VonShef 6 Tier Food Dehydrator – Dryer – Great product

Excellent bit of kit slightly tricky to assemble correctly th.

Good quality works well, arrived on time.

This dehydrator has plenty of features for such a well priced model. It’s shape allows you to store it away neatly. Six stackable trays dry ingredients evenly – i’ve used it so far to dry pumpkins, apples, plums and pears. For a product this good and at this price it is well worth purchasing.

Its a good dehydrator for beginners, easy and simple to use and clean.

Clear and simple to follow instructions. Great way to have a nice fruit snack, even out of season.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way, the trays do not sit on the base securely unless you force it in otherwise you will get the whole thing sitting on a slant and some of the heating will escape. The good stuff a digital time and temperature control, loads of trays and 2 trays for making fruit leathers. So far this is a really good bit of kit but time will tell if any trays will break due to the design flaw.

Sturdy shelves, going ok so far. Comes with plastic trays for fruit leathers and, in my case, rice. Nice design, way bigger than i thought it was going to be. I can fit 1kg of carrots, two peppers, one serving of pasta and one serving of rice in this all at once. It’s sitting at home at the moment, drying fruit. Only complaint is the apparently not 1-1 tracking of the dials. I’ll turn them and nothing will happen and then i’ll turn them slightly faster and boom, max time/ temperature. It takes a bit of safe-cracking twiddling to make the numbers come out right.

Excellent, i have used it continually with no problems.

This is an awesome bit of kitchenwareim a huge fan of dried banana, and they can be very expensive in shops, this means i am able to do them myself as well as jerky and natural dog and cat treats, it is lightweight and easy to use, and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, the trays can be set different ways depending on how high or low you need the shelves and it also comes with 2 trays if you have liquefied fruits you need to dehydrate, although is does use quite a bit of electric, i found running it at night while we went to bed while nothing else was being used was more efficient, than during the day (we are on prepayment meter and are not on economy 7) we didn’t notice the huge difference at night like we did during the day. The timer goes up in hours, (which i had to tel my partner as he put it on for 25 thinking it was minutes not hours) and the heat range is 40-70oc. The instruction booklet tells you everything you need to know complete with a guide on how to dehydrate certain foods, what temperature and how long for. It has an easy on/off button too. This has already been proven quite a useful kitchen appliance even if my partner hates the amount of electric it usesi received this for free or at a discount for my honest unbiased review, all words are my own and are not influenced by a third party.

I am really pleased with this, although it is a bit bigger than i thought at about 28 cm depth 24 cm high 42 cm width so you need to make room for it somewhere. Having said that though this means that you can do loads of food all at once which is is obviously a big bonus. There is loads of room with 6 shelves. I had a test run with some fruit (apples and pears and bananas) and some vegetables. I used the instruction booklet which is well written, clear and has details on the temperature and time needed for fruit, vegetables and meat and how you should prepare the food beforehand for dehydrating. I know i didn’t leave my things long enough but i was impatient to try them. The fruit was very successful, the veggies less so. This is because the instructions say to blanche some of the vegetables so that they aren’t bitter and i didn’t do that. Also i know that i cut everything too thin / small which you really don’t need to do. Anyway i’ve included some photos of my first attempts, judge for yourselves.

I’ve wanted ed a dehydrator for years and this has realy lived up to what i hoped i could do. So far i’ve only made fruit leather for my granddaughters and banana chips for myself but i’ve really enjoyed using it and have so many plans. My daughter buys her girls the organic fruit sweets that cost a lot and all it is is fruit leather cut into fancy shapes so i thought i could have a go and it was so easy and the machine does the long boring bit for you so i can just set it and get on with other stuff the girls loved the leather and it cost me the strawberries from my back garden and some time. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes the idea of storing your fruit for longeri received a money off voucher in return for a full and honest review.

I’ve made kale crisps and various dehydrated veg of health cup soups. Next up crystallised flowers. I ended up buying some reusable lining papers as so many bits were falling through the gaps and i do find the way the trays sit together slightly disconcerting as i load it in the kitchen and then transfer to the shed to run it in a dryer atmosphere than our kitchen, so i’m worried they will slied apart, they haven’t done yet though.

It was a good buy use it regularly. Here are the specifications for the VonShef 6 Tier Food Dehydrator – Dryer:

  • Dehydrate and preserve a range of foods quickly and easily for natural, nutritious and tasty snacks. Ideal for fruits, meats, fish, vegetables, greens, herbs, yoghurt and bread. Create beef jerky, banana chips, dried fruits, fruit roll ups and more!
  • Large 6 tier design with flow-drying system slowly extracts moisture and preserves food whilst retaining vitamins, minerals and flavour. Variable tray stacking system – stackable at two different heights to accommodate different foods
  • Equipped with digital temperature thermostat (variable between 40 – 70°C) and 48 hour programmable timer
  • Fitted with a powerful 550W motor, fan, ventilating function and overheat protection
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

. I definitely recommend this, i’m dehydrating anything and everything i can find, it’s so quick and easy to use.

The size of the dehydrater is generous (30x46x25 approx). The six trays can be stacked tightly, or with a gap in between (for larger items). The latticed trays are made of plastic. They seem strong, but i will be careful when washing. We received this as an xmas present from our daughter (she has a smaller, circular, vonshef). So far we have only dried once. We used raw meat impressed with herbs and spices. It took 48 hours at 40 degrees. The result was ‘pasterma’ (dried, spiced beef or pork). This meat can be expensive to buy.

I am very pleased with the dehydrator. I would recommend it to others.

Replaced an older dehydrator, love the timer and temperature control. Once you sort out how the tray stacks really good value for money.

First of all i should say that i returned this a few days after receiving it, not because i thought it was awful, more that it was bought in one of those late night click-erty buy now moments. I like to give my dog the best quality natural food i can and was fantasizing about setting up a natural dog treat company and using the dehydrator to create dried meaty snacks. Don’t get me wrong, it would be ideal for this and i was impressed by the quality but between hitting ‘buy now’ and its arrival i realised that a) being a vegetarian, although i’m not overly squeamish about occasional meat preparation, realistically, the idea of merrily slicing away at huge slabs of liver was actually not at all appealing and b) i also realised that although there’s minimal preparation required and you pretty much just turn it on and leave it to do its thing (apart from occasional rotation of the shelves), i’m far too lazy for even that.

This is my review for vonshef premium 6 tier digital food dehydrator with adjustable temperature control, timerall suggestions and opinions are my own and for product improvement. Please do not copy/plagiarise my review in order to pad out your own review as others have done previously. This was not available via prime, shipped by the seller directly using a courier hermes, no opportunity to combine postage for several items. I have been interested in getting a dehydrator for a few years, so excited to be getting this. Packed in a outer cardboard shipping box, with the product box inside, black glossy with vonshef logo on, its well packed. The size of the dehydrator is huge, approx 17 inches long 12 wide and 8 inches high and you additionally need space around it, and more space to re stack the trays, unless you are an half an octopus, or juggler. As well as the six trays you have two shorter fruit leather trays. You need to wash and dry each tray and the lid and also wipe the base out before use. Again the trays are so large its a struggle to even get them in my sink, again the space needed to wash dry and restack they all need two hands. Its a six tier dehydrator with lid which must be used, and you must use all of the trays in the stack even if they are empty to allow it to function, and i believe you can add another six trays, but there is a lot of drying space and twelve trays would be overwhelming, especially when it comes to juggling the stack. I scrubbed and sliced a couple of sweet potatoes, make them as dog treats, [although i tend to do them in my air fryer quite quickly nowadaysi also chopped a couple of bananas, and opened a tin of pineapple rings, i also air fried (precooked) a few thin strips of duck breast before adding to the dehydrator. Can you tell i was eager to try and fill it. The trays are fiddly to stack, and you must make sure they are all aligned to allow it to work efficiently. ]

Reviews from purchasers :

  • What did I do without it?
  • So far, so good
  • Great product

I received my order quickly it was to big for my small kitchen. The service i received was second to none.

Easy to use, takes about 8 hours at 50 degrees celcius to dehydrate apples / bannanas. Also easy to clean, shelves look fragile, don’t bang them about, i think they may crack. All in all, for the price, very happy with fast delivery and so far, works as expected. I dipped the apples in lemon juice first, so that they didn’t go brown. You can see two bannanas on a tray in the attached photo, as well as three dehyrdated apples, bagged, that i’ll have for a snackat work.

Arrived two weeks sooner than i was told. Easy to use an results fine.

Slightly noisier than i thought it would be and a recipe book would come in handy.

Seems like a decent product, my friend has been using one for months. I haven’t used mine yet but all results of hers point to a healthier future.

It has easy to use instructions and is safe and easy to use.

We bought this dehydrator in may 2015, when it was £42. At the start we dried strawberries, then herbs and tomatoes from our allotment. We thought it was fun and enjoyed the aromas that filled our home when food was drying. Then we stored it until early summer 2016 when we began once again to have a glut of food. Last week it blew a fuse, i changed it over and it blew again so i asked for advice from vonshef. After much to-ing and fro-ing, they responded by telling me that, ‘all products are tested to withstand the full guarantee period – however being properly maintained will prolong this further. ‘ my dehydrator was ‘properly maintained’, and only used occasionally but broke down 14 months after purchase, with no offer of repair or replacement. The fifty quid spent has not been recuperated in dried food value so given that vonshef have stated that you should get about 1 year’s life expectancy from the product, then i’d say it was poor value for money.

I bought this as a present the feedback i got was that it was a very good product and has been used constantly since it was bought.

Good product, fast shipping. I’ve tried to dehydrate apple, plum, banana, to make crackers, fruit leather and all is good, healthy snacks for kids. A good way to use garden veggies and fruits.

Very pleased with this product. I’m new to this method of preserving food. Instructions easy to follow. We have used it for a glut of tomatoes and have three 500g kilner jars of dried tomatoes in olive oil. To dehydrate a full machine does take a fairly long time but i left it on in the kitchen and did not find it noisy or intrusive. Will certainly experiment with other fruit and vegetables now i’ve successfully dried the tomatoes.

Very easy to use and like the preset programmes for various food types.

This is a great little dehydrator that is now in almost constant use. A very successful present :).

Brilliant done all the meat treats for my dog.

Does just what it says on the box.

I do find that the timings on the instructions are not quite right, however, you are able to tell when something is ready.

It’s ok for the price, i don’t like the noise but it’s impossible not to hear anything, i guess, since it’s using a ventilator.

My daughter loves making snacks for my grand daughter.

Ok, does the job, but the timer is very imprecise, and worse: the tiers were somehow mixed up during manufacturing, so depending on which way you stack it, either the lid or the base won’t fit properly, so you don’t get a secure stack, and don’t get a secure seal. I suspect one of the amazon sellers is selling factory rejects as a retail product :(.

Very quick delivery by domu uk, and a quick response to a follow up query about additional fruit roll trays (not currently available but they plan to be offering spares and accessories soon). I haven’t tried other dehydrators so can’t compare this with other models, but having used this a couple of times i’m impressed. It is easy to use, holds loads and dehydrates effectively and evenly. The trays fit together well, but feel a bit light and flimsy. Hopefully with gentle treatment they will stand the test of time, but because i don’t have full confidence i am only giving it 4 stars for now.

My husband absolutely loves beef biltong and we buy it online at least three times a month. For a few months we have been toying with the idea of making our own – it might not prove to be more cost-effective (we can’t buy meat in bulk like commercial sellers) but it will allow him to experiment with different spices and flavourings. I also wanted to get a dehydrator to make kale/cavolo nero crisps. I absolutely love them but rarely have the patience to make them in the oven and end up turning the temperature too high and burning them. Using a dehydrator would allow me to make my tasty snacks whilst retaining all their vital nutrients and without the worry of charred edgesmy first though about this dehydrator was how large it was. Although the measurements are given in the listing, my spatial awareness is terrible, so i’d imagined it as smaller than it really is. If you want to dry in bulk, this would be brilliant. It is worth noting that the instructions tell you to use all the tiers, even if all but one are completely empty. When drying beef for biltong, we only used the bottom tier but kept all the other on top during the process. The machine itself is really easy to operate and changing times/temperatures is simply a matter of turning a dial.

A good product overall only problem is that the trays are quite awkward in stacking.

This is my first dehydrator and i love it. It is very easy to use, use your search engine to get help with various fruit and vegetables. Don’t expect much help from the instruction manual.

What an amazing machine so please we got it would recommend getting one.

Had some fantastic tasting tomatoes from this dehydrator.

Very fast delivery, well packaged, i’ve tried it once with mixed results but as i’ve never had one before this is a learning curve for me and not a problem with the product, although a few more instructions on how to use it would be beneficial.

Very prompt delivery within 48 hours of ordering. Considering the budget price, i thought the product was well made and quite robust. It is about the size of a small microwave but much lighter, so it is easy to store away after use. The controls are simple to use, the trays are easy to assemble and clean. The trays stack together in two ways, either ‘low’ or ‘high’, which is clearly marked on each tray. The machine is quiet in operation, about the same as a small fan heater, which is basically what it is. I made a batch of beef jerky the day after purchase, cutting the beef about 6mm thick and marinating in a barbecue sauce for a few hours before dehydrating at 70c for about 4 hours. I then dried some home-grown chillies, they took considerably longer to dehydrate at a temperature of 50c, some were ready in 8 hours, the larger ones took 12 hours. I am very pleased with my purchase and it will get plenty of use.

Great item and super quick delivery.

Arrived quickly and looks great but i have purchased it as a christmas gift so the recipient hasn’t used it yet.

Quite a large unit, but does an excellent job of dehydrating with very easy to use controls.

Very easy to control temp and time. Getting the tray arrangement right to adjust height can be a bit frustrating, but otherwise very good indeed. The free two year warranty is a bonus.

Really handy for preserving your excess garden produce. I have dried lots of stuff with this, especially chillies which i have reduced down to leathers, flakes and powder. It doesn’t seem to use much electricity, about the same as a 100 watt bulb probably.

I have other good products from andrew james and von shet, and the reviewer comments about recipies tipped me to this rather than the otherwise similar andrew james. Only used it a few times, but very successful so far. Fresh pineapple is excellent, as are cherries and sweet potatoes. Works with buttercup squash, this comes out quite tough and chewy, but actually makes an excellent and healthy snack. While you can chomp through a packet of crisps (with all the salt and calories from the oil) in no time, it takes a while to chomp through 20 grams of sweet potato or butternut squash, and you feel full by the time you have finished. Disappointed by carrots, they shrank a lot and were very tough (i think i would rather eat them raw). Quite a large gadget, but i think it will be staying on the worktop.