is that the outer case does get somewhat hot but this does not present a great difficulty.

  • Perfect slow cooker!
  • Top pot
  • It is great for the price and really helps in a busy

VonShef 6.5L Slow Cooker with Removable Oven to Table Dish & Toughened Glass Lid – Serves up to 8 People – Stainless Steel

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Really good size, outside of pot gets hot so needs to be placed at back of worktop if you have young children. Meat tastes amazing when cooked in this, as do cakes. Think i was unlucky not had this very long and one handle has come off, no longer in stock although still under guarantee.

Very good piece of equipment. On low power it takes just a few hours to cook.

This product is excellent just what i require for mg other two von chef appliances perfect value for money and cooking healthy meals.

Great slow cooker, i don’t have anything to compare it to as this was our first one. Works well and gives amazing results. I mainly use it to make curries using boneless chicken thighs and by the time it’s ready the chicken is breaking up and i tend to shred it up in the sauce, the kids love it. Definitely designed for doing big portions, would recommend a smaller one for someone just cooking for themselves or a couple unless you like to prepare a lot of food in advance, but a great size for a family of 4-6. Also it’s perfect to cook a whole chicken, i rub it in garlic and herbs and whack it in upside down (so the juices run into the chicken) and leave for 6-8 hours.

I’ve done so much cooking in this over the last year i hardly know where to begin. From pulled pork joints to hearty stews, it does an amazing job of producing good meals in large quantities. The removeable pot fits in our dishwasher well, as does the lid, but i often wash out by hand, and have rarely encountered anything too stubborn.

Arrived as described and works well. It is great for the price and really helps in a busy home (or even if, like me, you are unable to stand over a stove due to disability). I can just pop everything in in the morning and viola you have a delicious meal for dinner. I am even happy to leave it on overnight while making bone broth. Personally i am not brave enough to leave it on while i go out for more than an hour or two but my parents have this same one and are fine leaving it when they go to work and haven’t had any issues. It saves a lot of time and when you have guests over it means you can spend time with them rather than having to stay in the kitchen. Which is great for me as my kitchen is quite small.

Never ever used a slow cooker before i chose this one because of the reviews and i am not disappointed.

  • Perfect slow cooker!
  • Top pot
  • It is great for the price and really helps in a busy

VonShef 6.5L Slow Cooker with Removable Oven to Table Dish & Toughened Glass Lid – Serves up to 8 People – Stainless Steel

Perfect for a hungry family of four. 5 litre and swapped it for this smaller one. More than an ample size for my lot.

I’ve never used a slow cooker before and i’m now a convert. It’s brilliant and really easy to use. Will definitely use every week. I’ve bought things before thinking they’ll be great and then rarely used them. This really does live up to the recommendations for slow cooking.

I was renewing a largish slow cooker when i bought this and it was slightly larger than i thought it would be [the inside of the bowl being 30cm across the widest point and 24cm across the narrowest], but it’s great. I cooked a large gammon joint in it yesterday to try it out and i’m very happy with my purchase. The shiny outside cover is quite thin and does get hotter than my previous one, but hey, you do expect it to get hot so you’d be sure to keep it away from young children anyway.

Just what we needed when the family descend . The cook book that was sent with it was excellent.

I knew what i wanted and this ticked all the boxes.

This was exactly what i wanted, went to work and 8 hours later my meal was done to perfection.

It cooks food what more can i say.

I also bought a recipe book and all family seems to have enjoyed every meal coming out of it.

I don’t normally like writing reviews as i have not got the time to write about everything i buy from amazon. However this time this slow cooker deserves it. I have been using slow cookers for a long time and i prefer automatic because after it has been programmed it goes to warm which i like it. In the review people gave it a bad review for this slow cooker, however, i bough anyway. Today i cooked winter squash with apple and cinnamon and i made into pure sauce, i set it on low setting and after three hours it was done, and then it went into warm, it can go from 6 or 12 hours warm. I highly recommend this slow cooker it’s good value for money and is easy to set. I would like to order a replacement ceramic pot just in case i brake this one.

Great slow cooker at a great price. Good size and very well packed. Very pleased and would be happy to buy again.

Frankly, it’s greati’m going to try to bake in it at some point. Nothing worthwhile in the box eg recipes.

My only disappointment was in the instruction manual said there was a recipe book included however, this was not the case it turned out to be a recipe page.

I bought this for a birthday present for my former foster daughter. She loves it and next week is cooking me a meal using the slow cooker.

Nice slow cooker works really well. Made some really tasty dishes for little effort and it serves 6 people even more depends on what your serving. . Just one niggle the lid is very wonky but seems to work ok. Price was good also for a large slow cooker prompt delivery too.

Used it yesterday for the first time. Dinner cooked in time for when i got home from. Great product, what will definitely use it loads. Good for this time of the year for winter warmers.

Cooks soups meat joints and casseroles to perfection via the timer. Excellent product and highly recommended.

This was a present for our son, who lives in scotland. Unfortunately it was damaged through the post, but its still working, so he did not want to send it back. Rather large but hopefully he will be able to freeze some of the food down. This came with a cook book, which he was very pleased with. I think if you are not used to sizes, then go and look at some, before ordering, as i wished that’s what i should have done.

I’m totally happy with my new slow cooker i’ve always wanted one, its great very easy to use just follow instructions and i’ve got all day too go out and when i come home, dinner is read ,wonderful.

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